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What You Should Know About a Power Press?

Whether you own or are just looking into getting a power press, there are several things that you should know about it before using it. This article discusses the various functions of a power press, as well as safety rules to follow when working with a power press.

What are Safety Rules for Power Press Machine?

There are safety rules for power press employees to protect them. The rule states that an employer must establish a systematic schedule for performing inspections and testing of the safety system on the power press. These inspections and tests will inform employees of the safety of the equipment and help the employer identify when repairs or maintenance are needed.

The rule also requires that all elements of the press be included in the safety system. This includes the single-stroke mechanism, the controls, and the interfaces with the environment.

The rule also requires that an employer perform necessary maintenance on the press before it is used. These maintenance steps are important because improper maintenance can result in unsafe conditions. In addition, the rule states that an employer must train its operators to follow the proper procedures for operating the machine.

The rule also requires an employer to perform a maintenance test of the anti-repeat feature on a weekly basis. The test must be performed to ensure that the machine has the features necessary to avoid the dreaded repeat.

What are The Functions of a Power Press?

Various types of power presses are available in the market. These are used for a variety of applications. They have various advantages over other types of presses. They are user-friendly, robust, and versatile.

Power presses can be either mechanical or hydraulic. These machines are used for many industrial applications. They can perform different functions, including straightening, cutting, bending, and punching metal sheets.

Before selecting a press, it is important to determine the size of the worktable and the tonnage of the material. These parameters will determine the capacity of the press. If the wrong choice is made, it can result in a lower efficiency and an unnecessary investment in the equipment.

The working principle of a power press should be explained to all those who will be responsible for its operation. The operator of the press inserts two or more layers of sheet metal into the machine.

The power press has a rotating flywheel. The flywheel is similar to the crankshaft in automobiles. It is the main component of the machine. It rotates when the motor is on. It stores energy to be used for forming metal. It also works as an energy storehouse for the ram.

The flywheel is joined with the crankshaft by a flywheel clutch. The flywheel is also connected to the motor by V belts.

In Conclusion

A power press is an industrial machine that is designed to press, cut or form large metal pieces. Using a mechanical power press is a crucial part of an industrial manufacturer’s manufacturing process. They are used for a variety of purposes including cutting, forming and stamping materials. It’s important to keep these tools properly maintained to prevent serious injury.

Types of Sheet Metal Machines

Using a sheet metal machine for your construction projects can be a good idea if you are looking to make your project look nicer. Using a machine is also a great way to cut down on costs and get a faster turnaround time on projects. There are a variety of different types of sheet metal machines that you can use to cut and bend your metal. You can find a machine for cutting, shearing, bending, and even folding your metal.

Why Use Shearing Machines for Sheet Metal?

Typically, shearing is a very common process in metal fabrication shops. It is used to quickly remove unwanted material from a sheet metal piece. This technique does not burn the material and also produces a very minimal kerf. It is not difficult to set up.

There are many different types of shearing machines. Different types have different working principles.

Typically, the shearing machine uses the cutting edge of a tool to cut a piece of metal to specifications. The rake angle is one of the most important parameters that can be adjusted. Using the right rake angle can help prevent metal twisting. It can also help reduce the distortion of sheet metal.

What is the Use of Sheet Metal Brakes?

Using a sheet metal machine can be dangerous if you don’t know how to use it. Brakes on sheet metal machines are used to bend metal workpieces into a die. It may be an automatic system or a manual process.

There are many different types of sheet metal brakes on the market. The best one for your needs depends on the type of bend you want to make. For example, if you are forming a pan, you may want to invest in a finger brake.

The name comes from the Middle English verb to bend. Brakes on sheet metal machines are usually used to bend panels.

Wide Range of Sheet Metal Machine

What are Folding Machines for Sheet Metals?

Several manufacturers manufacture folding machines for sheet metal. These machines are used for a variety of different applications. Some sheet metal folding machines are used to bend thick sheets while others are used for small scale work.

