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An Overview on Heavy Duty Lathe Machine

Whether you are working on a heavy project or just want to create a few small objects, a Heavy Duty Lathe Machine is the best tool for the job. These machines are strong enough to handle most projects, and they come in many different sizes, so you can find the perfect one for your needs.

What are the Features of Heavy-Duty Lathe Machine?

Heavy Duty Lathe Machine, the model is available in various versions. The machine features a high-power motor and high accuracy. It is suitable for a wide range of industries. It can be used to process metals and other materials.

It has a high precision and flexible operation. The machine is very safe and convenient to use. The machine can be supplied with coolant systems. It is also available with shafts. It also features a large variety of accessories. It can be used for a variety of materials such as stainless steel, brass, nickel and tantalum. It can also be used for linear TIG welding. It is also available with a dual rail system. It can be retrofitted or reconditioned.

WM Series Heavy Duty Lathe Machine

What are the Benefits of CNC Heavy Duty Lathe Machine?

Unlike the conventional turning lathes, a CNC heavy duty lathe machine is used to process large metal parts. Depending on the application, the bearing capacity of a CNC lathe can range from 16 to 63 tons.

The machine has a large tank of cooling lubricant to ensure the optimal performance in heavy metal processing. This machine is designed for maximum precision and reliability.

A CNC lathe machine is also a flexible machine tool that can be used to process a wide range of materials and shapes. It can process both internal and external cylindrical surfaces as well as conical surfaces. The machine also has the ability to process rotating surfaces. A CNC lathe is widely used in many industries.

A CNC lathe is a type of machine tool that can be programmed directly on the machine. It can also be operated off-line with the help of a CAD/CAM system. The machine is a reliable piece of equipment that produces precision round shapes. It is suitable for processing plate, spiral, and shaft workpieces.

Modern CNC lathes are also equipped with a second turret. The turret can accommodate up to 24 stations. These lathes can be operated by operators who have a lot of experience.

A CNC lathe can be programmed to cut dovetail slots, T-slots, and dovetail slots. It can also be used to process various types of threads. The machine can also be equipped with taper attachments and shafts.

Application of Lathe Machine

Yash Machine Tools Lathe Machine

Yash Machine Tools has released heavy duty lathe machine is capable of turning large diameter parts in an incredibly short amount of time. This machine is well suited for heavy duty applications. We also provide service support to keep your machine in tip top shape. Yash Machine Tools company also provides warranty and spare parts to ensure that your machine is always on the job. A customer service department is staffed with trained and knowledgeable employees who are available to answer your questions in person. Our company is also available for free consultations on machine selection, installation, and training. For more information, contact Yash Machine Tools today. Our products include horizontal and vertical lathes, milling machines, turning machines, and other machine tools.

In Conclusion

Heavy Duty Lathe Machines are among the most often used lathe machines because to their excellent quality and quick production. These are designed to resist the most demanding shaping tasks and are constructed of premium iron and steel. They are especially well-suited to large-volume manufacturing because to their high-performance ability to work quickly.

By providing superior quality Heavy Duty Lathe Machine, Yash Machine Tools has established itself as a leader in the sector. We provide this machine in various specifications to meet the unique demands of the clients. It was designed and created by our skilled specialists utilising premium quality raw materials and cutting-edge technology.

Heavy Duty Lathe Machine

A heavy duty lathe machine is an efficient tool for the shaping of various objects. It is user-friendly and can cast different shapes out of metal and wood. Its advanced technology makes it possible to perform challenging shaping tasks in less time and with more accuracy. It is also able to meet the bulk processing needs of many industries. Some of the outstanding features of a heavy duty lathe machine are its robust construction, ease of installation, and energy-saving features.

Features of Heavy Duty Lathe Machine 

If you’re in the market for a heavy-duty lathe machine, there are several features that you need to consider. These machines have high power, high accuracy, and high rigidity. In addition, they are safe and easy to operate. They also feature four-step less speed controls.

