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Work Material Feeding Rules in Shearing Equipment

Implication of Shearing in Engineering Industries

The process of shearing over heavy metals is considered to be one of the challenging tasks. The creation of motorized shear machines has been a boon to resolve issues in achieving strips from thin metal work sheets. This device is used in several industries including plastic, steel, automobile, creation of door frame etc.

Risky Points in Sheet work material cutting system

It can do complicated cutting operations and the material feeding portion has to be followed with care and attentions as there are sharp tools equipped in this machine. Operator needs to stick to material feeding rules before working with a trimming tool.

Rake or Alignment of Blades in Shearing Equipment

Shearing equipments operate by means of the blades which are considered as the prime tool in cutting wherein one remains in fixed position and another blade moves to make the cutting action. Hence, rake or angular alignment of the blades remains a prominent setting requirement as material feeding can be done safely only after the blades are aligned safely.


Blade Clearance-A Very Important Aspect to Consider for Material Setting

Work materials are of different varieties exhibited in different thickness and sizes. The setting of blades also decides on the precision of cutting. For example, straight-blade alignment is applied to cut materials over flat position and the work material need to be places exactly between the static and movable blades.

Turning On the Shearing Device

Safety rules also remain mandatory requirements to be followed while setting the work material in the platform. The operator should be double conscious before placing the work piece and should make sure of the blade position. Similarly, he should check the power setting and keep the machine turned off before setting the work ingredient.

Checking for Clearance

Clearance is the gap that needs to be left between the two blades meant for shearing. The vertical gap that has to be set in accordance with the material compatibility, required cutting dimension, etc. this has to be measured with relation to the cutting direction of the blade.


Loading the Work Piece with Respect to Cut Hold-Down System

There are tools called hold-down device that are available in the shear to hold the work piece after it is loaded into the machine. It helps to place the work piece in the right position suitable for the cutting blade to perform precise cutting operation.

Advantages of Proper Positioning of Work Material

Feeding the work piece at the correct position considering the cutting dimension and material thickness remains a great support for flawless machining. This will also avoid wastage of material and save time in machining. Get to know more advantages, visit at

Risks of Improper Material Feed in Shearing Device

Improper of unmeasured material feed would certainly lead to risks both in productivity and in personal safety. For example, work piece place in inappropriate position will affect the cutting operation and material wastage.  If the clearance is not set as per the required dimension, chances of higher power consumption will also increase.


Shearing device is important workshop equipment used to obtain different shapes from metal work sheets. Yash Machine Tools offers up-to-date shearing device with all the material holding tools equipped with the shear, hence; our machineries can be depended for safe working environment.

Different Types of Drilling in Heavy Load Work Material

Piercing Requisites in Industries and Subsequent Machinery

Drilling equipment is generally applied to make holes in different textures of work resources like metal, wood, etc. Similarly, for piercing related operations including boring, counter boring, tapping and reaming drill remains a suitable machining tool.

General Purpose Piercing Machines

Drilling are not heavy remains simple remains simple, fast and precise with equipments like pillar, table top and column type drilling equipments. The boring operating can be done easily with and can be done relatively faster.

Boring devices with Radial Arm for Heavy materials

Boarding system with special attachment of radial arm is called Radial drill device. This equipment is designed with drilling head that can swing towards upward and downward direction and enables swing type movement. This mechanism works effectively to drill holes in heavy duty materials like metals, heavy wood logs, etc.

BRDC 410 All Geared Radial Drill Machine

Drill Spindle for Piercing Heavy Duty Work Material

The swing type arm applied for drilling operations assists in positioning the spindle in different positions to make the boring operation easier in heavy duty material. Some reputed manufacturers supply drill apparatus with excellent spindle adjustment like tilting or swiveling.

Special Radial Drill Equipment for Precise Machining in Heavy Duty Operations

Heavy duty radial drill is specially designed to machine heavy duty materials like wood and different types of metals like aluminium, steel, etc. This equipment remains a suitable option for creating holes of various diameters.

Piercing Operations with Radial Drill Machines

Radial drill equipment stays appropriate to perform variety of machining operations on heavy load work piece like casting iron. Some of the important and notable piercing operations are creating weldments, forgings, in-depth, etc. The radial arm remains comparatively lengthier than that of conventional systems.

Advantages of Creating Weldments

Weldment is the process of combining two metal pieces to obtain a single assembled part. Radial piercing equipment is applied to metal work pieces into precise shape to match with other work piece for easy weldment.

