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Why should you buy a vertical turret milling machine?

What is vertical Turret?

The need for workshop machineries varies depending on the type of products. Every workshop machinery requirement is generally chosen based on the percentage of precision that can be obtained for a range of operations considering the work load as well. For example, heavy duty and light duty materials require different workshop equipments that can manage respective thickness. Hence, the selection of machinery for several core purposes is highly solicited to receive flawless accuracy in processes such as drilling, milling, shearing, bending, etc. When it comes to milling machine which is applied for reshaping solid materials, a vertical turret milling machine might stay very useful as we can handle a range of operations like cutting, drilling, etc.


Types and features of vertical turret milling appliance

The turret milling machine is of two sorts and the technicians can opt between choosing a vertical turret milling machine or horizontal turret milling machine where the material that has to be reshaped into vertical or horizontal model.  Wherein, the position of the milling accessory and the spindle axis are the main factors to decide on vertical and horizontal designs of turret. Apart from these general uses of turret milling machine, the special features that can benefit workshop requirements are

  • Availability of compact configuration
  • The whole structure of the equipment occupies only small space
  • Can be handled in various directions like moving forward, backward and rotating to 360 degree and hence the operator can easily increase the machine range
  • The machine structure is made of high-grade cast iron and therefore they are highly rigid and reliable for long term usage
  • Above all can be repositioned if and whenever the mechanism of the machine needs to be improved.

Some significant features

One of the main advantages of using vertical milling machine is that the construction of the machinery is made of high-quality cast iron and the sideways is made of anti-friction material that suits perfectly for excellent accuracy and high efficiency. The high precision spindle use is another attractive feature in turret wherein, the spindle speed stays the importance attraction that is equipped in different ways in different models of turret machine. For example, spindle speeds are designed to felicitate a range of operations like cutting, accuracy in locking, stiff load bearing heavy duty machine, and so on. In addition, the vertical turret equipment is designed with a vertically oriented spindle axis with which it is quiet easy to cut different materials. The vertical turret found to be useful in industries like construction, die sinking and contouring. Since, a range of important workshop activities can be made fast and easier in milling machines, vertical turret are opted frequently all over the world. In addition, vertical design in turret milling equipment is relatively less expensive than horizontal design. Read more in detail for turret milling machine.

Tips to buy

There are some important tips that can help while investing in a vertical milling machine, they are

    • Evaluate your production capacity and decide over the budget which you can afford to invest
    • Collect the various models available with accessories provided from a couple of manufacturers
    • Confirm the availability of spare parts from the suppliers
    • Confirm the maintenance assistance availability
    • Make sure of the reputation of the supplier

CNC Electrohydraulic Synchronous Press Brake – A Superior Press Brake for High Precision Metal Bending

What is CNC electro-hydraulic mechanism?

Workshop machineries stay important to manage core machinery processes such as bending sheet and plate metals to predetermined shapes. Though there are innumerable machineries available worldwide, investing on a reliable, cost effective and efficient machinery that can add good revenue too. Press brake equipment is one of the workshop equipments that is applied for bending metal sheets of various thickness. It is also used in other applications to obtain accuracy such as metal cutting, pressing etc. As the demand for bending and pressing and other workshop related functions increases in industries, machine manufacturers are also travelling on the competency to offer innovative machineries. A CNC electro hydraulic synchronous press brake one of the excellent equipments designed to increase the efficiency workshop processes especially metal shaping as it works with dual option of electro and hydraulic principles.

Superior Features in CNC hydraulic press brake

The CNC or computerised numerically controlled device works in a better way in terms of efficient and controlled operation in shaping the metal as per absolute determination. In addition, the main attraction is the concept of synchronize control which helps the press brake equipment to manage work load and function efficiently. The upper deflection mechanism added to this device is an additional advantage with precise bending process can be done with ease. For those who wish to obtain reliable and efficient working in metal sheet bending process can opt for CNC equipped electro hydraulic press brake. In addition, some of the standard features such as


  • Rapid clamping
  • High precision electro-hydraulic proportional value control
  • Compact hydraulic unit
  • Installation of backguage that ensures for high accuracy
  • Modern method in  press brake that uses both hydraulic and electric motors that supports to work with predetermined pressure
  • The computerised control helps in attaining precision up to fraction of a millimetre
  • The sequence and subsequent pressure required for bending is automatically controlled

Advantages in the application of CNC press brake in bending tasks

When compared to the bending tasks done by other bending equipments such as a normal press brake, from the industrial utilisation point of view a CNC press brake has several advanced technologies. The advanced functionality is due to the presence of computerised control system and dual power operation such as electro-hydraulic mechanism with which the cost of bending process can be reduced relatively less and high precision can be expected. Some of the significant benefits of the CNC press equipment are Click Here to get more information on CNC Electrohydraulic Synchronous Press Brake.

  • It is quiet easy to manage or control the mechanism by a single stroke at any random point during the course of processing.
  • Provision for deflection compensation
  • Reliable option for high precision
  •  Operates at relatively with less power consumption
  • Safe to work with
  • Can be preferred to bend large metal sheets with accurate dimension


With such an advanced technology, this type of CNC hydraulic press brake equipment is found to be useful for industries like automobile, metal, plastic fabrication, wood industry, etc. The high precision that can be obtained from this equipment, speedy production process at a cost effective investment are some of the other features that highlights the speciality of the machine.

