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SPM / Heavy Machine - Vertical Turning Lathe, Horizontal Milling Boring

  • SPM / Heavy Machine - Vertical Turning Lathe, Horizontal Milling Boring

Yash Machine Tools offers the best quality SPM & Heavy machines. The imported SPM & Heavy Machines including vertical turning lathe, horizontal milling boring and vertical machining center are designed for optimum performance as per the international standards. The machines are set for high precision vertical lathe machining or horizontal milling with best strength and reliability. The industrial machining including lathe and milling is most economical. The components are sturdy and made from high quality metal sheets and materials for long durability.

The SPM/Heavy Machine is available at Yash Machine Tools in various models with varying capacities. Machine’s auto execution is quite vibration free and noise free for smooth handling and multi-tasking features.

Workshop tools are of ample varieties and those that are meant for special purpose machining are considered significant to handle exclusive machining of work piece materials. Yash Machine Tools provide SPM and Heavy Machining components suitable for specific industries. We provide completely imported range of special purpose and heavy machines. These machines available with us are chosen for the design and performance. All the equipments are made in accordance with international standards of machine design. Special Purpose machines are designed and delivered as per the customer requirement. The list of SPM and heavy workshop equipments available at Yash Machine Tools are

WM Series Vertical Turning Lathe

Vertical turning lathe equipment is conventional applied for making explicit components with comparatively large diameter. Some of the components that can be produced from Vertical Turning Lathe are valves, rings, etc. This device is certainly a cost effective option as when it comes to installation, it would not occupy much space and takes relatively little time in machining. It is the ideal machine option to handle work materials including heavy cast iron, stainless steel, etc.


Yash Machine Tools offers WM series vertical turning lathe, an appropriate workshop tool suitable for aerospace and metal industries. The significant feature of vertical turning machine remains in loading the work piece properly with the help of capturing gravity. This equipment is designed with rough material and the hydro static guide way offers heavy load machining capacity. Above all, unlike other conventional lathes this equipment works with low noise.

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WM Series Horizontal Milling Boring

Yash Machine Tools offers WM series Horizontal Milling Boring imported equipment made with high tensile strength materials which keep up the machine for long term application. Milling is a critical task and precision is highly appreciated in all types of milling jobs. This machine is particularly known for the advanced technical features provided with it for powerful milling and boring operations.

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WM Series Vertical Machining Center

Yash Machine Tools presents WM series vertical machining center/CNC Milling equipment, DMTG vertical machining center a unique machining device designed for milling with tight-tolerance. It is one of the high-precision milling machines provided with vertically orienting spindle. It supports for milling towards accurate and stable machining way and to accommodate complete work materials like ceramics. We provide 6 models of WM series vertical machining centre with CNC milling feature. These models are featured with different dimensions of specifications to accommodate wide range of workpiece. Each model is designed with different table load capacity to accept corresponding weight of work material so that the precision in machining remains undisturbed.

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TC Series Planing Machine

CNC technology always has a great impact in machining operations. Yash Machine Presents imported WM series vertical machining center/CNC mailing equipment which is a refined model of vertical CNC milling machines. It is a perfect machine for milling operations of small and medium productivity. Disc, small plates, shells, etc can easily and precisely make with vertical machining center. CNC features include LCD display for macroinstruction editing which in turn paves way for providing systematic command, monitor operations, and other multi-functional aspects as well. For accurate machining varieties including milling, boring, drilling, tapping and counter boring and many more related machining operations can be easily and cost effectively done with CNC milling.

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