Capacity of Radial Equipments

Radial devices applied for boring are preferred commonly for large and heavy work piece. The arm rotation capacity remains excellent and the radial arm can rotate up to 180 degrees.  Hence, while investing in such heavy duty the investor should make sure of the quality of radial arm and spindle in order to obtain precision and long term machining applications.

Indian Machinery Manufacturers and Suppliers

India leads the world market for models when it comes to manufacturing and supplying workshop machinery. Bhavya Machine Tools is one among the leading manufacturers of friendly machineries for machining activities and we supply various models tools which are designed from high quality materials.

Radial Drill from Bhavya Machine Tools

Bhavya Machines offers radial drills that can perform boring operations on heavy load materials. We make sure that every part of the apparatus is made of material that has high tensile strength hence; consumers can plan for durable investment on apparatus from Bhavya.


Drilling operations remain outstanding requirement in engineering and construction industries. Radial drill is one of the suitable equipments preferred to perform various operations for heavy duty materials.

Magical Finishing of Lumber Planks with Bandsaw Equipment

Significance of Sawing Devices

Sawing is the process of cutting moderate work piece to the desired shape. Bandsaw is a top machine applied for cutting complicated work materials like wood, plastic, etc. This equipment is relatively faster, easier and precise than hand sawing methods. Cylindrical and rectangular shapes can be easily made with the help of band saw.

Bandsaw in Woodwork

Bandsaw is applied to obtain smooth surfaced lumber planks and bring out the same into perfect finishing. Planks made of harvested woods that are then processed and compressed to obtain lumber. The lumber materials are then brought to plank shapes and applied in making of boards, furniture and construction works.

Saw Equipment Functionality in Surfacing

Saw device is applied to obtain perfect surfacing over both external and internal sawing. By adding additional tooling options the same axiom machine can also be used to polish lumber planks.

Creating Lumber Planks-A Long and Complicated Process

Making lumber planks involves many activities. Starting with compressing to shaping into planks, etc every process requires precise finishing as wood materials can easily give out cracks. Hence, saw equipments are considered suitable to obtaining accurate finishing in wood work piece.

Finishing Requirements in Wood Planks

Wood planks are mostly created in rectangle or square shape. However, achieving appropriate smooth surface on both sides of the plank remains a significant requirement. Sawing can be done in different ways, however; bandsaw remains the perfect choice of tool to obtain excellent finishing.

Application of Wooden Planks

Wooden planks or lumber planks are applied for variety of structural and crafting applications. These materials are found to be very useful in making shafts, fencing, walls, roofs, flooring, shovels, pressure plates, doors, furniture, etc.


Precision Requirements in Wooden Planks

Unless the surface of lumber blocks is obtained with fine finish it would become challenging to set the wood work piece for the desired work. Sawing with hands will not yield precise finishing; bandsaw would stay the perfect tool to achieve more productivity with sustained precision.

Yash Machine Tools-Manufacturer of Superior Quality Saw Tools

Yash Machines Tools is one of the leading manufacturers of workshop tools and we supply variety of workshop friendly equipments as desired by consumers to different industries worldwide. We supply different types of bandsaw equipments that can be applied for variety of industrial applications.

Why Bandsawing is preferred for Making Planks?

The sawing equipment is designed with variety of optional blades that support for fine finishing in wood work material. These blades are created using alloy steel and relevant material that has good tensile strength.

Selecting Saw Devices suitable for Shaping Wood Work Piece

While choosing saw equipment for wood work, it is important to make sure of the blade quality and the material in which the blades are made of. For example, wood work axiom machines can perform well if they contain carbon, steel or higher grade blades. Get more details about how to select saw devices that are suitable for Shaping Wood Work Piece, visit at


Sawing work takes more time when it is done in hand. The inception of automatic saw tools have transformed relative works into simpler and easier forms. Bandsaw is one of the important tools in saw varieties and it is found to be the best one for making lumber planks.

Why It is Necessary to Check out the Spindle Quality of Turret Milling Machine?

Milling Operation and Types of Equipments

Grinding or grating operation is a kind of machining applied to bring out definite shape to the work piece. There are different types of grinding mill devices designed and supplied to match the various machining requirements in engineering, automobile, and related industries. Turret or vertical, horizontal, CNC, are some of the most preferred milling machines.

What is Unique about Turret?

The turret is among the flexible milling machine is it also referred to as the vertical grinding equipment. It is preferred to grate work piece in three types of axis and the spindle of this machine keeps up cutting with dynamic movement,

 Importance of spindle in Turret

Spindle is a flexible component in turret as it can be set in different angles. While buying vertical mills, the presence of spindle is highly recommended as without spindle It is difficult to perform grinding operation in different axis.


