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Important Machine Tools & Their Applications

With rising technological development, companies need various machine tools and equipment to meet rising demands. If you are into the manufacturing business, you should know which machine tools are used in the industry to ensure that your products are keeping up with the market trends and save time and money in the production process. Learn about the various machine tools and their applications to make an informed choice.

Top 5 Machine Tools & Their Applications!

Degree Cutting Bandsaw

Degree cutting bandsaw helps to cut a variety of materials. The versatility of the bandsaw enables the businesses to give hard materials the desired shape and structure. The best thing about a degree cutting bandsaw is that it caters to a wide range of material. Moreover, they are equipped with many accessories to help businesses cater to a variety of projects with efficiency.


With a bandsaw, you can focus on creativity and accuracy. Depending on the flexibility of the degree cutting bandsaw, you can use this tool in industries such as wood, steel, automotive, construction, and several other industries.

Sheet Folding Machine

Sheet folding machines assist you in curving and folding different materials to achieve the desired outcome. In the metal industry, manufacturers are required to bend metal sheets at an angle to achieve the desired result. Sheet folding machines uses tension and compression to create a sophisticated product. Additionally, the machine enables the manufacturers to set-up multiple parts that are otherwise hard to work with.


Sheet folding machines offer businesses an innovative opportunity to mold the raw materials into sophisticated products as per their needs. These machines are popular since they can be customized with different accessories and cater to the needs of various industries.

Pipe Bending Machine

Pipe bending machines help in bending pipes and tubes of different materials. Industries such as automotive, plumbing, architecture, and others consistently use the pipe bending machine for curving pipes and other industrial purposes. Whether you are working on bending a small piece of pipe or a large one, this equipment works perfectly without using any high-level energy or force. If you are looking for an ergonomic solution for bending hard material pipes such as steel, aluminium, or others, then a pipe bending machine is the ideal solution.


Surface Grinding Machine

A surface grinding machine is an equipment that helps to produce a smooth finish on metallic or nonmetallic materials. Often times, surfaces such as steel, aluminium, granite, and others require an even finish and include removing excess material. The even finish material is then polished to achieve the desired outcome.

The surface grinding machine helps manufacturers achieve dimension and high-surface quality. Surface grinding machine is compatible with various materials you can expect an incredible degree of precision. You will find that surface grinder is available in automatic and semi-automatic versions to meet all your finishing needs.

Hydraulic Press Machine

The hydraulic press machine is the staple of the manufacturing industry. With the advent of this versatile tool, you can turn metallic objects into sheets of metals. You can use the machine for sheet manufacturing, deep drawing, punching, forming, molding, and others.


If you are looking for a reliable and cost-effective solution to help you mold the most complex parts, a hydraulic press machine is an ideal solution for your business.

The Final Word

While these machines have found widespread use in almost every industry vertical, it helps to learn whether they are suitable for your business. To ensure that you make the right decision, you can consult with an industry expert. They have the knowledge and the expertise to guide you through the process and suggest an appropriate solution.


Innovative Machines for Various Industrial Processes

Folding Machine

The folding machine is mainly used to fold paper which is either done by a knife or a buckle. The buckle works by pushing the paper at a high speed the paper is gripped and moves through the machine thereby been folded. The machine is designed to achieve high output with minimal human input required, thus efficiency is achieved.

folding machine

The knife in the folding machine normally works by placing the paper between two rollers. Since the knife is not usually sharp enough to cut the paper, it just creates creases along the paper where the required folds are. These particular machines are mostly preferred for making maps and other thick paper.

Border Machine

Border Machine

The border machine is used to create borders along a work piece. In some cases, the machine can also be used to put additional decorative materials on a work piece for instance ribbons. The border machine is also used to join several layers of fabrics. The border machine can do continuous straight sewing, zipper installation, production of fabric handles and many other innovative processes. In development, efficiency considerations have been made such as ease of calibration, low maintenance, energy saving, robust and has great workmanship which translates easy operation.

Mini Milling Machine

Mini Milling Machine

The mini milling machine uses a milling cutter to remove the material from the surface of a work piece. The milling machine usually has several cutting points so that the tool will cut the material continuously in an inward and outward manner. As the process goes on the unwanted material or the chips are shoved off from the work piece. Various models have been developed that are efficient and designed to suit your scale of production.

