How to select a Lathe Machine for your Requirements?

Lathe is a machine tool used to carve axis symmetrical objects. Shaping hard objects like metals, wood or glass is for what a lathe machine is generally employed in various industries. However apart from shaping and cutting, lathe can also used for several other tasks too which include functionalities like drilling, turning, knurling, grooving, threading etc.

Different forms of lathe machine are available today including turret milling lathe, CNC lathe, light duty, medium duty and heavy duty lathe machine. Selecting a lathe machine according to your requirements is the most important thing to get the best out of it. For example, if your requirements are more and need a fast and efficient machine for bulk applications, then a robust heavy duty lathe machine will be a good choice rather than going for a standard light duty lathe which is comparatively cheaper than the machine specifically designed for the bulk or heavy operations. A heavy duty lathe machine for metal shaping is usually equipped with high speed, automated functionalities and technologically advanced features and therefore can give better performance with faster and efficient work for longer period of time than the machine designed for light or medium duty applications.

A CNC lathe is a computer controlled machine which is good for both small as well as large scale industries. If a completely automated machine for accurate metal or wood shaping tasks is what you require, then go for CNC lathe machine. A CNC lathe machine works with computerized programs and therefore is a good choice for those who want to reduce the labor costs at the workplace. As these are computer controlled machineries one can expect continuous and consistent applications at the work place with this CNC machine.

Today turret lathe machines are quite popular. A turret lathe machine for metalworking can be deployed for multiple cutting operations in a rapid succession without the user having neither to perform setup tasks in between like installation or un-installation of tools nor to control the tool path. The turret lathe machines are available in both semi-automatic as well as fully automatic models. The fully automatic are quite popular among the large-scale industrial manufacturers who want quicker metal forming processes and need to minimize the production costs at the manufacture units.

Further checking out for factors like design and speed of the machine, quality of components used in its make, functionalities and features supported by the machine can help you find a reliable machine suitable to your needs. Visit to know more about a light duty lathe offered by leading machine tools manufacturer in India.


Considering the above things one can easily find a reliable lathe machine for choicest metal forming requirements at the workplace.

This article educates reader about lathe machine and selecting a lathe for specific requirements.