Frequently Asked Important Questions About Turret Milling Machine

DMTG Turret Milling MachineA milling machine is used to give a form or shape to a solid material like metals, plastic, wood etc. It is an important machine in any manufacturing unit. It is used for cutting solid materials in a curved, flat or irregular flat surface.


Some of the frequently asked questions about a turret milling machine are:

  • What is a milling machine?

A milling machine is horizontal or vertical milling machine. A vertical machine is of two types, bed milling machine or turret milling machine. The machines are named based on the position of the spindle or the cutting unit. A turret milling machine is used for manufacturing automobile parts.

  • What are the types of turret milling machines?

A turret milling machine is either automatic or manual. In a manual machine the operator has to move the table for precise cuts where as in an automatic machine the formula is fed in the computer and the job is done automatically.

  • How does a turret milling machine work?

In a turret milling machine the spindle is vertical and during the cutting procedure it remains still, only the table moves. Table is the area where the metal is placed. The table can move up and down because of the quill unit. It cuts the metal in a vertical way by elevating or lowering the quill. Cuts of varying depths can be made in the metal.

Usually these machines come in small size as in a large machine it becomes difficult for the operator to reach and move the quill and knee.

  • What is the cutting range of the turret milling machine?

The cutter of the machine can swing 90° to left or right and 45° forward or backward and the ram can rotate 360° above the column.

  • What operations can be done on turret milling machine?

A turret milling machine can shape, drill, cut, contour, die sink etc. a material. It is used for making simple to very complex parts like parts of automobiles, toaster, ball bearing etc. The metal is shaped into a desired shape.

  • Why are large machines difficult to operate?

As the size of the machine increases more effort is required for upward and downward movement and to reach the handle of the quill feed becomes tricky. Big machines are more often used for die sinking work.

  • How are CNC operated turret milling machines more efficient?

The machines with CNC or computer numerical controlled technology can produce large number of goods which are precise and alike. With CNC machines the productivity also increases.

  • What points should be considered while buying a turret milling machine?

A lot depends on your requirement, what type of work you need to do, how complex or simple your work is. Check the power and the speed of the machine at which it operates. Some manufacturers offer a variety of attachments while for others you have to buy at extra cost.


A turret milling machine is a multipurpose and a very adaptable machine. A variety of products can be manufactured with this machine. The position of the machine can be changed easily as these are not very big and these are easy to maintenance.