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How to Select the Right Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine?

Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine has got great fame among the tradesmen due to its capacity to tolerate high tension and high temperature. These are also very convenient machines for the handling of heavy section pipes with great ease of hand movements. These are specially designed to meet the bending needs of pipeline works. Mostly these are supplied with pre-stressed bending types for easy bending.

All these machines are connected in a specific way that they release the material during the process of bending by compressing spring or gas pressure. The machine can be operated either by pressing or by a hydraulic foot pedal. Hydraulic pipe bending machine comes with an automatic bend release knob and the unit can be used for both above and below the ground level.

Advantages related to Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine

Many advantages are offered by the hydraulic pipe bending machine. These provide maximum capacity and allow for fast completion of the projects. It provides for an excellent quality of work at the lowest price. The Hydraulic bend process also provides for seamless flow of materials without much wastage and provides utmost protection to the environment. The tube industry for the past twenty years has benefited greatly from the high-quality machines that are manufactured by reliable companies.

These hydraulic pipe bending machines are very handy as well as economical. They come with simple user instructions that make it easy for users to operate them. Users with little knowledge can easily operate the machines and perform the desired tasks with high efficiency and speed. 

Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine

Salient Features Related to Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine

They are available with pre-stressed corner brackets, pre-bend release knob, and many other advanced features that add to their convenience and operational efficiency. The machines are designed in a way so that they can easily handle the toughest situation. This machine comes with automatic features that are capable of completing the task with high speed and accuracy.

Reasons to Choose Yash Machine Tools for Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine

We at Yash Machine Tools ensure top-notch quality and performance of the machines that last for many years. As manufacturers, we also customize the machines to suit the specific requirements of different industries. You can visit us at to find the hydraulic pipe bending machines that match your needs and budget. We offer you to read the latest information about these machines and the different types of bends available for them, as well as the prices of the same.

Fold and Bend Metal and Plastic Pipes to Right Dimensions and Shape Using Specially Designed Hydraulic, Electric and Manual Pipe Bending Machines

Bending of plastic and metal pipes is widely done during plumbing and in development of support frames with tube structures.

Features and Applications of Manual Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine

Manual pipe bending machines use mechanical levers to increase the operators force and cause the bending action.  Manual pipe bending machines are cheap, easy to use and don’t require electrical energy input. They are ideal for bending small diameter pipes for single applications.

Features and Applications of the Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine

Hydraulic bending machines have greater functionality as compared to manual hydraulic pipe bending machine. They use the hydraulic principle to increase the force of bending.

These machines have a distinctive hydraulic cylinder with the handle being attached to the piston of the hydraulic system.  The other end of the piston is attached to the one of the folding dies.

For this machine, the hand or foot pedaling provides the force which is amplified by the hydraulic systems and these results to faster pipe and tube bending.  Using this machine, the operator can bend large diameter pipes.


The use of hydraulic system enable easy bending of pipes and this machine can be used in small manufacturing environment with moderate number of pipes to bend.

Features and Application of the Electrical Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine

Electrical hydraulic driven bending machines are the most advanced. In these machines, an electric motor is used to pump hydraulic fluid which in turn performs the bending action.

These machines are more robust and perform heavy duty pipe and tube bending.  Depending on their capacity, they can bend small and large diameter pipes with great accuracy and precision. various tools and dies can be used to produce different types of bend.

The machine has two dies, the pressure die and clamping die. To perform the bending operation, a mandrel is fitted on pipe and fastened using clamping die. The pressure die is closed and the bending angle selected. The machine then bends the pipe with great accuracy and precision.


These machines are suitable for high production environment where repeated bending is done.  The bending operation only entails clamping, bending and removing the pipes. Wrinkle free pipes are produced.

These machines are also fitted with a PLC controller to control the applied pressure, bending angle and other operations.

Comparison between Different Pipe Bending Machines and Their Suitability in Different Applications

Manual pipe bending machines are suited for light duty operations such as small workshops.  They are less costly and easy to use. However, they are not suitable for high volume production and cannot fold large pipes.

Hydraulic bending machines can be applied in medium range operations. They are ideal for bending large and small pipes in low production volume industries.

Electrical hydraulic machines are suitable for high production volumes and high pressure bending. They are more advanced and robust. For more visit at


Pipe bending machine are widely applied in plumbing and in forming tubular frame structures. The pressure applied during bending and the production volume determines the bending machine to be used.

Is it Mandatory to Choose Machining Tool for Sheet Metal Processing?

Sheet Metal Processing and its Importance in the Engineering Industries

Sheet metal work pieces can be of steel, aluminium, copper, and many more types of metals. Metal sheets are applied in different types of engineering industries. The industrial applications differ and the selection of metal sheets also depends on the thickness, size, and type of metals that need to be processed.

Conventional Sheet Metal Process

Sheet metal processing is not an easy job always as not all metals are flexible for bending or cutting operations. Earlier hand operated tools were applied to bend metal sheets; hence, the expense for labour remained considerably higher for metal sheet machining. Similarly, manual processes consumed more time and slow down the other production process as well.

Inception of Machines for Sheet metal works

Machineries replaced the need for more labour assistance as far as sheet metal work is concerned. With the help of bending, cutting and milling machineries industries were able to obtain precise machining options with reduced labour cost and lesser time consumption.

Types of Machineries Applied for Sheet Metal Processing

A press device stayed the most often preferred machining option for metal plates’ processing. Later on specific machineries were designed to manage machining of different metal plates and to obtain precise results. Equipments such as milling device, hydraulic pipe bending machine, bordering machine, rolling machine are some of the notable designs of machinery introduced to carry out the machining perfectly.


Where to get Equipments to shape Sheet Metals?

Sheet metal machines are available worldwide, yet it is important to find a manufacturer of supplier who can provide his clients with a reliable, cost effective and high performing machines. Yash Machine Tools is one of the leading workshop components suppliers who offer wide range of sheet metal components.

Equipments for all Machining Seasons

Yash Machine Tools provide power press, hydraulic press, iron worker, plate and section rolling machine, hydraulic and horizontal bending press, folding machine, notcher, etc. Power press is suitable equipment for bending operation over sheet metals and it consumes very less power.


Hydraulic Operated Pipe Bending Machine

It works by using the pressure sequence created by hydraulic motor and this equipment is applied largely in bending hard metal pipes. The machine is equipped with dies to carry on with the bending operation and a clamping cylinder is also provided to avoid material slipping out of the clamp.

Advantages of specific metal machining processes done with machine component

Bordering machine stays efficient option in cutting or shaping metal work piece that is rotating. Similarly, this machine can do the cutting operation considering the border of the metal sheet as the reference point.


Smart Sheet Metal machining process

Ironworker is smart equipment applied in sheet metal industry that stays very supportive to perform multiple operations starting from shearing, to drilling holes on metal sheets and many more advantages are there.


Sheet metal processing and subsequent machining tool have to be maintained proportionately to obtain flawless machining work on metal sheets. Visiting Yash Machine Tools will further give idea as to which type of machinery need to be selected for specific sheet metal working.