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Uses of CNC lathe Machines in Manufacturing Industry

CNC lathe machine has replaced all the old versions of lathe. Its advanced has influenced all the manufacturing or production industries. It has not only lessened the stress but also increased productivity without compromise of quality. It also saves time and labor work. Lathe machine was developed by John T. Parsons at the end of the 1940s. Computer Numerical Control lathe machines are designed in a way that it can create intricate cuts on materials like plastic, metal and wood etc.

  • CNC lathe machines are very versatile and consist of an extremely fast spinning spindle.
  • CNC Lathe machine has flourished its use in manufacturing industries for the production of different parts.
  • This advanced technology has become part of industries which involves work on parts reclamation, glass working, metal spinning, woodturning, thermal spraying etc.

What is CNC lathe Machine?
Basically, a lathe is a device, used to remove the excess material. It rotates a work piece on a spindle or uses cutting tools and drill bits of different diameters on the work piece to remove the extra material and produce a symmetrical object.

CNC lathe machines can create a variety of cuts, shapes and minute details required on a rotating work part. Computer Numerical Control lathe machine is programmed to produce intricate cuts on hard materials and create quality products in less consumption of time with high rate.

Slant Bed CNC Lathe Machine

CNC lathe machines are available in two types.
1) CNC Horizontal Lathe
2) CNC Vertical Lathe

For production turning machine, a lathe machine is designed with a bed which is usually flat. Lathe machine are available in different sizes; one can purchase it as per the production need.

Small lathe machines are perfect for the manufacturing industries which require less production while large size CNC lathe machines are good for production industries where large production is required.

Uses of CNC Lathe Machines in Manufacturing Industries

Spending money on a machine becomes worthy when it provides the desired output within a limited time. CNC lathe machine ensures the production of a finely finished product or can provide an intricate part. The kind of delicacy and a good finish provided by the CNC Lathe machine to the product increased its demand in industries like electronics, aerospace, firearm manufacturing, automotive and sporting etc. The lathe machine is used to produce plane surfaces & screw threads. It is even used to produce three-dimensional products that are complex to make. For any work, the work piece is held tightly by one or two centers in which one moves horizontally. Sometimes, the work piece is placed tightly with collets or clamps.

List of Some Products produced by using CNC lathe machines:

1) Bowls

2) Baseballs bats

3) Camshafts

4) Cue sticks

5) Crankshafts

6) Gun Barrels

7) Musical Instruments

8) Dining Room Table

9) Chair legs

Well, if you are in the manufacturing industry and planning to get this highly productive machine then employee a well-experienced professional who can operate this machine. The automatic system has made the task easy but still complexity of machine requires a professional to run it. The machine consists of complex commands and speed rate which is instructed by the internal computer. Only a well-trained operator can set the required command for the production of a variety of products. The introduction of CNC lathe machines in the manufacturing industry has brought a drastic change.

Why CNC Lathe Machines?

Well Finished products:

CNC lathe machine provides the well-finished products. One needs to set the required command to get the kind of product desired.

Reduces time consumption:

The CNC lathe machine, not only produces a fine quality product but it also reduces the time consumption. It increases the production rate.

Application of Lathe Which Makes It Useful To Industries

The applications used in industries are forming, contour turning, machining of cams, ultra-precision machining, and hard turning. The lathe for these purposes is built by lathe manufacturers with high precision and spindle speed and work holding device stiffness. The lathe machine suppliers ensure they are made from structural materials that have characteristics with low thermal expansion and good dimensional stability. Machines are equipped with high control systems and error compensating features. Exporters of lathe machines offer different kinds of lathe machines with reliability and trustability to fulfill all manufacturing needs with minimum maintenance operation. Productivity and feasibility are what appropriately define the CNC lathe machine.

Rising Demand of Lathe Machines in Gulf Countries

A Lathe machine spins an item on an axis and at the same time performs all necessary operations. These operations range from cutting to drilling and other actions like sanding, knurling, facing, wood turning, deformation, etc. This tool is essential in the manufacturing industry since it has a wide range of applications.

There are mainly two types of lathe machines; vertical & horizontal. There are other as well, however the type of lathe-machine to use depends on the application as well. For example, a different type of machine is useful for automotive, general manufacturing and transportation.

The demand & trend for Lathe Machines in the Gulf

There is a growing demand for Lathe machines in several from countries in the MENA Region (Middle East & North Africa). Several lathe machine manufacturers from all around the world take advantage of this high demand for machine tools in the gulf countries.

The gulf countries have a several industries that make use of lathe-machine tools. For example, in United Arab Emirates, the Oil & Gas Industry is massive. This industry drives the demand for machine tools in UAE. However, since there are no local manufacturing companies, UAE depends exclusively on import for lathe machine tools. Firms in UAE do care a great deal for the cost of the machine; however, they stress on quality good quality productive machines. The major imports are of popular brands worldwide from countries like Germany, USA, Italy, China, Japan, etc.

The Oil & gas field industry have a large requirement for metal cutting machines. It is necessary for the purpose of drilling bits, drilling rigs, several types of pumps, value components tubular pipes, etc. Many types of machine tools are used in this industry like horizontal machine centres, CNC turning centres, also 3 axis machines, 5 axis machines, etc.

WM Series Heavy Duty Lathe Machine

Fact and Stats of Lathe machine market

Gulf countries are a lucrative market for lathe machines. This is mainly due the high demand for them in several industries including Oil & Gas industry.

Here are factors driving the lathe market:

  • UAE is the seventh largest producer of Oil word wide and hence has many oil fields.
  • Hydrocarbon production is vital for UAE’s economy and amounts to more than $65 billion a year.
  • UAE produces 3.7 billion barrels of oil per day.
  • UAE has large natural gas reserves and hence demand for lathe machines is expected to rise further. It has over 6 trillion cubic meters of natural gas reserve.
  • Machine tool market in UAE for the year 2010 was 50 Million USD, in 2011 was 70 Million USD. It was 128 Million USD in the year 2012. In the year 2013 it was 152 Million USD and 181 Million USD in 2014.  The market was at 198 Million USD in the year 2015; This is expected to grow to 397 Million USD by 2020 which shows the rising demand in Gulf countries

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much oil does Dubai produce in a day?

Dubai produces 3.94 billion barrels of oil a day; thus, the oil industry has a large requirement for lathe machines.

  • How much oil does UAE export?

UAE exports 96% of its Oil, which contributes to its economy as well. This has driven the demand for lathe machines as well.

  • What is working principle of a lathe machine?

The way a lathe machine works, is it holds a workpiece between a rigid support. This is also referred to as a face plate. Here the cutting tool is also held in a strong manner and is supported in a tool post. This is fed against the revolving work and the cutting operations can either be fed parallel or at a right angle to axis of the work.