Folding machines are extremely fast and accurate. They can create hems and other edge geometries. They are also very reliable. Some machines have an automatic clamping system. They are efficient and user friendly. They are ideal for production. They can also be customized for customer requirements.

A folding machine is a crucial tool for sheet metal fabrication. The machine works by forming the sheet metal at an angle through compression and tension. The material is positioned on a backgauge table and clamped with the tool.

Sheet Folding Machine

Swaging Machines for Sheet Metal Shaping

Using swaging machines, you can shape metals into the shape you want. This can include reducing the size of tube, rod or hose, or tapering or forming shapes on sheet metal. The process can also be used to attach fittings to cable or pipe.

A swaging machine uses a variety of different dies, which are placed in a cage. The cage is mounted on a spindle. The spindle is rotated by a motor. The dies are then pushed together by a series of rollers. The rollers are larger than the cage.

The rotary swaging process is also known as radial swaging. It is commonly used to reduce the diameter of a tube or to impart internal shapes inside a hollow workpiece. Rotary swaging can also be used to produce tapered ends. It uses two or four dies.

The Bottom Line

Sheet metal may be cut, pressed, bent, and formed into a variety of forms and sizes using a sheet metal machine. With the use of these sheet metal machines, a variety of operations, including bending, ironing, cutting, perforating, deep drawing, spinning, roll forming, stamping, press brake forming, rolling, and wheeling, may be completed quickly, conveniently, and efficiently. Additionally, a variety of technologies, including hydraulic presses, CNC control machines, CNC synchronous machines, NC control machines, and guillotine machines, can be used to run sheet metal machines.

All About Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine

Whether you’re looking to buy a new hydraulic pipe bending machine or you’re reworking a hydraulic pipe bender you’ll need to have a clear understanding of the different components. Read on to learn about some of the most common tasks a pipe bender can be used for and the types of benders you’ll find on the market today.

What are the Common Tasks Where a Pipe Bender is Used?

Whether you are a professional or hobbyist, a pipe bender can make your work easier. However, you must understand how to use them properly to achieve the best results.

There are different types of pipe benders, ranging from general hand benders to heavy duty industrial machines. The best tool for your job depends on the type of pipe you need to bend. It should also be easy to use and able to do the job in a short amount of time.

If you’re new to pipe bending, you may not know exactly which bender is right for you. A good place to start is by learning the basics. You can then decide if you need to buy a specialized bender or if you can bend the pipe on your own.

One of the more common tasks where a pipe bender is useful is bending a thin tube. While a bent tube might look nice, it could damage the wires inside.

Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine

What are the Different Types of Pipe Benders?

Among the different types of pipes bending equipment, hydraulic pipe benders have a high degree of versatility. They can bend large, metal pipes to precise angles. They are also suitable for bending conduits and tubing. These machines are useful in various applications such as manufacturing and automotive repair. They can be used for bending metal, aluminium, steel, and iron pipes.

In addition to bending pipes, hydraulic pipe benders are also used for bending bars and other metal objects. They are also popular among tradesmen. They can be manually powered or they can be driven by a hydraulic pump. The hydraulic piston used in these machines generates a high degree of pressure on the pipe.

These benders can be used to bend large pipes or they can be operated manually. They are generally made for the electrical and plumbing industries. They can be used to bend metal pipes, aluminum pipes, and conduits. These machines are available in a variety of sizes.

Proper Mandrel for a Hydraulic Pipe Bender

Choosing the right mandrel for hydraulic pipe bender can ensure that the bending process is done properly. When using a mandrel, the tubing is supported inside the pipe, preventing the tubing from collapsing or flattening.

The material used to make mandrels depends on the requirements of the bending process. The material used to make mandrels can be made from different metals. For example, steel and aluminium alloys are commonly used for the construction of mandrels. Stainless steel and austenitic stainless steel are cold-bendable per ASME Code.

The diameter of the mandrel should be slightly larger than the diameter of the tube. A mandrel that is too small can cause wrinkling and damage to the tube. This is due to the fact that the tube is pushed over the mandrel.

