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Discover the Magic if Easy Workshop Activities with CNC Milling Device

CNC-A Route to Higher Version

  • Also termed as Computer Numerical Control, CNC technology seems to make tremendous productivity with less spent over man power.
  • For fully automated and precise production needs buying workshop machinery embedded with CNC will stay a suitable choice.

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Why CNC Milling Equipment is better for More Production?

  • Milling dimensions can be set with the help of computer and the milling operations can be monitored perfectly.
  • CNC Milling equipment can be preferred for more production with less man power as every operation is done automatically.

Some More Features of CNC

  • CNC machines offer safer work environment.
  • Wastage of raw materials can be reduced to optimum level and can be depended for error free operation.

Find out More CNC Equipments from Yash Machine

  • Yash Machine Tools has specific range of CNC based workshop devices.
  • CNC lathe and CNC milling machine are the prominent models manufactured by Yash Machine Tools.



Why to Buy CNC from Yash Machine?

  • Workshop machinery at Yash Machine Tools is made with high quality cast and steel material; hence, investors do not have to doubt about the reliability of the machinery.
  • Yash Machine offers machinery at relatively economic pricing than other machinery manufacturers.

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Working with automated and computerized machines for machining activities creates excellent scope for increased production. CNC technology based machinery is popular among the automated formulae. CNC lathe and CNC milling from Yash Machines will remain excellent choice for its adaptability, quality and pricing.

The Best Features of a Flat Bed CNC Lathe Machine

All about Lathe

A lathe machine performs multiple mechanisms such as shearing, sanding, turning, drilling, deforming, etc over a range of materials such as wood, plastic and metal. With lathe machine it is easy to produce symmetrical objects. In recent years in order to provide quality solutions for several industrial needs many improvements have been implemented in designing lathe machines. A CNC lathe machine or computerised numerical controlled lathe machine is one of the innovative designs of lathe machines that have widely been used in the place of conventional machine types. It is a modern technology that does not require complete manual support for functioning. Above all CNC supports effectively in monitoring the accuracy of the machine activity over a computer screen.

WM Series Flat Bed WM Series Slant Bed

Types of lathe

There are two main types of lathe machines that differ by means of the lathe bed elevation angle they are flat bed lather machine and slant bed lathe machine. Wherein, flat bed lathe machine applications are widely used in heavy duty turning process with more productivity. We can rely on flat bed CNC lathe equipment for a reliable, stable and powerful shearing function. Productivity can be increased with the help of investing on flat CNC lathe machine irrespective of the model. Hence, the model has to be selected based on the respective industrial target in terms of dimension, thickness and the expected production ratio. Click here to know more about CNC Lathe Machine.

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Applications and benefits of flat bed CNC lathe

A slant bed CNC lathe works on a spindle motor having the lathe bed alignment is in the slide ways and is especially effective in making Z axis motion which is relatively straighter. The flat bed CNC on the other hand works effectively to obtain highly rigid accuracy where exact positioning of the metal is required. It is applied mainly for heavy duty cutting process. In general flat bed CNC lathes are mainly preferred to achieve accurate finishing along with the requisite thickness during the process of sliding, surfacing and screw turning. A flat bed CNC lathe machine is also designed in various forms to manage light and heavy metal turning process. In industries where more workshop machining works are done a flat bed lathe with CNC device is found to be more suitable option as we can get precise finishing and feel the ease of cutting, drilling in economic power consumption. Some of the popular industries where flat bed CNC is highly preferred are

  • Mining
  • Shipping
  • Paper industries
  • Machineries
  • Power plants
  • Industries where drilling process is highly required
  • Shearing metal industries, etc


Considering the common benefits of flat bed lathe equipment such as less power consumption, capacity to run 24 hours, easier programming, which requires less manual support this equipment can be suggested as a suitable option for mass production of symmetrical products. In addition, it is excellent machinery that can be used to achieve accuracy in curving, bending, and turning process of even complicated shapes and forms.