One of the most important features of heavy-duty lathe machines is their durability. They are designed for long service life, enabling them to provide optimal performance in large metal processing facilities. This type of machine is made from advanced technology and is energy-efficient. It can perform multiple tasks, including cutting, drilling, and finishing, and can also offer high-precision output.

Heavy Duty Lathe Machine Functions

Lathe machines can be used to make different types of parts. They can be used to make screws, gun barrels, table legs, cue sticks, and more. These machines also have a grinding function that allows you to produce a flat surface. A lathe can also be used to make crankshafts, musical instruments, and more.

The spindle of a lathe machine is driven by foot power that comes from a treadle and flywheel, or by a power source, such as an electric motor or overhead line shafts. Most modern lathe machines have an electric motor built into the headstock or hidden beneath the machine’s surface.

Heavy Duty Lathe Machine Design

A heavy duty lathe machine is an ideal solution for turning objects made of hard materials. These machines are designed with superior materials and incorporate the latest technology. These machines are mainly used in large scale woodworking and metalworking tasks. Hence, they are widely used in many industrial sectors. In this article, we will explore the characteristics of these machines.

A heavy duty lathe machine is a high-torque lathe specifically designed for heavy-duty turning tasks. The earliest lathe was developed about 3,000 years ago in Egypt. It was initially used for turning various types of weapons. The concept of rotating machinery is also traced to the Hellenistic era. The ancient artisans of Egypt and Greece used rotating machinery to create tools and implements.

Heavy Duty Lathe Machine Price

Heavy duty lathe machines come in a variety of sizes and styles. You can find a 14-foot extra heavy duty machine or an 18-foot model. Other options include a 12 feet horizontal lathe or a 10 foot all-geared machine. To find the right machine, look for the features you need.

Heavy duty lathes are commonly used in industries that produce a high volume of finished products. These machines are highly versatile and feature a low level of noise and vibration. They are also able to run continuously for long periods of time. In addition, they are made from non-corrosive raw materials. They also feature high precision output.

Importance of Heavy Duty Lathe Machine

A lathe machine is a multipurpose tool used in workshop for the shaping of solid materials. Its use is extensive in several industrial sectors, especially those in the metal shaping industry. In general, lathes consist of a headstock and tailstock mounted on a bed. A shaping tool is placed between the headstock and tailstock, and when it is turned, it pushes against the raw work piece to form it into shapes.

A heavy duty lathe machine is a good choice for turning large, unruly objects, such as metals or ceramics. Such machines are crafted with modern technology to be robust and efficient, and are perfect for large-scale production. They are also designed to produce parts efficiently, even with a limited amount of resources.

lathe machine

Manufacturers of Heavy Duty Lathe Machine

This report provides a comprehensive analysis of the market for manufacturers of heavy duty lathe machines, including an extensive country-level segmentation. This report covers detailed analysis of the industry, including historical market data, country-level forecasts, and insights from industry experts and other industry participants. Additionally, it provides an in-depth analysis of macroeconomic indicators and other governing factors. Finally, it maps the qualitative impact of these factors on the market.

Heavy duty lathe machines are widely used in various industries, including the manufacturing industry. They provide high-quality output and are highly versatile. Suitable for both small and large-scale production processes, these machines are designed to handle the toughest shaping chores. Depending on the requirements of a particular industry, they are available in standard and customized specifications.

Heavy Duty Lathe Machine

Applications of Heavy Duty Lathe Machine

A heavy duty lathe machine is an efficient tool for crafting various objects, including metal and wood. Its robust design and user-friendly features make it a useful tool for a variety of shaping tasks. With advanced technology, it is able to perform tasks faster, cleanly, and precisely. In addition, it has been specifically designed to meet the bulk processing needs of various industries. Some of its features include simple installation, robust construction, and energy-saving features.

