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Benefits Of Different Machine Tools

Angle cutting machines are used for industrial purposes as it has different advantages. The major advantage that the machine offers is that it is versatile and flexible as well. The beneficial equipment makes the metal/material cutting and shaping accessible and even no replacing of the tool is required. Industries use this machine because of the ability that it acquires, which is that machine can finely cut down the metals and materials in unique shapes. As the angle cutting machine has different advantages, one can definitely see the utilization of the equipment in industries where industrial instruments, metal auto parts, kitchen appliances and various other machines which require angle cutting.


One of the major advantages that the hydraulic press brake machine offers is that the machine supplies a huge pressure in every direction so that the quality of the final product is great. Another advantage of the hydraulic press brake, which is preferable by the industries is that the machine is adaptive and easy to operate. There are different roles like cutting, bending and spreading of the sheets which can be easily executed by the machine. Another benefit is, the machinery’s design is with the simple structure the machine can bend and cut down a mass amount of materials/metals at a particular time.



There are major benefits that can be obtained from using the Chamfering machine is that labouring is not required when one can use the Chamfering machine instead of hard work. The cycle of the chamfering machine works rapidly so that the procedure of cutting down the edges of large material/metals like glass, wooden furniture and many more, in a shorter period of time. With the sturdy design of the equipment, the machine can be a reliable source for shaping materials for many years. The machine is preferable by various industries as it has the ability to reduce the labour work-load and can give the fine quality cutting of metals and materials.



Press brake machines hold different industrial benefits such as the easy operative system and also less labour load consuming factor. One of the major benefits of the press brake machine is that it includes a high-tech feature that makes the operator of the machine arrange bends conveniently and the machine also helps the operator to produce the item according to the user’s demand. As the machine also offers a flexible system, the brake present in the machine enables the operative system of the machine to handle the machine, so that it performs various operations with ease and error-free.


The Ironworker machines are considered as one of the valuable machines used in different metal/ material fabrication industries and mills. The machines are basically easy to work with and can execute several tasks for the industries. The benefit of using an ironworker machine is that it is used for notching iron and steel plates. The Ironworkers are made from the shearing services that can be used to cut down different materials with thickness and width. As a matter of fact, the ironworkers can execute processes like punching metals like iron and steel. Therefore industries prefer using the machine for types of operation that can be executed by the ironworker machines.


As industries use machines for different operations in order to produce the best outcome possible, hence these machines are a great help for material and metal processing industries. With the above-mentioned benefits of different machine tools, any industry can improve the production quality for sure.


Iron Worker – One Machine for Multiple Uses

An ironworker is possibly a universal instrument for a metal-worker and, therefore, synonymous with its affordability, is certainly considered among the first machines a metal workshop will own.

It is a multipurpose machine that can handle various tasks. These machines do the work of punching, shearing, and notching. Their size and capacity differ and are available as systems with one or two operators.

What is an Ironworker?

Ironworker Machine is a category of tool that offers a mechanical advantage by performing multiple tasks like punching, shearing, shaping, or bending and cutting out metal by pulling a lever or pushing a button. With these tools, you can execute these operations quite simply without using a drill or an abrasive-cutting tool.


Industrial Applications of an Ironworker


Punching occurs when a hardened punch is passed through a material to form a hole. Punched holes are usually round; however, it form can be square, oblong, or custom-shaped, depending on the punch or die’s shape. The size of the hole and the punch will be the same. Punching comprises of 3 elements that are added to the standard Ironworker; Punch, Stripper and Die.

Punch: It is mounted to the Ram of an Ironworker. A punch is a solid form of tool steel that can tolerate the tons of force needed to push it through stainless steel or aluminum and steel plates.

Stripper: The stripper is the device that holds down the material to be punched.

Die: This is the tool in which the punch is inserted into before it can be used to force a punch into any materials.

Angle Shearing

An ironworker also includes shearing function. In the case, the angle shearing will deliver a distortion-free and burr-free shear cut to mild steel angle material into any dimension.

