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Some Important Points for Shearing Machines

The shear machine uses shear force to cut off parts of a sheet. Shearing or die cutting uses a process that cuts stock without the involvement of melting or burning process and no chip formation. Shear machines are available with various capacities in the market along with overload protection. Shearing is used mainly to divide big flat stock like plate, sheet, and strip. Straight knife shearing is utilized for square cutting and flat stock cutting in desired shape and size, mainly rectangle and square though it is also used for triangles and other straight-sided shapes. It is capable of cutting small lengths at an angle to decrease the necessary force required.

Hydraulic Swing Beam Machine

The shearing machine’s hold-down cylinder is driven by the hydraulic system to move the steel plate and the right & the left oil cylinder for driving blade up and down. Both of the blades have a clearance of 0.04mm. The accuracy errors between the edge of the blade and gaps are above 0.1mm, making accuracy twice worse than the guillotine machine.


The toll holder is curved, making an arc point contact to provide straightness of shear material. When a sheet of less than 20 mm is being cut the shear angle of the machine cannot be altered as the result the material has twisted twist. The machine cannot use its all 4 edges of the blade for cutting of metal plate due to blade movement.

CNC Shearing Machine

CNC shears are generally used to cut the products with a length which ranges from 8 to 12 feet with a width of 24 to 39 inches. The machines are specially designed to handle different gauges along with high strength and toughness. Continuous manufacturing is achieved with the help of cold rolling, galvanization, and cutting to the requested size. Commonly the roofing items gauge stretches from very thin 32 to very thick, 18, as the gauge size increases the weight of equipment increases.

For industrial uses, the machines are automated and hydraulic pneumatic to decrease the required force for cutting the materials. They are designed specially to clamp and cut with minimal damage to the products with a clean straight edge.

Hydraulic Guillotine Shearing Machine

The machine’s rear guide rail is pressed by the bearing with a back compression spring pad, to eradicate the front and rear guide rails. With the straight tool holder, it guarantees the straightness of shearing material along with more precision. The shear angle of the guillotine machine can be adjusted easily.

The machine can use all the four-cutting edge, both lower and upper blade are in the shape of a rectangle. The machine is designed to make smaller cutting angles to decrease the distortion of sheet metal and effectively increase the speed of cutting. Most of the modern guillotine shear machines use self-lubricating spherical bearings to reduce manual efforts. The machine uses three-point rolling guide support for linear vertical motion. It comes with adjustable cutting angles for the plate in various thicknesses.

Methods to Ensure Quality Assurance of Shearing

Quality Assurance In the real senses of Shearing Operations

How to provide quality assurance for your metal produce? Is it possible to maintain precision for long term? These are some of the important concerns which machining industry professionals have. Though technical advancements have been included in workshop tools, yet there are certain strategies which can be adopted to assure quality.

Methods to Ensure Quality

  1. Understanding Limits of Specifications of your Shear

Specifications or parts of the device have to be understood well before starting with operation. There will be limitations for certain parts which can be defined as the limit of performance and overloading of material will cause deformation of resulting product. For superiority of performance, compatibility of machining with work materials has to be considered first. This will be considered as the basic requirement for using shear without precision issues even during continuous production.

Understanding Limits of Specifications of your Shear

  1. Regular or Routine Inspection

Routine inspection of blades, bed surface, positioning features and other operational aspects is another important method to reach perfection in quality. If it is hydraulics, checking for the hoses may help to prevent delays in mechanisms.

  1. Ensure Blade Adjustment

As far as achieving machining results are concerned, it is mandatory to ensure blade adjustment in accordance with the work piece thickness and bendability along with the cutting tool. Cracking of work materials may possibly happen if blade adjustment is not set up appropriately.

ensure blade adjustment in accordance with the work piece thickness

  1. Gib Clearance

Gib clearance is the slight distance between hold down pins and the machining bed surface. Positioning is most important as this feature allows for easy adjustment of upper and lower blades. It acts as support for ram and blades as well.

