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How Market is Benefited through the Tough Competition among Local Manufacturers of Lathe & Imported Lathe Machine Suppliers in India?

DMTG Light Duty LatheBefore the lathe machines were invented metal working was done manually. It was difficult and time consuming. Lathe machines have made things easy, lathes are time saving as the work can be done faster, money saving and energy saving, multiple pieces of the same design can be made

Metal lathes are generally used for cutting, grinding, drilling, reaming etc. hard and heavy materials such as metals. They are also used for cutting materials like wood, plastic and glass.

Lathe machines are used in factories, industries, manufacturing units and ware houses. The object to be cut is rotated around a spindle for giving it the desired shape. Depending upon the type of work, lathes are available in many sizes and types.

Each type of lathe machine has its own unique features and are used for different functions like bending metal, shaping wood, cutting stone, sanding glass etc. Lathes are also used to shape pottery. As these machines are efficient, fast and time saving they have made a huge variation to the industry.

Imported lathe machines and local lathe machines

Now with the imported lathe machines being available in the Indian market, there is tough competition among local manufacturers and suppliers of imported lathe machines. As a result market is benefiting from this competition. The consumer is getting a better and a more advanced variety of lathe machines.

Types of Lathe Machine

Imported lathe machines are fast, easy to operate and easy to maintain as wear and tear is minimum. These are being used in the automobile and railway industry. Latest technology is used to manufacture these CNC lathe machines. Some of the imported lathe machines include;

Light Duty Lathe Machine – Its drive is V-belt and it is often used to form small size objects and bending jobs done at workshops or tool rooms. The work is of high accuracy and the machine is built to work in difficult surroundings. It is very strong, durable and easy to use. It is used in electronic, automobile and electrical manufacturing units.

Medium Duty Lathe Machine – These are very durable and accurate lathe machines. It is appropriate for steel rolling mills, power plants, workshops, paper mills etc.

Heavy Duty Lathe Machine – A very efficient machine used for metal working, spinning and wood turning. Large scale metal and wood work is done using these machines.

Roll Turning Lathe Machine– A strong and powerful machine used in rolling mills to make cylindrical rolls. It is used in power plants, ship building, paper mills etc.

All Geared Lathe Machines – These imported machines are very efficient and the products made are very accurate with zero error.

Flat bed and slant bed CNC lathe machine – Made with latest technology the products made are of high quality and accuracy.

Ornamental lathe machines – These lathes can make very complex three- dimension objects. Some objects that can be made on a lathe are musical instruments, baseball bats, bowls, legs of tables, gun barrels etc.


With the competition among local manufacturers of Lathe machines and the suppliers of imported lathe machine in India becoming tough, local manufacturers are manufacturing lathes with latest technology and of international standards. The market has benefited as better machines at lower cost are available to the consumer.

Technology Integration in Lathe Machine has Raised Vast Opportunities & Challenges for Indian Manufacturers

DMTG Flat Bed CNC LatheA Lathe machine is used in the mechanical industry to cut, thread, sand, make grooves, drill, bore etc. Over a period of time lathe machine has advanced with advancement in technology.

Today we have computer operated lathe machines, or CNC lathe machines (Computerized Numeric Control). Computer operated machine means a better end product, so the products made by CNC machines have better finish and multiple pieces of the similar design can be made easily.

Lathe Machines

A lathe machine has a base which is known as ‘bed’. This is linked with headstock. The metal or wood piece to be worked on is kept on the axis and revolved to perform the required functions. It can be rotated at various speeds and the cutting tool is controlled by power or by hand.

The different types of lathe machines available in the market today have raised vast opportunities and challenges for Indian manufacturers. These machines are powerful but simple to use. You can select a machine that suits your requirements the best.

Opportunities and Challenges for Indian Manufacturers

Technology is integrated in a lathe machine and Indian manufacturers have to overcome a number of challenges in order to keep pace with the growing demand of lathe machines with latest technology.

As technology has advanced so have the designs of lathe machines. Indian manufacturers are making lathe machines of different types and different sizes based on the requirement of the industry. Today lathe machines are made with the latest technology for better products. A range of types of lathe machines are available in the market.

Not just the challenges, Indian manufacturers are getting more opportunities as well. More manufacturing units mean more workforce which in turn means more employment for people. The manufacturing networks have grown worldwide.

