How Efficiency & Accuracy in Metal Shaping can be increased with Turret Milling Machine?

The process where rotary cutters are used to remove extra material from a piece of work in order to give it a definite form or shape is known as milling. In a milling machine the metal piece passes through the cutting region of the machine and the blades of the cutter cut away the extra metal and the work piece gets the desired shape.

A turret milling machine is a kind of vertical mill in which the spindle is adjusted vertically and the blades are held in a stationary spindle. The table can move parallel or horizontal to the spindle axis during the cutting process. In this cutting is done in two ways, one by moving the knee, and the other by moving the quill up or down.

Efficiency and Accuracy increases with Turret Milling Machines:

Turret Milling MachineTurret milling machines are very accurate and efficient and these are very versatile also. The operator can see the cutting action and has easy access to it. It was made by Bridgeport in1938 and it is more advanced than the older version. It is smaller in size, lighter in weight, and cheaper in cost so people can easily afford it.These machines are good to look at, they are made well, and are adaptable. Metal shaping is more accurate when the product is made using turret milling machines. Since the head can move in many directions it can reach the work piece from different angles so the product made is accurate.

In a turret machine the quill helps the table to move up and down at different depths, it can make deep cuts as well as shallow cuts, so a number of shapes can be created out of the work pieces. Simple to complicated parts of machines can be made.

These milling machines are more efficient when the size of the machine is not very big. During the cutting procedure the spindle does not move, it remains still and only the table with the work piece moves. As the table moves in both perpendicular and in parallel motion, it is easy for the operator to make cuts in the work piece.

With advanced technology there is a great improvement in the operations of turret mills. These machines are much faster now so more work can be done in less time. They have different speeds for different materials, they can cut 100 inches of material in a minute.

Since turret mills are not very big their place can be easily changed to perk up their functioning. They are used for manufacturing various automobile parts all over the world.

The CNC turret milling machines are computer operated. Large number of identical products of the same design can be manufactured. click here to know more about Turret Milling Machine.

For best results follow some operation rules:Turret Milling Machine

  • For efficient and accurate working of the turret mill make sure there are no chips on the table or the spindle.
  • Select cutters of the diameter needed.
  • The machine must be properly lubricated and should move freely.
  • While the machine is in operation do not change the speed.


With proper care and maintenance, the products made with turret milling machines are excellent. One must make use of fine decision and common sense while planning the work.