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Light Duty Lathe Machines are known for machining work materials that are relatively lighter in weight and flexible for machining purpose. Yash Machine Tools supplies two models of DMTG lathe with exclusive specifications that supports for cost effective, reliable and durable production.



  • These lathes can satisfy the various turning requirements of a very wide range of different
    Industries offering an affordable solution to higher machining accuracy and better surface
  • High Speed dynamically balanced spindle using the latest technology.
  • Precision ground bed sideways and high accuracy along the total length of the machine.
  • The Lead Screw is protected with a metal guard preventing the dust and increasing operator safety.

Light Duty Lathe Main Features:-

  • Big Spindle Bore
  • Hardened and Ground Guideway
  • Light Lathe Bed
  • Brand – New Design Exterior

Technical Data of Light Duty Lathe Machine

Light Duty Lathe : Product Code WM 01 / 36L WM 01 / 41L WM 01/ 46L WM 01/ 51L
Model No. CDL 6236 CDL6241 CDL6246 CDL6251
Max. Swing Over Bed 360mm 410mm 460mm 510mm
Max. Swing Over Carriage 180mm 230mm 270mm 320mm
Centre distance 750mm 1000mm 1500mm 750mm 1000mm 1500mm 750mm 1000mm 1500mm 750mm 1000mm 1500mm
Max Swing in Gap (CDL 62**) 590mm 640mm 675mm 735mm
Width of Bed (CDL 62**) 300mm 300mm 300mm 300mm
Head Stock
Spindle nose C6/D6 D6 D8 D8
Spindle bore 48mm 52mm 82mm 82mm
Taper of Spindle bore M6 M6 1:20 (F 90) 1:20 (F 90)
Spindle Speeds 32~2000rpm(12 speeds) 32~2000rpm(12 speeds) 16~1600rpm (12 speeds) 16~1600rpm (12 speeds)
Range of inch thread 2~56TPI 2~56TPI 2~56TPI 2~56TPI
Range of metric thread 0.5~14mm 0.5~14mm 0.5~14mm 0.5~14mm
Range of module thread 0.5~14mm 0.5~14mm 0.5~14mm 0.5~14mm
Range of Di metrical pitch thread 2~56 D.P 2~56 D.P 2~56 D.P 2~56 D.P
Longitudinal feed 0.06~0.82mm/rev (0.002”~0.032”/r) 0.06~0.82mm/rev (0.002”~0.032”/r) 0.06~0.82mm/rev (0.002”~0.032”/r) 0.06~0.82mm/rev (0.002”~0.032”/r)
Cross feed 0.017~0.242mm/rev (0.0007”~0.0095”/r) 0.017~0.242mm/rev (0.0007”~0.0095”/r) 0.017~0.242mm/rev (0.0007”~0.0095”/r) 0.017~0.242mm/rev (0.0007”~0.0095”/r)
Lead screw diameter 36mm 36mm 36mm 36mm
Pitch of lead screw 6mm 6mm 6mm 6mm
Taper of tailstock quill M4 M4 M4 M4
Travel of tailstock quill 150mm 150mm 150mm 150mm
diameter in tailstock quill 60mm 60mm 60mm 60mm
Power of main motor 3/4.5kw (4/6HP) 3/4.5kw (4/6HP) 5.5kw 5.5kw
Power of coolant motor 90w (0.125HP) 90w (0.125HP) 90w 90w
Net weight 1228 1353 1593kg 1228 1353 1593kg 1630 2010 2220kg 1660 2040 2250kg
Gross weight 1378 1553 1893kg 1378 1553 1893kg 1780 2555 2720kg 1810 2585 2750kg
750mm 2230x1090x2000mm 2070x1100x1780mm
1000mm 2480x1090x2000mm 2300x1100x1780mm
1500mm 2980x1090x2000mm 2850x1100x1780mm

Light Duty Lathe Machine Accessories:-

Standard Accessories: Optional Accessories:
3 – Jaw Chuck 4 – Jaw Chuck
Steady rest (not for 750mm lathe) Face Plate
Follow rest (not for 750mm lathe) Drive Plate
Full – length splash guard Chuck guard
Center Toolpost guard
Center Sleeve Digital read out
Oil gun Taper turning attachment
Foot brake Quick change toolpost
Foundation bolts & pads Thread chasing dial
Tools CE electrics
  Anti – vibration pads
  Rolling center