The Best Features of a Flat Bed CNC Lathe Machine

All about Lathe

A lathe machine performs multiple mechanisms such as shearing, sanding, turning, drilling, deforming, etc over a range of materials such as wood, plastic and metal. With lathe machine it is easy to produce symmetrical objects. In recent years in order to provide quality solutions for several industrial needs many improvements have been implemented in designing lathe machines. A CNC lathe machine or computerised numerical controlled lathe machine is one of the innovative designs of lathe machines that have widely been used in the place of conventional machine types. It is a modern technology that does not require complete manual support for functioning. Above all CNC supports effectively in monitoring the accuracy of the machine activity over a computer screen.

WM Series Flat Bed WM Series Slant Bed

Types of lathe

There are two main types of lathe machines that differ by means of the lathe bed elevation angle they are flat bed lather machine and slant bed lathe machine. Wherein, flat bed lathe machine applications are widely used in heavy duty turning process with more productivity. We can rely on flat bed CNC lathe equipment for a reliable, stable and powerful shearing function. Productivity can be increased with the help of investing on flat CNC lathe machine irrespective of the model. Hence, the model has to be selected based on the respective industrial target in terms of dimension, thickness and the expected production ratio. Click here to know more about CNC Lathe Machine.

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Applications and benefits of flat bed CNC lathe

A slant bed CNC lathe works on a spindle motor having the lathe bed alignment is in the slide ways and is especially effective in making Z axis motion which is relatively straighter. The flat bed CNC on the other hand works effectively to obtain highly rigid accuracy where exact positioning of the metal is required. It is applied mainly for heavy duty cutting process. In general flat bed CNC lathes are mainly preferred to achieve accurate finishing along with the requisite thickness during the process of sliding, surfacing and screw turning. A flat bed CNC lathe machine is also designed in various forms to manage light and heavy metal turning process. In industries where more workshop machining works are done a flat bed lathe with CNC device is found to be more suitable option as we can get precise finishing and feel the ease of cutting, drilling in economic power consumption. Some of the popular industries where flat bed CNC is highly preferred are

  • Mining
  • Shipping
  • Paper industries
  • Machineries
  • Power plants
  • Industries where drilling process is highly required
  • Shearing metal industries, etc


Considering the common benefits of flat bed lathe equipment such as less power consumption, capacity to run 24 hours, easier programming, which requires less manual support this equipment can be suggested as a suitable option for mass production of symmetrical products. In addition, it is excellent machinery that can be used to achieve accuracy in curving, bending, and turning process of even complicated shapes and forms.

Benefits of Possessing a Hydraulic Guillotine Shearing Machine

Basics of shearing machine

Among the several types of machines available for shearing metals sheets or plates, hydraulic mechanism is considered as cost effective and less power consuming option. Depending on the industrial requirements, a shearing machine is designed, so that it would stay easy to obtain metal sheets in a shape and size that matches the demand. The hydraulic guillotine shearing machine is useful in handling large sheets or plates or bars of any type of metal. The important attractions in the functioning of this machine are its compact shape, durability, and it is safe to work with.


Working principle of hydraulic guillotine

The first important feature of hydraulic guillotine machines for shearing is its accuracy of shearing. The basic principle of this workshop machinery is hydraulics wherein, a two way cartridge integrated valve is utilized to manage the shearing accuracy. It is also capable of working along with stroke digital display or mobile workbench while assisting mould replacement.  In hydraulic guillotine machines working pressure can be changed with respect to the shearing dimensional requirement. One can find the ease of operating hydraulic guillotine equipment as there are multiple operating options available in the machinery wherein, it is possible to operate either manually or automatically or even in semi-automatic mode.


  • Hydraulic guillotine machines are compatible in working along with advanced integrated hydraulic system where reliable results can be achieved with ease.
  • Its compatibility also works in adopting welding structure made of steel plate and vibration and thus leaves space for no stress at all
  • The hand wheels provided in the machinery helps in modulation of the gap that exists between the plates in a quick way and also by maintaining the accuracy in shearing.
  • Provision available for adjusting the shearing angle which subsequently reduces the deformation of plates
  • Suitable for long term shearing purpose as we can obtain a rigid, stable and durable shearing process.
  • When it comes to pricing, hydraulic equipments are cost effective, occupies less space yet we can expect higher level of mechanism.

What makes hydraulic guillotine special than other guillotine machines?

The fast process and precision are the prominent aspects for which hydraulic machines are preferred. Hence, it is easy to cut any type of metal with precise dimensions maintained. The compact structure of hydraulic machines is yet another beneficial factor that makes such machines appear better than other shearing machines. In addition, as far as the safety issue is concerned, hydraulic shearing machines are safe and secure to work with provided they are operated by experienced professionals. When we talk of power consumption, the principle of hydraulics which depends on fuel power also, hydraulic machines consume relatively less power thus possessing hydraulic guillotine machine for sheering will save lot of time, expenses, reduce the demand for man power and finally provide precision in shearing. Read more in detail for Hydraulic Guillotine Shearing Machine.