There are several types of mandrels. The most common is the ball mandrel. It is a flexible tool that uses conjoined ball-like disks to form an additional support during bending.

Maintenance of a Hydraulic Pipe Bender

Using a hydraulic pipe bender can be a beneficial way to perform various pipe bends. However, it is important to check and maintain the machine on a regular basis in order to ensure its efficiency and safety.

When using a hydraulic pipe bender, it is important to maintain it in a clean and dry environment. It is also important to clean the interface between the pipe and the hydraulic system. This is so that there is no contaminant or sediment present in the oil.

Before starting up the pipe bender, the oil in the system must be drained and cleaned. It is important to use a low-viscosity lubricant. This type of oil will also minimize energy consumption. The temperature of the oil should be significantly cooler than that of the input side.

In Conclusion

A hydraulic pipe bender uses hydraulic pressure to bend metal pipes. The device is also commonly used in automotive repair. Besides bending, the pipe bender can also be used to perform bar bending and pipe fittings.

Sheet Metal Machine and its Advantages

Sheet Metal Machines are generally used in various industrial sectors and applications. Several kinds of machinery are readily available such as CNC machines, pillar press, punch press, hydraulic, conveyor, disc type, and belt press. Some varieties run on electrical motors and are known as ‘automatic machines’ such as lathe, saw, and reciprocating saw. In addition to this, some varieties use steam pressure and are called ‘hydraulics’ such as annealing and forging press.

For various industrial applications, Sheet Metal Machines are designed to ensure the quality of products and meet exact requirements. To make heavy-duty and long-lasting products, experience and expertise are required in using various tools and power presses. It is necessary to invest in an excellent Sheet Metal Machine that can be used for heavy-duty work. You need a powerful power press to ensure smooth processing and accurate results.

Types of Bending by Sheet Metal Machine

A large variety of bending types is available in a Sheet Metal Machine and these include slanted edge, flat edge, embossed edge, lapped edge, beveled edge, rounded edge, perforated edge, slanted, and mitered edge, etc. These various types of bending allow different shapes and sizes of manufactured objects. The bending types also allow the users to produce the products according to the requirements.

Sheet Folding Machine

Advantages of Sheet Metal Machine

There are many advantages of using a Sheet Metal Machine. For instance, the process of making cans, bottles, jars, racks, and other such objects becomes fast and less costly. Apart from that, the products made by the Sheet Metal Machines are strong and durable. In addition to this, sheet metal machines help in increasing production efficiency.

Many manufacturers produce various types of sheet metal machines. For instance, some specialize in producing cans and bottles. One can purchase any type of machine that suits his requirements. While purchasing the equipment from the manufacturer, it is important to check the product quality and check with the customer services about the after-sales service and after the warranty period. Moreover, one should look for clear instructions and manuals that tell the user how to operate the machine and the steps to be taken in maintenance.

Where to Buy Sheet Metal Machine?

If you want to buy a Sheet Metal Machine, you can search on the internet and compare the rates and features of various types of machines. You can also purchase a new machine at optimum cost from a well-known manufacturer Yash Machine Tools a reputed company that offers excellent services.

Which Kind of Stitching Is Best With Bordering Machine?

Bordering machine is mainly used for border variety of functions such as quilting, bedding, etc. It is extremely suitable in numerous industries particularly in the manufacturing sector where edge and biding processes are vital to give precise finishing to manufactured articles. Although there may be several types of machinery to perform, edge or bordering processes, however, this is specially designed to work by the fixed frame to give the intended result. This machine is used in many of the following applications and so, it is essential to choose the best one which suits the requirements.

In general, Border working involves sewing or stitching edge or biding stitches around the fabric. It can be done using any variety of needles such as double point needles (DP), single point needles (SP), and needlepoint needles (LP). There are different types of needles and thus, they should be chosen with care to get the best results.

