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All About Different Drill Bits & Their Applications

Drill bits are among the predominant and adaptable pieces of a workshop. This tool can drill into different materials like strong wood furniture, porcelain, metals, and glass.

What is a Drill Bit Machine?

Drill bits are instruments used to make holes, quite often of round cross-segment and also called as drill bit grinding machine or drill bit grinder. Drill bits are available for numerous products of different materials with different shapes and sizes.

To make an opening, the drill bits are generally connected to a drill machine, which powers them to slice through the work-piece, generally by a pivot. The drill holds the top end of a bit, called the shank that fits in its chuck.


Where is a Drill Bit Grinder Machine Used?

Drill bit grinder machines are utilized in a broad scope of applications in metal-working, carpentry, and construction enterprises. All drills have various uses from little to greater size hole.


Industrial Applications of Different Drill Bits

Twist Drills

Twist-drill is a general-purpose bit for drilling steel, plastic, wood, etc. The drill has angles that are suitable for drilling steel as they can drill a wide variety of materials with outstanding performance.

Masonry Bits

These are the tools you utilize when hoping to make openings in blocks, stones, or concrete. Because of the rigid nature of those materials, masonry bits easily wear out, which means you have to replace them often.


Hard stonework, (for example, some concrete and engineering blocks) need SDS machines & bits.  These drills have similar principles to hammer-drills, but these devices provide a lot more impact power to the drill.

Universal / Cordless / Multi-material bits

These bits have TC (Tungsten Carbide) tip, however dissimilar to masonry bits, the tip is honed so they can promptly cut wood and even mild-steel. They can cut stonework without hammering and also cut neater holes in soft or disintegrating materials since there aren’t any lateral shocks and vibrations.

They are handy for fixing wood or metal into masonry, as they evade the need to switch among metal or wood and masonry bit and remove the possibility of damaging a cutting bit for wood or metal by getting it in close to stonework.

Flat Bits

Flat bits are low-performance drills and make marginally rough openings in the wood. Their reduced cost makes them generally helpful for huge holes. Flat bits tend to create an entry surface that breaks into fragments.

The drill is useful in areas where cleaner holes are not significant, and high-quality bits are a pointless cost.

Tile Bit

Tile bits are for drilling glass and ceramic tiles with a ground tungsten-carbide tip. They can be utilized with a hand drill, however, they run best in a variable speed power drill at a moderate speed. When penetrating glass, some oil (for example turpentine or white spirit) ought to be utilized to keep the tip cool.


Spade bits have a spade-molded tip that permits them to drill into softwoods. They are regularly used to make holes for the cable running.

Installer Bits

Experts make use of these bits to drill openings when installing wiring for security frameworks or entertainment appliances. The bit’s tip has a little gap where you embed the wire you are hoping to go through the material. Installer bits are very long, up to 18-inches, which makes your job simpler.

Auger Bits

Auger bits are the bits to make use of when hoping to penetrate thick and dry wood. Because of their advanced design, you don’t need to apply a ton of force when penetrating intense materials. The bits have a screw-tip, creates the beginning hole which the remaining drill follows. Accordingly, holes by this drill pieces are unimaginably perfect and exact.

 Forstner Bits

These are the bits you make use of when hoping to drill smooth and clean openings into woods. Forstner bits additionally comes with a sharp tip to take into consideration the simple placing of the bits.


Need For Drill Bit Machines

Demand for drill bit machinery continues to increase day-by-day as they make industrial work easier. These machines bits come in various sizes and for different purposes, thereby creating a versatile use in the industry.

Drill bits are available in all shapes & sizes. The ideal drill bit is the one that best suits your necessities.