Our WM series imported light duty lathes has been structured by machine designing professional considering multiple requirements of engineering industries. We offer four models of WM series DMTG light duty lathe which includes,

  • WM01/36L : This is available with model number CDL 6236 and maximum swing over bed and carriage is 360mm and 180mm respectively. Spindle bore is 48mm
  • WM 01/41L : It is available in model number CDL6241 and it comes with 410mm of maximum swing over bed and 230mm of swing over carriage.
  • WM 01/46L : It is designed with 460mm of swing over bed and 270mm of swing over carriage and model number supplied by Yash Machine Tools is CDL6246.
  • WM 01/51L : It is equipped with 510mm of swing over bed and swing over coverage is 320mm and the model number available with us is CDL6251.



Yash Machine Tools introduces gap bed lathe machine WM 01/33M series and model number M300. It is a perfect choice of workshop component eligible for diversified types of turning operations. This is one of the most chosen workshop machineries in several industries as it stays very effective and safe to be operated for both industrial and education training purpose. Our Gap bed lathe can be applied in wood working, wood turning, metal spinning and metal working, and glass working as well.

Light Duty Lathes Qualities:-

  • The M300 is a full-function lathe machine capable of the entire range of turning operations making it one of the most outstanding of its kind especially in industry, the toolroom, training and secondary and tertiary education.

Light Duty Lathe Machines Main Features:-

  • Trx

Light Duty Lathes Technical Data

Product Code WM 01 / 33M
Model No M300
Tech .Specification METRIC
Swing Over Bed 330mm
Swing over cross slide 210mm
Height of Centres 167mm
Swing in gap 480mm
Bed length 635mm/1000mm
Distance between centers 635mm/1000mm
Spindle nose D1 – 4 Camlock
Taper in spindle nose bush No 3 MT
Spindle Bore 40mm
Maximum spindle speed 2500 rpm2.2kW
Maximum spindle motor power
Number of Imperial Pitches 52
Range of Imperial Pitches 2 to 56 TPI
Number of Diametral Pitches 18
Range of Diametral Pitches 8 to 56 DP
Number of Metric Pitches 45
Range of Metric Pitches 0.2 to 14mm Pitch
Number of Module Pitches 18
Range of Module Pitches 0.3 to 3.5 MOD
Tailstock quill taper 3 MT
Tailstock quill travel 110mm
Width of guideway 205mm
Cross slide travel – X axis 190mm
Travel of top slide 92mm
Overall machine weight 710kg/790kg

Light Duty Lathe Machines Accessories:-

Standard Accessories: Optional Accessories:
3- jaw chuck Full length splash guard
4-jaw chuck Chuck guard
Face Plate Toolpost guard
Drive Plate Super high precision Gamet spindle bearings
Steady rest Live center
Follow rest Quick change tool post
Center Thread chasing dial
Center sleeve  
Full length footbrake  
Work light  
Coolant system  
Tool kits  

Technical Specifications & Accessories of Lathe Machine

The swing over bed is 330m and swing over cross slide is 210mm which help for precise and multiple turning mechanisms. We provide standard accessories like 3 –jaw as well as 4-jaw chuck, face plant, drive plate, steady rest and follow rest, center sleeve, full length footbrake, coolant system, work light, and supplementary tool kits to support during machine maintenance.

Alternative or supportive accessories always uplift the machine functioning. Based on different productivity requirements in several industries we have a list of specific optional accessories for Gap Bed Lathe machine which includes Full length splash guard, chuck guard, tool post guard, super high precision gamet spindle bearings, live center, quick change tool post and thread chasing dial

Reasons to choose the light-duty lathe

The light-duty lathe is useful in handling an assortment of lightweight materials and users can customize this machinery using various accessories. Present-day manufacturers of the light-duty lathe are equipped with modern and cutting-edge technology and follow the industrial standard to provide long life and the highest grade of light-duty lathes. The light-duty lathe is compact and can handle a variety of lightweight materials and very efficient in assembling and enabling operations. All the more, the lightweight duty lathe is more economical than its counterparts and light-duty lathe exporters reap the benefits of this to supply worldwide.

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