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How to Make a Tube Notcher?

The precision pipe notcher is a high-quality tool that works with an electric drill press. It can be used for both straight and compound notch angles and works with a variety of round cutters. The tubing notcher works with milling and hole saw bits. It is sturdy and comes with a steel frame to prevent damage. You can use the machine to cut different sizes of tubing and pipes. Then, just add an extra bit to get the job done.

The basic technique for a tube notch is to lay up the tube and mark the centerline and intersection points. The more accurate your marks are, the better your notch will fit. A negative angle of two to three degrees is good, depending on the curve you are trying to cut. For a tight curve, the angle is greater. The centerline should be parallel to the notch centerline. A centerline Finder will help you find the centerline.

The basic way to make a tube notch starts with laying up the tube and marking the intersection points and centerline. The centerline of the tube should be marked as well as the point where the two intersect. The more accurate the marks, the better the notch will fit. Always mark on the obtuse angle side, so you can use a Centerline Finder to help with your measurement. When you have marked the centerline, you are ready to start notching the tube.

Tube Notcher

When notching tubes, a notching machine is the best choice. Notching machines are used to cut tubing in a square shape. This allows you to visualize the right angle for the notch. A negative angle means a notch will fit tightly, while a 0 degree angle indicates a gap between the tubes. A tube notcher should also be sharp enough to protect the operator’s hands from any abrasive material.

To make a tube notch, you should lay the tube in a flat position. You should temporarily secure the tube to avoid any accidents. You should also mark the centerline and intersection points before notching. An accurate notch will fit properly and fit the tube as closely as possible. For a more accurate notch, you should use a Centerline Finder to ensure that it is not too narrow or too wide. If the angle is too narrow, the notch will be too long.

The basic tube notch can be made by laying up the tube in a horizontal position and marking the centerline and intersecting points. This is an important step in notching, and a more precise mark will ensure that the notch fits perfectly. Whether the tube is joined with a pipe, a notching machine will provide the perfect notch. Yash Machine Tools offers the perfect choice for your needs!

Tube Notcher Specification

Make Tube Notches, End Notches and Other Pipe Notches Using Tube Notching Machine

Great value production efficiency for maximum returns using quality unparalleled tube notching machine and increase the production input. The higher quality standards performing tube notching machines are exceptional as they are manufactured with the incorporation of the latest technology and meet the international set guidelines and regulations’. They developed by experienced professionals. The machines are used in making tube notching, end notching and side notching.

Tube and Pipe Notching Process and Its Applications in Pipe Fitting and Forming Joints in Tubes

Notching is a process of cutting metal. The raw materials for notching process includes: aluminum, stainless steel, pipes, tubes and extruder among many others. Notching takes several forms and shapes as they are processed depending on the client needs and the raw materials to be used.


The tube and pipe notching are often performed before the tubes are joined together to form a similar joint. End notch is the process of forming a cut at the end of the tube in creating a shape that will match to existing tube. Side notch is process of opening cut into the side of the tube in creating a bending or a joint.They are applied in the following areas: irrigation, pipes for industrial plants and tubes jointing.

Unique Features of Tube Notching Machine

Some of the salient features of tube notching machine includes: easy to operate, no cutting oil required, corrosion resistance and accurate angle cut guaranteed.

The machine life is much longer with less maintenance cost as they are professionally designed with the user convenience at heart.

They are of high quality with proper profile that matches with different tubes with ease and this resulted to reduction in time wastage as well as wastage.


Applications of the tube notching machine

They are applied in the following areas: coping round tubes or pipes together, handrails, and furniture industries, gates, electrical appliances, stores displays equipment, gymnasium equipment baby strollers, hospital equipment and chemical plant – petrochemical plants.

Types of Tube Notching Machines and their Differences

The tube notching machines are aesthetically designed and highly precision engineered for ensuring quality, functionality and long life services. They are internationally tested and accredited for quality standards and includes: oil seal notching machine highly used by the oil manufactures in ensuring hassle free with durable service.

Hydraulic notching machine which is used for different desirable angles as it cut angle from the end edge of the blade.

Notch broaching machine is robust designed with salient a feature that enables it to cut notches accurately. The machine is simple to operate, durable and cuts notches to desired presentable standards.


Standard notching machine that permit notching at fixed angle of 90 degrees. It also guarantees a clean cut with accuracy.

Use of Notching Machines in Mass Production of Tubular Structures

The notching machines are widely used in the bike frames fabrication process, tables with tubes stand, building construction, automotive (seat frames, stabilizes, exhaust), cycle, motorcycle frames, irrigation systems, boilers tubes, material handling equipment and refrigeration pipes. Further more information about tube notches, end notches and other pipe notches using Tube Notching Machine, visit –


The notching machines are widely appreciated of exceptional efficiency, longer services life, easy to operate, cost effective, less maintenance cost, proper profile matching with different tubes and notches, quality and durable in functionality. They are various types of quality standard notching machine available in the market such as pipe and tube notching machine, Hydraulic notching machine and Standard notching machine among many others. Its application includes: furniture such as beds, buildings constructions, electrical appliances, stores displays equipment, gymnasium equipment baby strollers, and hospital equipment among many others.