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Turret Milling Machine – Must Have for the Defense Department


Milling machines have been used from time memorial in a large number of military functions. The first miller was used by Whitney Eli to mass manufacture 10,000 muskets in 1798. Their use in the military operations has continued to advance and they are currently used to manufactures parts for vehicles, aircrafts, tanks, weapons and other products.

Use in production of military tanks and equipments

The tank is common equipment used in attack and defense for many centuries. It comprises of the rotating turret body, turret ring, hatch, periscope, the chain track, the steel wheels, drive sprocket, solid steel body, machine gun muzzle, barrel and mantlet, propeller shafts, engine, gear box, exhaust system, transmission, radiator, air cleaner and exhaust system.

Each of these tank components must be made to great reliability, accuracy and high strength to withstand off road conditions and the enemy fire. Specially designed heavy duty and CNC turrets millers are used to produce at least 85% of all the components in tanks.

Use in production of military tanks and equipments

In addition, other vehicles used in defense require flat surfaces that are inclined at different angles. The turret enables this equipment to turn the spindle and hence angular flat surfaces can be achieved. Many engine, gear box, transmissions and vehicle accessories require a milling tool during their manufacturing processes.

There are also thousands of specially designed equipments for launching missiles, attacks, defense and combat. These devices have flat heavy surfaces which are sorely manufactured using special millers. This device is therefore a must have equipment so as to produce complicated surfaces that must have high flatness and levelness.

With great advances in high speed carbide tipped cutters, these machines are able to remove materials faster resulting to high accuracy, precision and production of durable materials suitable for the army.

Unlike other millers, the turret is compact and occupies less workshop space. It is also highly flexible and adaptable to a wide range of activities. It achieves 900 swing to the left – right and 450 to swing forward and backward. The ram can move forward and backward as well as make a 3600 turn. The tool allows the milling of complicated shapes inclined at any angles which aren’t possible without these tilts. All these factors increase the versatility of this tool in manufacturing and maintenance workshops.

Repair and maintenance of equipment

Repair and maintenance is part of any military station. Vehicles, tanks and other equipments that are exposed to rough terrain constantly require maintenance operations. These include shaping and smoothening engine surfaces, gears and other components, resurfacing and making new components. These operations require this machine tool.

Military aircraft fabrication and servicing

There are numerous combat planes specially manufactured for defense operations and have superior reliability and accurately manufactured components. The new computerized milling machines are used to manufacture their parts. Engines, fuselage and wings are accurately produced using this device.

In addition, repair and maintenance of these plane parts require precision machining of parts which use the miller and other machine tools.