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Applications of Lathe Machine in Automobile Industries

Every manufacturing plant needs a lathe machine. It is called the mother of all machines. It is a tool that is used to provide specific design, shape or appearance to the workpiece. The lathe machine has a rotating part as its component which helps to carry out various operations over the workpiece such as grooving, turning, knocking, etc.

The working principle of the lathe machine lies in removing the metal from a workpiece in order to mold it into the desired shape. It strains away the undesired material from the workpiece so that it proposes enough value to the product.

Its main parts include a headstock, tailstock and bed. The metal piece which is to be given a shape is kept between headstock & tailstock.

Development of Lathe Machines over the Years

Egyptians were the first to develop the very 1st lathe machine around 1300 BC. The lathe machine is popularly named as Mother of all machines as this machine lays the path for the invention of other tools. It came out to be very useful during the Industrial revolution.

Back then it was available as a two-person machine wherein one person could pull the workpiece (which was wood in those times) through rope and the other person would cut it using sharp objects. Later on, several modifications were implemented on the ancient machine to make it what it looks like today.

There are several types of lathe machines today used in a variety of manufacturing industries and they are a wood lathe,  Engine lathe, Toolroom lathe, capstan and turret lathe, etc. It depends upon the need of the manufacturing plant.

WM Series Heavy Duty Lathe Machine

About Yash Machines

Yash Machines excels in this segment. The company understands the need of their clients and therefore they offer their clients plenty of options from which they can pick as per their requirements. They are amongst the top player in the international market. They provide a range of CNC lathe machines, turret milling machines,  vertical turning machines, all geared radial drilling machine, etc.

Where Are These Lathe Machines Used?

Lathe machines are used in tons of activities like woodturning, spinning, metal works, glassworks, etc. Ornamental lathe machine can be used to beautify a three-dimensional workpiece with intricate designs. The most common products of lathe machines are screws, legs of a wooden table where intricate designs can be observed, musical instruments, pottery pieces thermal spraying, etc.

The Need For Lathe Machines In Automobile Industry

The automobile industry runs in a repetitive mode so it requires batch production. There is a need for an automated system in such an industry that can produce bulk products at a regular interval and all these products have to be the same. Such recurring processes require automated machines and the example of such machines in the automobile industry is CNC milling. This machine works on metal piece parts by parts until the final product is obtained. Gearbox cases, engine cylinder heads are the parts manufactured using lathe machines which are further used by automobiles.

The other main component to be utilized by the automotive is brake disk. It is also developed by the turning system of the lathe machine.

Rack and pinion systems also play an equally important role in creating intermediary products for automobiles. This system of the lathe is used to develop electric hand brakes, power windows in the vehicles.

The Bottom Line

Yash Machine tools is a pioneer in the international market. This company has established itself as an accomplished manufacturer and supplier of extensive industry-specific machines in the domestic as well as international market. The company crosses leaps and bounds to make manufacturing processes easier.