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Mass Produce Corrugated Iron Sheet using High Quality Shearing Machine


It is said that the roof of a building increases its aesthetic appeal in addition to serving its protective role. Philosophers have always said that whatever good structures we set up, they end up developing us.

Though a variety of modern roof materials have been introduced in the last two decades, corrugated iron still remain an important roofing product at a local and international scale. These materials are manufactured through a range on sheet metal fabrication techniques such as rolling to reduce their diameter, folding or pressing to form corrugations and cutting to the required lengths.

The roofing products are made from galvanized iron which is cold rolled and sheared to the specific dimensions.

Statistics on corrugated iron sheet manufacture

Due to the growing demand in the real estate and construction business, there has been a tremendous increase in demand for these products. In India, zinc and aluminum corrugated sheets are in high demand.

Global trends show that in most countries, approximately 10 – 25 % of all residential buildings roofing is done with this material. Though there is stiff competition due to other roofing materials, they remain the most viable option for developing countries.

With population increase, urbanization and the possibility of using these materials for both horizontal and vertical cladding; their utilization is expected to increase in the next ten years.


Use of hydraulic and CNC machines

Continuous production is achieved through cold rolling, galvanizing, continuous bending to form corrugations and cutting to the specified sizes.

Hydraulic or CNC shears are used to cut the products to lengths that ranges from 8, 10 and 12 feet while the width ranges from 24 to 39 inches. The equipment used must be able to handle the different gauges and therefore, the shearing device must have high strength and rigidity. Common roofing materials gauges range from 32 which is very thin to 18 which is very thick. As the gauge increases, the tonnage of the equipment increases.

In the industrial set up, these machines are automated, pneumatic of hydraulic to reduce the force required to cut the materials. They are specially designed to clamp and shear with minimal damage to the product and achieve a straight edge.

corrugate sheet manufacturing

Shearing machines utilization in corrugate sheet manufacturing

Modern industrial shears are pneumatic and hydraulic. These are automatically controlled as they sense the length of material, clamp and shear it. They have cutting line illumination for accurate work piece positioning. They have accurate back gauge to assist in folding and have adjustable stroke and length.

CNC controlled shearing devices are now used to achieve more accurate positioning of the material and subsequent shearing. They can be programmed achieve high demand, quality and efficiency when operating. They also have increased safety features to reduce operator accidents. These type achieves rapid blade gap adjustment, faster clamping, quick blade depth adjustment, has cutting line illumination and other safety features. Therefore, these equipments will continue to play a significant role in the construction industry.

Methods to Ensure Quality Assurance of Shearing

Quality Assurance In the real senses of Shearing Operations

How to provide quality assurance for your metal produce? Is it possible to maintain precision for long term? These are some of the important concerns which machining industry professionals have. Though technical advancements have been included in workshop tools, yet there are certain strategies which can be adopted to assure quality.

Methods to Ensure Quality

  1. Understanding Limits of Specifications of your Shear

Specifications or parts of the device have to be understood well before starting with operation. There will be limitations for certain parts which can be defined as the limit of performance and overloading of material will cause deformation of resulting product. For superiority of performance, compatibility of machining with work materials has to be considered first. This will be considered as the basic requirement for using shear without precision issues even during continuous production.

Understanding Limits of Specifications of your Shear

  1. Regular or Routine Inspection

Routine inspection of blades, bed surface, positioning features and other operational aspects is another important method to reach perfection in quality. If it is hydraulics, checking for the hoses may help to prevent delays in mechanisms.

  1. Ensure Blade Adjustment

As far as achieving machining results are concerned, it is mandatory to ensure blade adjustment in accordance with the work piece thickness and bendability along with the cutting tool. Cracking of work materials may possibly happen if blade adjustment is not set up appropriately.

ensure blade adjustment in accordance with the work piece thickness

  1. Gib Clearance

Gib clearance is the slight distance between hold down pins and the machining bed surface. Positioning is most important as this feature allows for easy adjustment of upper and lower blades. It acts as support for ram and blades as well.

Gib clearance

  1. Correct Adjustment of Hold Down Pin will prevent Machining Distortions

It is very important to adjust manual hold down in accordance with the work material thickness that has to be machined. Improper adjustments or negligence will lead to overload and result in distortions. If distortions occur it will result in inaccurate tooling.

