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Industrial Applications of Different Types of Shearing Machines

Hydraulic Swing Beam Shearing Machine

shearing_machineThis is the latest shearing machine used in market today. It is a shear model designed with high quality material providing durability for several years usage in heavy duty without any failures. Hydraulic swing retains high rigidity and can work in maximum capacity since has a strong well weld mono-block frame. This feature also helps provide a clean cut and high quality services. It can be applied where modern design, durability and sheets 6-20mm thick production is required.

Benefits of Hydraulic Swing Beam Shearing Machine

  1. Hydraulic swing workshop machine is user friendly
  2. has durable blades
  3. has a front and back sheet conveyor system
  4. easy installation and training is required
  5. ergonomic design
  6. low maintenance hence convenient
  7. no damage to the blades and machine while cutting
  8. hydraulic and electrical systems involved are simple for servicing purposes
  9. it is designed for heavy duty

Hydraulic Guillotine Shearing Machine

This workshop machine is made of high grade steel, has rugged construction as well as provides efficient performance. It is one of the machine tools with a framework structure designed for all steel welding. Its replacement is facilitated by equipping the Hydraulic Guillotine Shearing Machinery with a mobile workbench, stroke digital display and an optoelectronic protection device. Depending on the nature of processing requirements, the working pressure can be adjusted within specified ranges. Hydraulic guillotine type plate shearer has centralized button control hence easy to operate. This workshop machine is applied in industries dealing in precision sheet and plate working.

Hydraulic Guillotine Shear Machinery offers the following benefits to customers:

  1. Its steel weld frame structure possesses good stability and rigidity
  2. sheet distortion is highly reduced due to use of adjustable shearing angle
  3. has a high integrated hydraulic system hence reliable and durable
  4. rectangular blades can accommodate up to four cutting edges hence long service life
  5. uses hand wheel for accurate, fast and convenient adjusting of the gap between the blades

CNC Guillotion Shearing Machine

This is also a widely used shearing machine by customers worldwide. Like other shear machine tools, it is built with steel for increased strength and rigidity. The sheet shear equipment maintains sheet and plate precision working by having a vibratory stress relief. The applications of shearing machine depend on the processes requirements of an industry; mostly constructed for heavy duty to work in maximum capacity without failures.

Benefits enjoyed by CNC Guillotion shear model users include:

  1. safe and easy operation
  2. reduced plate deformation sue to adjustable rake angle
  3. has adopted advanced integrated hydraulic system for excellent reliability and durability
  4. hand wheel clearance of the blades increases accuracy and convenience

It is important to know the applications of shearing machine before purchasing. The obvious reasons being to avoid either under working or overworking the equipment. Specifications of each tool will always be given by the manufacturer for review so that maintenance does not become a nightmare. Benefits of using a shearing tool should be satisfying to industrial needs of the user.

Things that you should know about Turret Milling Machine before you Purchase it

About Milling Machine and Turret Milling Machine

WM Series Turret Milling Machine  DMTG Turret MillingMilling machines are tools that are designed to craft solid objects, such as wood and metals, into various desired shapes. The milling machines come in two main forms: horizontal and vertical. The forms come about with the orientation of the spindle. That is, the cutting unit. The turret machine has a vertical spindle that remains stationery throughout the cutting process. The table, the place where the metal is put is the one that essentially moves up and down. This is due to a quill unit of the machine. Consequently, the machine operator succeeds in creating a wide range of depth in the metal. The turret gear either comes as manual or automated. This is to say that for the manual kinds, the moves the table in order to make cuts while for the latter, operator uses formulas on the machine to make cuts. The turret machines come in small sizes for them to work effectively. The larger unit create stress on the operator as they are difficult to move. The most effective feature about the turret machine is that it makes versatile shapes.

The importance of the Turret Milling Machine in the Machine Tools Industry

The turret machine, also known as the Bridgeport milling machine is a tool that has developed efficiency and accuracy. It is a tool instrument that offers precision on every piece of work. When working with the machine, you get the desired shape without flaws and within a minimum time set.

Things that you should know about Turret Milling Machine before you purchase it

It is important to make a wise decision when purchasing a turret machine so that all your needs will be met. These are the things to consider:

· The size and power of the tool which is in turn determined by the work the machine is to do. However, for a turret machine, the smaller the size, the better.