Heavy duty lathe machines are usually built with heavy-duty cast-iron construction and a high spindle torque. They also feature an automatic lubrication system and a mechanical or electromagnetic clutch. In addition, they are equipped with a sturdy bed, hardened guide ways, and an enclosed feed box. This makes them suitable for a variety of machining jobs and increases their versatility.

Heavy Duty Lathe Machines for Different Industries

A heavy-duty lathe is an effective method for the creation of various items. The computer is built to tackle the hardest task formation in a variety of businesses and workshops. It is mainly a user-friendly tool that helps to create a range of wood or metal forms utilizing easy-to-use commands.

How Heavy-Duty Lathe Machines work?

A lathe is a machine tool that keeps the workpiece in two solid and powerful braces called centers or in a screw or faceplate that rotates. The cutting device is rigidly placed and protected in the machine frame, which is balanced against a rotating job.

Heavy Duty Lathe Machines for Different Industries

They are used to execute various metal formation activities in specific industries. Medium duty lathe machines are typically used for commercial applications including bulk metal shaping. A heavy-duty lathe is an effective tool for the production of different products of various particles.

Heavy-duty lathe machines are suited, sturdy machines to ensure a longer life and efficient operation in large-scale metal and woodwork. These state-of-the-art machines are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to ensure the highest and best service output using relatively fewer resources.

They are primarily designed for high-end lathe machining. However, this tool is also capable of performing several tasks on hard metal sheets and provides high-precision performance.

The delivered heavy-duty lathe machine is responsible for turning the workpiece on its axis for activities such as sanding, cutting, and drilling.

WM Series Extra Heavy Duty Lathe Machine

Various Heavy-duty lathe machines are being used in industries

1.Heavy-duty lathe machines:

Heavy-duty lathe machines are among the most commonly used lathe machines owing to their excellent efficiency and quick performance. It is known for metal spinning, metal processing, woodturning, and metal production in different industries, like power plants, steel plants, oil and mining, shipbuilding, repair shops, print textiles.

Features Heavy-duty lathe machines

  • Induction Flame Hardened Bed Ways
  • Induction Hardened Headstock Spindle and Tailstock Spindle
  • Gun Metal Bushing with Apron and Drum Pulley
  • Great performing roller tapper and ball bearing
  • Strong Cross-Slide, Carriage, and Equipment After

Heavy Duty Lathe Machines for Different Industries

2.Extra Heavy-duty lathe machines:

The swing of the bed for these devices ranges from 630 mm to 1600 mm based on the size. Except for this, extra heavy-duty lathe machines offer greater results and energy results relative to other lathe machines. Because of all these characteristics, it has a wide variety of functions in different industries, including shipbuilding, steel and iron plants, paper making, etc.

Features of Extra Heavy-duty Lathe machine

  • Strong efficiency;
  • Solid building
  • The raw material is specifically chosen for each item.
  • The accuracy of the machine is measured according to high precision requirements.

The lathe has been one of the very popular machine tools since its creation. The importance of a multi-purpose tool has rendered it a widely sought-after machine in sectors such as iron and steel, timber, plastics, and power plants. The effect of new technology has contributed to the development of computerized lathe machines. This technology is used to deliver quickly and efficiently& eliminates human error.

Contribution of Lathe Machine to Industry

Lathe machine is a tool used to perform various operations on a workpiece. These operations can vary from drilling, cutting and grooving to deforming, sanding, knurling, shaping, etc. The operations are executed by fixing the workpiece to the bench which supports the axial rotation of the workpiece. Some of the important uses of these machine include metalworking, glass working, wood turning and metal spinning. Since its early version these machines which was horse-powered, has evolved hugely with computerized numerical control (CNC) being one of the latest technology. These machines have revolutionized the industries since its invention and are now considered one of the most important tools in most of the modern industries. Depending on the usage, lathe machines are being designed in different forms. In this article, we will see how various lathe machines are being used in industries.