Bordering Machines

Applications of Bordering Machines

If you intend to sew delicate fabrics such as baby clothing, quilting, curtains, etc. then a big automatic machine will work better. It allows you to stitch in bulk and also has a good thread feed mechanism. It enables sewing continuous stitches without interruptions. It also has the special function of cutting thread to avoid messy seams.

Last but not least, you need to consider the stitching capacity of the bordering machine. If you are stitching heavier fabrics such as denim, leather, canvas, etc., then you need a bigger machine. On the other hand, if you are stitching thinner fabrics such as cotton or flannel, then you can make use of smaller machines. It simply depends on your requirement and requirements. Stitching machines should be bought based on the kind of stitches you intend to perform as well as your level of expertise.

How to Make a Tube Notcher?

The precision pipe notcher is a high-quality tool that works with an electric drill press. It can be used for both straight and compound notch angles and works with a variety of round cutters. The tubing notcher works with milling and hole saw bits. It is sturdy and comes with a steel frame to prevent damage. You can use the machine to cut different sizes of tubing and pipes. Then, just add an extra bit to get the job done.

The basic technique for a tube notch is to lay up the tube and mark the centerline and intersection points. The more accurate your marks are, the better your notch will fit. A negative angle of two to three degrees is good, depending on the curve you are trying to cut. For a tight curve, the angle is greater. The centerline should be parallel to the notch centerline. A centerline Finder will help you find the centerline.

The basic way to make a tube notch starts with laying up the tube and marking the intersection points and centerline. The centerline of the tube should be marked as well as the point where the two intersect. The more accurate the marks, the better the notch will fit. Always mark on the obtuse angle side, so you can use a Centerline Finder to help with your measurement. When you have marked the centerline, you are ready to start notching the tube.

Tube Notcher

When notching tubes, a notching machine is the best choice. Notching machines are used to cut tubing in a square shape. This allows you to visualize the right angle for the notch. A negative angle means a notch will fit tightly, while a 0 degree angle indicates a gap between the tubes. A tube notcher should also be sharp enough to protect the operator’s hands from any abrasive material.

To make a tube notch, you should lay the tube in a flat position. You should temporarily secure the tube to avoid any accidents. You should also mark the centerline and intersection points before notching. An accurate notch will fit properly and fit the tube as closely as possible. For a more accurate notch, you should use a Centerline Finder to ensure that it is not too narrow or too wide. If the angle is too narrow, the notch will be too long.

The basic tube notch can be made by laying up the tube in a horizontal position and marking the centerline and intersecting points. This is an important step in notching, and a more precise mark will ensure that the notch fits perfectly. Whether the tube is joined with a pipe, a notching machine will provide the perfect notch. Yash Machine Tools offers the perfect choice for your needs!

Tube Notcher Specification

Advantages Related To Hydraulic Press Machine In Different Industries

A hydraulic press is a rotating machine press with a rotary hydraulic cylinder as its primary fluid. It employs the internal hydraulic equivalent of an electric spring and also was called a Bramah press following the discoverer, Joseph Bramah of England. He patented and manufactured this press for the first time in 1795. It is still used today by some of the best printing shops in the world.

Industrial Advantages Related to Hydraulic Press Machine

In addition to being used for sample preparation, many other industries make use of them. For instance, auto body shops use them for body panels. This is because the compressive force generated by the hydraulic press can be adjusted, depending on the quality and consistency of the auto body panel. This results in better workmanship. Furthermore, it makes it easier to apply the right amount of adhesive for perfect adhesion. Even oil companies make use of these hydraulic presses available today because it allows them to increase or decrease the viscosity of their oil samples.

Another industry where hydraulic press plays a major role is the mining industry. The pressure required by the hydraulic press to extract the rocks can be controlled and set at the level of choice by operators. It enables the workers to work safely around potentially dangerous conditions such as earth tremors, ground shifting, and flash floods. To extract the rocks with ease, two cylinders are available to choose from, one for dry drilling and one for wet drilling.

