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Evolution of Radial Drilling Machine

The machines are evolved in economy to increase the efficacy of the manufacturing process. The modern machineries are mostly automatic which requires minimal or no human intervention.

The machines have made great impact on the production techniques which has promoted speedy processing and mass production in the economy. Lathe machine, Welding machine, Shearing machine, Radial drilling machine, etc are some machine tools applied in producing equipment. This article will focus on the evolution of radial drilling machine, its components and application in present era.

Radial Drilling Machine: Meaning and Evolution

Radial drilling machine is a tool designed to drill holes on the material which are generally strong and heavy in nature where ordinary drilling machine can seldom be applied. It uses hydraulic pressure to conduct drilling activities.

Prior the origination of radial drilling machine, the holes were usually made by hammering on bow drill quickly and repeatedly on a material. The electronic drilling machine was introduced in 19th Century for drilling medium to large and heavy work pieces such as various metals.

The constant evolution in drilling equipment has resulted in advancement of radial drilling machine which has changed time-consuming production activity to a speedy and hassle-free operation.

Overview of Components of Radial Drilling Machine

The important components of the radial drilling machine with its features are as explained below:

  • Base: The base of the machine is usually made up of cast iron. It can absorb the vibration occurred during operation.
  • Vertical Column: The vertical column of the machine has guide ways. It provides guide ways to position the radial arm.
  • Radial Arm: The drill head assembly can be moved to any extent with the use of this arm.
  • Arm Clamp: It is used to secure the arm and column in its place.
  • Spindle Motor: Spindle motor is on the top of the machine. It promotes and controls the movement of spindle, such as up and down.
  • Table: The table is the place of the machine where the work piece is kept to conduct drilling activity.

Radial Drilling Machine: Industrial Application

Radial Drill Machines

  • The radial drilling machine is compact in size and promotes speedy operation and use in manufacturing process.
  • It can be easily moved from one place to another, to bore hole in heavy materials and even grind off particles from large blocks.
  • It is widely used in metal processing, manufacturing and construction units.
  • It is even applied for versatile purposes in Pharmaceutical industry, Astronomy, Wood working, Masonry, etc.


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