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Advantages of CNC Press Brake over Other Types of Press Brake

These days CNC press brakes are widely used in comparison to the other types of press brakes since they provide lots of advantages as given below.

CNC Press BrakeEasy Operation

The CNC press brake is very easy to operate and is a less labor intensive machine. The operator can therefore handle many machines at a time. These machines can be simply operated via touch, feel, and sound of the operator. Besides this, they are very user friendly and have a highly powerful controlling system.

Modern Design

The CNC press brake incorporates a modern design which enables the operator to easily arrange the sequence of bends. It also assists the operator to quickly manufacture the required product. Moreover the operator no longer has to estimate the required amount of pressure in order to create a specific degree of bend. Even the other factors such as length of flange, kind of material, amount of thickness, and degree of bend can be directly entered into the CNC control unit. The part to be manufactured can also be viewed in either the 2D or 3D finished version. Besides this, after the first part is programmed on the machine or through an offline PC, a less skilled operator can also easily produce the subsequent parts.

Simple Functions

A CNC press brake is a computer numerically controlled machine where all the required parts can be easily programmed and swiftly manufactured by semi skilled operators. This is possible as the control guides the operator through a stage-wise procedure. Actually the simple functions and programming steps of the machine can be learned and practically implemented in the workshop.

Flexible Programming

The flexible programming of the CNC press brake enables the operator to control the machine in simple English or any other suitable language. The various types of operations that can be performed are also available as options on the menu. Once the required operation is chosen, another list of questions appears on the screen regarding the cycle times, materials, pressures, and other elements related to the production process. And after the operator inputs the replies into the machine, the values are displayed on the screen for confirmation before starting the related task. Visit – for more details on CNC Press Brake.

Multi Tasking CNC Press Brake

The CNC press brake is a multi tasking machine which permits one operator to check the first part and also work on the program related to the second part; while the another operator can simultaneously work on programming the other parts.

Cost Saving

The CNC press brake is basically a highly appealing and very sophisticated machine. Moreover it includes top grade components, minimizes wastage and has higher repeatability and traceability. This equipment also helps to save costs in terms of machine setup around 45 percent; material handling around 35 percent; inspection around 35 percent; work in process around 25 percent; and parts cycle time around 50 percent.


Hence many users are now prefer using the CNC press brakes as they are highly beneficial as compared to the other types of press brakes available in the market.

In a nutshell, the CNC press brake has gained more advantages than the other conventional braking systems. Besides being able to produce more bends than other press brakes they are also user-friendly and easier to install. Their ease of operation offered by press brake manufacturers make them run much smoother with fewer breakdown. The current technology helps as there is a thickness detection software that analyses thickness throughout the piece to ensure that the bend is accurate and uniform. The brake press suppliers also promote them as there is less training needed to be imparted to machinists and much of time consumption is saved while offering supreme specialization.

Various Types of Shearing Machines & Their Industrial Applications

Nowadays, different types of shearing machines are available in the market, as described below.

Hydraulic Shearing Machine

Hydraulic Shearing MachineThe hydraulic swing beam shearing machine has a steel welded construction, hydraulic transmission and accumulator return stroke. This effective, attractive machine is simple to operate. The indicators for adjusting gap between blades help to quickly, conveniently align shadow light. The top blade gap can be adjusted for full stroke, while shorter ones help to safeguard users. It has a digital display which indicates stock position of backgauge and shearing count. The machine also permits spindle allowance, and has a stock counter, internet time relay, inch-mm selector; and the integral factor can be easily programmed. Another type is the hydraulic guillotine shearing machine, which has a robust, stress resistant steel welded structure. The hydraulic driven blade holder can be withdrawn by the cylinder accumulator. Moreover, the rake angle and backgauge travel, can be adjusted using fine knobs to reduce deformation of sheared plate. It has a digital counter that displays cutting time; and a swing away backgauge for cutting long sheets. The indicator helps to easily, rapidly adjust clearance of four edge cutting blade. The full-short stroke of blade holder is also adjustable. It even includes a three guide trolley that moves precisely to provide superior shearing. The front, preloading rail structure forces the blade holder to continuously move along upper and lower rail without any gaps. Further, the blade gap is adjustable for various plates to obtain better shearing.