Tube Notcher

Tube Notcher

The tube notcher works by joining light gauge tubes so as to produce similar joints or a tee. This is similar to what happens in welding.  Before the assembly of the products is done, either one or both of the tubes may be notched by the machine. This process is commonly used in the manufacturing of frames for the bicycles.

The machine allows for easy joining and welding of tubs at various angles. It is constructed in innovative design that includes manual, hole saw, abrasive and eccentric mill designs. The tube capacity varies depending on the machine capability and motored abrasive notchers have also been developed.

Drill Bit Grinder

Drill Bit Grinder

This drill bit grinder is used in sharpening milling cutters and is very versatile. It is manufactured with high quality and strength material such as high speed steel, cobalt or carbide to ensure efficient grinding operations. It has a totally enclosed motor, made of hardened and ground slide rails. The housing is made to ensure no dust ingress during grinding.

Portable CNC Cutting Machine

Portable CNC Cutting Machine

This portable CNC cutting machine normally cuts through materials that are electrically conductive. Typical materials that are involved include steel, aluminum, brass and copper. This machine has been used since the 1960’s and is very productive in cutting sheet metal. It is also cleaner and more accurate since there are no metal chips to shove off.

Fold Sheet Metal and Other Products Effectively Using the Robust and Specially Designed Folding Machines

The highly quality designed folding machine stand for power, accuracy, speed, smooth operation and flexibility. With the incorporation of the latest technology folding machines are efficient and capable of folding large metal sheet components. Folding machine has unique range of features which includes: robust, efficient performance, durable and maintenance free. Having folding machines in folding sheet metals and other product is of great significant to industrial operations.

Main Features of Manual Folding Machines

The folding machines are of unparalleled quality assurance and hassle free performance. They are readily affordable, corrosion resistant, easy to operate, cost effective and reliable sourced from certified manufactures.

Easily adjustable top beam and swing beam that is able to suit several gauges of different metal sheet materials. It allows free movements as the top beam is able to moves backward in folding different thickness and also the enabling pre folded materials in producing large radius when necessary.

The machines are very versatile with unique designs and mounted on suitable fabrication such as proper height that ensures ease operations, wider stand base that enhances stability and flexible upper and lower beam that ensures ease operation and moves smoothly with a lot of efficiency.


Applications of Manual Folding machine

The manual folding machines are excellent designed for manual operation in the metal sheet industries. It is applied in the various industries such as: folding metal sheets industries, workshops, tool rooms and engineering workshops.

Main Features of the Electric Folding Machine

Electric folding has a main special unique feature that increases the production such as continuous feeders which are unstoppable that ensures high efficiency that greatly improves input and maximizes on the productivity.

It contains electric controller system that regulates high speed with advanced reliability. It also have touchable screen that visualizes all the functioning operations making them easier in facilitating smooth functions that ensures increases in the productivity as well as decreasing operating errors.

Applications of Electric Folding Machine

The electricity folding machine is overwhelmed applied in the metal sheet industries, metal sheet workshops, engineering constructions sites among many others.


Use of Folding Machines in Sheet Metal Production Industries

The folding machine are very suitable and are in immense demand globally for their latest technology advances and adjustable light design, economical use, affordable, cost effective, less maintenance cost, easy to operate, accuracy, ease operation with smooth functioning, and overwhelming efficiencies. They are the most perfect and effective metal production industries due to the following outstanding features such as: easy operation, precision and save time and this resulted to increase in profit and maximizes on productivity.

Safety and Ergonomic Features of Using Sheet Metal Folding Machine as Compared to other Folding Methods

The folding machines are effective in ensuring the safety of the users compared to other folding methods.  The sensors laser devices add safety to the operators during the metal sheet folding formations. The slitter stop ensures smooth movement of process and automatically stops in case of the any interruption. They are supplied with emergency foot pedals. The bending beam only works when is in the right position. Further more information visit at


Metal sheet folding machines have greatly improved and maximized production in the folding metal sheet industries globally due to its unique features as well as design that have ensures smooth and efficient operational leading to capitalization of profits. The folding machines have outstanding features such as: easy to operate, low energy consumption, up and lower movement is adjustable, cost effective, fine quality, durable, corrosion resistant among many others.