What is the difference between Milling Machine & Turret Milling Machine?

What is a milling machine and its applications

radial_drillI_ng_machine_images02A milling machine is a tool that is supposed to machine wood, metal and many more solid materials. It basically is made up of an endmill or cutter that rotates around the spindle axis, as well as a movable table on to which the piece being worked on is fixed. Milling machines usually work automatically, either parallel or perpendicular to the materials being machined. Some of the operations that milling machines are used for will depend on how the mill’s spindle is leaning. These applications include planning, rebating, routing and slot cutting. Milling machines also come in different sizes, varying according to the heaviness of the job. Some of the operations that different milling machines can do include making components for toys, plaques, in cutting metals in workshops and also suspending cutting tools above the cutting surface.

What is a turret milling machine and its applications

The turret milling machine is a specific type of milling machine that works vertically, and can be used to create a wide range of objects. It is thus considered the most adaptable type of milling machine out there. For the turret mill, the spindle does not move while the cutting operation is ongoing, it is the table that moves both perpendicularly and parallel to it to do the cutting job. The turret milling machine is best used for small and medium sized jobs, such as making plaques and parts for toys.

Operational pros and cons of milling machine and turret milling machine

The milling machines and turret milling machines have a lot of advantages, when compared to the drawbacks of using them to perform cutting on to solid materials such as metal and wood. For one, if one uses a CNC (Computer Numerical Code) milling machine that is controlled by a computer, smooth, accurate and finished surfaces will be gotten from the work pieces, as compared to using other equipment. Secondly, milling machines come in many shapes and sizes, hence can be used in cutting and machining the smallest of work pieces such as plaques, to bigger jobs in the factory, making key ways, to bore same sized holes in a safe, and other jobs of different conditions. For instance, the turret milling machine is a versatile milling machine that can be used to perform a wide variety of functions in a workplace. Turret milling machines are also advantageous to use because they are very efficient, since the person doing the cutting has a clear view of the process, and can make adjustments. They are also relatively light, beautiful, and can adapt to different kinds of jobs easily. Some of the drawbacks of milling machines are that they are not good at making spherical product, as well as using large amounts of electricity, as well as needing a large space to work in. turret milling machines also have a drawback in that they are not advisable to use in the really large jobs in the industry. Click here to know more about milling machine and turret milling machine from Yash Machine Tools


In conclusion, milling machines, and in particular the turret milling machines are necessary equipment for those who wish to do work on heavy solids such as metals. There are many types of milling machines, operating on different materials and doing different operations. They are necessary and beneficial if one can meet the cost of buying and operating them in their workshop.