Correct Adjustment of Hold Down Pin will prevent Machining Distortions

  1. Check out for Low Rake Angle

Blade is an important specification to be ensured for if you are concerned about quality of cutting. While buying hydraulic guillotine shearing device, which is used for working on metals which are comparatively thin, it would be better to ensure low rake angle in the blade as this will help for strong and precise cutting. Small sized guillotine cutters are provided with adjustable rakes and management of proper adjustment helps to obtain superiority in finishing.

Check out for Low Rake Angle

  1. Backguages

Backguages control the dropping down of work material pieces at the time of machining. Regular adjustment is highly recommended and this will also help for maintaining precise machining setup and reach excellence in performance.

  1. Work Material Grade-Significance of checking

Quality control is not confined with checking tooling elements alone, selection of work material may help to reach perfection of tooling. The following points may help,

  • Material grade
  • Thickness which can be managed by the equipment
  • The required or desired shape of cutting required and the suitability of material have to be matched with the device capacity.
  1. Preventing Vibration

Vibration can also cause distortion and end up in deformation again. This is yet another method to reduce mistakes in machining and maintain superiority if finished products.


Apart from investment prospects and fulfilling tooling demands, there are lots of methods which can be included or followed to promise for quality assurance with shearing machine. Visit Yash Machine Tools to find the best model of cutting apparatus which can withstand assurance issues on quality.

Work Material Feeding Rules in Shearing Equipment

Implication of Shearing in Engineering Industries

The process of shearing over heavy metals is considered to be one of the challenging tasks. The creation of motorized shear machines has been a boon to resolve issues in achieving strips from thin metal work sheets. This device is used in several industries including plastic, steel, automobile, creation of door frame etc.

Risky Points in Sheet work material cutting system

It can do complicated cutting operations and the material feeding portion has to be followed with care and attentions as there are sharp tools equipped in this machine. Operator needs to stick to material feeding rules before working with a trimming tool.

Rake or Alignment of Blades in Shearing Equipment

Shearing equipments operate by means of the blades which are considered as the prime tool in cutting wherein one remains in fixed position and another blade moves to make the cutting action. Hence, rake or angular alignment of the blades remains a prominent setting requirement as material feeding can be done safely only after the blades are aligned safely.


Blade Clearance-A Very Important Aspect to Consider for Material Setting

Work materials are of different varieties exhibited in different thickness and sizes. The setting of blades also decides on the precision of cutting. For example, straight-blade alignment is applied to cut materials over flat position and the work material need to be places exactly between the static and movable blades.

Turning On the Shearing Device

Safety rules also remain mandatory requirements to be followed while setting the work material in the platform. The operator should be double conscious before placing the work piece and should make sure of the blade position. Similarly, he should check the power setting and keep the machine turned off before setting the work ingredient.

Checking for Clearance

Clearance is the gap that needs to be left between the two blades meant for shearing. The vertical gap that has to be set in accordance with the material compatibility, required cutting dimension, etc. this has to be measured with relation to the cutting direction of the blade.


Loading the Work Piece with Respect to Cut Hold-Down System

There are tools called hold-down device that are available in the shear to hold the work piece after it is loaded into the machine. It helps to place the work piece in the right position suitable for the cutting blade to perform precise cutting operation.

Advantages of Proper Positioning of Work Material

Feeding the work piece at the correct position considering the cutting dimension and material thickness remains a great support for flawless machining. This will also avoid wastage of material and save time in machining. Get to know more advantages, visit at

Risks of Improper Material Feed in Shearing Device

Improper of unmeasured material feed would certainly lead to risks both in productivity and in personal safety. For example, work piece place in inappropriate position will affect the cutting operation and material wastage.  If the clearance is not set as per the required dimension, chances of higher power consumption will also increase.


Shearing device is important workshop equipment used to obtain different shapes from metal work sheets. Yash Machine Tools offers up-to-date shearing device with all the material holding tools equipped with the shear, hence; our machineries can be depended for safe working environment.

How the Aspect of Wholesale Production Requirement with Machining Process is Better Improved with Guillotine Shearing Equipment?

Machining Process in Engineering Industries

Machining of metal work pieces is one of the most important jobs commonly found in engineering industries. Hence, machining tools are selected based on the production requirement, long term usage and that which can considerably reduces labour cost as well.