· It is important to do a research on the various models that are in the market. For example, the universal, vertical and turret milling appliance.

· A turret machine is closely related to a bed machine because they perform essentially the same tasks. However, a turret is easier to work with because its support table can move both vertically and horizontally. Nevertheless, a turret tool machine is not a complete substitute of the bed machine.

· You can choose to buy a manual type or a CNC enabled turret engine. The latter requires an extra cost, space and power. Such types are most suitable for armatures.

· The other consideration is whether the machine can be upgraded since technology advance fast. A turret machine is a big investment that should not go obsolete fast.

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Therefore, it is much easier to buy a given type of machine after obtaining the key facts about the tool. It is also important to look out on a company’s credentials as well as the machine that you want to purchase. The turret machine is a big investment and that is why one should learn all the facts of the device before the purchase.

Things to Know about All Geared Lathe Machines & CNC Lathe Machines

All Geared Lathe Machines, Types, and their industrial application

WM SeriesDMTG Light Duty LatheLathes work by revolving a work piece on its axis for cutting, sanding, deforming, turning, drilling among other functions. The machine is capable of performing these functions on plastic, wood or metal to produce symmetrical objects. The lathe machine consists of various parts such as head stock, spindle, bed, tool rest, lock knob and tail-stock. Over the years technological advancements have been used to improve the design and functionality of lathe machines to suit various industrial needs. All geared lathe machine is among the popular set of lathe machines and includes various types such as:

Light duty lathe machine– it is mainly used for precise shaping and deforming of small items. It has the capability of operating effectively in high speeds. It is long lasting due to the durable structure. The industrial applicability of Light duty lathe machine is mainly in workshops and tool production. As a user of this machine you will be able to simply install it and use minimal effort to maintain its functionality.

Medium duty lathe machine-This type of machine finds high industrial applicability in workshops, paper mills, tool production and power plants where they are used for precise grade machining. The advantage of medium heavy-duty lathe machine is in the efficiency to use resources sustainability, bulk production of quality products, high durability and multipurpose capability.

Heavy duty lathe machine– This type of machine is industrially used to turn very hard objects for purposes of metal and woodworking in industries such as paper, power plants, and mining. It is made of durable and sturdy materials that incorporate modern technology capable of handling the heavy-duty work involved.

Extra heavy-duty lathe machine– handles heavier materials and objects for bulk production. It has industrial applicability in mining, shipping, and power plants for top grade machining work and so on and so forth.

CNC lathe machines, Types and their industrial application

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) is a modern technology that is widely used in manufacturing industry. CNC lathe machine has replaced the traditional machines which required trained personnel to operate. This technology is accurate and works digitally by the user pre designing the object and programming the tool path. The lathe then proceeds to automatically produce the object and the user may alter the process as required through a computer screen. The two types are Flat bed cnc lathe and Slant bed cnc lathe the difference being in the elevation of the bed. Some of the associated advantages of using cnc lathe machineare 24 hour day use, easier programming, easier updating and capability of mass production of the same item. Industrially applicable in precisely curving complex shapes and forms.

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All geared lathe machine have a wide industrial application hence making the machine an essential part of many companies which deal in metal, wood and plastic. The technology used in lathe machines has continued to advance over the years to cater for the dynamic and versatile industrial production segment.

Industrial Importance of Radial Drill Machine among wide array of Drill Machines

 History of drill machines and its evaluation

WM SeriesDMTG Radial Drilling MachineThe invention of drill machine dates back to the Egyptians and Harappans era with the earliest invention of bow drills. With various sources of power like the water wheels, windmills and human effort expanded over many decades came the electric motor during the late nineteenth century. Among the power machineries and motors, the drilling tools were one of them. With the headway of technology the application of drill machine started commercially, industrially and also domestically. It proved great with its versatility and convenience in the metal processing, manufacturing and construction units. Not only of industrial operation, these drilling machines are also equipped with features to serve the medical world, space missions and industries involved in wood working, metal working and masonry. Besides boring holes in the work pieces, the application of drill machine ranges to assignments like countersinking, reaming, tapping, spot facing, counter boring and much more. The drilling machineries come in an array of designs built specially for many different applications and are termed as Radial drilling machines, Milling cum Drilling machines, Pillar drill machines and Versatile Drilling machines.