It is always better to evaluate the cost of investment in buying shearing machines and as far as guillotine shearing machine that works with hydraulic principle is concerned, it will stay an excellent and cost effective option.

Sheet Metal Shearing, Bending and Cutting with Press Brake and Shearing Machines

Bending and shearing methods

The bending process in metals, especially sheet metals has to be carried out in a highly technical way. One of the technologies that are employed for cutting sheet metals is the sheering process which is processed in terms of applying shear stress of high force to the material. A shearing machine is one that helps to shear or cut metal sheets of different sizes and thickness. The shear strength has to be definitive in accordance with the metal portion that needs to be cut down. In general the cutting and bending processes on metal sheets are applied to obtain programmed sizes of metals pieces form the large sheets of metal. Shearing is carried out with the help of making two bladed meet gradually from the two sides of the metal sheet wherein, determining the angular specification of the blades will help in getting the desired shape of the sheet to be cut. In addition, other types of specific machines such as press brakes are also employed for shearing and bending metals for different industrial operations.

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Brake machine applications, types and uses

A press brake is a type of machine that is used for programmed bending and cutting metal sheets or any plate material. We can manage predetermined bending of metal sheets by clamping the sheet in between the die and punch. Wherein, press brakes are used for several types of sheet bending and cutting jobs with respect to the required bending dimension by selecting the right die design. Press types are also found to be very useful in obtaining desired shape of cutting and bending and maintaining accuracy in dimensions. Above all, the type of bending machine is also selected according the application process such as simplified bending works, large sheet cutting, cutting and metal fixing process, etc. Some of the popularly used press brake and shearing machinery types are

Hydraulic press brake

They consume less power and requires less maintenance. For better accuracy and quick process hydraulic press brakes will stay a perfect option

Hydraulic guillotine shearing machine

It is a super technology in metal shearing wherein, we can operate a range of shearing process with varying thickness.

CNC guillotine shearing machine

Operated by computerised numerical control technology, CNC guillotine machines for shearing are very useful for safe process of cutting with adjustment options.


CNC press brake

the principle of CNC in general provides scope for computerised monitoring and numerical control while setting the dimensions for metal with ease. CNC press brake is an innovative product the stays very effective in obtaining a reliable and economic shearing process.
To Know more about Press Brake, visit –


Be it shearing or bending, the type of machine that has to be selected should be based on the industrial requirement, thickness of the metal sheet or metal plate, possibilities of dimension adjustment, less maintenance, less power consumption, and so on. Among the several options of machines available CNC programmed machines are found to be reliable, fast processing and time saving.

How the Drill Machine Evaluated from Basic to Advanced Radial Drill Machine?

A drill machine is used for drilling holes of required dimensions on different kinds of materials such as various metals, wood, plastic, etc. Earlier manually operated hand drills were used; later on basic drilling machines were invented and now advanced models are utilized. Today there is a growing demand for a wide range of drilling machines, including the radial drill machine. This versatile equipment can be used for various tasks like boring, counter boring, drilling, lapping, reaming, spot facing, screwing tapping, etc.


Drill Machine

The radial drill machine is actually regarded as a very precise drill machine. It primarily includes a mounted drilling head and a radial arm that can be lowered, raised, or rotated; on a vertical pole for adjusting the position of the drill above the work piece. A radial drill machine is basically needed for executing highly accurate drilling tasks. Further, the rapid industrialization has played a major role in the development of radial drill machines. The modern technology has now helped to provide the latest variety of radial drilling machines.

Radial Drilling Machines

Today a broad variety of radial drilling machines are available in the market. They are usually classified depending on the length of the arm and the width of the drill bit swing. This includes the v belt driven radial drill machine, all geared radial drill machine; as well as the imported radial drill machines. The other types includes the plain radial drilling machine, the half universal drilling machine, as well as the full universal drilling machine. The various industrial applications of radial drilling machine include masonry, woodworking, metalworking, as well as several manufacturing processes.  It is also widely used in numerous industrial segments such as construction, oil drilling, medicine, space, etc. Besides this, radial drilling machines can also be utilized for drilling foundations, pop holing, boulder splitting, quarry work, and leveling tasks.

Radial Drill Machine

The working of the radial drill machine includes placing and mounting the work piece, installing a suitable drill in the spindle, and drilling the hole as required. It also involves moving the head along the arm which radiates from its column. This arm swings in relation to its base and enables the drill head to move accordingly. A crane can be used to place big and heavy work pieces on the base of radial drilling machines. As a result, you can drill holes on various sides, and at different positions on the work piece, without moving the work piece. Moreover, it is advisable to take the necessary precautions while operating a radial drill machine. This includes using a holding device to support the work piece and also for avoiding any damage to work pieces; keeping all the guards in their proper place while operating, removing all the chuck keys and wrenches before operating; wearing eye protection while operating the equipment; and keeping loose clothing away from the machine. Click Here to get more information on Radial Drill Machine.


Hence you can now precisely make tiny as well as large holes, with the help of various drilling machines.