CNC Shearing Machine

CNC Press BrakeThe CNC swing beam shearing machine has a sturdy, lasting steel welded frame; hydraulic transmission, and swing blade holder. The full-short stroke is adjustable, and return stroke of oil cylinder is fast and steady. It has a hand wheel to adjust gap between upper and lower blades. The closed ring control system includes a numerical control system and position coder; which ensures fast speed, higher precision and better stability. Besides, the CNC guillotine shearing machine is another variety that incorporates the advanced method of hydraulic plate shearing. It has a fully welded, tough steel structure, which eliminates internal stress due to heat treatment and stable construction. The latest hydraulic system offers optimum reliability; and three pairs of hard steel, rail and trolley reduces bearing clearance for improving shearing. It has a swift, simple, precise hand wheel to adjust the blade gap. The rectangular blade has better and durable edges. The adjustable rake angle minimizes distortion and deformation of the plate. While the inclining structure of upper blade holder enables easy blanking and accurate cutting. The top blade can be adjusted to work for full or short stroke. It has a section-wise shearing and lighting alignment, motorized backgauge and digital display. The swing away function of backgauge enables shearing of longer plates. It has an optional pneumatic back support device; and the deep throat helps feeding and shearing of transverse extra long plates. Read More and find best quality shearing machines at Yash Machine Tools.


The shearing machines have several industrial applications like cutting, pressing, punching, bending, and drawing metal sheets in various dimensions.

Shearing machines involve evaluating many factors including the type of shear, required capacity, productivity enhancement options, and safety. A good quality shear manufacturer can save hours on further processes such as bending, welding, and assembly. The shearing machines can make straight-line cuts on flat sheets and provide a straighter edge and torch cutting. The easy-to-use CNC controller automatically adjusts the cutting angle and blade clearance. A shear supplier provides worldwide reliable components while providing low maintenance costs and high-security protection. The cutting beam is designed in an inner inclined structure which makes the plates fall easily and provide accuracy and a world-class product to be exported.

How Efficiency & Accuracy in Metal Shaping can be increased with Turret Milling Machine?

The process where rotary cutters are used to remove extra material from a piece of work in order to give it a definite form or shape is known as milling. In a milling machine the metal piece passes through the cutting region of the machine and the blades of the cutter cut away the extra metal and the work piece gets the desired shape.

A turret milling machine is a kind of vertical mill in which the spindle is adjusted vertically and the blades are held in a stationary spindle. The table can move parallel or horizontal to the spindle axis during the cutting process. In this cutting is done in two ways, one by moving the knee, and the other by moving the quill up or down.

Efficiency and Accuracy increases with Turret Milling Machines:

Turret Milling MachineTurret milling machines are very accurate and efficient and these are very versatile also. The operator can see the cutting action and has easy access to it. It was made by Bridgeport in1938 and it is more advanced than the older version. It is smaller in size, lighter in weight, and cheaper in cost so people can easily afford it.These machines are good to look at, they are made well, and are adaptable. Metal shaping is more accurate when the product is made using turret milling machines. Since the head can move in many directions it can reach the work piece from different angles so the product made is accurate.

In a turret machine the quill helps the table to move up and down at different depths, it can make deep cuts as well as shallow cuts, so a number of shapes can be created out of the work pieces. Simple to complicated parts of machines can be made.

These milling machines are more efficient when the size of the machine is not very big. During the cutting procedure the spindle does not move, it remains still and only the table with the work piece moves. As the table moves in both perpendicular and in parallel motion, it is easy for the operator to make cuts in the work piece.

With advanced technology there is a great improvement in the operations of turret mills. These machines are much faster now so more work can be done in less time. They have different speeds for different materials, they can cut 100 inches of material in a minute.

Since turret mills are not very big their place can be easily changed to perk up their functioning. They are used for manufacturing various automobile parts all over the world.

The CNC turret milling machines are computer operated. Large number of identical products of the same design can be manufactured. click here to know more about Turret Milling Machine.

For best results follow some operation rules:Turret Milling Machine

  • For efficient and accurate working of the turret mill make sure there are no chips on the table or the spindle.
  • Select cutters of the diameter needed.
  • The machine must be properly lubricated and should move freely.
  • While the machine is in operation do not change the speed.


With proper care and maintenance, the products made with turret milling machines are excellent. One must make use of fine decision and common sense while planning the work.

Demand of Different Lathe Machines in Global Industrial Market

With advancement in technology there is more demand for low cost, high production lathe machines of high quality in the global industrial market.

