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The Possibilities of Non-Stop Machining with Lathe

Machining Options Preferred with Lathe

Lathe machine was earlier applied in pottery making, metal and glass work. It is a multipurpose workshop component reliable for a range of operations parting from cutting such as drilling, threading, grooving, knurling, etc. The rotational axis stays the key factor that makes this tool unique from other workshop machinery. Since, a lathe machine is preferred for various machining operations when additional tooling gadgets are fixed with it. For perfect finishing over materials that need to be machined and for machining large diameter of work  pieces lathe stands as the most compatible and cost effective option. There are different types of lathe machines available; however, a lathe model is selected based on the swing model and the size of the work piece and the space between head and tailstock to confirm the compatibility of machining possibilities with respect to the work piece material.

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Beneficial Machining Features of Lathe Machine

Lathe machines are beneficial in various aspects and the different types of lathe models stays beneficial in unique way. For example,


  • Turret lathe is suitable to carryout cutting operations of different sorts over the same work piece material.
  • Light duty and heavy duty lathes are also available for respective quantity of work piece materials.
  • CNC lathe is aided with computer system and is considered the most versatile of all lathe machine models

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Apart from that automatic lathe models are suitable for low cost production for moderate and heavy duty machining requirements.

Continuous Production Possibilities with Lathe

With multipurpose machining aspects this cutting machine is found to one of the most preferred workshop machineries which are found to be economic as well as highly productive. In addition, CNC operated lathe device is a step ahead in cost saving. When compared to other lathe models, operating CNC requires very less man power. With the assistance of skilled labour CNC lathes can be preferred for speedy task and non-stop machining activities. Complicated machining requirements like specific drilling and threading which are not possible in drilling machines can be carried over with lathe machines.

Advantages of Manual Lathe over Recent Lathe Models

Machining expenses are comparatively lesser with CNC lathe machines when compared to manual lathe. Apart from lesser expense and non-stop production option CNC and other automated lathes are beneficial in several ways such as,

  • There is less chance of safety issues with CNC machines whereas; manual lathes have to be handled with precautions.
  • Skilled people can handle CNC embedded lathe very easily which is not possible for operators who have experience only to handle manual lathe.
  • Power consumption is lesser in CNC and it stays a suitable machining option for higher productivity.
  • Automated and CNC embedded cutting machines are known for ease of maintenance also.


A lathe device is certainly found to be compatible for complicated machining jobs. In addition, finding an automated lathe model is a suitable choice for high productivity and long term usage.

Obtaining a Precise Cutting Dimension for Irregular Shapes from Bandsaw Equipment

Mechanism in Bandsaw Equipment

A bandsaw is a peculiar workshop component applied to make curves, spherical shapes and different types of asymmetrical shapes. Work piece materials ranging from smaller size to large pieces can be handled by a bandsaw device; hence, it is considered as multipurpose machining device.

Types of Machining possible with Bandsaw

Machining variations are possible with bandsaw variety and the cutting position in which the saw blade is installed. For example, a vertical bandsaw is applied to cut through the sides of the materials and horizontal bandsaw cuts through downward direction.

Why Blade is considered an important element in Bandsaw Machine?

Bandsaw equipment is provided with a saw blade that performs the cutting operation. The blades are made of high quality metal either alloy steel or iron and the teeth of the blade hold more strength than the blade.

How to select a Bandsaw Machine?

Blades play the key role in bandsaw machine and hence before investing in bandsaw equipment it is important to make sure of the blade pitch, width, guide inserts, etc. This will help you to find bandsaw that can easily machine the respective work materials.

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Obtaining the best cutting

Bandsaw machining is carried out with the saw and the type of cutting teeth embedded in it. The quality of material in which the teeth is made of is important to be made sure of as presence of larger and strong teeth will help to handle harder materials and smaller ones will stay suitable for machining chips from the work materials.

Advantages of Bandsaw Equipment

One of the attractive advantages of bandsaw machine is that it controls the possibilities of alterations to be made in the material after it is cut. For example, metal work pieces are quite challenging to make them cut into the desired dimension, but with bandsaw it is absolutely easier.

Double Column Semi automatic bandsaw

Double column semi automatic bandsaw equipment has been designed to produce standard machining operations with fewer possibilities for machining issues or faulty mechanism. This type of bandsaw equipment is a good option to cut bars and different types of profile materials.


Double column fully automatic bandsaw

Double column fully automatic bandsaw equipment appears almost similar in working like that of semi automatic. However, the cutting capacity and cutting speed is higher in this equipment than the other model.