Gib clearance

  1. Correct Adjustment of Hold Down Pin will prevent Machining Distortions

It is very important to adjust manual hold down in accordance with the work material thickness that has to be machined. Improper adjustments or negligence will lead to overload and result in distortions. If distortions occur it will result in inaccurate tooling.

Correct Adjustment of Hold Down Pin will prevent Machining Distortions

  1. Check out for Low Rake Angle

Blade is an important specification to be ensured for if you are concerned about quality of cutting. While buying hydraulic guillotine shearing device, which is used for working on metals which are comparatively thin, it would be better to ensure low rake angle in the blade as this will help for strong and precise cutting. Small sized guillotine cutters are provided with adjustable rakes and management of proper adjustment helps to obtain superiority in finishing.

Check out for Low Rake Angle

  1. Backguages

Backguages control the dropping down of work material pieces at the time of machining. Regular adjustment is highly recommended and this will also help for maintaining precise machining setup and reach excellence in performance.

  1. Work Material Grade-Significance of checking

Quality control is not confined with checking tooling elements alone, selection of work material may help to reach perfection of tooling. The following points may help,

  • Material grade
  • Thickness which can be managed by the equipment
  • The required or desired shape of cutting required and the suitability of material have to be matched with the device capacity.
  1. Preventing Vibration

Vibration can also cause distortion and end up in deformation again. This is yet another method to reduce mistakes in machining and maintain superiority if finished products.


Apart from investment prospects and fulfilling tooling demands, there are lots of methods which can be included or followed to promise for quality assurance with shearing machine. Visit Yash Machine Tools to find the best model of cutting apparatus which can withstand assurance issues on quality.

Each Mechanism Have Its Own Importance in Machine Tools Industry – Mechanical, Hydraulic and CNC

Different Types of Mechanisms

Mechanisms of machines are of variable types. As far as workshop components are concerned, mechanical, and hydraulic and CNC are the three major and commonly preferred methods. Every Methods has its own significance in terms of performance and in accordance with the type of machining required.

Computer Numerical Control for Machine Tools

Equipments are designed to produce products hundreds of times. The best thing about CNC is that it can help in manufacturing the product of same quality. This apparatus has truly taken the manufacturing of product into a new level.

Hydraulic system for Better Result

The main aim of having hydraulic is to get perfect result in designing and smooth function of complex industrial process. The basic reason behind using hydraulic is to apply force at one point that is transmitted to other point.

Mechanical Features for Finest Production

Industries using apparatus ensure that every apparatus used has mechanical features that take the designing the process in a better way.  Mechanically feeded tool permits manually controlling of the slide of the product. Yash Machine Tools is the right place where engineering industries can find all types of workshop systems including hydraulically and computer operated models.

CNC has promoted more accent in Automation

CNC Lathe, CNC milling equipment, CNC press brake and CNC guillotine shearing machine are some of the top computer aided workshop equipments which reflects improved performance for automated operations. Products like camshafts and crankshafts can be produced with precise cutting through automated process with the help of CNC lathe.

Mechanical vs Hydraulic Press Brake 

Press brakes are now available in mechanical range. Press brake is designed to give maximum rigidity and minimum deflection. It helps in working high-speed, maximum output and low maintenance. Hydraulic press brake works through fluid pressure and the pressure can be increased or reduced in accordance with machining. These two devices are adjustable found to be most effective than CNC because no changes in mechanism can be made in automated system.

Hydraulic Shearing 

It is also known as die cutting device helps in cutting blades in straight process.  These device are used in form of sheet metal or plates and include different operations like blanking, piercing and trimming. Now with the availability of hydraulic shearing, the blade cutting is done in a better way.  Hydraulic shears offer easy control over mechanism of the shearing.

 Plasma Cutters with Automation

The plasma cutters running on automation with computer assistance stays very helpful in cutting thick work materials. Products such as ducts and vents can be accurately produced with CNC embedded plasma cutters.

Laser Cutting Machines

Laser cutting are used for shaping work pieces. It uses high-powered laser with CNC that provides improved accuracy due to compute controlled cutting.  In many cutting industries, these CNC powered laser cutting are being used in larger prospect.