  1. Light duty lathe machines: Light duty lathe machines are fairly small in size hence they required less space as compared to other lathe machines. Due to its small size, its maximum swing over bed is limited to 20 inches or less. Light duty lathe machines are readily in wood industries for woodturning. Other uses of such machines include slotting, turning, tapering, metal spinning and similar light applications on the smaller workpiece.
  2. Medium duty lathe machines: Machines of this category are made with high grade cast iron giving extra strength to its bed. This allows medium duty lathe machine to work consistently with high precision even under high pressure. As compared to light duty machine tools, these machines provide more strength to and can be used to work on bigger workpieces.

Different Types of Lathe Machines & Their Applications

  1. Heavy duty lathe machines: Heavy duty lathe machines are one of the most widely used lathe machines because of its superior quality and fast rate of output. These are made from high-quality iron and steel and are designed to handle the toughest shaping jobs. It is considered for metal spinning, metal working, wood turning and metal fabricating in various industries including power plants, steel plants, oil and mining industries, shipbuilding factories, repair shops, paper textiles. Because of high-performance capacity to work on great speed, they are especially preferred for high volume production.
  2. Extra Heavy duty lathe machines: Depending on the type, the swing of bed for these machines varies from 630mm to 1600mm. Apart from this; extra heavy duty lathe machines provide more efficiency and better performance as compared to other lathe machines. Because of these features, it has a wide range of uses in various industries including shipbuilding, iron and steel plants, paper industry, etc.
  3. CNC lathe machines: Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) lathe machines use a computer to control tools and performing different operations on the workpiece. The computer is programmed with G-code. A custom computer program is fed into the computer containing instruction about the tasks to be performed. Through code, one can control various features of the machine such as positioning, velocity, rate, etc. Since it is a machine performing the task, human error in the process of performing operations is removed. The computer can perform the operations precisely and repeatedly at high speed. Because of its precision and reliable performance, CNC lathe machines are rapidly replacing older lathe machines in various industries including metal and plastic industries.

Conclusion: Since its invention, lathe has become one of the most essential machine tools. Its contribution as a multi-purpose equipment has made it a highly demanded machine in industries like Iron and steel, wood, plastic and power plants. Influence of modern technologies has caused the evolution of computerized lathe machines. These computerized machines offer fast and efficient performance and remove human error.

High Speed Machining – Up to What Extent Suits to Your Industry?

One great rule in the Manufacturing industry is that automation applied to an efficient operation magnifies the efficiency. High speed machining is one process that has magnified efficiency in the engineering and automation sectors and is a vital element in virtually any operation. Machining of complex and large numbers of pieces is now a success through high technology machine tools available in industry.

Lathes for Heavy Machining Requirements

Certain features are critical for heavy duty machining, as the work pieces are larger than the normal diameters. Greater load capacity is achieved with a spindle bore of 130mm and more and a sufficient bed width for the machine capacity.

  • The carriages are also sufficiently wide and there is transverse arrangement of the saddle, cross slide, and top slide.
  • The faceplates must be sufficiently wide to handle large components facing work.
  • Sufficiently powered induction motor for the spindle drive
  • Varying spindle speeds and presence of anti friction bearings.
  • Rigid tail stock and hardened sleeve as well as in built rotating centers for better stability of the machine during operation.

WM Series Heavy Duty Lathe Machine

The extra heavy-duty Pedestal type lathes are highly demanded in the heavy machining industry due to their versatility in handling large work pieces efficient machining. High-speed operation is achieved through more than 15 horse-powered motors while the spindles are dynamically balanced to produce precise machining and high quality surface finish.

Extra heavy duty lathes – Planner type is also suited for heavy industrial operations and produces a perfect finish due to high precision in application. Some important features include the hardened bed ways, hardened and ground headstock gears, high tensile hardened steel headstock and spindle. The motor output is up to 22 kilowatts for maximum power delivery.