Metal Sheets Cutting

Industries dealing with production of metal sheets with various dimensions depend largely on shearing machines to cut the metal work piece as per the necessity. A shearing machine remains one of the most preferred choices among metal industries to cut work piece materials with ease.

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Equipments Available in the Market for Shearing Process

Shearing equipment is applied to cut different types of work piece materials. The commonly used shearing devices are available either with manual operation, CNC and hydraulic operation. These shearing device models are suitable for small to moderate production.

Type of Machining Process with Guillotine Shearing Equipment

Guillotine shearing device is applied to cut products accurately by making use of the embedded blade. It is suitable to carryover cutting process for bulk and customized production requisites. This tool also stays compatible to cut work piece into desired shapes.

Production Advantages with Guillotine Shear

Guillotine shear is available with hydraulic and CNC mechanism. Investors can choose CNC for large scale production and choose hydraulic for less power consumption. The hydraulic guillotine shear contains adjustable shearing angle that helps in decreasing the rate of distortion while cutting the metal sheets.

Choose Yash Machine Tools for the Perfect Shearing Component

Yash Machine Tools has been providing workshop components suitable for wide range of industrial applications. They offer different types of shearing devices for different production requirement such as hydraulic swing beam shearing, CNC swing beam shearing, hydraulic guillotine shearing and CNC Shearing. Shearing tools supplied by Yash Machine Tools are made of high grade materials and also stay reliable for long term production requirement.


Significance of QC11Y Series Hydraulic Guillotine Shearing Machine from Yash Machine Tools

QC11y series hydraulic guillotine shearing device from Yash Machine is completely stress free and equipped with 4 cutting blades; hence, can be depended on for precise cutting process. The swing away back gauge provisioned with this device suits appropriate for cutting longer metal sheets.

Significance of Adjusting the Blade Gap

The blade gap can be adjusted before working on the work piece material. This property is available in QC11Y series model in order to obtain the dimension based on adjusting the number of strokes with respect to the weight of the work piece material.


Why shearing machine from Yash Machine Tools stay ideal?

Shearing components are made as per the analysis of industrial demands. Yash Machine Tools offers customized shearing elements with the highest rate of consumer service. Similarly, when it comes to pricing, one can find reliable and durable machinery supplied at relatively lesser price at Yash Machine Tools.


Shearing machines in general are applied to cut metals rather than other types of materials. A guillotine shear stays more effective in cutting metal sheets; hence, investing on guillotine shear is a reliable option for metal sheet industries.

Does Investing on Shearing Device is an Added Advantage for Plastic Industries?

Shearing the Work Piece Add Scope to Increase Production

The process of cutting metal sheets with the help of mechanical support is called shearing.

A shearing apparatus is mainly applied to cut metal work pieces of various thicknesses in terms of sending force or stress over the material. This principle converts the material to lose strength in the cutting location and make the piece separate from the main sheet. The shearing device is applied cutting force with the help of different tools that can be fixed for precise cutting requisites. With shearing principle a range of cutting processes can be completed by specifically looking for the working principle of the machinery. For example, plate shearing device works effectively to separate metal sheets of variable thickness, hydraulic and pneumatic shearing apparatus support for increased production requirements. These devices are available with easy operation methods and hence can be preferred for industries which involve in increased production activities.

How Plastic Industries Benefit from Shearing Tools?

Shearing principle can be used to perform a range of cutting activities such as blanking, piercing, slotting, notching, slitting and many more. These applications are chosen according to the industrial requirements. Plastic industries can find resourceful advantage with shearing tool. For example,

  • Large, thick and thin strips of plastic sheets can be produced with this device.
  •  The multiple machining operations possible with shearing force stay the attractive aspect for this machinery.
  • Moreover, this cutting apparatus can be relied on for efficient working and production.
  • Maintenance is yet another easy option while investing on shearing apparatus.
  • The punch blade provisioned with this apparatus plays the key role of cutting and they are made of different materials such as alloys, steel, high chromium steel, etc.
  •  The selection of punch blade is more important while placing purchase order for this machine because the compatibility of punch blade with the work piece material is considered an important factor for flawless production.

shearing_machine_images1 shearing_machine_images2

Things to Follow While Searching for Machinery

Machinery manufacturing with accurate specifications shows the expertise of the industry. Hence, when consumers search for workshop equipments for cutting they can follow certain important tips to find the best machinery they are,

  • Searching the manufacturer who supplies exclusive workshop machinery is a good idea to find customized machine designs.
  • There is tough competence in the world market for machinery; hence, pricing stays a threatening factor in buying machinery. Choosing an Indian company that manufactures a range of cutting equipments will stay a right choice.
  • Investing in shearing device is an excellent choice for plastic industry as they can made more revenue with this long lasting machinery option.
  • Indian manufacturers produce machines with customized solutions to match different industrial needs. Pricing also remains a compromising aspect with Indian companies therefore consumers can find reliable and cost effective equipments from this country.
  • Choosing products from international markets most often end up in high price and the maintenance and spare parts supply also remains doubtful. However, Indian companies go compatible with all the basic needs for machinery supply.