Nut Splitters with Hydraulic Mechanism

Nut spillters with hydraulic feature is largely used for cracking frozen & corroded nut on the flanges and are considered as the high utility tool. The hydraulic feature makes the nut splitter suit for explosive atmosphere and designed in a manner so that it does not damage the bolt & stud during operations.

Hydraulic Milling System

The milling is in huge demand in various industries because of their highly reliable and durable performance. The hydraulic feature in this milling is designed for long lasting service having low maintenance needs.


With the increasing use of machinery for various purposes, the mechanism added into it makes the devices work more powerfully and for long term.

How the Aspect of Wholesale Production Requirement with Machining Process is Better Improved with Guillotine Shearing Equipment?

Machining Process in Engineering Industries

Machining of metal work pieces is one of the most important jobs commonly found in engineering industries. Hence, machining tools are selected based on the production requirement, long term usage and that which can considerably reduces labour cost as well.

Metal Sheets Cutting

Industries dealing with production of metal sheets with various dimensions depend largely on shearing machines to cut the metal work piece as per the necessity. A shearing machine remains one of the most preferred choices among metal industries to cut work piece materials with ease.

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Equipments Available in the Market for Shearing Process

Shearing equipment is applied to cut different types of work piece materials. The commonly used shearing devices are available either with manual operation, CNC and hydraulic operation. These shearing device models are suitable for small to moderate production.

Type of Machining Process with Guillotine Shearing Equipment

Guillotine shearing device is applied to cut products accurately by making use of the embedded blade. It is suitable to carryover cutting process for bulk and customized production requisites. This tool also stays compatible to cut work piece into desired shapes.

Production Advantages with Guillotine Shear

Guillotine shear is available with hydraulic and CNC mechanism. Investors can choose CNC for large scale production and choose hydraulic for less power consumption. The hydraulic guillotine shear contains adjustable shearing angle that helps in decreasing the rate of distortion while cutting the metal sheets.

Choose Yash Machine Tools for the Perfect Shearing Component

Yash Machine Tools has been providing workshop components suitable for wide range of industrial applications. They offer different types of shearing devices for different production requirement such as hydraulic swing beam shearing, CNC swing beam shearing, hydraulic guillotine shearing and CNC Shearing. Shearing tools supplied by Yash Machine Tools are made of high grade materials and also stay reliable for long term production requirement.


Significance of QC11Y Series Hydraulic Guillotine Shearing Machine from Yash Machine Tools

QC11y series hydraulic guillotine shearing device from Yash Machine is completely stress free and equipped with 4 cutting blades; hence, can be depended on for precise cutting process. The swing away back gauge provisioned with this device suits appropriate for cutting longer metal sheets.

Significance of Adjusting the Blade Gap

The blade gap can be adjusted before working on the work piece material. This property is available in QC11Y series model in order to obtain the dimension based on adjusting the number of strokes with respect to the weight of the work piece material.


Why shearing machine from Yash Machine Tools stay ideal?

Shearing components are made as per the analysis of industrial demands. Yash Machine Tools offers customized shearing elements with the highest rate of consumer service. Similarly, when it comes to pricing, one can find reliable and durable machinery supplied at relatively lesser price at Yash Machine Tools.


Shearing machines in general are applied to cut metals rather than other types of materials. A guillotine shear stays more effective in cutting metal sheets; hence, investing on guillotine shear is a reliable option for metal sheet industries.

Benefits of Possessing a Hydraulic Guillotine Shearing Machine

Basics of shearing machine

Among the several types of machines available for shearing metals sheets or plates, hydraulic mechanism is considered as cost effective and less power consuming option. Depending on the industrial requirements, a shearing machine is designed, so that it would stay easy to obtain metal sheets in a shape and size that matches the demand. The hydraulic guillotine shearing machine is useful in handling large sheets or plates or bars of any type of metal. The important attractions in the functioning of this machine are its compact shape, durability, and it is safe to work with.