Things to Know about All Geared Lathe Machines & CNC Lathe Machines

All Geared Lathe Machines, Types, and their industrial application

WM SeriesDMTG Light Duty LatheLathes work by revolving a work piece on its axis for cutting, sanding, deforming, turning, drilling among other functions. The machine is capable of performing these functions on plastic, wood or metal to produce symmetrical objects. The lathe machine consists of various parts such as head stock, spindle, bed, tool rest, lock knob and tail-stock. Over the years technological advancements have been used to improve the design and functionality of lathe machines to suit various industrial needs. All geared lathe machine is among the popular set of lathe machines and includes various types such as:

Light duty lathe machine– it is mainly used for precise shaping and deforming of small items. It has the capability of operating effectively in high speeds. It is long lasting due to the durable structure. The industrial applicability of Light duty lathe machine is mainly in workshops and tool production. As a user of this machine you will be able to simply install it and use minimal effort to maintain its functionality.

Medium duty lathe machine-This type of machine finds high industrial applicability in workshops, paper mills, tool production and power plants where they are used for precise grade machining. The advantage of medium heavy-duty lathe machine is in the efficiency to use resources sustainability, bulk production of quality products, high durability and multipurpose capability.

Heavy duty lathe machine– This type of machine is industrially used to turn very hard objects for purposes of metal and woodworking in industries such as paper, power plants, and mining. It is made of durable and sturdy materials that incorporate modern technology capable of handling the heavy-duty work involved.

Extra heavy-duty lathe machine– handles heavier materials and objects for bulk production. It has industrial applicability in mining, shipping, and power plants for top grade machining work and so on and so forth.

CNC lathe machines, Types and their industrial application

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) is a modern technology that is widely used in manufacturing industry. CNC lathe machine has replaced the traditional machines which required trained personnel to operate. This technology is accurate and works digitally by the user pre designing the object and programming the tool path. The lathe then proceeds to automatically produce the object and the user may alter the process as required through a computer screen. The two types are Flat bed cnc lathe and Slant bed cnc lathe the difference being in the elevation of the bed. Some of the associated advantages of using cnc lathe machineare 24 hour day use, easier programming, easier updating and capability of mass production of the same item. Industrially applicable in precisely curving complex shapes and forms.

Read more in detail for All Geared Lathe Machines & CNC Lathe Machines.


All geared lathe machine have a wide industrial application hence making the machine an essential part of many companies which deal in metal, wood and plastic. The technology used in lathe machines has continued to advance over the years to cater for the dynamic and versatile industrial production segment.

Yash Machine Tools Presents Wide Array of Lathe Machines from Manual to Automatic CNC Lathe

Ahmedabad, India

Lathe machines are widely used tools for mechanical industries, factories, warehouses and other manufacturing institutions. Lathe is normally applied on metals and wood units to cut and shape this objects. They rotate the object and shape up the object to the desired form. They are available from the small units to large units based on the task you want to perform. They are either classified as manual and automatic computer numerical control. The main parts of lathes are headstock, bed, carriage and tail-stock. The various features and functionality make the lathes use for different types of applications. Yash Machine Tools is a leading machine tools manufacturing company in Ahmedabad, India that is having the own factory setup to manufacture various types of lathes and other machineries. Yash Machine Tools also deal in the imported lathe and other machineries and having the core association with the manufacturing units across the globe. Here we have presented the features and functionalities of some of the lathes in which we are dealing.

All geared lathe machines find use on the industry for performance of both light and heavy duties. All geared can do a variety of work, either hard or little ones. They are multipurpose and therefore it’s advisable to use them as you can minimize the cost of buying both heavy and light lathe machines. All geared lathe machines are our core expertise in manufacturing the industry class lathes. For more details on All geared lathe machines, visit –

As the name suggests heavy duty geared lathes manufactured at Yash Machine Tools are used to perform heavy work in the warehouses and industries. They mainly deal with cutting heavy metals which have hard covers and therefore cannot be used to cut light materials. They are normally expensive than light duty lathe machines. They are also harder to operate because they are complex in making .they are designed to provide optimum performance with high cutting power with versatility and used in a wide range of industries and general purpose.

We also manufactured special purpose custom lathe machines that are used for unique purposes. They may be used to cut metals which are expensive and of high value like gold. They normal operate in a way to make sure that these metals are not wasted at all.

We also have light duty lathe machines. These are usually found in our homes, normally place on top of a table. They are designed to cut light things like timber. They are simpler to operate than all others. Lastly we have extra heavy duty lathe machine they operate using high power because they have to do a heavy duty. They are normally used to cut heavy metals and stone ores.

