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Yash Machine has exclusively designed WM Series Turret Milling Machine for carrying out vertical milling operations and suitable for small to medium machining jobs. We are one of the leading workshop machines manufacturers in India and we offer high performing equipments suitable for variety of engineering, sheet metal and automobile industries. We are very particular about selecting the base parts which should be made from higher quality materials. Above all the specialty of our turret mill is that the spindle is made of chrome molybdenum alloy which stays quiet effective for precise cutting operations.

Turret Milling Machine Qualities:-

  • All major turret milling machine components are made from high grade stress relived cast iron. The column and kenee slideways are of rectangular cross-section to provide a wide contact area and high rigidity. Slideway construction comprises an anti-friction material coating bearing on high frequency hardened surface for high machining precision and longer life.
  • The spindle is made of chrome molybdenum alloy and uses precision angular contract bearings for powerfull cutting force combined with high precision.

Turret Milling Machine – Main Features:-

  • It is characterized by compact configuration, high flexibility, and Small floor space occupation. The milling cutter has a 90 degree of left/right swing and 45 degree of forward/backward swing. not only can the ram move forward and backward, but it can also rotate 360 degree on top of the column to dramatically increase the machining range.
  • The tool body uses high-grade cast iron treated with artificial aging. The column and table (model no. >XA6325) use rectangle guideway that has large contacting surface and high-rigidity. The plastic-coated guide way treated with high frequency treatment, offers good machining precision and maintains long Life.
  • The spindle made of chrome and molybdenum alloy uses precision angular bearing, with quenching and tempering treatment, which guarantees strong cutting force and high precision.
  • The nut is made of high-grade phosphor bronze, which has excellent characteristics of wear resistance.

Turret Mill Models

We offer WM series Turret Milling Machine in four different sizes. They are;

  • Notable for compact tool structure
  • Flexible to make 90 degree milling cutter movement towards left and right and 45 degree cutter movement towards upward and downward direction.
  • The mill is also designed to make 360 degree rotation which gives it extraordinary machining performance.
  • All the basic parts including the nuts are made of superior grade phosphor bronze that has wear resistance property.

Technical Data of Turret Milling Machine

Product Code WM 02 TM/ 2 WM 02 TM/ 3 WM 02 TM/ 4 WM 02 TM/ 5
Model X6323(2#) X6325(3#) XA6325(4#) XB6325(5#)
Table size(mm) 230X1067 254X1270(1370) 254X1270(1370) 254X1270(1370)
Table load(kg) 250 300 300 350
X/Y/Z axis travel (mm) 610/350/380 780(880)/395/380 780(880)/395/380 760(860)/420/380
Head structure (belt driven head) (Vertical steel head)(variable speed head) (belt driven head) (Vertical steel head)(variable speed head) (belt driven head) (Vertical steel head)(variable speed head) (belt driven head) (vertical steel head) (variable speed head)
Motor output (kw) 3HP 3HP 3HP 5HP
Taper of spindle bore R8 or NT30 R8 or NT30 R8 or NT30 NT40
Spindle Speed(rpm) (belt driven head) 80-5400(16 speeds)(Vertical steel head):


80-8400 (16 Speeds) (variable speed head): 60-4200

(belt driven head) 80-5400(16 speeds)(Vertical steel head):


80-8400 (16 Speeds) (variable speed head): 60-4200

(belt driven head) 80-5400(16 speeds)(Vertical steel head):


80-8400 (16 Speeds) (variable speed head): 60-4200

(belt driven head) 80-5400(16 speeds) (Vertical steel head): 60-3600(16 Speeds) (variable speed head): 50-3750
Spindle feed rate (mm/r) 0.04,0.08,0.15 0.04,0.08,0.15 0.04,0.08,0.15 0.04,0.08,0.15
Spindle rotation angle (degree)0 45 45 45 45
Ram Travel (mm) 305 510 580 580
Ram rotation angle (degree) 360 360 360 360
Dimensions (LXWXH) (mm) 1500X1530X 2100 1700X1550X2100 1700X1550X2100 1700X1550X2350

Turret Milling Machine Accessories:-

Standard Accessories: Optional Accessories:
Draw bar Milling quick change collets
Electric cabinet Auto-feed device
Tool box and tools Oil-collection tray
  Machine vise
  Combined pad
  Cooling pump
  Digital readout device

Model No-WM 02 TM/2- X6323(2#) : This compact model mill comes with 230X1067 mm of table size and the table can bear 250kg of work material load. The spindle can travel 610/350/380mm of X/Y/Z axis. We provide optional head structures for all the four models which includes belt driven head, vertical steel head and variable speed head suitable from which consumers can select as per the productivity requirement. The spindle speed range differs in accordance with the kind of head stock selected.

Model No-Wm02 TM/3-X6325(3#) : This model is provided with 254X1270X(1370) mm of table size and it can bear 300kg of load including equipment weight and work material weight. The spindle can move 780(880)/395/380mm of X/Y/Z axis travel respectively. The spindle feed rate is 0.04,0.08,0.15 of rotations per minute. The ram travel is 510mm and the ram rotation angle is 360 degree.

Model No WM 02TM/4-XA6325 : This model can bear up to 300 kg of load and the table size is similar to that of model non X6325(3#). The spindle can travel 780(880)/395/380 mm towards X/Y/Z axis respectively. The spindle feed rate is also similar to that of the above mill model.

Model No-Wm 02 TM/5-XB6325(5#) : It has the same table size like that of model X6325 and XA 6325. The load bearing capacity is 350kg. When compared to other models this turret machine has spindle axis travel is 760(860)/420/380mm towards X/Y/Z axis. Spindle feed rate is the same in all the four models.

We offer certain standard accessories such as draw bar, electric cabinet and the tool box with important tools. We also provide optional accessories which can be selected based on the productivity requirement in the industries. We have the following optional accessories like milling quick change collects, auto-feed device, oil-collection tray, machine vice, chip-guard, etc.

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