Working principle of hydraulic guillotine

The first important feature of hydraulic guillotine machines for shearing is its accuracy of shearing. The basic principle of this workshop machinery is hydraulics wherein, a two way cartridge integrated valve is utilized to manage the shearing accuracy. It is also capable of working along with stroke digital display or mobile workbench while assisting mould replacement.  In hydraulic guillotine machines working pressure can be changed with respect to the shearing dimensional requirement. One can find the ease of operating hydraulic guillotine equipment as there are multiple operating options available in the machinery wherein, it is possible to operate either manually or automatically or even in semi-automatic mode.


  • Hydraulic guillotine machines are compatible in working along with advanced integrated hydraulic system where reliable results can be achieved with ease.
  • Its compatibility also works in adopting welding structure made of steel plate and vibration and thus leaves space for no stress at all
  • The hand wheels provided in the machinery helps in modulation of the gap that exists between the plates in a quick way and also by maintaining the accuracy in shearing.
  • Provision available for adjusting the shearing angle which subsequently reduces the deformation of plates
  • Suitable for long term shearing purpose as we can obtain a rigid, stable and durable shearing process.
  • When it comes to pricing, hydraulic equipments are cost effective, occupies less space yet we can expect higher level of mechanism.

What makes hydraulic guillotine special than other guillotine machines?

The fast process and precision are the prominent aspects for which hydraulic machines are preferred. Hence, it is easy to cut any type of metal with precise dimensions maintained. The compact structure of hydraulic machines is yet another beneficial factor that makes such machines appear better than other shearing machines. In addition, as far as the safety issue is concerned, hydraulic shearing machines are safe and secure to work with provided they are operated by experienced professionals. When we talk of power consumption, the principle of hydraulics which depends on fuel power also, hydraulic machines consume relatively less power thus possessing hydraulic guillotine machine for sheering will save lot of time, expenses, reduce the demand for man power and finally provide precision in shearing. Read more in detail for Hydraulic Guillotine Shearing Machine.


It is always better to evaluate the cost of investment in buying shearing machines and as far as guillotine shearing machine that works with hydraulic principle is concerned, it will stay an excellent and cost effective option.

Advantages of Hydraulic Shearing Machine over the Regular Mechanical Models

A shearing machine is an industrial equipment with rotary disks and blades used to cut hard iron sheets and metal bars. The term shearing means to apply a high pressure tool on a metal bar once to remove a part of the metal. All metal shears use the same technique in cutting where there is a fixed upper blade, a lower blade and an adjustable clearance separating the two. When a force is applied on the upper blade it forces the lower blade to cut and separate the metal into two.


Shearing machines are categorized depending on the shape of its blade, linear or circular.

Linear shearing machines are used to cut metal with a thickness of over 2mm and they are operated with hydraulic power or hand operated machines for thinner metals.

Circular shearing machines are used to cut circular blanks and rings from metal and are operated by an electric motor. The best types of metal for shearing are bronze, aluminium, brass and mild steel. Metal shearing is cost effective and easy and hence preferred in industries and even homes.

Types of Shearing Machines

1. Bench shear- The word bench is because the machine is mounted on a bench to increase its mechanical ability. It is used to cut rough shapes of medium sizes of metal. However, small bench shearing machines are fitted with ground cutting blades and are light weights making it easy to have clean and fast cuts.

2. Guillotine- This means that the machine is hand or foot powered and sometimes mechanically powered. The material to be cut is first cramped with a ram and a moving blade goes down and shears the metal. a power shearing machine consists of a shear table to put the material being sheared, a a holding device to hold the material in place to avoid movement, a gauging device to make sure the material is in the right place and the lower and upper blades to do the cutting.

3. Power shears – This type of a shearing machine is electrically powered to shear large pieces of metal regardless of size. Alternatively they can be powered with hydraulics to cut metals that are too bulky for transportation.

4. Throat – Less shear- This means that the metal being cut can be moved around the cutting blade freely so it’s flexible. It’s used for complex cuts and curves.