Lathe machines are the most used machines in the industries. They have different application in the world of engineers. Lathes are used to drill hole in any solid, including metals, wood, plastics and stones. They are also used to create irregular and regular shapes in metals and woods with variable sizes of holes. Lathes are also used to fix screw threads inside the holes. In addition to this they are also used to drive screw thread on the top of the metals. Lastly they are also used in mobile manufacturing industries, repairing shops and workshops for various industries like power plants, rolling mills, textile and many others. Quality Lathe Machine Parts and world class services are the assurance from Yash Machine Tools to work with machineries for longer period of time with very low maintenance.

About Yash Machine Tools

Yash Machine Tools is a leading supplier of machine tools in India offering high quality machine tools for efficient processes in industries. The distributor specializes in supply of tool room machines, lathe machines, CNC lathe and milling machines, sheet metal machines, all geared radial drilling machine, welding machines, shearing machine, press brake and various other forms of machine tools available in most advanced versions.

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History of Lathe from Beginning of Machine Tool Invention

LATHE – Longitudinal Axis Tool Holding Equipment

Lathe – Introduction

DMTG Extra Heavy Duty LatheLathe is a machine widely used for wood works and machining of metal parts. Lathe is a machine which turns the work piece against a machine tool. The Lathe is used for facing, turning, knurling, taper cutting, threading, gear cutting and many other metal and wood works.

History of Lathe

Lathe is a very ancient tool and its first use dates back to 1300 BC in Egypt. Lathe was also known and used in Assyria and Greece. Ancient Romans came to know about this machine and they further developed this machine. During the medieval period, the use of this machine had spread to most parts of Europe and it was during the Industrial revolution when this machine gained popularity with its use in all the industries. After the development of electronics, automated lathes have been developed.

Evolution of Lathe

The first lathe was a simple lathe which was is now referred to as two person lathe. One person would turn the wood work piece using rope and the other person would shape the work piece using a sharp tool. This design was improved by Ancient Romans who added a turning bow which eased the wood work. Later a pedal (as in manual sewing machines) was used for rotating the work piece. This type of lathe is called “spring pole” lathe which was used till the early decades of the 20th century. In 1772, a horse-powered boring machine was installed which was used for making canons. During the Industrial revolution, steam engines and water wheels were attached to the lathe to turn the work piece at higher speed which made the work faster and easier. After 1950, many new designs were made which improved the precision of work.

Lathes are classified depending upon their application and functionality as

Light duty lathe – These machines find their application in automobile, electronic, electrical industries and are manufactured from quality tested raw materials.

Medium duty lathe – These machines are powerful than the light duty lathes and can work on bigger work pieces and have more strength than the light duty lathes. Click Here to get more information on medium duty lathe machine.

Heavy duty late – These machines are manufactured from highest grades of materials like iron and steel. They are designed for high precision heavy duty operations.

All geared lathe – In all geared lathe, all the rotating components of the machine are driven by the same source at different speeds by using gears to perform various operations.

Imported lathe – Imported lathes are high quality lathes used for high precision operations.

Depending upon the modes of operation, the lathes can be classified as

Manual lathe – In these lathes, the tool handling is done manually and so the precision of work also depends upon the skill of the person handling the machine.

CNC Lathe – CNC lathes are completely automated lathes. We just have to feed the instructions into the computer and the lathe will perform the operations according to the data fed to the computer.

Benefits of Advanced Lathe

With the development of electronics and automation engineering, advanced computer controlled lathes have been developed. The advanced lathes have many benefits over the conventional lathes. In conventional lathes, the lathe operator checks the dimensions regularly to get perfect precision and the time taken to complete the work is more for high precision works. This is very important because if he removes excess metal from the work piece, the whole work piece will be a waste which will result in loss of money and time. In automated CNC lathes, the feedback system continuously monitors the dimensions and so they complete the operation in a short time with high accuracy. The loss is minimal in automated lathes; they are much faster and more efficient in terms of accuracy.

How the Evolution of Lathe has Benefited Major Industries

The lathe can be rightly called the earliest form of the mother working machine. It has been evolved in such a way that most of its circular parts are processed to make horizontal or longitudinal movements while the rotating piece is fixed on its chuck to change its appearance and shape with minimal wastage. It has been redesigned to make it a very practical product by lathe manufacturers. Over decades, the advanced CNC lathe processing equipment has replaced traditional lathes while the production efficiency has doubled and parts processing has greatly improved being a major part and indicator of national modernization.


