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How Bandsaw Machine is Cutting off the Cost on the Edge of the Industry?

Bandsaw Machine and its industrial applications


Workshop machineries play a key role in reducing the cost and time of minor but important machining works such as cutting, bending, and drilling work piece materials. There are different types of instruments available for applying such minor critical works. A band saw instrument is one of the work shop devices that is applied for the purpose of cutting irregular shape of large work pieces be it metal or wood. In addition, this device is found to be the most suitable machinery to cut the work piece into curved or rounded shape. It is designed in different sizes pertaining to the demand of the industrial needs. Even portable bandsaw machine is available for cutting smaller work piece material. They are applied in the following industries such as

  • Timber cutting- Very large circular saws are applied for ripping large diameter timber work piece
  • Metal cutting- Various types and sizes of device have been made to apply in metal cutting process, fabrication of metal pieces, etc
  • Wood cutting- this is one of the prominent applications for which this method if found to be a very reliable and useful one.

Apart from that, the instrument has been applied for graining, wiping of work pieces also.

How Bandsaw is an ideal option?

Cutting a metal sheet or wood to a perfect dimension stays an important requirement for several industrial and engineering works. With the advent of different types of flexible bandsaw tools every cutting and shaping work can be made easier and with higher precision. Investing in workshop instruments will reduce the cost of production to a great extent. During earlier cutting devices were to be operated with the help of manpower which relatively required more cost of production. However, with the advent of automated and high performing tool can reduce the time to cut large amount of work pieces in a short time.

Cost cutting application in certain industrial process

The different types of these instruments find its use to cost cutting machining process. For example double column semi-automatic bandsaw machine are designed for professional cutting and shaping works with electrical control panel in mechanical and engineering industries to obtain long term service and for flawless operations. A metal bandsaw device works both as a Horizontal and vertical in terms of modifying the positions or changing the blades. These equipments are found to be useful for precise cutting of different types of metal sheets of various thicknesses. In addition, specific machining for different types of work piece materials need different models such as

  • for wood working
  • for electronic industry
  • for automobile industry
  • for electrical industry.

Tips to consider while buying

A proper usage of this instrument will help to reduce the process of cutting and designing metal or wood piece more effectively. Hence, adopting certain important tips will help for higher productivity with a moderate investment. Below are some of the important tips to follow while buying it like

  • Searching for the reliable manufacturer online will help you to get in touch with reputed companies
  • Try to compare the pricing from different manufacturers and get an tool in cost effective pricing
  • Always prefer to choose the manufacturer or supplier who can also arrange for customer support. Moreover, you may have a look for the best range of machine tools over here –


Investing on workshop machinery can be made a profit making business if the buyer can analyse the industrial requirement and order them according to the precision, production and performance demand.

Drift Your Workshop to the Next Level with All Geared Lathe Machine

Significance of applying all geared lathe machine


A lathe machine is an important work shop machinery that is applied for a range machining purposes. The lathe is a tool that works in terms of rotating the work piece on its axis to obtain different machining operations like shearing or cutting, drilling, knurling, and many more. It can also be considered as multi-purpose workshop machinery that is preferred for easy application and effective performance. There are different types of lathe machine available in the market suiting a variety of the industrial demands. Moreover, all geared lathe machine is a workshop lathe device designed on modern technology basis for obtaining enhanced performance with precision in machining. It is mainly used for shearing or drilling tough objects. In addition geared lathe machine can be applied for its capacity to high resistance to corrosion hence they are found to be an ideal option for several industries such as mining, paper mills, steel rolling mills, etc.

How all geared lathe machines helps developing workshop activities?

As far as workshop machining process is concerned, lathe machines stay very effective for improving industrial workshop activities. There are variations in the functioning of different designs of lathe machines such as

  • Medium duty lathe Machine – A medium duty lathe is a suitable lathe machine for metal working wherein, the device is powerfully built for providing ultimate machining performance and trouble free functioning to handle work piece that are of moderate thickness.
  • Heavy duty lathe machine and Extra heavy duty lathe machine stays useful for gaining ultimate performance as they have higher cutting capacity. These are applied in different industries such as power and mining industry, ship yards, etc. The machine has the provision of large heavy duty head stock to handle work piece of relatively larger thickness.
  • Light duty lathe machine – An all geared light duty lathe is a durable option for machining applied for achieving precise results in industries like ship building, mining, textile, power plants, etc. wherein the machining requirement will be for handling light weight work piece that has relatively less thickness. To know more about CNC lathe machines, kindly visit –

In what ways does all geared machine takes your workshop to the next level?

