Yash Machine Tools Presents Wide Array of Lathe Machines from Manual to Automatic CNC Lathe

Ahmedabad, India

Lathe machines are widely used tools for mechanical industries, factories, warehouses and other manufacturing institutions. Lathe is normally applied on metals and wood units to cut and shape this objects. They rotate the object and shape up the object to the desired form. They are available from the small units to large units based on the task you want to perform. They are either classified as manual and automatic computer numerical control. The main parts of lathes are headstock, bed, carriage and tail-stock. The various features and functionality make the lathes use for different types of applications. Yash Machine Tools is a leading machine tools manufacturing company in Ahmedabad, India that is having the own factory setup to manufacture various types of lathes and other machineries. Yash Machine Tools also deal in the imported lathe and other machineries and having the core association with the manufacturing units across the globe. Here we have presented the features and functionalities of some of the lathes in which we are dealing.

All geared lathe machines find use on the industry for performance of both light and heavy duties. All geared can do a variety of work, either hard or little ones. They are multipurpose and therefore it’s advisable to use them as you can minimize the cost of buying both heavy and light lathe machines. All geared lathe machines are our core expertise in manufacturing the industry class lathes. For more details on All geared lathe machines, visit – http://www.yashmachine.com/all-geared-lathe-machine/

As the name suggests heavy duty geared lathes manufactured at Yash Machine Tools are used to perform heavy work in the warehouses and industries. They mainly deal with cutting heavy metals which have hard covers and therefore cannot be used to cut light materials. They are normally expensive than light duty lathe machines. They are also harder to operate because they are complex in making .they are designed to provide optimum performance with high cutting power with versatility and used in a wide range of industries and general purpose.

We also manufactured special purpose custom lathe machines that are used for unique purposes. They may be used to cut metals which are expensive and of high value like gold. They normal operate in a way to make sure that these metals are not wasted at all.

We also have light duty lathe machines. These are usually found in our homes, normally place on top of a table. They are designed to cut light things like timber. They are simpler to operate than all others. Lastly we have extra heavy duty lathe machine they operate using high power because they have to do a heavy duty. They are normally used to cut heavy metals and stone ores.

Lathe machines are the most used machines in the industries. They have different application in the world of engineers. Lathes are used to drill hole in any solid, including metals, wood, plastics and stones. They are also used to create irregular and regular shapes in metals and woods with variable sizes of holes. Lathes are also used to fix screw threads inside the holes. In addition to this they are also used to drive screw thread on the top of the metals. Lastly they are also used in mobile manufacturing industries, repairing shops and workshops for various industries like power plants, rolling mills, textile and many others. Quality Lathe Machine Parts and world class services are the assurance from Yash Machine Tools to work with machineries for longer period of time with very low maintenance.

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Yash Machine Tools is a leading supplier of machine tools in India offering high quality machine tools for efficient processes in industries. The distributor specializes in supply of tool room machines, lathe machines, CNC lathe and milling machines, sheet metal machines, all geared radial drilling machine, welding machines, shearing machine, press brake and various other forms of machine tools available in most advanced versions.

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