Enhance Your Productivity With The Help Of A Turret Milling Machine

DMTG Turret Milling MachineA milling machine mainly refers to a machine tool which is mainly utilized for machining solid materials. They are basically used for a vast number of simple and complex operations such as slot and keyway cutting, milling, planning, shaping, drilling, carving, threading, contouring, die-sinking etc. Milling machines can be manually operated, mechanically automated, or computer numerically controlled. Many types of milling machines are available, as per as the number of axis present, purpose, orientation of the spindle, size of the tool, method of control, source of power, etc.

The milling machine moves the work piece radially against the revolving cutter for cutting it sideways and also on its tip. The movement of the work piece and cutter is accurately controlled to less than 0.001 inches or 0.025 mm. Each machine has a cutter that can be operated at various speeds in order to form the required shape. A cutting fluid is constantly poured on the work piece for cooling and lubricating it; and to also wash away the remaining material.

A broad variety of milling machines are now available in the market. Each one is capable of handling multiple tasks and has a particular function based on certain standard specifications. Horizontal and vertical, are the two primary forms of milling machines, based on the orientation of the main spindle axis and the position of the milling bit. In a vertical milling machine, the cutting bit is held above the work piece on a rotating spool, and points vertically downwards. While in a horizontal milling machine, the cutting blade extends horizontally outwards. In both these milling machines the cutting bit can move across, as well as, up and down to shape the parts.

Turret Milling Machine

The turret milling machine is a kind of vertical milling machine, as the spindle axis is vertically oriented.  It is capable of cutting a variety of objects, and usually functions by moving the table around the cutting blade in all the directions. The table can be moved in the perpendicular as well as parallel direction, to the spindle axis for cutting the work piece.

Turret milling basically has a pointer which enables the milling cutter to be raised upwards and lowered downwards. It cuts the work piece in a vertical direction by raising or lowering the pointer, and also by moving the table. The milling cutter is held in the spindle and rotated on its axis. The spindle may either be extended, or the table may be lowered or raised, for cutting and drilling the work piece.

Nowadays, turret milling machines are commonly utilized, and are usually regarded as one of the most versatile machine tools. They are highly suitable for die-sinking tasks, such as machining a mold into a block of metal. It also provides several options in order to align the spindle in a number of different positions. This multipurpose and efficient machine makes it possible to manufacture a variety of products. You can hence enhance your productivity with the help of a turret milling machine.