Lathe is a very important machine in engineering which is used in most of the fields. They are used for Diamond turning, ornamental turning, metal spinning, glass working, thermal spraying and many other operations. Lathe work is found in most of the products which we use in our day to day life. Lathe will remain as an important machine at all times

Technology Integration in Lathe Machine has Raised Vast Opportunities & Challenges for Indian Manufacturers

DMTG Flat Bed CNC LatheA Lathe machine is used in the mechanical industry to cut, thread, sand, make grooves, drill, bore etc. Over a period of time lathe machine has advanced with advancement in technology.

Today we have computer operated lathe machines, or CNC lathe machines (Computerized Numeric Control). Computer operated machine means a better end product, so the products made by CNC machines have better finish and multiple pieces of the similar design can be made easily.

Lathe Machines

A lathe machine has a base which is known as ‘bed’. This is linked with headstock. The metal or wood piece to be worked on is kept on the axis and revolved to perform the required functions. It can be rotated at various speeds and the cutting tool is controlled by power or by hand.

The different types of lathe machines available in the market today have raised vast opportunities and challenges for Indian manufacturers. These machines are powerful but simple to use. You can select a machine that suits your requirements the best.

Opportunities and Challenges for Indian Manufacturers

Technology is integrated in a lathe machine and Indian manufacturers have to overcome a number of challenges in order to keep pace with the growing demand of lathe machines with latest technology.

As technology has advanced so have the designs of lathe machines. Indian manufacturers are making lathe machines of different types and different sizes based on the requirement of the industry. Today lathe machines are made with the latest technology for better products. A range of types of lathe machines are available in the market.

Not just the challenges, Indian manufacturers are getting more opportunities as well. More manufacturing units mean more workforce which in turn means more employment for people. The manufacturing networks have grown worldwide.

Manufacturers are facing a lot of competition today from local as well as foreign market. Lathe machines imported from other countries are more advanced and these are made with latest technology and advanced features. In order to keep up with the import market, Indian manufacturers are also making superior machines with new and advanced technology.

Lathe Machines with Technology Integration

CNC lathe machines have CAM process installed in them. These machines can be controlled with a computer which can be programmed to do a range of jobs like drilling holes, creating screw threads etc. Symmetrical pieces of work are made with these machines. These lathes are also used for fabrication work. When a number of pieces of the same design and size have to be made CNC lathes are the best choice.

Products using glass, wood and metal are made with lathe machines. Goods like musical instruments, baseball bats, candle stands and many more can be made using these machines.


Every industry needs machines depending on their requirement. New and more advanced machines are being made as there is continuous demand for advanced machines. Indian manufacturers have taken up the challenge and the opportunity to produce new designs of lathe machines with latest technology.

How to select a Lathe Machine for your Requirements?

Lathe is a machine tool used to carve axis symmetrical objects. Shaping hard objects like metals, wood or glass is for what a lathe machine is generally employed in various industries. However apart from shaping and cutting, lathe can also used for several other tasks too which include functionalities like drilling, turning, knurling, grooving, threading etc.

Different forms of lathe machine are available today including turret milling lathe, CNC lathe, light duty, medium duty and heavy duty lathe machine. Selecting a lathe machine according to your requirements is the most important thing to get the best out of it. For example, if your requirements are more and need a fast and efficient machine for bulk applications, then a robust heavy duty lathe machine will be a good choice rather than going for a standard light duty lathe which is comparatively cheaper than the machine specifically designed for the bulk or heavy operations. A heavy duty lathe machine for metal shaping is usually equipped with high speed, automated functionalities and technologically advanced features and therefore can give better performance with faster and efficient work for longer period of time than the machine designed for light or medium duty applications.

A CNC lathe is a computer controlled machine which is good for both small as well as large scale industries. If a completely automated machine for accurate metal or wood shaping tasks is what you require, then go for CNC lathe machine. A CNC lathe machine works with computerized programs and therefore is a good choice for those who want to reduce the labor costs at the workplace. As these are computer controlled machineries one can expect continuous and consistent applications at the work place with this CNC machine.