Bandsaws from Yash Machine Tools

Yash Machine Tools offers both semi automatic and fully automatic double column bandsaw equipment. The machinery supplied by Yash Machines are high quality and durable one and can be depended for long term production.

Bandsaw with PLC Control from Yash Machines

Double colum fully automatic bandsaw with PLC control is a very good option offered by Yash Machines. The hydraulic pressure control system and complete sawing automatic process and the feed length variation are some of the important features that keep the machine stay suitable to form different shapes.

Further more information about Bandsaw Machine, visit –


Bandsaw is convenient equipment that cut metal work pieces into irregular shapes. It is also a machining option that can be preferred for precise cutting in different shapes.

Find out the Economic Options of Machining Possible with Press Brake Varieties

Why press brakes are required in many engineering industries?

A press brake is a high performing and flexible machining component applied to bend metal plates and sheets. It works on the basis of compatibility made between the punch angle and the punch tip radius and above all the force applied for punching the metal work piece.

Different types of press brakes available today?

Hydraulic operated and power operated mechanical press brakes are the two major types of press available since the inception of press brakes. However, with the challenged faced in machining components in different industries press brakes are designed with customized options to meet the machining requirements conveniently.

Press Brake Models Offered By Yash Machine Tools

Buying a machining tool requires good understanding of machine types and its operation modes. Yash Tools will remain a reliable gateway to find a suitable press brake for industrial requirements.

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Yash Machine Tools are expertise suppliers of India made and imported workshop machineries.

Hydraulic Press Brake and its Merits

Hydraulic Press Brake works with hydraulic power and possesses good machining strength. This press variety is known for its stability and reliability. The most attractive advantage in working with hydraulic press is the safety means and less energy consumption.


CNC Electrohydraulic Synchronous Press Brake- A new trend in press brake

It is a redefined model of hydraulic press where advanced proportional valves are equipped to make the machine work precisely. The deflection compensation table helps the operator to bring out machining with high precision.

Technical Excellence of CNC Press Brake

CNC press brake can be considered as the high end model as the machining operations can be programmed in advance and the work follows automatically. The possibilities of deflection in machining can be reduced to a great extent with CNC press.


Machining Advantages with CNC Press Brake

CNC press brake offered by Yash Machine Tools is equipped with E200 controls and hence, the machine can be preferred for efficient production. The presence of variable frequency motor is an added advantage for the operator to get accurate positioning of the work piece material.

How about finding a customized press device?

Press device are also made based on customized options. Yash Machine Tools welcome such requests from its clients and offer the best press brake model with well embedded features.

Find out the press components offered by Yash Machine tools

Yash Machine Tools supplies Hydraulic, CNC and Electrohydraulic Press brake models. The machineries supplied by them stay best in quality, strong in strength and reliable for long term industrial applications.

List of economic machining options possible with press device

Press Brakes available with exchangeable dies are considered the best machinery for industrial applications. Every die model such as v-die, offset die, hemming or beading die and many more dies offers different machining outcomes and hence, they are considered cost effective also.


Press Brakes can perform different shaping operations and the best performance can be achieved in terms of applying the right die cut to the press.

Find out the Flexibility in Machining Various Solid Metals with Turret Device

Learn about the machining principle of turret device

Turret equipment is one of the suitable machinery options applied for cutting metal work materials. It is a good machine model which can handle heavy metals for cutting. Apart from that turrets can also be relied up on for specific and precise cutting process.

The difficulties in processing solid workpiece metals

Solid work piece materials like heavy duty metals, glass and plastic need to be handled carefully when they are set for cutting or bending process. As a small change in cutting or shaping dimension might lead to wastage of the whole work piece; hence, these heavy duty and solid materials have to be processed with the help of equipments that can handle them easily and precisely.

Why to choose a turret device to machine solid work piece materials?

Turret device is a very important tool that can handle different solid materials for cutting. In addition, it is quiet flexible to obtain the same dimension of cutting with turret device which is not possible in other machineries.

Types of Solid Work Piece Materials

Metal work piece such as cast iron, steel, bronze are considered as solid work piece materials. Glass and plastic are considered hard next to metals. However, metal work pieces available in sheet form stays flexible for machining.

Reasons that make turret device a flexible option for machining

Turret is a flexible option as apart from accuracy and solid metal handling capacities it can also be applied for drilling and shearing operations as well.

Turret Milling device models offered by Manufacturers

Yash Machine Tools offers a superior quality of Turret Milling machine. This equipment can be applied for different types of cutting operations. The rectangular cross section of column and knee slideways keeps the machine durable and reliable for handling solid metals.