Advantages of using Hydraulic Shearing Machines over Mechanical Models

  • Hydraulic shearing machines are fast and accurate and make it easy to cut a lot of metal in factories.
  • Hydraulic shears don’t require a lot of maintenance as mechanical models and hence are cost effective.
  • Hydraulic shears are usually compact machines and hence take up less space even though they apply the same kind of pressure as mechanical shearing machines.
  • Hydraulic shearing machines secure metal with cramps while cutting hence ensuring smooth cuts and even 90 degrees cut. There are a wide variety of hydraulic shearing machines in the market to cater for all sizes of metal.

How to use Hydraulic Shearing Machines Safely?

  • Always have specialist operators to work on the machine
  • Maintain cleanliness in the machine and follow the operating rules to avoid hazards.
  • Always make sure to switch off power of the machine after use.


Hydraulic shearing machines are more effective and easier to use than mechanical machines but should be handled with care by qualified personnel only.

Various Types of Shearing Machines & Their Industrial Applications

Nowadays, different types of shearing machines are available in the market, as described below.

Hydraulic Shearing Machine

Hydraulic Shearing MachineThe hydraulic swing beam shearing machine has a steel welded construction, hydraulic transmission and accumulator return stroke. This effective, attractive machine is simple to operate. The indicators for adjusting gap between blades help to quickly, conveniently align shadow light. The top blade gap can be adjusted for full stroke, while shorter ones help to safeguard users. It has a digital display which indicates stock position of backgauge and shearing count. The machine also permits spindle allowance, and has a stock counter, internet time relay, inch-mm selector; and the integral factor can be easily programmed. Another type is the hydraulic guillotine shearing machine, which has a robust, stress resistant steel welded structure. The hydraulic driven blade holder can be withdrawn by the cylinder accumulator. Moreover, the rake angle and backgauge travel, can be adjusted using fine knobs to reduce deformation of sheared plate. It has a digital counter that displays cutting time; and a swing away backgauge for cutting long sheets. The indicator helps to easily, rapidly adjust clearance of four edge cutting blade. The full-short stroke of blade holder is also adjustable. It even includes a three guide trolley that moves precisely to provide superior shearing. The front, preloading rail structure forces the blade holder to continuously move along upper and lower rail without any gaps. Further, the blade gap is adjustable for various plates to obtain better shearing.

CNC Shearing Machine

CNC Press BrakeThe CNC swing beam shearing machine has a sturdy, lasting steel welded frame; hydraulic transmission, and swing blade holder. The full-short stroke is adjustable, and return stroke of oil cylinder is fast and steady. It has a hand wheel to adjust gap between upper and lower blades. The closed ring control system includes a numerical control system and position coder; which ensures fast speed, higher precision and better stability. Besides, the CNC guillotine shearing machine is another variety that incorporates the advanced method of hydraulic plate shearing. It has a fully welded, tough steel structure, which eliminates internal stress due to heat treatment and stable construction. The latest hydraulic system offers optimum reliability; and three pairs of hard steel, rail and trolley reduces bearing clearance for improving shearing. It has a swift, simple, precise hand wheel to adjust the blade gap. The rectangular blade has better and durable edges. The adjustable rake angle minimizes distortion and deformation of the plate. While the inclining structure of upper blade holder enables easy blanking and accurate cutting. The top blade can be adjusted to work for full or short stroke. It has a section-wise shearing and lighting alignment, motorized backgauge and digital display. The swing away function of backgauge enables shearing of longer plates. It has an optional pneumatic back support device; and the deep throat helps feeding and shearing of transverse extra long plates. Read More and find best quality shearing machines at Yash Machine Tools.


The shearing machines have several industrial applications like cutting, pressing, punching, bending, and drawing metal sheets in various dimensions.

Shearing machines involve evaluating many factors including the type of shear, required capacity, productivity enhancement options, and safety. A good quality shear manufacturer can save hours on further processes such as bending, welding, and assembly. The shearing machines can make straight-line cuts on flat sheets and provide a straighter edge and torch cutting. The easy-to-use CNC controller automatically adjusts the cutting angle and blade clearance. A shear supplier provides worldwide reliable components while providing low maintenance costs and high-security protection. The cutting beam is designed in an inner inclined structure which makes the plates fall easily and provide accuracy and a world-class product to be exported.