Plastic industries are increasing in numbers in the due course. With the insistence made on recycling, many business people have come forward to invest on producing plastic products. Finding suitable equipment like shearing equipment will stay an excellent option for profit making also.

How to Rule Over the Metal Shaping Business with Shearing Equipments?

How Does a Shearing Process Keep Up with the Production?

Shearing Machine is very helpful to cut various sizes of metal work sheets and the cutting process has to go compatible with the thickness of the metal sheets. This machine contains two blades fixed on two sides and they are set in precise angle in accordance with the cutting or shaping requirement. Many industries find the usage of shearing process when it comes to bending or cutting or shaping the metal plates or rods. This equipment stays convenient for other purposes also such as blanking, trimming of metal sheets or rods, or plastic of paper rolls, etc. Hence, it is found to be a suitable option for trimming and roll slitting in important industrial sectors like paper, metal and plastic industries. When it comes to shaping more work pieces for wholesale or retail purpose a shearing machine will stay an economic equipment option to process with flawless production.


Does Shearing Machines Suitable for Bulky Metals?

Shearing machines are designed in terms of hydraulic and pneumatic technology to handle heavy duty manufacturing requirements. The hydraulic shearing device is considered as the best among the shearing principles for a precise cutting performance. Shearing equipments with computerized numerical control technology is many steps ahead in shearing performance and it is suitable for small and moderate production requirement. When it comes to trimming of heavy metals like thick metal sheets or plastic hydraulic trimming principle can be preferred for durability. Above all, by the application of shearing tools, the cost of man power can relatively be reduced than what had been spent for earlier. Hence, while purchasing a shearing tool, it is very important to get the consultation of the manufacturer representation in terms of explaining your production needs, dimensional specifications and type of work piece materials which will be employed.


Where Can We Find Reliable Machinery?

Work shop machineries always remain the list of attractions as there are minor machining works that can be done with low investment without much man power requirement. Investing in work shop equipments need a good research and idea about manufacturers also. Searching on the web for popular machinery manufacturers is an ideal option to know more about the types of machineries available in accordance with the dimensional specifications and production capacity. While comparing manufacturers from all over the world, Indian machinery manufacturers are offering reliable machinery models at cost effective pricing. In addition, there are certain notable advantages in searching for an Indian manufacturer or supplier of work shop machineries such as

  • Indian machinery manufacturers work with proficient machine designers who cater to design as per the international standards.

  • Online enquiry or online quote facility is available to get confirm the pricing

  • Service and maintenance aspects are absolutely flawless from Indian manufacturers and suppliers.

  • Ideal option for those who are looking for a cost effective and durable product. Find out the most reliable shearing machinery, here at –


Shearing machines and shearing tools is a profitable investment. Pertaining to the needs of steel, plastic and paper industries, buying a machine from a proficient manufacturer will fetch the investor excellent scope of business activities.

Sheet Metal Shearing, Bending and Cutting with Press Brake and Shearing Machines

Bending and shearing methods

The bending process in metals, especially sheet metals has to be carried out in a highly technical way. One of the technologies that are employed for cutting sheet metals is the sheering process which is processed in terms of applying shear stress of high force to the material. A shearing machine is one that helps to shear or cut metal sheets of different sizes and thickness. The shear strength has to be definitive in accordance with the metal portion that needs to be cut down. In general the cutting and bending processes on metal sheets are applied to obtain programmed sizes of metals pieces form the large sheets of metal. Shearing is carried out with the help of making two bladed meet gradually from the two sides of the metal sheet wherein, determining the angular specification of the blades will help in getting the desired shape of the sheet to be cut. In addition, other types of specific machines such as press brakes are also employed for shearing and bending metals for different industrial operations.