The recent innovative models in lathe machine designs have been considered a boon to develop the workshop process in industries. The application of latest lathe machines such as roll turning lathe machine which is applied in rolling mill industries, cement plants and heavy metal industries for its full capacity carbide tipped specifications. This new type of lathe device is found to be a user friendly as well as a cost effective workshop option. A lathe machine for woodturning for instance is an innovative machining device that is found to be more useful in producing important furniture components such as decorative and functional aspects from wood work pieces. With woodturning lathe we can produce different shapes of wooden handles, bowl gouges, knurling gouges, etc. Lathe machine for glass working is applied to lean, bend and stretch the glass material to the desired shape and accuracy. It is found to be an economic option for production of glass ware. A lathe machine for metal spinning is applied in making shaping the metal piece to the desired form thus reduces the cost of manual work.



Buying a reliable and durable machine directly from the manufacturer or dealer will stay a beneficial option as it will redeem you from the fear of investing.

How CNC Press Brake Allows Your Industry An Easy Operational Management?

The press brake is a machine tool used for bending metallic sheets. It basically functions as by bending the metal through the weak points created by punching small holes on the sheet metal in a straight line then the machine folds the metal along the weakened point. There are various types of press brakes and the different types are denoted through either the force delivery method, such as hydraulic, pneumatic, or even servo electric. The press brake lies in the category of the major industrial machine tools due to its strategic importance in the manufacturing and the construction industry.


Features of the CNC Press

Some of the outstanding features of the CNC press brake include:

  • Easy to operate programmable controller that is incorporated during the assembly of the machine. The controller has an outstanding ability to hold over 40 programs there by making sheets work easy and accurate calibration is achieved.
  • Powerful steel plate fully welded to minimize any possible deflection and offer high rigidity while working. This serves to enhance the quality of work and the finish of the work.
  • High strength torque tube connecting the hydraulic cylinders with a maximum accuracy of 0.03 mm.
  • Normal power consumption with three phase voltage and unitizes high quality components from the best manufacturers such as Siemens, and omron.
  • Foot pedal operated and light curtain incorporated to enhance the level of safety of the machine.
  • They offer fast paced bending applications with the ability to save the programs data on the networks servers’ thus enabling instant retrieval of information and production designs for the purposes of urgent work.
  • Extreme accuracy and efficiency due to the twin electric motorized operation for both heavy industrial work and minor manufacturing purposes.

Operation management with the CNC Press Brake system

The CNC press brake system has been manufactured with the most user friendly interface making the bending operation simplified and easy to execute. The designing phase of the production has especially been corrected due to the ability to link the system with 3dimensional modeling software while offline hence being able to produce tentative designs for current and future use. Bending process can be simulated and forces analyzed as well as optimized before actual cutting and bending can begin.

Buying the CNC press Brake machine

The brake press machines are readily available in industry and it is of ultimate importance to check out the features and the design specifications and compare with individual needs before undertaking to purchase the equipment. These machine tools are available in areas such as,, and even for high quality and long lasting machines. You may have a look for the best range of press brakes, here at –


The CNC press brake machine is useful for sheet metal bending to achieve accurate and quality work. The currently available machine tools are computerized to achieve accurate calibrations and are as well programmable for easier batch processing .The ability to link the Press brake program with 3dimensional designing soft ware’s has enabled product designs to be easier thereby reducing production times by having preprogrammed drawings. Metal wastage is also reduced due to the ability to simulate production before actual processing is done. While purchasing press brake machines consider the quality and design features and well as the individual needs. While purchasing you may consider checking on various sites such as, or even esskay

Industrial Applications of SPM/Heavy Machines

What is an SPM/Heavy Machine?

Special purpose machines, sometimes called SPM heavy machines, are high-powered industrial equipment used in a variety of applications. Some of these applications include food processing, nuclear engineering, paper making, and power generation. These machines are designed for specific purposes that are often necessary in industrial settings, such as high-speed turning, tool grinding and sharpening, and cutting hard substances which are often difficult to shape or cut. By investing in such a machine, you can save your business time and money in the long run by using more efficient tools for these purposes. Many companies have begun to capitalize on the need for these advanced industrial tools, creating special purpose heavy machines which can be used or easily converted for a wide variety of needs and settings. Investing in a high-quality SPM heavy machine can minimize manufacturing or sharpening defects, which saves your business money in the long term. Likewise, a high-quality machine can have multiple applications, making it a more efficient investment of money.

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What Types of SPM/Heavy Machines are available?