Hydraulic Press Machine

Presses are used in many different industries, including the cement industry. Hydraulic presses provide a better grip for workers when working with heavy material, and they do not wear any protective gear like hard hats. Moreover, the hydraulic press does not require a big starting motor because there is no electricity involved. Some of the common materials that need pressing are cement, gravel, stone, concrete, sand and the list goes on.

Components Related To Hydraulic Press Machine

The hydraulic press cylinder and the fitting which holds it are known as the piston fittings. They are designed to allow a compression force to be exerted on the materials that need pressing. The piston, fitted with a ring, a piston pin, and a few more components are then fitted into the cylinder. A rotary control valve or a diaphragm acts as a safety device for preventing excessive pressure from damaging the surrounding area.

How to Select the Right Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine?

Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine has got great fame among the tradesmen due to its capacity to tolerate high tension and high temperature. These are also very convenient machines for the handling of heavy section pipes with great ease of hand movements. These are specially designed to meet the bending needs of pipeline works. Mostly these are supplied with pre-stressed bending types for easy bending.

All these machines are connected in a specific way that they release the material during the process of bending by compressing spring or gas pressure. The machine can be operated either by pressing or by a hydraulic foot pedal. Hydraulic pipe bending machine comes with an automatic bend release knob and the unit can be used for both above and below the ground level.

Advantages related to Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine

Many advantages are offered by the hydraulic pipe bending machine. These provide maximum capacity and allow for fast completion of the projects. It provides for an excellent quality of work at the lowest price. The Hydraulic bend process also provides for seamless flow of materials without much wastage and provides utmost protection to the environment. The tube industry for the past twenty years has benefited greatly from the high-quality machines that are manufactured by reliable companies.

These hydraulic pipe bending machines are very handy as well as economical. They come with simple user instructions that make it easy for users to operate them. Users with little knowledge can easily operate the machines and perform the desired tasks with high efficiency and speed. 

Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine

Salient Features Related to Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine

They are available with pre-stressed corner brackets, pre-bend release knob, and many other advanced features that add to their convenience and operational efficiency. The machines are designed in a way so that they can easily handle the toughest situation. This machine comes with automatic features that are capable of completing the task with high speed and accuracy.

Reasons to Choose Yash Machine Tools for Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine

We at Yash Machine Tools ensure top-notch quality and performance of the machines that last for many years. As manufacturers, we also customize the machines to suit the specific requirements of different industries. You can visit us at to find the hydraulic pipe bending machines that match your needs and budget. We offer you to read the latest information about these machines and the different types of bends available for them, as well as the prices of the same.

Important Machine Tools & Their Applications

With rising technological development, companies need various machine tools and equipment to meet rising demands. If you are into the manufacturing business, you should know which machine tools are used in the industry to ensure that your products are keeping up with the market trends and save time and money in the production process. Learn about the various machine tools and their applications to make an informed choice.

Top 5 Machine Tools & Their Applications!

Degree Cutting Bandsaw

Degree cutting bandsaw helps to cut a variety of materials. The versatility of the bandsaw enables the businesses to give hard materials the desired shape and structure. The best thing about a degree cutting bandsaw is that it caters to a wide range of material. Moreover, they are equipped with many accessories to help businesses cater to a variety of projects with efficiency.


With a bandsaw, you can focus on creativity and accuracy. Depending on the flexibility of the degree cutting bandsaw, you can use this tool in industries such as wood, steel, automotive, construction, and several other industries.

Sheet Folding Machine

Sheet folding machines assist you in curving and folding different materials to achieve the desired outcome. In the metal industry, manufacturers are required to bend metal sheets at an angle to achieve the desired result. Sheet folding machines uses tension and compression to create a sophisticated product. Additionally, the machine enables the manufacturers to set-up multiple parts that are otherwise hard to work with.


Sheet folding machines offer businesses an innovative opportunity to mold the raw materials into sophisticated products as per their needs. These machines are popular since they can be customized with different accessories and cater to the needs of various industries.

