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Yash Machine presents WM series Radial Drill Machine, a perfect component for piercing large work piece with the specialty of limitless performance in drilling than conventional tools. This boring tool is available in 5 sizes and each model is equipped with different machining capability

All these models are designed by experienced engineering professionals who are assistance with computed aided designing work or CAD design. Our machine designers ensure the quality of materials that are properly tested and well-suited for high speed and long duration performance. Each basic part of the machine is made from finely chosen superior quality material that is also moisture and heat resistant. Each machine model is equipped with both mechanical as well as electrical controls (fixed at the central part of the headstock) for effective and ease of operation.

Radial Drill Machine Qualities:-

  • Optimum design conforming to International standard
  • Flexible reliable; perfect feature
  • High precision; high strength
  • Economical cutting; long life
  • Drilling, counter boring, reaming, boring, spotting, tapping.

Main Features of Radial Drilling Machine:-

  • Main parts and key parts of this radial drilling machine are made by high strength cast and special steel material..
  • Heat treatment made by first-class equipment, ensuring durability.
  • Machining is made by means of specialized equipment, to ensure basic parts with superior quality.
  • Clamping for assemblies and speed-change of spindle are achieved by hydraulic power, and is sensitive and reliable.
  • Multiple spindle speeds and feed provide economic and high-efficiency machining.
  • Mechanical and electrical controls are centralized in the headstock, with convenient and rapid operation

Differentiating Specific Advantages than Conventional Piercing Machine

  • The piercing arm on the drill can be moved till its extent which is not possible in traditional tools.
  • Presence of movable or flexible drill head that can be adjusted both in terms of height and rotation.
  • Multiple operations possible with this equipment apart from making hole, such as countersinking, grinding, boring, etc
  • Easily mountable one the table and obtain convenience of operation
  • It is not needed to turn over the work material or reposition it as the radial arm can be extended to a considerable distance for making holes.

Radial Drill Machine Technical Data

Product Code Size WM 03 / D50 WM 03 / RD63 WM 03 /RD80 WM 03/ RD100 WM 03/ RD 132
Model   Z3050x16 Z3063X20 Z3080X25 Z30100X31 Z30132X42
Max drilling diameter   50 63 80 100 132
Distance between spindle axis and column Max mm 1600 2000 2530 3150 4200
Min mm 350 450 530 570 600
Distance between spindle and working surface of base plate Max mm 1270 1650 2050 2500 2560
Min mm 370 450 600 750 750
Spindle travel mm 315 400 450 500 560
Taper in spindle No 5# 5# 6# 6# ¥80
Range of spindle speeds r/min 25-2000 20-1600 16-1250 8-1000 6.3-800
Number of spindle speeds   16 16 16 22 22
Range of spindle feeds mm/r 0.04-3.20 0.04-3.20 0.04-3.20 0.06-3.20 0.06-3.20
Number of spindle feeds   16 16 16 16 16
Table Size mm 500×630 630×800 750×1000 800×1250 850×1350
Travel of spindle head mm 1250 1550 2000 2580 3600
Power of main drive motor kw 4 5.5 7.5 15 18.5
Weight N.W kg 3500 7300 10500 20000 29000
G.W kg 4980 10600 14500 24000 32000
Overall dimensions L mm 2500 3080 3730 4650 6075
W mm 1070 1250 1400 1630 2000
H mm 2880 3245 3835 4525 4850

Yash Machine Tools presents five different models which are differentiated in terms of the piercing capability and subsequent specifications provided for each model.

Model No WM 03/D50-Z3050x16 : This model contains 50mm of drilling diameter. The maximum and minimum distance maximum the spindle axis and column is 1600mm and 350mm respectively and the spindle travel is 315mm. The spindle speed range is 25-2000 rotations per minute.

Model No WM 03/RD 63-Z3063x20 : It is designed with 63mm of maximum drill diameter and the maximum distance between spindle axis and column is 2000mm and the minimum distance is 450mm. It has 1650mm of maximum working baseplate. The range of spindle speed is 20-1600 rotations per minute.

Model No WM 03/RD80-Z3050x25 : This model is equipped with 80mm of drill arm diameter. The maximum distance between spindle axis and column is 2530mm and the minimum is 530mm. The spindle can travel upto 450mm and this model can made 16-1250 spindle speed rotations per minute.

Model No WM 03/RD100-Z30100x31 : This design is equipped with 100mm of drill arm diameter. The working surface basplate and spindle distance is 570mm and the spindle can travel up to 500mm of distance. This model is capable of making 8 to 1000 rotations of spindle speed per minute.

Model No-WM 03/RD 132-Z30132x42 : This model comes with 132mm of spindle diameter and the distance between spindle axis and column is 4200mm as maximum and 600mm as minimum. The spindle speed is 6.3 to 800 rotations per minute.

Radial Drill Machine Accessories:-

Standard Accessories:
Work Table
Machine Lamp
Coolant Pump & Assembly
Drill chuck , Arbour & Sleeves
Washers, M24 Nuts (12 Nos)
500303 T- Slots Bolts (6 Nos.)
Instruction Manual.
Tool Kit with spanner & Allen key set

Yash Machine provides the following accessories as standard for all models. The accessories include work table, lamp, coolant pump and assembly drill chuck, arbour and sleeves, 12 nos of washers and M24 Nuts and 6 nos of 500303 T-slots bolts.

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