WM Series Extra Heavy Duty Lathe Machine

Benefits of High Speed Machining

Before technology advanced to the level it is today, there was the constant worry on the safety concerns of high speed turning operations. The biggest threat was the development of the centrifugal force that develops as the speed increases. This force leads to loosening of the work piece by the chuck, which leads to mis-alignment of the tool and work piece and poor quality work.

  • With the improvements in the gripping of the work piece such as counter balancing of the chuck, this problem has been solved and you can reduce the cycle times dramatically and therefore reduced work completion times.
  • Equipment and tool set up time is also dramatically reduced due to more “user friendly” controls on the heavy duty high speed lathes.
  • The invention of harder tools such as the diamond and carbide bits, which run for longer time without wearing off, has also been of great importance.
  • Elimination of subsequent grinding operations also lowers the time taken to achieve a good finish.
  • Management of heat during the process has been achieved through the cooling pump and the coolant system hence higher efficiency achieved.

The high speed machining is now a real innovation that has been adopted in many industries due to the high efficiency derived from the process. Your machining needs have been effectively covered through this process.

Application of Lathe Machines in Manufacturing Renewable Energy Machines

Renewable energy manufacturing

As the saying goes “we did not inherit the earth from our ancestors but we borrowed it from our future children” and “a healthy environment is synonymous to a livable planet and a strong economy ”. All the world leaders, celebrities, business and nongovernmental organizations are united in fostering the development and use of renewable energy.

Wind and water are naturally occurring elements with vast amount of untapped energy.  .

Manufacture of water turbines and subsequent repair

Water wheels have long been used to generate electricity from rivers. The most common types include the Pelton, Francis, and Kaplan turbines. Their use depends on the height (head) and volume of the liquid. Their main parts include a high strength, anti corrosion rotating wheels and the outside casing that directs the water.

Manufacture of water turbines and subsequent repair

All these machines have many cylindrical parts such as shafts, axle flywheels, fastening holes and other parts. The outer casings of these machines also require a huge cylindrical bore to house the wheel.

Heavy duty lathe machines are used to face and turn materials to exact diameter and length. They also perform operations such as vertical and horizontal drilling, boring, tapering, threading bolts and fasteners, knurling and internal boring.

Use of extra heavy duty lathe

Producing these wheels from large shaft and casting is impossible without extra heavy duty lathes.  To prevent rusting, erosion by river particles and corrosion by chemicals in rivers, these turbines must be made from extra high strength materials such through hardened steel, nitrided steel and carburized iron. These materials are difficult to machine and require special extra heavy duty all geared lathes.

Extra heavy duty lathe

These all geared type machine a wide range of heavy shafts and have good surface finish. They have sturdy high strength bed machined to absolute flatness. Their tail stock and tool post are specially designed for accurate positioning and tooling.

For big hydroelectric generation, very huge lathes are required. These are custom made and are able to turn, face and bore wheels and shafts.

Advanced wind turbine production

Wind turbines contain a three large blades, low and high speed shafts, yaw drives, nacelle, a spindle and gear box.

Advanced wind turbine production

Machining of shafts, nacelle spindle, hub and other parts require the use of modern precision lathes. These parts must highly reliable and these plants operate for 20 years with minimal repairs. Geared lathes , CNC and turret types are specifically suited for their production.

Trends in the renewable energy sector production

Hydroelectric power has a gradual but progressive growth at a local and international level. With most sites for large HEP be fully exploited; medium, small, mini and micro hydro plants are being installed. These are not labor and capital intensive and require less specialized machine tools.

Trends in the renewable energy sector production

Off shore and inland wind farms are being installed in areas with good wind profiles and their global utilization shows a stable rise from 1990. Exploitation at low scale is limited to remote villages.

5 Significant Innovations Made in CNC Lathe

Why CNC lathe is considered a high end model for machining?