Pipe Bending Machine

Pipe bending machines help in bending pipes and tubes of different materials. Industries such as automotive, plumbing, architecture, and others consistently use the pipe bending machine for curving pipes and other industrial purposes. Whether you are working on bending a small piece of pipe or a large one, this equipment works perfectly without using any high-level energy or force. If you are looking for an ergonomic solution for bending hard material pipes such as steel, aluminium, or others, then a pipe bending machine is the ideal solution.


Surface Grinding Machine

A surface grinding machine is an equipment that helps to produce a smooth finish on metallic or nonmetallic materials. Often times, surfaces such as steel, aluminium, granite, and others require an even finish and include removing excess material. The even finish material is then polished to achieve the desired outcome.

The surface grinding machine helps manufacturers achieve dimension and high-surface quality. Surface grinding machine is compatible with various materials you can expect an incredible degree of precision. You will find that surface grinder is available in automatic and semi-automatic versions to meet all your finishing needs.

Hydraulic Press Machine

The hydraulic press machine is the staple of the manufacturing industry. With the advent of this versatile tool, you can turn metallic objects into sheets of metals. You can use the machine for sheet manufacturing, deep drawing, punching, forming, molding, and others.


If you are looking for a reliable and cost-effective solution to help you mold the most complex parts, a hydraulic press machine is an ideal solution for your business.

The Final Word

While these machines have found widespread use in almost every industry vertical, it helps to learn whether they are suitable for your business. To ensure that you make the right decision, you can consult with an industry expert. They have the knowledge and the expertise to guide you through the process and suggest an appropriate solution.


Benefits Of Different Machine Tools

Angle cutting machines are used for industrial purposes as it has different advantages. The major advantage that the machine offers is that it is versatile and flexible as well. The beneficial equipment makes the metal/material cutting and shaping accessible and even no replacing of the tool is required. Industries use this machine because of the ability that it acquires, which is that machine can finely cut down the metals and materials in unique shapes. As the angle cutting machine has different advantages, one can definitely see the utilization of the equipment in industries where industrial instruments, metal auto parts, kitchen appliances and various other machines which require angle cutting.


One of the major advantages that the hydraulic press brake machine offers is that the machine supplies a huge pressure in every direction so that the quality of the final product is great. Another advantage of the hydraulic press brake, which is preferable by the industries is that the machine is adaptive and easy to operate. There are different roles like cutting, bending and spreading of the sheets which can be easily executed by the machine. Another benefit is, the machinery’s design is with the simple structure the machine can bend and cut down a mass amount of materials/metals at a particular time.



There are major benefits that can be obtained from using the Chamfering machine is that labouring is not required when one can use the Chamfering machine instead of hard work. The cycle of the chamfering machine works rapidly so that the procedure of cutting down the edges of large material/metals like glass, wooden furniture and many more, in a shorter period of time. With the sturdy design of the equipment, the machine can be a reliable source for shaping materials for many years. The machine is preferable by various industries as it has the ability to reduce the labour work-load and can give the fine quality cutting of metals and materials.



Press brake machines hold different industrial benefits such as the easy operative system and also less labour load consuming factor. One of the major benefits of the press brake machine is that it includes a high-tech feature that makes the operator of the machine arrange bends conveniently and the machine also helps the operator to produce the item according to the user’s demand. As the machine also offers a flexible system, the brake present in the machine enables the operative system of the machine to handle the machine, so that it performs various operations with ease and error-free.


The Ironworker machines are considered as one of the valuable machines used in different metal/ material fabrication industries and mills. The machines are basically easy to work with and can execute several tasks for the industries. The benefit of using an ironworker machine is that it is used for notching iron and steel plates. The Ironworkers are made from the shearing services that can be used to cut down different materials with thickness and width. As a matter of fact, the ironworkers can execute processes like punching metals like iron and steel. Therefore industries prefer using the machine for types of operation that can be executed by the ironworker machines.


As industries use machines for different operations in order to produce the best outcome possible, hence these machines are a great help for material and metal processing industries. With the above-mentioned benefits of different machine tools, any industry can improve the production quality for sure.