Lathe machines are used to give a form or shape to a piece of work by cutting, drilling, sanding the metal or wood piece. These machines have a number of parts which are all very important and perform complex tasks. The person operating a lathe machine is called a turner and an experienced turner can do a wonderful job.

Different types of lathe machines are used for working with glass, metal, wood, spinning metal, shaping, etc. For every specific work, a particular type of lathe is used. Different industries require different type of lathe machines in the global market. A metal working lathe is used in a steel workshop and a carpentry workshop will need a wood working lathe.

Lathe machines are used

WM Series Dmtg Light Duity Lathefor shaping objects, making bolts out of a round bar, drilling at precise angles, to bore holes inside an object etc. Objects created by these machines are symmetrical. Multiple pieces of the same design can be made in a short time using lathes.


Types of lathe machines and their demand in global industrial market:

Different types of lathe machines, based on the functions and appearance, are available today. These are light in weight and compact, durable and long lasting. Different industries use varied lathe machines depending on their requirement and usage.

Many advanced type of lathes are also available with advanced technology and operated by computers. These CNC lathes are very precise and accurate and the work is done much faster than a normal lathe. These machines are in great demand globally.

In the manufacturing industries it is very vital that the product made is according to the WM series Dmtg Medium Dutyrequirement. Lathes work on different material, using the cutting tools these remove the extra material and give the desired shape, and size to the end product.

In the global industrial market lathes are being used in factories, warehouses, and manufacturing industries for metal and wood. For small job works like watches, jewelry etc. small table unit lathes are used and for big and very big works, large room unit lathes are used. Lathes are either manually operated or are automatic, computer controlled. Know more about Lathe Machines at Yash Machine Tools.

Based on the design and size we have metal working lathe, metal lathe, tool room lathe, turret lathe and some more. There is a growing demand for lathe machines in the global market as these are used for not only industrial products but also household products.

Items like lamp shades, crockery, furniture, and many decorative objects are being made with the help of lathes. Gas cylinders, brass items, pens, key rings, bats, ships, and engine parts, you name an item and it is made with the help of a lathe.

Lathe machines are also being used in fields like art, science, industry etc.


In the engineering sector, lathes play a very important part as these are used in most of the industries. These machines are not new to mankind as these have been used since ancient times. But now with advanced technology these machines are also advanced and are used world over.

All about Imported Radial Drill Machine

Today thanks to the advance technology and the drill machines, complex industrial works have become simple and faster. These machines are made from  superior quality raw materials. A range of drill machines are available for multiple uses like drilling holes in various materials such as metal or wood.

Radial Drill MachinesRadial Drill Machines
This is a very popular kind of drill machine which has a radial arm that can be moved during the operations especially while drilling holes in large or heavy work pieces. They are available in many sizes and capacity. The size of the drill head and the base plate varies according to the size of the machine.

These drill machines come in different forms based on length of the arm and the girth of the drill bit swing. These include V belt driven radial drill machines, All geared radial drill machines, and Imported radial drill machines.

The radial arm of the radial drill machines can be raised up or moved down or rotated on a vertical pole. The drilling head is placed on the radial arm. The position of the drill can be adjusted above a piece to be drilled by moving the radial arm.

The imported radial drill machines are very precise and accurate and are easy to use. They can drill holes of various sizes like 30 mm, 50 mm, and even 100 mm in solid steel or cast iron. These machines are compact in size and are outfitted with advance technology adhering to International standards. So a large machine can be placed in a smaller work place.

It can work over a large area without having to move or relocate the piece of work. A lot of time is saved as it is a lot faster to move the drill head than to change the position of the piece of work. Big pieces of work can be worked on easily since the work piece is hooked to the table directly.

Radial Drill MachineThese imported drill machines are entirely automatic so working with them is quite easy and less time consuming. These machines have a coolant system and their spindle is power operated. The arm can be moved or lifted with the help of a motor. These do not vibrate or make any noise.

Radial drill machines are used for various tasks like boring, reaming, drilling, counter boring, lapping, spot facing etc. These machines can drill holes in many materials like cast iron, plastic, steel etc. These are widely used in the manufacturing and construction and metal industry.