A lathe machine embedded with Computer numerical control is found to be the high end model for its superior functionality and efficiency.

List of five significant features

  1. Running Speed

CNC lathe is known for its speed of machining as it can work on many number of work piece materials within short period of time. Conventional lathe equipment works relatively lesser than CNC.

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  1. High Performance

Increasing the performance of lathe while it is in operation condition is very easy with CNC lathe machines. It is convenient to set the tooling option quickly and we can find several innovations added to the machine functionality from time to time because CNC is adaptable to technical adventures.

  1. Meticulousness

One of the main attractions in CNC lathe is the precision obtained in machining. Every time before the machine is operated it is very convenient to set the cutting dimension. The specifications are fed in the computer and the operation will take place automatically considering the commands fed.

  1. Saves Labour Cost

Traditional or semi automatic lathe equipments need the support of labour in terms of operating the machine and in setting the work piece one by one. A CNC lathe on the other hand does not require much manual support other than monitoring the operations in computer.

  1. Time Saving

The operator working with CNC lathe will be able to reduce wastage of materials because precision of machining is a guaranteed feature in this machine.

Plethora of lathe devices offered by Yash Machine Tools   

Yash Machine Tools supplies machining tools to several engineering industries. As far as lathe is concerned, they supply light duty, heavy duty, medium duty and extra heavy duty lathe machines.


Find out the significance of Light Duty Lathe

For better surface finish and different turning requisites a light duty lathe is the right tooling option. This device is equipped with a light lathe bed and big spindle bore to turn the work piece to different positions.

How Medium Duty Lathe works effectively for Engineering Industries?

It is a comfortable device designed to bring more efficiency in operating it. Equipped with stress relieved bed and induction hardened guide ways this type of lathe suits for long term operational needs.


Significant Benefits of Heavy duty Lathe

It has a powerful spindle design that helps to obtain excellent machining performance. The enclosed feed box is yet another attraction that stays compatible for different thread machining operations.

Know about the features in Extra Heavy Duty Lathe

This model is provided with dynamically balanced spindle. The presence of lead screw keeps the machine components free from dust and paves way for safe operation environment.

Find out the reliable reasons to choose lathe device from Yash Machine Tools

Yash Machine has a wide collection of lathe equipments. They also supply top imported lathe models at affordable cost.


A lathe device is the most common workshop machinery found in engineering industries. A CNC lathe is the latest preferred lathe machine as it has many innovative features that help for better machining at moderate investment.

How Heavy Duty Lathe Machines Support Paper and Mining Industries?

Industrial Implications of Lathe Machines

Machining process varies according to the desired type of conversion of the work piece to a finished product. Among the types of workshop machinery available, a lathe machine is widely applied for a range of machining functionalities such as turning, tapering, shaping, threading and cutting of different materials like wood, metal, plastic, etc. Hence, it can be found in many industrial sectors starting from power plants, to mining, ship building and many more, the presence of a lathe machine makes more impact because such industrial sectors require turning, knurling and tapering process to be done for some machining parts which can be done with precision only with the help of a lathe machine. Some important significances of lathe device are

  • Depending on the intensity of the work load and the quantity of the work piece material, a lathe machine can be chosen such as light duty lathe for small industries where the work material would relatively be less, and medium and heavy duty for large scale industries.

  • CNC lathes are absolutely embedded with computerized and automatic functioning capacity where lathing operations can be performed depending on the data the operate feeds into the computer.


How Lathe Machines Support Paper Industry?

Heavy duty lathe machine is found to be highly supportive in paper industries. Large paper mills and bulk production of paper related products like paper plates require the assistance of lathe machines. For example, lathe machine is applied to taper and turning of work piece to the desired shape and dimension, large rolls of papers are manufactured and trimmed or tapered with the help of heavy duty lathe machine. Wherein, with tapering process, the corners of the paper rolls are finely trimmed to obtain the correct dimension on both sides. In addition, while making profiles a lathe device is found to be very supportive in turning the rolls to get the correct profile of paper. Apart from that lathes are considered as perfection option to assist engraving and printing process of paper currency, tapering of paper plates in bulk, etc.

