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Different Types of Welding Machine and Their Applications

Welding machines are an important part of any metal-processing industry, as they have the ability to produce heat in order to melt down the metal, so that the metal can be constructed into a specific structure. Industries can use this metal processing equipment to accurately shape out any metal. Now, welding machines like MIG welding machine, TIG welding machine & DC inverter welding machine are top-graded equipment that can be utilized for welding purposes. Hence, the detailed information mentioned below can explain about different types of welding machines & their applications.

Different Types of Welding Machine and Their Applications

The welding of metals can require different types of equipment and every welding equipment is consist of their specific applications.

  • Mig Welding Machine & Its Applications: The MIG welding machine is a rapid speed machine that can be used at places where the metal of welding is available in both thick as well as in sheet form. The major use of MIG welder machines can be required in vessel manufacturing industries, where metal-vessels & utensils have to be manufactured in various structures. The MIG welding machine manufacturers can benefit the automotive industries, as the equipment is also capable of welding sheets of metals used in various automotive operations.

MIG Welding Machine


  • Tig Welding Machine & Its Applications: TIG welding machine has ability to weld metals like stainless steel, and various other metals like aluminium, copper alloys, etc. This TIG welder machine can be utilized in manufacturing aircrafts, and aerospace sectors. The TIG welding machine exporters supplies the equipment in these industries, as this machine is superiorly qualified for the welding process of heavy metal sheets. Another application of the TIG welding machine is that it can also be used in the building & construction sectors, as the need for metal-welding has arisen in these sectors as well.

TIG Welding Machine


  • DC Inverter Welding Machine: The DC inverter welding machine is one of the less power-consuming welder equipment that is capable of working on both AC & DC power. The equipment itself has the ability to switch the power from AC to DC according to electrical voltage/current supplied to the welding equipment. The application of DC inverter welder machines is that it can be utilized in several industries where the metal has to weld in ring-projection manner and also in multi-projection operations. Food industries & other equipment manufacturing industries are good examples of it.

DC Inverter Welding Machine


Key Tips for A Utilizing Welding Machine

There are several important aspects that can be followed while utilizing a welding machine for accurate welding of the metals. One of the prior tips that can be followed while welding is that, the welding equipment needs to be operated on a heavy force, when the metal is either dirty or has rustic layers on it. Tips like flux-cored welding techniques can also be applied to the thick metal surface for welding. Mainly this technique is helpful at places like construction sectors as well as dockyards, where metals of the ships are thicker, and requires heavy metal welding.

The exporters of MIG, TIG & DC inverter welding machines can benefit the industries in which the welding of metals are demanded for different purposes. This welding equipment can also offer advantages like less-power consumption, rapid & top-grade welding force & other features like rapid cool down of the equipment as soon as the welding operation is executed. Therefore, industries with the requirement of a welding machine can get their suitable type of welding equipment from the MIG, TIG & DC inverter welder machine manufacturers.