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Brake machine applications, types and uses

A press brake is a type of machine that is used for programmed bending and cutting metal sheets or any plate material. We can manage predetermined bending of metal sheets by clamping the sheet in between the die and punch. Wherein, press brakes are used for several types of sheet bending and cutting jobs with respect to the required bending dimension by selecting the right die design. Press types are also found to be very useful in obtaining desired shape of cutting and bending and maintaining accuracy in dimensions. Above all, the type of bending machine is also selected according the application process such as simplified bending works, large sheet cutting, cutting and metal fixing process, etc. Some of the popularly used press brake and shearing machinery types are

Hydraulic press brake

They consume less power and requires less maintenance. For better accuracy and quick process hydraulic press brakes will stay a perfect option

Hydraulic guillotine shearing machine

It is a super technology in metal shearing wherein, we can operate a range of shearing process with varying thickness.

CNC guillotine shearing machine

Operated by computerised numerical control technology, CNC guillotine machines for shearing are very useful for safe process of cutting with adjustment options.


CNC press brake

the principle of CNC in general provides scope for computerised monitoring and numerical control while setting the dimensions for metal with ease. CNC press brake is an innovative product the stays very effective in obtaining a reliable and economic shearing process.
To Know more about Press Brake, visit –


Be it shearing or bending, the type of machine that has to be selected should be based on the industrial requirement, thickness of the metal sheet or metal plate, possibilities of dimension adjustment, less maintenance, less power consumption, and so on. Among the several options of machines available CNC programmed machines are found to be reliable, fast processing and time saving.

Industrial Applications of Different Types of Shearing Machines

Hydraulic Swing Beam Shearing Machine

shearing_machineThis is the latest shearing machine used in market today. It is a shear model designed with high quality material providing durability for several years usage in heavy duty without any failures. Hydraulic swing retains high rigidity and can work in maximum capacity since has a strong well weld mono-block frame. This feature also helps provide a clean cut and high quality services. It can be applied where modern design, durability and sheets 6-20mm thick production is required.

Benefits of Hydraulic Swing Beam Shearing Machine

  1. Hydraulic swing workshop machine is user friendly
  2. has durable blades
  3. has a front and back sheet conveyor system
  4. easy installation and training is required
  5. ergonomic design
  6. low maintenance hence convenient
  7. no damage to the blades and machine while cutting
  8. hydraulic and electrical systems involved are simple for servicing purposes
  9. it is designed for heavy duty

Hydraulic Guillotine Shearing Machine

This workshop machine is made of high grade steel, has rugged construction as well as provides efficient performance. It is one of the machine tools with a framework structure designed for all steel welding. Its replacement is facilitated by equipping the Hydraulic Guillotine Shearing Machinery with a mobile workbench, stroke digital display and an optoelectronic protection device. Depending on the nature of processing requirements, the working pressure can be adjusted within specified ranges. Hydraulic guillotine type plate shearer has centralized button control hence easy to operate. This workshop machine is applied in industries dealing in precision sheet and plate working.

Hydraulic Guillotine Shear Machinery offers the following benefits to customers:

  1. Its steel weld frame structure possesses good stability and rigidity
  2. sheet distortion is highly reduced due to use of adjustable shearing angle
  3. has a high integrated hydraulic system hence reliable and durable
  4. rectangular blades can accommodate up to four cutting edges hence long service life
  5. uses hand wheel for accurate, fast and convenient adjusting of the gap between the blades

CNC Guillotion Shearing Machine

This is also a widely used shearing machine by customers worldwide. Like other shear machine tools, it is built with steel for increased strength and rigidity. The sheet shear equipment maintains sheet and plate precision working by having a vibratory stress relief. The applications of shearing machine depend on the processes requirements of an industry; mostly constructed for heavy duty to work in maximum capacity without failures.

Benefits enjoyed by CNC Guillotion shear model users include:

  1. safe and easy operation
  2. reduced plate deformation sue to adjustable rake angle
  3. has adopted advanced integrated hydraulic system for excellent reliability and durability
  4. hand wheel clearance of the blades increases accuracy and convenience

It is important to know the applications of shearing machine before purchasing. The obvious reasons being to avoid either under working or overworking the equipment. Specifications of each tool will always be given by the manufacturer for review so that maintenance does not become a nightmare. Benefits of using a shearing tool should be satisfying to industrial needs of the user.