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Universal milling machine from Yash is known for its accuracy in milling and tensile guideways. It is easy to operate as the overall instrument structure is compact. Apart from general operation, this equipment is compatible for boring, slotting, drilling, cutting racks, gears and reamers with the support of additional cutting tool.

We have two different models of universal type and two models of Universal knee type equipment.


  • Ractangular table guideways with high stability.
  • The spindle is made of alloy steel and uses precision angular contract bearings for powerfull cutting force combined with high precision.
  • High precision; high strength
  • Hardened and ground table surface

Universal Milling Machine Specification

Model   XW6136 X6436
Table size mm 1320×360 1320×320
Table travel mm 1000×300 1000×300
Number/Width/Distance of T-slot mm 3-14-95 3-14-95
Spindle taper   ISO50 ISO50
Distance from spindle axis to table surface mm 0-400 0-400
Distance between spindle axis to ram surface mm 175 175
Spindle speed range rpm 58-1800/12 58-1800
Spindle motor power kW 4 4
Table Feed Speed Range mm/min 22-420/22-393/10-168 22-420/22-393/10-168
Ram travel mm 500 500
Overall dimension mm 2070×2050×1950 2070×2025×2020
Machine weight kg 2300 2480

Model No XW6136 : This tool is very compact in size and it is designed with rectangular dimension of table guideways. This particular feature provides the device excellent stability while performing strong grinding operations. The table size is 1320X360mm and the T-slot width is 14mm and distance is 95mm. The spindle axis to table distance is 0-400mm and the distance between ram to spindle axis id 175mm. We have provided ISO50 spindle taper. This model can work efficiently with 4KW powered motor which is also cost effective when it comes to power consumption. The overall equipment weight is 2300kg that makes it stay quiet efficiently for long term usage.

Model No-X6436 : It is available with 1320X320mm of table size and T-slot number is 4 and width and distance of T-slot is 14mm and 95mm respectively. The distance from the spindle axis to table surface and from spindle axis to ram surface is 0-400mm and 175 mm respectively this distance decides the depth of milling. The spindle speed range is 58-1800 rotations per minute and it works with 4KW motor power.

Universal Milling Machine Special Qualities

  • It has been provided with all the basic features like other types of milling machines
  • It is a compatible device to handle different work materials
  • The table can be moved in different directions that supports for flexible operation
  • The T-slots are designed to support for fast performance as well as to hold the work materials at the appropriate positions
  • The spindle in each model plays the key role in grinding and we have provided durable spindles driven by electric power motor.

The knee type milling machine is a versatile tool that is applied in Navy industry in majority. We supply two different models of knee type mill.

Universal Knee Type Milling Machine Specification

Model   X6132 X6436
Table size mm 1320×320 1700×400
Number/Width/Distance of T-slot mm 3/18/70 3/18/90
Max. load of table kg 500 800
Longitudinal travel (manual/auto) mm 700/680 900/880
Cross travel (manual/auto) mm 255/244 315/300
Vertical travel (manual/auto) mm 320/300 380/360
Cutting feed speed mm/min X,Y:23.5-1180, Z:8-394 X,Y:23.5-1180, Z:8-394
Rapid feed speed mm/min X:2300,Y:2300,Z:770 X:2300,Y:2300,Z:770
Spindle speed range rpm 30-1500 30-1500
Spindle speed step   18 18
Distance from spindle axis to table surface mm 30/350 30/410
Spindle motor power kw 7.5 11
Overall dimension mm 2294×1770×1720 2556x2159x1800
Machine weight kg 2650 3850

Model No X6132 : This model is provided with 1320X320 mm of table size and 18mm width of T-slot and 70mm of T-slot distance. It can travel both longitudinally up to 700/680mm as well as cross directions of up to 255/244mm. The milling can be done both manually and automatically. The grinding speed differs in different axis for example, the cutting speed towards X and Y axis is 23.5 to 1180 mm/minute and towards Z axis it is 8-394 mm/minute.

Model No-X6436 : It comes with 1700X400mm of table size and 90mm of T-slot distance. It can bear up to 800 kg of weight including work material load. The cutting feed speed towards X and Y axis is 23.5 to 1180 mm/minute and towards Z axis is 8-394 mm/minute. The spindle can work with 11kw of motor power.

Universal Milling Machine Technical Details

  • Knee type mill is designed with fixed spindle
  • It is designed with a saddle that supports for the table movement
  • The driving mechanism is enclosed which can be driven straight forward from the lead screw
  • It can be adjusted either upwards or downwards to make it convenient for handling different dimensions of work materials.


Milling technology has been one of the greatest innovations in the world of machines and milling processes. It comes with a spinning gauge for precision milling which ensures that the desired accuracy is achieved while milling. A set of measurement functions help in easily performing the quality process in the production. Manufacturers of milling technology have embedded several safety features like the safety discharge mechanism, fire detection system, high-temperature button, and stop button which makes this universal technology much in demand globally. Exporters of universal milling machines cater to a lot of specifications as it versatile and compact machinery with just the change of blade and speed settings option and hassle-free.

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