While buying an imported radial drill machine do check the design and make sure it is tough and strong to last for a long time. Buy a machine that is multi functional so that you can use it for jobs other than drilling such as boring, spotting, counter boring etc. Also check the speed of the spindle for fast drilling processes and the controls must be user friendly. Click Here and visit Yash Machine Tool for getting information and best quality imported radial drill machine.

Be very clear about your needs and buy a machine that meets most of your requirements.


Since these Imported drilling machines are completely automatic, the work becomes easy, efficient and faster. A great deal of time and effort is saved for the user. These require very less maintenance.

Yash Machine Tools Presents Wide Array of Lathe Machines from Manual to Automatic CNC Lathe

Ahmedabad, India

Lathe machines are widely used tools for mechanical industries, factories, warehouses and other manufacturing institutions. Lathe is normally applied on metals and wood units to cut and shape this objects. They rotate the object and shape up the object to the desired form. They are available from the small units to large units based on the task you want to perform. They are either classified as manual and automatic computer numerical control. The main parts of lathes are headstock, bed, carriage and tail-stock. The various features and functionality make the lathes use for different types of applications. Yash Machine Tools is a leading machine tools manufacturing company in Ahmedabad, India that is having the own factory setup to manufacture various types of lathes and other machineries. Yash Machine Tools also deal in the imported lathe and other machineries and having the core association with the manufacturing units across the globe. Here we have presented the features and functionalities of some of the lathes in which we are dealing.

All geared lathe machines find use on the industry for performance of both light and heavy duties. All geared can do a variety of work, either hard or little ones. They are multipurpose and therefore it’s advisable to use them as you can minimize the cost of buying both heavy and light lathe machines. All geared lathe machines are our core expertise in manufacturing the industry class lathes. For more details on All geared lathe machines, visit –

As the name suggests heavy duty geared lathes manufactured at Yash Machine Tools are used to perform heavy work in the warehouses and industries. They mainly deal with cutting heavy metals which have hard covers and therefore cannot be used to cut light materials. They are normally expensive than light duty lathe machines. They are also harder to operate because they are complex in making .they are designed to provide optimum performance with high cutting power with versatility and used in a wide range of industries and general purpose.

We also manufactured special purpose custom lathe machines that are used for unique purposes. They may be used to cut metals which are expensive and of high value like gold. They normal operate in a way to make sure that these metals are not wasted at all.

We also have light duty lathe machines. These are usually found in our homes, normally place on top of a table. They are designed to cut light things like timber. They are simpler to operate than all others. Lastly we have extra heavy duty lathe machine they operate using high power because they have to do a heavy duty. They are normally used to cut heavy metals and stone ores.

Lathe machines are the most used machines in the industries. They have different application in the world of engineers. Lathes are used to drill hole in any solid, including metals, wood, plastics and stones. They are also used to create irregular and regular shapes in metals and woods with variable sizes of holes. Lathes are also used to fix screw threads inside the holes. In addition to this they are also used to drive screw thread on the top of the metals. Lastly they are also used in mobile manufacturing industries, repairing shops and workshops for various industries like power plants, rolling mills, textile and many others. Quality Lathe Machine Parts and world class services are the assurance from Yash Machine Tools to work with machineries for longer period of time with very low maintenance.

About Yash Machine Tools

Yash Machine Tools is a leading supplier of machine tools in India offering high quality machine tools for efficient processes in industries. The distributor specializes in supply of tool room machines, lathe machines, CNC lathe and milling machines, sheet metal machines, all geared radial drilling machine, welding machines, shearing machine, press brake and various other forms of machine tools available in most advanced versions.

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History of Lathe from Beginning of Machine Tool Invention

LATHE – Longitudinal Axis Tool Holding Equipment

Lathe – Introduction

DMTG Extra Heavy Duty LatheLathe is a machine widely used for wood works and machining of metal parts. Lathe is a machine which turns the work piece against a machine tool. The Lathe is used for facing, turning, knurling, taper cutting, threading, gear cutting and many other metal and wood works.

History of Lathe

Lathe is a very ancient tool and its first use dates back to 1300 BC in Egypt. Lathe was also known and used in Assyria and Greece. Ancient Romans came to know about this machine and they further developed this machine. During the medieval period, the use of this machine had spread to most parts of Europe and it was during the Industrial revolution when this machine gained popularity with its use in all the industries. After the development of electronics, automated lathes have been developed.