Use of Radial drilling machines in workshops

Among the many varieties of drill machines, radial drills are known for its accuracy, precision and great efficiency. Because of its robustness, this machine is considered as a versatile machine tool for workshops. The radial drill machine is designed in a way to ensure accurate work with precision for ensuring smooth rotation of columns and avoiding angular deflection of the spindle axis. Also, this can be used to place fasteners in workshops. It cuts through the material and fastens the two pieces together at the same time.

Industrial importance of Radial drilling machines

The radial drill machine is the most common drill machine used in the industrial sector and is also the most preferred type. With the application of radial drill machine, every complex manufacturing process is transformed into the simplest task. It comes as a great tool for woodworking, metalworking and construction work. The special features of this drill machine make it possible to drill a range of material including steel, cast iron, plastic etc. The high quality steel parts, geared workhead and arms increase the tolerance capacity of the radial drill machine. The exclusive features support robust construction for the purpose of heavy drilling in workshops. The drill spindle of the radial drill is fastened to the end of its arm and that makes the application of radial drill machine easier to drill holes competently even in the larger work section compared to other varieties of drill machines. Also, depending on the arm’s length it can hold work pieces of large sizes. The adjustable drilling features allow to carry out drilling tasks in the most easy and effortless manner.

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High quality production requirement of industrialists has compelled drilling machine manufacturers to update and produce drilling equipments that gives faster and higher production rates. With these requirements, drilling machines are constantly upgraded to efficient models that meet the industrial requirement of bulk production at the minimal labour cost. In this quest of manufacturing durable, easy and reliable drilling tools, radial drill machines has emerged as a high-end tool that resists corrosion with its structure of cast iron. This conducive machine tool with easy maintenance and installation features work best for any kind industrial drilling requirement.

What is the difference between Milling Machine & Turret Milling Machine?

What is a milling machine and its applications

radial_drillI_ng_machine_images02A milling machine is a tool that is supposed to machine wood, metal and many more solid materials. It basically is made up of an endmill or cutter that rotates around the spindle axis, as well as a movable table on to which the piece being worked on is fixed. Milling machines usually work automatically, either parallel or perpendicular to the materials being machined. Some of the operations that milling machines are used for will depend on how the mill’s spindle is leaning. These applications include planning, rebating, routing and slot cutting. Milling machines also come in different sizes, varying according to the heaviness of the job. Some of the operations that different milling machines can do include making components for toys, plaques, in cutting metals in workshops and also suspending cutting tools above the cutting surface.

What is a turret milling machine and its applications

The turret milling machine is a specific type of milling machine that works vertically, and can be used to create a wide range of objects. It is thus considered the most adaptable type of milling machine out there. For the turret mill, the spindle does not move while the cutting operation is ongoing, it is the table that moves both perpendicularly and parallel to it to do the cutting job. The turret milling machine is best used for small and medium sized jobs, such as making plaques and parts for toys.

Operational pros and cons of milling machine and turret milling machine

The milling machines and turret milling machines have a lot of advantages, when compared to the drawbacks of using them to perform cutting on to solid materials such as metal and wood. For one, if one uses a CNC (Computer Numerical Code) milling machine that is controlled by a computer, smooth, accurate and finished surfaces will be gotten from the work pieces, as compared to using other equipment. Secondly, milling machines come in many shapes and sizes, hence can be used in cutting and machining the smallest of work pieces such as plaques, to bigger jobs in the factory, making key ways, to bore same sized holes in a safe, and other jobs of different conditions. For instance, the turret milling machine is a versatile milling machine that can be used to perform a wide variety of functions in a workplace. Turret milling machines are also advantageous to use because they are very efficient, since the person doing the cutting has a clear view of the process, and can make adjustments. They are also relatively light, beautiful, and can adapt to different kinds of jobs easily. Some of the drawbacks of milling machines are that they are not good at making spherical product, as well as using large amounts of electricity, as well as needing a large space to work in. turret milling machines also have a drawback in that they are not advisable to use in the really large jobs in the industry. Click here to know more about milling machine and turret milling machine from Yash Machine Tools


In conclusion, milling machines, and in particular the turret milling machines are necessary equipment for those who wish to do work on heavy solids such as metals. There are many types of milling machines, operating on different materials and doing different operations. They are necessary and beneficial if one can meet the cost of buying and operating them in their workshop.