Manufacturers are facing a lot of competition today from local as well as foreign market. Lathe machines imported from other countries are more advanced and these are made with latest technology and advanced features. In order to keep up with the import market, Indian manufacturers are also making superior machines with new and advanced technology.

Lathe Machines with Technology Integration

CNC lathe machines have CAM process installed in them. These machines can be controlled with a computer which can be programmed to do a range of jobs like drilling holes, creating screw threads etc. Symmetrical pieces of work are made with these machines. These lathes are also used for fabrication work. When a number of pieces of the same design and size have to be made CNC lathes are the best choice.

Products using glass, wood and metal are made with lathe machines. Goods like musical instruments, baseball bats, candle stands and many more can be made using these machines.


Every industry needs machines depending on their requirement. New and more advanced machines are being made as there is continuous demand for advanced machines. Indian manufacturers have taken up the challenge and the opportunity to produce new designs of lathe machines with latest technology.

Which One is Best from Different Press Brakes for Your Industrial Requirement?

CNC Press BrakeA Press brake is an indispensable machine tool used for sheet bending and cutting metals in different shapes. With the help of a die the sheet can be molded and shaped into various forms. These machines are available in various sizes to bend sheets of different sizes. They are found in almost all industrial units.

Metals like brass, steel, aluminium, copper, tin etc. can be bent and shaped with press brakes. These are used for making objects like metal enclosures, frames, plates, cabinets etc.

Many different types of press brakes are available like;

Manual Press Brakes Before the invention of more advanced press brakes, manual press brakes were the only machines for bending metal sheets. Force is applied with a screw for bending the metal sheet.

Mechanical Press Brakes An electric motor and a flywheel are used to apply force. Dies and machinery used by these machines are more costly. The electric motor powers the flywheel which in turn powers the crank mechanism. This moves the ram to bend the metal sheet.

Hydraulic Press Brakes– These work with the pressure exerted by the hydraulic liquid or oil. They are extra flexible, have high capacity, are more durable and efficient. These are very easy to use and maintenance cost is low.

Hydraulic press brakes do not vibrate and the products made are of high quality. These machines consume less power and the risk factor is low. Compared to mechanical press brakes these are more efficient. You can easily adjust the speed according to the requirement.

Pneumatic Press Brakes – A compressor is used to supply air power for bending the metal sheets. This is used for jobs where less pressure is needed. These press brakes are easy to use.

CNC Press brake – These metal folding machines are very fast and use advanced technology. Their controls are computer based so the instructions can be pre set.

Using these machines the production increases and the fabricated product is accurate and unfailing. While duplicating the metal folds exact accuracy is maintained. The fold in the last piece will be just the same as in the first piece. These machines are cost efficient since wastage is minimum. Large number of equipments can be made fast maintaining exact accuracy.

CNC Electro Hydraulic Synchronous Press

This press brake uses advanced technology and is controlled by hydraulic and computer. It works with the help of coordinated hydraulic cylinders. The hydraulic cylinders are controlled with the proportional valve and the machine works synchronously, continually and precisely. To attain the desired pressure to form the metal these machines use electric motor as well as hydraulic cylinders.

As these press brakes are controlled by computers, the products made with them are accurate up to a fraction of a millimeter. The computer can calculate and control the pressure required for bending the metal. These are smooth to operate, are safe and use less energy.


Different types of press brakes are being used widely in the industries to cut and mould metals into various shapes. For making small boxes from metals like brass or aluminium, press brakes operated by hand are used. For more difficult jobs large industrial machines are used depending on the industrial requirement. Different Press brakes are used in different industrial environment, so you can select the best one from above that suits your industrial needs utmost.

Imported Radial Drill Machine with Advanced Features

DMTG Radial Drilling MachineTo drill holes in different materials, a drill machine is used. It is also called a drill press. Holes of different sizes and depth can be made using this machine.

Main types of drill machines are, Pillar Drill Machine, Drilling cum Milling Machine and Radial Drill Machine.

Radial Drill Machine

In a radial drill machine, the drilling head is on a radial arm, which you can lift, rotate, or lower in order to regulate the place of the drill over the piece of work. This machine is very flexible as the location of the drill can be adjusted according to the size of the piece of work. It has a movable spindle.