Evolution of Lathe

The first lathe was a simple lathe which was is now referred to as two person lathe. One person would turn the wood work piece using rope and the other person would shape the work piece using a sharp tool. This design was improved by Ancient Romans who added a turning bow which eased the wood work. Later a pedal (as in manual sewing machines) was used for rotating the work piece. This type of lathe is called “spring pole” lathe which was used till the early decades of the 20th century. In 1772, a horse-powered boring machine was installed which was used for making canons. During the Industrial revolution, steam engines and water wheels were attached to the lathe to turn the work piece at higher speed which made the work faster and easier. After 1950, many new designs were made which improved the precision of work.

Lathes are classified depending upon their application and functionality as

Light duty lathe – These machines find their application in automobile, electronic, electrical industries and are manufactured from quality tested raw materials.

Medium duty lathe – These machines are powerful than the light duty lathes and can work on bigger work pieces and have more strength than the light duty lathes. Click Here to get more information on medium duty lathe machine.

Heavy duty late – These machines are manufactured from highest grades of materials like iron and steel. They are designed for high precision heavy duty operations.

All geared lathe – In all geared lathe, all the rotating components of the machine are driven by the same source at different speeds by using gears to perform various operations.

Imported lathe – Imported lathes are high quality lathes used for high precision operations.

Depending upon the modes of operation, the lathes can be classified as

Manual lathe – In these lathes, the tool handling is done manually and so the precision of work also depends upon the skill of the person handling the machine.

CNC Lathe – CNC lathes are completely automated lathes. We just have to feed the instructions into the computer and the lathe will perform the operations according to the data fed to the computer.

Benefits of Advanced Lathe

With the development of electronics and automation engineering, advanced computer controlled lathes have been developed. The advanced lathes have many benefits over the conventional lathes. In conventional lathes, the lathe operator checks the dimensions regularly to get perfect precision and the time taken to complete the work is more for high precision works. This is very important because if he removes excess metal from the work piece, the whole work piece will be a waste which will result in loss of money and time. In automated CNC lathes, the feedback system continuously monitors the dimensions and so they complete the operation in a short time with high accuracy. The loss is minimal in automated lathes; they are much faster and more efficient in terms of accuracy.

How the Evolution of Lathe has Benefited Major Industries

The lathe can be rightly called the earliest form of the mother working machine. It has been evolved in such a way that most of its circular parts are processed to make horizontal or longitudinal movements while the rotating piece is fixed on its chuck to change its appearance and shape with minimal wastage. It has been redesigned to make it a very practical product by lathe manufacturers. Over decades, the advanced CNC lathe processing equipment has replaced traditional lathes while the production efficiency has doubled and parts processing has greatly improved being a major part and indicator of national modernization.


Lathe is a very important machine in engineering which is used in most of the fields. They are used for Diamond turning, ornamental turning, metal spinning, glass working, thermal spraying and many other operations. Lathe work is found in most of the products which we use in our day to day life. Lathe will remain as an important machine at all times

How to Maintain Your Lathe Machine for Long Lasting Performance?

Lathes are the popular tools used in workshops. These can efficiently shape harder objects like wood, metals, plastics, glass etc. The earlier lathes were simple manual operated machines that were capable of forming only cylindrical components. But the modern machines are designed with advanced technologies and are much efficient devices which can be used to perform an entire range of operations required to produce custom shapes out of the harder objects. Cutting, sanding, drilling, knurling and custom formation of the objects are some of the important tasks which can be performed with these modern devices by rotation on the axis for production of axis symmetrical objects which come handy for applications in several industries.

DMTG Flat Bed CNC LatheLathe machines of different kinds are employed today in the industrial processes. These include machineries like all geared lathe machine tools, CNC lathes, turning lathes, heavy duty lathes, light duty and medium duty lathe machines for the choicest selection of the manufacturers. Hence it is easy to buy lathe machine for customized applications in the modern world. However efficient the machine is, it requires care and proper maintenance in order to derive an efficient or optimum performance from it.

Following are a few things which every individual should take care, for obtaining optimum performance from their lathes for a longer period of time.

Maintenance of the lathe machine whether a light duty lathe machine or heavy duty lathe requires heavy duty lathetaking some preventive measures which can help in better performance of the machine during the next operation to be carried out while giving it a longer working life. Today’s machines are equipped with advanced technologies and most of them are manufactured in accordance to the industrial standards. Most of these industrial machines are designed for continuous operations and can be operated round the clock when maintained properly with correct preventive measures taken on a regular basis.