Today turret lathe machines are quite popular. A turret lathe machine for metalworking can be deployed for multiple cutting operations in a rapid succession without the user having neither to perform setup tasks in between like installation or un-installation of tools nor to control the tool path. The turret lathe machines are available in both semi-automatic as well as fully automatic models. The fully automatic are quite popular among the large-scale industrial manufacturers who want quicker metal forming processes and need to minimize the production costs at the manufacture units.

Further checking out for factors like design and speed of the machine, quality of components used in its make, functionalities and features supported by the machine can help you find a reliable machine suitable to your needs. Visit to know more about a light duty lathe offered by leading machine tools manufacturer in India.


Considering the above things one can easily find a reliable lathe machine for choicest metal forming requirements at the workplace.

This article educates reader about lathe machine and selecting a lathe for specific requirements.

Benefits of Using a CNC Lathe

CNC LatheA CNC or computer numerically controlled lathe is the most modern type of lathe available nowadays. It has a very different and much simpler way of setting and operating the machine, and also incorporates highly advanced methods and processes. In fact they have now rapidly replaced the earlier types of lathes in several production units and machining plants. They are now widely used by many users worldwide since they can perform many operations that were not possible with the other lathes.

There are numerous benefits of using a CNC lathe such as highly powerful axis drive, feedback control to monitor and maintain the tool position, higher speed, repetitive movement of complicated machines, etc. Further, once a program has been verified, the related operation can be quickly set up again; instead of making any tedious manual adjustments. A CNC lathe can also precisely cut curved shapes, without using any special type of shaping tools. This is possible by programming the variable speed of the two motion axes, and the spindle at the same time.

CNC Lathes

CNC lathes are simple to set and easy to operate. They primarily help to implement the innovative methods of manufacturing, in order to obtain the maximum benefit of the latest technology. The machine components are preset and the tool paths are pre-planned by the CAD and CAM processes. The programmed file is then tested and loaded on the machine. The operator thereafter issues the related commands to activate the necessary parts of the machine.

The other main benefits of the CNC lathes are their ease of setting, operation, repeatability and accuracy. They are designed to use the modern tools and after setting the machine it can continuously function for a long time under the occasional supervision of an operator. A CNC lathe is electronically controlled through a computer menu interface. The related program can be displayed on the machine, along with a virtual view of the process. Moreover the user may even modify the program as required. A general understanding and basic knowledge of the CNC lathe is necessary. Hence the machine setter and operator should have a high level of skill in order to carry out the required processes. These lathes are normally set and operated by the same individual; and the operator can easily supervise a small batch of machines.

The design of a CNC lathe generally differs and depends on the particular manufacturer. However they all have some common features. A wide range of machines in various specifications and different dimensions are now readily available in the market. These modern machines are completely enclosed, in order to maintain the industrial safety standards. Further, due to the rapid advances in technology, these CNC lathes are constantly upgraded accordingly. They include different kinds of user interfaces which are sometimes confusing and also difficult for the operators to learn. Hence all the machine users should be properly trained in order to make them fully conversant with the latest technology and get the maximum benefits of a CNC lathe.

Lathe Machines for Woodworking & Metal Shaping Industries

DMTG Flat Bed CNC LatheA lathe is machine tool used in cutting and shaping of metal or wood.

The Types of Lathe Machines

There are different kinds of lathe machines that are sold but based are on their function and technique used to make them .That enables output that is precise and timely.

Turret lathes – They are used for mass production to make duplicate components. The indexed tool holder and the turret make it possible to have several cutting processes on a different tool. It is easy, fast and no setup required in between operations.

Gang-tool lathe -It has tools on a row set on a cross slide that has a long table that is flat characteristic of milling machine. The tools are set and indexed for each cycle of cutting. It is similar to turret lathe but is linear in terms of tool indexing instead of being rotary.

Computer numerical controlled (CNC) lathes-these are precise, accurate and are easily set. They use carbide tooling common in modern operations. The parts are first designed using CAD (computer aided design) and/or manually then fed into the machine memory where it will continue producing the specific parts till the design is changed. The computer numerical controlled (CNC) lathe machine is under the watch of an operator periodically.

Center Lathe –Also known as bench lathe or engine lathe. They have two heads moving towards the fixed work piece position and have holes at their edges.