Bar Shearing

An ironworker is equipped with a shear blade that cuts the metal sheet or plate into any given dimension. A metal plate is placed in-between 2 blades and is held in place by a mechanical device named a hold-down, which securely holds the material before the scissor-like act of the shearing blade.


Notching is a cutting procedure by which small pieces of metals are taken out to provide relief for molding or other needs. The process is also called “coping” when it involves shaped material like tubes. Many machines are solely designed for this purpose but ironworker provides the benefits of performing this task along with several others.

Plate Shearing

The shearing function of an Ironworker machine works in different ways. Just like a bar shear, plate shearing also involves cutting a sheet metal using shearing force to produce straight-line cuts.


The Demand of Ironworker Machine in the Industry

Their suitability, adaptability, and function have made an ironworker machine an essential tool in lots of fabrication workshop. Ironworker machinery is a cost-saving substitute for other equipment for a variety of reasons.

It is more cost-effective to buy an Ironworking Machine than the three separate machines that it replaces. Metal fabricators also use an ironworker as it saves money because they take up less space, operate faster, and can save time consumption also.

Ironworker’s advantage makes it ideal for both smaller businesses with fewer employees and for busy operations that need all possible productivity advantages. For fabricators of all sizes, an ironworker machine may be a precious asset that delivers benefits for both the short and long term.

Is it Mandatory to Choose Machining Tool for Sheet Metal Processing?

Sheet Metal Processing and its Importance in the Engineering Industries

Sheet metal work pieces can be of steel, aluminium, copper, and many more types of metals. Metal sheets are applied in different types of engineering industries. The industrial applications differ and the selection of metal sheets also depends on the thickness, size, and type of metals that need to be processed.

Conventional Sheet Metal Process

Sheet metal processing is not an easy job always as not all metals are flexible for bending or cutting operations. Earlier hand operated tools were applied to bend metal sheets; hence, the expense for labour remained considerably higher for metal sheet machining. Similarly, manual processes consumed more time and slow down the other production process as well.

Inception of Machines for Sheet metal works

Machineries replaced the need for more labour assistance as far as sheet metal work is concerned. With the help of bending, cutting and milling machineries industries were able to obtain precise machining options with reduced labour cost and lesser time consumption.

Types of Machineries Applied for Sheet Metal Processing

A press device stayed the most often preferred machining option for metal plates’ processing. Later on specific machineries were designed to manage machining of different metal plates and to obtain precise results. Equipments such as milling device, hydraulic pipe bending machine, bordering machine, rolling machine are some of the notable designs of machinery introduced to carry out the machining perfectly.


Where to get Equipments to shape Sheet Metals?

Sheet metal machines are available worldwide, yet it is important to find a manufacturer of supplier who can provide his clients with a reliable, cost effective and high performing machines. Yash Machine Tools is one of the leading workshop components suppliers who offer wide range of sheet metal components.

Equipments for all Machining Seasons

Yash Machine Tools provide power press, hydraulic press, iron worker, plate and section rolling machine, hydraulic and horizontal bending press, folding machine, notcher, etc. Power press is suitable equipment for bending operation over sheet metals and it consumes very less power.


Hydraulic Operated Pipe Bending Machine

It works by using the pressure sequence created by hydraulic motor and this equipment is applied largely in bending hard metal pipes. The machine is equipped with dies to carry on with the bending operation and a clamping cylinder is also provided to avoid material slipping out of the clamp.

Advantages of specific metal machining processes done with machine component

Bordering machine stays efficient option in cutting or shaping metal work piece that is rotating. Similarly, this machine can do the cutting operation considering the border of the metal sheet as the reference point.


Smart Sheet Metal machining process

Ironworker is smart equipment applied in sheet metal industry that stays very supportive to perform multiple operations starting from shearing, to drilling holes on metal sheets and many more advantages are there.


Sheet metal processing and subsequent machining tool have to be maintained proportionately to obtain flawless machining work on metal sheets. Visiting Yash Machine Tools will further give idea as to which type of machinery need to be selected for specific sheet metal working.