How to choose the right Turret Milling Device? 

It is important to find out that the turret device is made of high grade materials. There are compact turret equipments available in the market that can be installed in moderate space in the industrial premises. The spindle in the milling device bears the efficiency in providing the required cutting force with precision. Hence, the spindle part also needs to be checked for before investing on the turret milling equipment.

How to find the leading tool supplier?

Workshop operation tools are supplied worldwide by many manufacturers but the interesting aspect is to find one who can offer high quality of machinery at low cost. Yash Machine Tolls is one of the reliable companies who supplier extensive collections of imported and country made machineries at affordable price.

Why Yash machine tools lead the market?

Pricing, quality of machinery, easy of supply, customer support, customized machine models are some of the important qualities that make them lead the Machinery Market.

Further more information about various solid metals with turret device, visit –


For engineering works where heavy work piece materials need to be machined, turret milling component will be the right choice of machine. Finding one from Yash Machine Tools will stay a best option.

5 Significant Innovations Made in CNC Lathe

Why CNC lathe is considered a high end model for machining?

A lathe machine embedded with Computer numerical control is found to be the high end model for its superior functionality and efficiency.

List of five significant features

  1. Running Speed

CNC lathe is known for its speed of machining as it can work on many number of work piece materials within short period of time. Conventional lathe equipment works relatively lesser than CNC.

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  1. High Performance

Increasing the performance of lathe while it is in operation condition is very easy with CNC lathe machines. It is convenient to set the tooling option quickly and we can find several innovations added to the machine functionality from time to time because CNC is adaptable to technical adventures.

  1. Meticulousness

One of the main attractions in CNC lathe is the precision obtained in machining. Every time before the machine is operated it is very convenient to set the cutting dimension. The specifications are fed in the computer and the operation will take place automatically considering the commands fed.

  1. Saves Labour Cost

Traditional or semi automatic lathe equipments need the support of labour in terms of operating the machine and in setting the work piece one by one. A CNC lathe on the other hand does not require much manual support other than monitoring the operations in computer.

  1. Time Saving

The operator working with CNC lathe will be able to reduce wastage of materials because precision of machining is a guaranteed feature in this machine.

Plethora of lathe devices offered by Yash Machine Tools   

Yash Machine Tools supplies machining tools to several engineering industries. As far as lathe is concerned, they supply light duty, heavy duty, medium duty and extra heavy duty lathe machines.


Find out the significance of Light Duty Lathe

For better surface finish and different turning requisites a light duty lathe is the right tooling option. This device is equipped with a light lathe bed and big spindle bore to turn the work piece to different positions.

How Medium Duty Lathe works effectively for Engineering Industries?

It is a comfortable device designed to bring more efficiency in operating it. Equipped with stress relieved bed and induction hardened guide ways this type of lathe suits for long term operational needs.


Significant Benefits of Heavy duty Lathe

It has a powerful spindle design that helps to obtain excellent machining performance. The enclosed feed box is yet another attraction that stays compatible for different thread machining operations.

Know about the features in Extra Heavy Duty Lathe

This model is provided with dynamically balanced spindle. The presence of lead screw keeps the machine components free from dust and paves way for safe operation environment.

Find out the reliable reasons to choose lathe device from Yash Machine Tools

Yash Machine has a wide collection of lathe equipments. They also supply top imported lathe models at affordable cost.


A lathe device is the most common workshop machinery found in engineering industries. A CNC lathe is the latest preferred lathe machine as it has many innovative features that help for better machining at moderate investment.

Learn about the Importance of Drilling Capacity while Investing in Drilling Equipment

Drilling Equipment In workshops

Among the important workshop components, drilling equipment stays a mandatory tool for several complicated drilling works on metal as well as wood work piece. Other machining activities such as boring, counter-boring, reaming, tapping are also possible with this drill equipment; hence, it is called a flexible machine.

Industrial Importance of Drilling Application 

Drilling device is most appreciated for industries like fabrication works, auto-parts production. Apart from those drilling requirements for different types of work piece materials can also be done with the help of drilling device.

Types of Top Drilling devices


A radial drilling machine is the top option chosen by several industries for its intense machining. An all geared radial drilling machine is another improved version of the above model which again is designed in three varieties such as plain, half-universal and complete universal radial drill equipment.

Why to check the drilling capacity in drilling equipment before buying it?

