Lathe Machines for Woodworking & Metal Shaping Industries

DMTG Flat Bed CNC LatheA lathe is machine tool used in cutting and shaping of metal or wood.

The Types of Lathe Machines

There are different kinds of lathe machines that are sold but based are on their function and technique used to make them .That enables output that is precise and timely.

Turret lathes – They are used for mass production to make duplicate components. The indexed tool holder and the turret make it possible to have several cutting processes on a different tool. It is easy, fast and no setup required in between operations.

Gang-tool lathe -It has tools on a row set on a cross slide that has a long table that is flat characteristic of milling machine. The tools are set and indexed for each cycle of cutting. It is similar to turret lathe but is linear in terms of tool indexing instead of being rotary.

Computer numerical controlled (CNC) lathes-these are precise, accurate and are easily set. They use carbide tooling common in modern operations. The parts are first designed using CAD (computer aided design) and/or manually then fed into the machine memory where it will continue producing the specific parts till the design is changed. The computer numerical controlled (CNC) lathe machine is under the watch of an operator periodically.

Center Lathe –Also known as bench lathe or engine lathe. They have two heads moving towards the fixed work piece position and have holes at their edges.

Multispindle Lathes – These are very precise lathes that are electronically controlled. Their operations are carried out on an electronic spindle that is on a screw lathe machine. Several executions can be done by the spindle and ensures high effectiveness and efficiency toolroom lathe

Toolroom lathes –They are used in toolroom work, a kind of centre lathe with the best features that ensure effective machining to produce quality work output.

It holds and rotates the work piece while a tool bit penetrates the work material and finally creating a cutting effect .Lathe operators must be conversant with lathe operations to achieve repair and new parts fabrication. Lathe machines at can either be manually or automatically operated for the case of computer numerical controlled (CNC) machines. They can be bench mounted or floor mounted depending on their size. Small lathes are bench mounted while large lathes are floor mounted.

Lathes have similar functional parts but the given location and design may differ for each lathe. These components are the bed, a basic foundation of all lathes, a permanent headstock located on the lathe bed that contains the spindle and lubricant, a tailstock that slides on the ways, a fixed steady for support and a spindle that holds the length of the work piece

Lathe Machine2Conclusion: Different types of Lathes are used in different industries to perform machining that involves spinning a metal block before deforming or cutting it. It shapes the work piece that can either be a metal or wood depending on the lathe. Using adjustable metal rails the headstock and tailstock hold the material as it is moved.