Several different types of these machines are available. Some common examples include a vertical turning lathe, a horizontal milling boring machine, and a vertical machining center. These tools are used for different purposes, so it is important for those who need machine tools to purchase the right tool for the job. A vertical turning lathe, for example, is similar in many respects to a pottery wheel, spinning a vertical object so it can be shaped and smoothed evenly on all sides, leading to a uniform final product that meets complex manufacturing needs. A horizontal milling boring machine, meanwhile, is used to create horizontal holes in an object, and comes in three varieties – table type, planer type, and floor type. These machines typically are used for large components, but modern machines use more advanced systems that provide finer control. Finally, a vertical machining center is a high-precision CNC heavy machine which can work with diverse parts, ranging from the very small to the very large. These machines can be used in a broad range of industrial settings and can serve many roles, but are best suited for tasks where accuracy is a priority and small parts are common.


Various Applications of SPM/Heavy Machines

These SPM heavy machines can all be used in several different industrial contexts, depending on the needs of the manufacturing organization, but are typically necessary for mass production of goods. A machine tool like this can be used to shape or adjust metal parts that have already been cut from a larger block, and which need fine-tuning to become usable for these industrial applications. They can buff out mild irregularities that result from other stages in the manufacturing process or remove small metal chips which result from the removal of small pieces from larger blocks. Know about vertical turning machine, here at –

Summary and Conclusion – SPM/Heavy Machinery

These machines are a good investment for businesses which need to remove irregularities from large numbers of metallic parts. Items like horizontal milling boring machines, vertical turning lathes, and vertical machining centers can perform adjustments to these parts in different ways, and it is important to purchase the right tool for the job.

Benefits of Turret Milling Machine from Indian Machine Tools Manufacturers

The milling machine is equipment that shapes metal using rotary cutters rotating at an angle to the work piece while it moves along a guided rail. It is a widely used technology for cutting or machining metal to very precise sizes and shapes. The milling machines have two main types based on the position or the orientation of the spindle during operation. These are the horizontal and the vertical milling machines. The size of the machine can vary from bench supported to room size equipment based on the degree of operation.

Turret milling machine

This is an innovation of the milling machine that is vertically oriented and has a wide range of applications that it can handle. Due to the wide angle of operation it is considered the most adaptable type of milling. In its operation the bit does not move relative to the work piece but the bench moves in both horizontal and vertical planes relative to the spindle position.

Benefits of the turret milling machine

The manufacture of the turret milling machine has greatly contributed to the advancement of industrial manufacturing. Manufactured by Indian manufacturers such as the machine, they have high precision capabilities hence able to deliver the best quality work for your machining needs. Some of its benefits include;

  • Versatility in that it can be used for a wide range of machining activities in the work place.
  • Efficiency during operation in that the operator has a clear view of the process while it is going on. They are also able to detect an error as the process goes on and able to correct it.
  • Can be adapted to various kinds of jobs easily hence a wide variety of applications.
  • The application of the computer numerical code CNC milling means that precise calibrations can be done via the computer for accurate machining therefore produce high quality work.
  • High precision ability allows for the creation of high quality tools and machine parts making rapid innovation a reality.

The high technological environment in India and investment in cutting edge machine tools has enabled manufacturers develop the best CNC milling machines made with the highest quality materials such as high torque motors solid frames for stability and micrometer calibrations. You can check out the range of genuine tool room machines, here at –

Indian Machine Tools manufacturers

The machine tools manufacturers such as Yash Machine Tools, ESSKAY lathe, have been able to make high quality machine tools which are durable and high performance with a relatively affordable cost. The demand for finished goods has caused a rise in manufacturing industries prompting the development of the machine tools. Government support has also contributed to the favorable development of the industry. In comparison to other manufacturers, Indian machines will be more affordable and offer value for money.


Milling machines are used in shaping wood or metal into required design or shape. They   are classified as machine tools. The turret milling machine is one of the latest milling machine technology that utilizes the Computer numerical code systems to program and calibrate the machine. In its operation the spindle remains stationery while the bench moves along with the work piece. This makes the machine efficient and accurate while machining. The Indian machine tools are highly developed and leading as compared others due to their high quality and long life making them a better value for money.

Radial Drilling Machine – Mechanism that has Changed The Face of Industry

The Drill is a machining tool designed to bore through material such as metal or wood. Since the invention of the drill various types have been developed such as the pistol grip, the Hammer drill, Rotating hammer, cable less drill, Stationary drill pillar, geared head and the radial drilling machine.

The Radial Drill

This is a drill machine whereby the drilling head is extended from the central pivot and is movable along a rail in such a way that it can rotate or radiate round the central support. With the ability of the arm to move radially and vertically, a lot of work can be done on the work piece without having to reposition it.

Mechanism of the radial drill machine
The machine is comprised of ;

  • The head. This is where the drilling bit is located and has special gears for holding the bit.
  • The driving system; Comprised of a speed variation gearbox for adjusting the speed of operation which can be increased or reduced depending on the operation.
  • The handles; used for guiding the drilling tool, as well as moving the head in both directions.
  • The supporting column, where by the head and the arm rotate about.