Lathe Machine in Mining Industries

Drilling is one of the important processes in mining industries. Miners use heavy materials to drill into the underground and identify the deposits, so that they can organize the piping process to reach the surface that is drilled. Drills are frequently depended upon by minors, and the role of lathe starts in tapering and knurling the drilling tools as and when required. These tools have to be maintained to obtain a flawless drilling process. Wherein, knurling is the process in which the work piece is set in the lathe to get the desired carvings or knurls for easy drilling. Thus heavy duty lathe is found to be very compassionate in core mining process in terms of drilling tools’ maintenance. Check out the best range of all geared lathe machines, here at –



Investing in a heavy duty lathe device is sure to give considerable profit for the money. With the presence of lathe apart from tapering or knurling process, turning for tapering process can also be done with lathe. In this way, lathes are found to be very useful to make the core process run without any hindrance. Apart from that with the help of lathe functionalities, precision of work is guaranteed for sure.

History of Lathe from Beginning of Machine Tool Invention

LATHE – Longitudinal Axis Tool Holding Equipment

Lathe – Introduction

DMTG Extra Heavy Duty LatheLathe is a machine widely used for wood works and machining of metal parts. Lathe is a machine which turns the work piece against a machine tool. The Lathe is used for facing, turning, knurling, taper cutting, threading, gear cutting and many other metal and wood works.

History of Lathe

Lathe is a very ancient tool and its first use dates back to 1300 BC in Egypt. Lathe was also known and used in Assyria and Greece. Ancient Romans came to know about this machine and they further developed this machine. During the medieval period, the use of this machine had spread to most parts of Europe and it was during the Industrial revolution when this machine gained popularity with its use in all the industries. After the development of electronics, automated lathes have been developed.

Evolution of Lathe

The first lathe was a simple lathe which was is now referred to as two person lathe. One person would turn the wood work piece using rope and the other person would shape the work piece using a sharp tool. This design was improved by Ancient Romans who added a turning bow which eased the wood work. Later a pedal (as in manual sewing machines) was used for rotating the work piece. This type of lathe is called “spring pole” lathe which was used till the early decades of the 20th century. In 1772, a horse-powered boring machine was installed which was used for making canons. During the Industrial revolution, steam engines and water wheels were attached to the lathe to turn the work piece at higher speed which made the work faster and easier. After 1950, many new designs were made which improved the precision of work.

Lathes are classified depending upon their application and functionality as

Light duty lathe – These machines find their application in automobile, electronic, electrical industries and are manufactured from quality tested raw materials.

Medium duty lathe – These machines are powerful than the light duty lathes and can work on bigger work pieces and have more strength than the light duty lathes. Click Here to get more information on medium duty lathe machine.

Heavy duty late – These machines are manufactured from highest grades of materials like iron and steel. They are designed for high precision heavy duty operations.

All geared lathe – In all geared lathe, all the rotating components of the machine are driven by the same source at different speeds by using gears to perform various operations.

Imported lathe – Imported lathes are high quality lathes used for high precision operations.

Depending upon the modes of operation, the lathes can be classified as

Manual lathe – In these lathes, the tool handling is done manually and so the precision of work also depends upon the skill of the person handling the machine.

CNC Lathe – CNC lathes are completely automated lathes. We just have to feed the instructions into the computer and the lathe will perform the operations according to the data fed to the computer.