Piercing any work piece irrespective of its kind is a mandatory concept followed industries because every work piece gets its usability only when it is prepared with perfect dimension. A drilling gadget can be chosen based on the size and number of identical operations that need to be done.

Drilling components from Yash Machine 

Yash Machine is a leading machine supplier who offers a range of workshop machining components. Radial drilling and all geared radial drilling machines are the top piercing components manufactured and supplied by Yash Machine Tools.

Why to buy from Yash Machines?

Machining components produced and supplied by Yash Machine Tools are known for their prime quality. Formed with an excellent team of engineers they are able to solve the custom requirements of various machining requisites of industries.

WM Series Drilling Component from Yash Machine Tool

The WM series drilling apparatus is available with attractive features such as spindle speed change with hydraulic power and suits for rapid operation. This model can be applied for multipurpose operations like spotting, tapping, reaming, etc.


TMR-H Drilling Device

This model is available with 16 steps of spindle speed which stays a highly economic operation for piercing requirements. It is a suitable equipment to handle bulk drilling operations than other machine models.


How Yash Machines lead the role in manufacturing and selling drilling equipment?

Yash Machine Tools plays a vital role not only manufacturing machining equipments of general and customized requirements; it also takes care of the customer service part in a well defined way. They provide the best customer service and support in terms of supplying spares for the existing customers.

Get more informaiton about top drilling devices such as radial drilling machine and all geared radial drilling machine, visit –

Finding a reliable, high performance and quality equipment for machining might not appear a tough thing as there are many manufacturers around the globe who produce competitive machine models. Yet, choosing a manufacturer who also can take care of spare parts supply and customer care support and machine service is more important. Yash Machine Tools is one such company where you can get highly performing drilling equipment for industries.

Learn How to Capture the Best Production Quality from Lathe and Drilling Machines

Obtaining Best Workshop Performance from Lathe Machines

  • A lathe machine is a wonderful invention by engineers that helps to complete a range of workshop activities.
  • A geared lathe or CNC embedded lathes are few illustrations to exhibit the performance attitude of lathe.

WM Series Flat Bed WM Series Slant Bed

Drilling Equipments Made Easy by Yash Machine Tools

  • Yash Machine Tools is a workshop machine manufacturing company that offers variety of drilling as well as grinding components.
  • Radial drilling machine, All geared radial drilling machine, Milling cum Drilling equipments are some of the drilling components produced by Yash Machine Tools.

Modification in Lathe and Drilling Devices

  • All geared radial drill machines from Yash Machine tools are made in different sizes and variable working capacities including changes in drilling diameters.
  • All geared lathe on the other hand is available as heavy duty, medium duty and extra heavy duty strength to handle different capacities of machining products.


 Advantages of Drilling Devices from Yash Machine Tools

  • Radial drilling devices from Yash Machine Tools are made considered the requirements of international standards.
  • Every drilling equipment model is known for high precision, durability, and multiple performance sequences such a counter boring, reaming, spotting, tapping, etc.



Spending for workshop tools is more important as its industrial usage should pave way for making good revenues. Yash Machine Tools offer reliable and cost effective machinery for various machining processes.

Discover the Magic if Easy Workshop Activities with CNC Milling Device

CNC-A Route to Higher Version

  • Also termed as Computer Numerical Control, CNC technology seems to make tremendous productivity with less spent over man power.
  • For fully automated and precise production needs buying workshop machinery embedded with CNC will stay a suitable choice.

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Why CNC Milling Equipment is better for More Production?

  • Milling dimensions can be set with the help of computer and the milling operations can be monitored perfectly.
  • CNC Milling equipment can be preferred for more production with less man power as every operation is done automatically.

Some More Features of CNC

  • CNC machines offer safer work environment.
  • Wastage of raw materials can be reduced to optimum level and can be depended for error free operation.

Find out More CNC Equipments from Yash Machine

  • Yash Machine Tools has specific range of CNC based workshop devices.
  • CNC lathe and CNC milling machine are the prominent models manufactured by Yash Machine Tools.



Why to Buy CNC from Yash Machine?

  • Workshop machinery at Yash Machine Tools is made with high quality cast and steel material; hence, investors do not have to doubt about the reliability of the machinery.
  • Yash Machine offers machinery at relatively economic pricing than other machinery manufacturers.

Further more information about Milling machine, cnc milling machine and cnc lathe Machine, visit –


Working with automated and computerized machines for machining activities creates excellent scope for increased production. CNC technology based machinery is popular among the automated formulae. CNC lathe and CNC milling from Yash Machines will remain excellent choice for its adaptability, quality and pricing.