The main feature of the radial drilling machine that puts it ahead of the rest is the gearing system that enables it to rotate over a wide circumference making it able to drill heavy works and even larger diameter holes hence perform heavy industrial works.

Contribution of the Radial Drill to the Drilling Industry

Key contributions of the radial drill have been several to the industry have been the flexibility and the ease of operation while working on heavy duty equipment. The radial drill can also be customized to handle various tasks such as spot facing, boring, drilling and even counter boring.

Applications of the Radial Drill

  • Ability to drill large diameter holes of up to 110  millimeters in thickness ,this has been due to the wide area of operation afforded by the drill.
  • There are at least 3 types of radial drills. the plain drill has the spindle always vertical and does  not swing, he half universal drill can only swing in one plane angle to the vertical pivot, and full universal drill whereby the spindle can swing around at all angles to the tools and to the pivot.
  • Heavy duty and high precision drilling can be done by this machine.
  • Due to the automatic vertical and horizontal movements, key ways and face milling has been achieved.
  • Less time of operation since there is no changing of the position of the work piece.

Finding the Best Drilling Machines

Radial drilling machines are available and it is important to find out the properties of the machine before purchase .There are various internet sources such as, These offer a wide variety of drilling machines that are of high quality. Get the best genuine radial drilling machine, here at –


Radial drilling machines are a special type of drilling machines that are robust in their make and able to handle a wide range of drilling works. The radial drill has offered great improvement in the machining industry due to its robust nature of construction and flexibility offered. There are 3 types of the machines depending on the angle of operation to the center pivot and plane. These serve to enhance the flexibility of operation. Radial drilling machines can be found on various sites and the Indian makes are highly recommended due to their high quality.

Machine Tools Market Emerging To Grow In India

Machine tools are equipments that are used to shape, cut, drill, bore through, sharpen or even bend metal or even plastic pieces. They are machines used to modify material for use in industry. The construction of machine tools is such a way that they are able to hold firmly the work piece as it is being worked on. They are equipped with special high torque motors and high strength frames to withstand the force of machining metal or even wood.

The Machine tools Market in India

All markets are demand driven and the machine tools market is similar. In India, the market for machining tools is rapidly developing and this can be attributed to the rapid development and expansion in sectors such as manufacturing sector and the construction industry which uses up heavy machinery. The market continues to rapidly also due to increasing demand of food products, cosmetics, office equipments, and even auto mobiles. According to industry forecasts, this market is set to reach over 200 million USD in the next 5 years. Some of factors favoring machine tools industry include:

  • Government policy that allowed the creation of mega investment zones where the government intends to invest in super infrastructure and industry subsidies.
  • Increased demand for finished goods, food products, Pharmaceutical products industrial chemicals for manufacturing.
  • Technological innovations and a worldwide inter connectivity which has favored the exports.

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Role of Indian Manufacturers in machine tools market

Manufacturers have played a critical role in the machine tools industry. Some of their key contributions have been;

  • Products innovation. It is difficult for an organization to develop without innovation. Indian manufacturers have invested heavily in innovation with the ability to mechanize most of the industrial processes such as packaging, labeling, food processing, chemicals extraction, construction designs, software’s and many more processes.
  • Superior products. Manufacturers in India have mastered their production skills in developing machine tools. With their investment in high quality production systems they have been able to produce quality machine tools therefore attracting attention from all over the world.
  • Technical expertise. The industry has developed high levels of expertise in engineering and is therefore able to beat the competition from other developed nations.
  • Concentration of industries. Machine tools and cutting tools or the machine parts are locally manufactured in India, therefore eliminating importation costs which have affected other countries. This factor makes machine tools cost effective and affordable, and consequently offered at cheaper prices.

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Important and quality machine tools in industry

Some of the most important tools include;

  • Drilling machines for making holes in metal, wood and plastic.
  • Lathe machine for reshaping metal rods and bars,
  • Hydraulic press brakes for fitting pieces tightly together.
  • Turret milling machines for general metal works, welding machines, grinders and even molding machines. To know more about machine tools, kindly visit –


Machine tools are equipments that are used for physical modification of shape and appearance of metal pieces or even wooden pieces. They are usually fitted with special cutting or boring tools that are hardened to cut other metallic materials. The machine tools market in India is rapidly developing due to the great industrialization demands as well as rising demand in manufactured goods. Indian manufacturers have played a huge role in the development of the machine tools industry due to their innovative practices, high quality products and high levels of expertise. Some of the machine tools include the lathe machine, drilling machines, grinding machines and press brakes.