Multispindle Lathes – These are very precise lathes that are electronically controlled. Their operations are carried out on an electronic spindle that is on a screw lathe machine. Several executions can be done by the spindle and ensures high effectiveness and efficiency toolroom lathe

Toolroom lathes –They are used in toolroom work, a kind of centre lathe with the best features that ensure effective machining to produce quality work output.

It holds and rotates the work piece while a tool bit penetrates the work material and finally creating a cutting effect .Lathe operators must be conversant with lathe operations to achieve repair and new parts fabrication. Lathe machines at can either be manually or automatically operated for the case of computer numerical controlled (CNC) machines. They can be bench mounted or floor mounted depending on their size. Small lathes are bench mounted while large lathes are floor mounted.

Lathes have similar functional parts but the given location and design may differ for each lathe. These components are the bed, a basic foundation of all lathes, a permanent headstock located on the lathe bed that contains the spindle and lubricant, a tailstock that slides on the ways, a fixed steady for support and a spindle that holds the length of the work piece

Lathe Machine2Conclusion: Different types of Lathes are used in different industries to perform machining that involves spinning a metal block before deforming or cutting it. It shapes the work piece that can either be a metal or wood depending on the lathe. Using adjustable metal rails the headstock and tailstock hold the material as it is moved.

Lathe Machine – Different Types of Lathe Machines

All Geared Lathe MachinesA lathe machine or lathe is primarily a machine tool that rapidly revolves the work piece on its axis for carrying out a broad variety of functions that includes shaping, cutting, turning, drilling, sanding, deforming, knurling, boring, polishing, grinding, threading, etc. A fixed cutting or abrading tool is applied on the work piece, which may be made of metal, wood, plastic, etc; and the unwanted material is thereby removed from the work piece in order to produce a symmetrical object. Earlier woodworking lathes were used, however nowadays a variety of metalworking or metal lathes are generally utilized.

A metal lathe mainly comprises of the headstock, tailstock, and bed. They are used for accurately machining and removing relatively hard materials that includes different kinds of metals, from the work piece using a tough cutting tool. This cutting tool is fixed to a solid tool post, and is moved against the work piece using a wheel. It may be manually operated or gear driven, and electrically or electronically controlled. A variety of cutting tools are available in diverse sizes and shapes such as round, square, triangular, diamond, etc.; depending on their application.

Different types of lathe machines are now manufactured and supplied globally that includes the light duty lathe, medium duty lathe, heavy duty lathe, extra heavy duty lathe, all geared lathe, imported lathe, turret lathe, CNC lathe, etc. Each one has special features and performs a specific operation as described further.

Turret Lathe: They have a cylindrical tailstock which spins around a vertical axis, in order to move the various tools towards the work piece, as well as the headstock. It looks very similar to the capstan lathe. However, it is not fixed and just lies right on the bed. The turret is basically an indexed tool holder that permits to quickly, easily and simultaneously perform multiple cutting operations, each with a different cutting tool. Here the operator does not have to install and uninstall the tools or control the tool path. This is because the tool path is controlled by the machine, either by a jig-like mechanism or through a servo mechanism. Turret lathes are commonly utilized for repetitive production of similar parts.

CNC LatheCNC Lathe: Computer numerically controlled or CNC lathes are the latest variety of lathes that are unique and very accurate. They are simple to set and operate, and can rapidly perform monotonous jobs. The object to be produced is pre-designed, and the tool path is pre-programmed either by a CAD/CAM process, or manually by a programmer. The work piece is then loaded on the machine, and set as required. The lathe thereafter continues to automatically manufacture the required product, with intermittent supervision of the machine operator.

A CNC lathe is digitally controlled through the computer menu. The program may be altered as required and displayed on the computer screen, together with a computer generated view of the process. These high speed CNC lathes are very useful for cutting curved shapes and complex forms without using any special shaping tools.

Applications and Uses of Different Types of Lathe Machines

Lathe machines come in different types and each one has its own set of utility. The automatic lathe changes its tool automatically and the need for changing tools is eliminated. The components which lathe manufacturers add have high dimensional accuracy and some of them are useful even in laboratory experiments. The flow of production gets better as the lathe are large and complex machines go a long way towards improving the quality and quantity of production. The automatic lathe manufacturers provide lathe with a single or multi-spindle version and fall into the category of high performance, high-speed lathe which is excellent for mass production.