Benefits of Advanced Lathe

With the development of electronics and automation engineering, advanced computer controlled lathes have been developed. The advanced lathes have many benefits over the conventional lathes. In conventional lathes, the lathe operator checks the dimensions regularly to get perfect precision and the time taken to complete the work is more for high precision works. This is very important because if he removes excess metal from the work piece, the whole work piece will be a waste which will result in loss of money and time. In automated CNC lathes, the feedback system continuously monitors the dimensions and so they complete the operation in a short time with high accuracy. The loss is minimal in automated lathes; they are much faster and more efficient in terms of accuracy.

How the Evolution of Lathe has Benefited Major Industries

The lathe can be rightly called the earliest form of the mother working machine. It has been evolved in such a way that most of its circular parts are processed to make horizontal or longitudinal movements while the rotating piece is fixed on its chuck to change its appearance and shape with minimal wastage. It has been redesigned to make it a very practical product by lathe manufacturers. Over decades, the advanced CNC lathe processing equipment has replaced traditional lathes while the production efficiency has doubled and parts processing has greatly improved being a major part and indicator of national modernization.


Lathe is a very important machine in engineering which is used in most of the fields. They are used for Diamond turning, ornamental turning, metal spinning, glass working, thermal spraying and many other operations. Lathe work is found in most of the products which we use in our day to day life. Lathe will remain as an important machine at all times

How to Maintain Your Lathe Machine for Long Lasting Performance?

Lathes are the popular tools used in workshops. These can efficiently shape harder objects like wood, metals, plastics, glass etc. The earlier lathes were simple manual operated machines that were capable of forming only cylindrical components. But the modern machines are designed with advanced technologies and are much efficient devices which can be used to perform an entire range of operations required to produce custom shapes out of the harder objects. Cutting, sanding, drilling, knurling and custom formation of the objects are some of the important tasks which can be performed with these modern devices by rotation on the axis for production of axis symmetrical objects which come handy for applications in several industries.

DMTG Flat Bed CNC LatheLathe machines of different kinds are employed today in the industrial processes. These include machineries like all geared lathe machine tools, CNC lathes, turning lathes, heavy duty lathes, light duty and medium duty lathe machines for the choicest selection of the manufacturers. Hence it is easy to buy lathe machine for customized applications in the modern world. However efficient the machine is, it requires care and proper maintenance in order to derive an efficient or optimum performance from it.

Following are a few things which every individual should take care, for obtaining optimum performance from their lathes for a longer period of time.

Maintenance of the lathe machine whether a light duty lathe machine or heavy duty lathe requires heavy duty lathetaking some preventive measures which can help in better performance of the machine during the next operation to be carried out while giving it a longer working life. Today’s machines are equipped with advanced technologies and most of them are manufactured in accordance to the industrial standards. Most of these industrial machines are designed for continuous operations and can be operated round the clock when maintained properly with correct preventive measures taken on a regular basis.

The industrial lathe machines are heavily prone to factors like rusting due to working conditions filled with dust, dirt and moisture. Hence proper and regular lubrication enables smoother and proper operation with the machine. The machine should be checked properly for any kind of defects like improper fittings, nuts or bolts, worn out components or any other condition of the machine which can result in its breakdown while operating. Improper lubrication of the machine or loose fitted nuts or bolts can cause excessive wear and tear of the machine while creating dangerous operating conditions. It would be much better if the lubricant is changed on a frequent basis if working in much harmful and dust prone conditions. The ways present on the lathe are precise grounding surfaces which should be maintained very clean and dirt free. Before actually employing the machine for work it is advisable to check out if there are any missing parts or any broken or damaged components like shear pins within it.

Working conditions should always be kept in mind while using the machine. In hotter work environments care should be taken so that the machine does not get overheated nor there is any damage to the seals. It would be a good practice to operate the machine at lower speeds while employing the machine in colder work environments.

Added, the operators of the lathe should be provided with knowledge of best practice of working with the lathes. They should be aware of the safety hazards related with usage of lathe and necessary precautions to be taken to avoid these hazards. This will ensure a safer and secure operation with lathe machine. Click here to learn more about Lathe Machine.