These machines are available in a range of sizes of the drill heads, base plate and the capacity. They are very accurate and holes of different sizes can be drilled in various materials like metal, wood etc.

Radial drill machines are designed for very accurate, precise, and proficient work. These are very sturdy and can do hardwearing work. The holes are drilled by means of a drill bit which glides alongside the radial arm. The radial arm moves along the piece of work and enables the drilling process without having to move the heavy work piece.

You want a drill machine which is easy to use. An imported radial drill machine is a good choice for workshops as it is available in compacted size and has advanced features. As the machine size is compact you don’t need very big place to keep it. It is built with most recent technology adhering to the international standards. Since the machine is fully automatic the work can be done faster and more efficiently, saving time and endeavor.

Applications of Radial Drill Machines

These machines are used in;

  • Industries working with metals like metalworking, manufacturing, woodworking, masonry, construction etc.
  • To drill holes in different materials.
  • For jobs like reaming, tapping, spot facing, counter sinking etc.

Safety tips for using Radial Drill Machine

  • Be very attentive while using this machine to avoid accidents.
  • Drill bits which are bent, damaged or dull should not be used.
  • Materials without flat surface should not be used for drilling.
  • Do not wear gloves or neck ties while using the machine.
  • Clear the table before switching on the machine.

Points to consider while buying an Imported Radial Drilling Machine

Before buying an imported radial drilling machine the most important point to consider is the features offered by the manufacturers. The controls of the machine must be user friendly so it is easy to use.

The components should be of fine quality. For profitable and skilled functioning of the machine it must have various speeds for the spindle, for fast drilling work the spindle’s speed change is necessary.

Check the design of the machine and make sure it is strong and powerful enough to execute work for a long time. Buy an imported machine with various functions so that it can be used for jobs other than drilling e.g. boring, tapping, counter boring etc.


Imported Radial drill machines are very accurate and efficient. These are designed for the defined requirements of the industry and can be used for various materials.

Frequently Asked Important Questions About Turret Milling Machine

DMTG Turret Milling MachineA milling machine is used to give a form or shape to a solid material like metals, plastic, wood etc. It is an important machine in any manufacturing unit. It is used for cutting solid materials in a curved, flat or irregular flat surface.


Some of the frequently asked questions about a turret milling machine are:

  • What is a milling machine?

A milling machine is horizontal or vertical milling machine. A vertical machine is of two types, bed milling machine or turret milling machine. The machines are named based on the position of the spindle or the cutting unit. A turret milling machine is used for manufacturing automobile parts.

  • What are the types of turret milling machines?

A turret milling machine is either automatic or manual. In a manual machine the operator has to move the table for precise cuts where as in an automatic machine the formula is fed in the computer and the job is done automatically.

  • How does a turret milling machine work?

In a turret milling machine the spindle is vertical and during the cutting procedure it remains still, only the table moves. Table is the area where the metal is placed. The table can move up and down because of the quill unit. It cuts the metal in a vertical way by elevating or lowering the quill. Cuts of varying depths can be made in the metal.

Usually these machines come in small size as in a large machine it becomes difficult for the operator to reach and move the quill and knee.

  • What is the cutting range of the turret milling machine?

The cutter of the machine can swing 90° to left or right and 45° forward or backward and the ram can rotate 360° above the column.

  • What operations can be done on turret milling machine?

A turret milling machine can shape, drill, cut, contour, die sink etc. a material. It is used for making simple to very complex parts like parts of automobiles, toaster, ball bearing etc. The metal is shaped into a desired shape.

  • Why are large machines difficult to operate?

As the size of the machine increases more effort is required for upward and downward movement and to reach the handle of the quill feed becomes tricky. Big machines are more often used for die sinking work.

  • How are CNC operated turret milling machines more efficient?

The machines with CNC or computer numerical controlled technology can produce large number of goods which are precise and alike. With CNC machines the productivity also increases.

  • What points should be considered while buying a turret milling machine?

A lot depends on your requirement, what type of work you need to do, how complex or simple your work is. Check the power and the speed of the machine at which it operates. Some manufacturers offer a variety of attachments while for others you have to buy at extra cost.


A turret milling machine is a multipurpose and a very adaptable machine. A variety of products can be manufactured with this machine. The position of the machine can be changed easily as these are not very big and these are easy to maintenance.