How do Spindle Works?

Turret is also called vertical milling equipment and it is made up of important tools in which spindle remains most important. It is only with the help of spindle speed lever variation different milling operations can be done.

Searching for Turret with Quality Spindle Attachment

The spindle is fixed above the machine mount or table just above the vertical axis. Turret equipments are designed either with manual spindle operation or automatic spindle operation and this part is either moved upwards or downwards matching the grinding direction and requirement.

Functional Aspects of Spindle for Milling

Turret milling machines is the key factor for all sorts of milling requisites. The grinder or drill tool is attached to the spindle so that the operator would be able to obtain grinding operations in X or Y or Z axis. Hence, spindle quality need to remain strong.

Make sure of the Spindle Quality while investing in Vertical Mill

Since the spindle holds the grinding or drilling tool, necessary machining settings can be obtained only by managing spindle direction and spindle speed. A vertical mill depends largely on the type of spindle it is equipped with.

Spindle Speed for Large Productivity

For high speed turret, checking the quality, position and rotation aspects of the spindle is very important, proper spindle rotation must be checked. This will ensure the reliability of the equipment.


Yash Machine Tools-For Reliable Turrets

Yash Machine Tools is a popular supplier of milling, grinding, cutting and shearing equipments. We offer turret milling equipment, milling cum drilling device and bed type mill equipment and also accept customization requests from consumers concerning machine specifications.

Vertical Drill and Spindle Quality Maintained at Yash Machines

Our grinding equipments are made of high tensile strength material and when it comes to spindle requirement we make sure that every machine offered by us work for long run.


Vertical drilling remains a specific machining requirement in engineering industries. Spindle is one of the key components that need to be checked for quality and capacity before investing in the equipment.

Learn about the Work Piece Set Up in Milling Device to Achieve Perfect Machining

Importance of Work Piece Feed

Machining jobs are of various varieties and work piece materials can be applied after machining only if tooling dimension is precise. Hence, among the list of works involved in machining, setting the work material is considered a very important quality. Improper feeding of work material will increase the possibilities of material wastage, changes in machining dimensions, damage to tools, etc.

Work Material Set up Basics

Setting the work material requires good analysis of machine operations, better understanding of the material characteristics, tooling, etc. As far as milling machine is concerned, feeding the machining ingredient has to be done perfectly as misplacement leads to complete changes in dimension and it would become impossible to expect precision in grinding.


Tough Aspects of Material Feed in Grinding Device

Material feeding into the crushing equipment consumes more time as it is an equally difficult job like grinding. However, setting the work piece into the device needs man power assistance and the operator should do it accurately as the material must be perfectly clamped.

Milling Machine Functionalities and Work Material Feeding Rules

As far as grinding machine is concerned, it is not enough if the work piece is correctly clamped. Apart from that, it has to be positioned to match the surface with respect to the grinding tool. Perfection of material feed can be observed after matching the surfaced that has been milled.

Material set up for Different Types of Grinding

Positioning of work materials depends on the texture, thickness of the material with the type of tool chosen for grinding. Vice is an important tool applied in majority of surfacing operations. However, for large work piece additional accessories like clamps, bolts and T-nuts have to be added to proceed with grinding.

Hydraulic Cylindrical Grinding Machine

Work Piece Feed and Subsequent Safe Working

Apart from work piece feed, the clamp tool has to be selected based on its capability to hold. This is a crucial aspect to be considered in grinding operation so that operator will be able to obtain safe machining. In addition, exact clamping also favors for precise grinding.

Understanding Vice Alignment

Vice is a spectacular portion in grating equipment. It has to be fixed parallel to work piece holding parts. Similarly, vice alignment should be interrupted by fuel used for grating, chips or wastage released from grating and vibrations.

Application of Hammer in Work Ingredient Set Up

Operators need to make use of face hammer to make sure that the work ingredient is set in the perfect position on the supporting base. The work ingredient should be removed from the machine and checked well before placing the same for further grinding.

Milling Equipments Manufacturers in India

India leads the machine market because of the number of reputed manufacturers available in the country. Bhavya Machine Tools is one of the prime suppliers of workshop friendly equipments. Our milling equipments are made of superior grade metals and can work for long term.


Setting up of feeding the work piece material into the grinding equipment is a crucial job as precision of grinding depends largely on positioning of work piece.