The industrial lathe machines are heavily prone to factors like rusting due to working conditions filled with dust, dirt and moisture. Hence proper and regular lubrication enables smoother and proper operation with the machine. The machine should be checked properly for any kind of defects like improper fittings, nuts or bolts, worn out components or any other condition of the machine which can result in its breakdown while operating. Improper lubrication of the machine or loose fitted nuts or bolts can cause excessive wear and tear of the machine while creating dangerous operating conditions. It would be much better if the lubricant is changed on a frequent basis if working in much harmful and dust prone conditions. The ways present on the lathe are precise grounding surfaces which should be maintained very clean and dirt free. Before actually employing the machine for work it is advisable to check out if there are any missing parts or any broken or damaged components like shear pins within it.

Working conditions should always be kept in mind while using the machine. In hotter work environments care should be taken so that the machine does not get overheated nor there is any damage to the seals. It would be a good practice to operate the machine at lower speeds while employing the machine in colder work environments.

Added, the operators of the lathe should be provided with knowledge of best practice of working with the lathes. They should be aware of the safety hazards related with usage of lathe and necessary precautions to be taken to avoid these hazards. This will ensure a safer and secure operation with lathe machine. Click here to learn more about Lathe Machine.

Essential Components of an All Geared Lathe Machine

Lathe machine that was developed in earlier period of time was only a simple manual operated machine equipped with basic features for ordinary material reshaping tasks. The earlier lathe machines were capable of just reshaping and forming the cylindrical components out of hard materials like wood, plastics, metal and so on. But later on with introduction of newer technologies, the lathes became highly advanced with several complicated features and components hence enabling much variety and more complicated tasks to be executed with ease.

Lathe machine today has got different forms. For example there are light duty lathe machines specifically designed for lighter operations as well as those which can be applied for heavy work loads or bulk shaping operations with ease. There are machines that are manually operated as well as those which are designed for completely automatic, faster and accurate operations. An example of such lathe designed for accuracy and speed in material shaping tasks is the all geared lathe machine.

An all geared lathe machine used for shaping or cutting of metals, wood or plastics has usually gears equipped in its headstock and is efficiently designed for speed adjustment for efficiency and swiftness in work.

Some of the basic components as found in the modern all geared lathe machine tools are as follows. The detail description about components and all geared lathe machine, you can get from Yash Machine Tool Website.


Bed refers to the base or bottom part of the lathe machine on which various working parts of the lathe including the head stock, tail stock, spindle, carriage slide and much more are placed. Just as in any lathe machine, even in all geared lathe, it is the bed of the machine which speaks about its quality. Stronger the bed of a lathe means a stronger and durable the lathe is for better operations.


Headstock is one of the most important components of all geared lathe machine that carries spindle and the mechanism to drive this spindle. An all geared headstock is more complicated than an ordinary belt-driven headstock. It is equipped with gears which can be used to adjust the speed of the headstock thereby enabling a convenient operation of the machine to carry out a specific task with the required speed. The gears of an all geared lathe are similar to the gears of an automobile except that these have more gear shifting combinations that enable more changes in speed to be done. Hence you can adjust your lathe for variant speeds. Attached to this headstock is a speed index plate which indicates the lever positions for the spindle speeds.

Headstock Spindle

Headstock spindle is an element of lathe which actually is responsible for the cutting tasks of the machine. It is this part that drives the work piece against the cutting tool and even drives the carriage that inserts the cutting tool into the work piece.


Tailstock is a part of the lathe where the drills, reamers, and drill chucks are held. It is this place on the machine that the dead center carrying other end of the work piece is held (work piece is clamped between two centers). This can moved along the length of bed to accommodate work piece of different lengths.


Carriage is the component which homes the cutting tool responsible for cutting of the work piece. It carries the cross feed slide and the compound rest which holds this cutting tool. Carriage moves along the length of the bed for performing the cutting operation.

There are various other parts found in a lathe machine and may also vary with type of the lathe machine. But the above mentioned components are a few basic ones which are found in almost every lathe machine except the all geared headstock which is replaced by belt-driven models in ordinary lathe machines employed at workshops and industries like light duty lathes, heavy duty lathe machine, extra heavy duty lathe machines etc.

This article educates reader about components in an all geared lathe machine.