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Yash Machine Tools, a supreme workshop machine supplier in India offers vertical knee type milling machine. It is capable of grinding multiple sides of the work material and stays compatible for other operations like boring and cutting. This kind of mill is comparatively little expensive but when it comes to machining performance; vertical mills prove to be the best than others.

We have four different models with specifications that shows variations in milling operations and they are designed with vertical spindle through which excellent precision is guaranteed. The equipments are applicable for machining steel and similar hard metals.

Advantages of Vertical Milling Machine

  • Accuracy in milling
  • Strong guideways support for grinding hard materials
  • It is compact in design
  • Suitable to mill flat, inclined surfaces and slots as well
  • Perfect machining tool to handle important work materials
  • It can be chosen either with vertical mill head or dividing head in accordance with the grinding direction required.
  • It is provided with coolant system that supports for tool safety and durability

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS of Vertical Milling Machine

Model X5032 / X5032A X5040 X5050 X6150
Table size 1320x320mm 1600x400mm 2000x500mm 2000x500mm
T slot 3 no. 3 no. 5 no. 5 no.
Size ( Width ) 18mm 18mm 18mm 18mm
Centre distance 70mm 90mm 80mm 80mm
Max. load of Table 500kg 800kg 1500kg 1500kg
Table Longitudinal travel(manual/auto) 700/680mm 900/880mm 1530/1520mm 1530/1520mm
Table Cross travel (manual/auto) 255/240mm 315/300mm 360/345mm 360/345mm
Table Vertical travel(manual/auto) 350/330mm 385/365mm 630/610mm 630/610mm
Spindle taper ISO50 7:24 ISO50 7:24 ISO50 7:24 ISO50 7:24
Quill travel 70mm 85mm 90mm  
Spindle speed /step 30-1500/18rpm 30-1500/18rpm 45-1800/17rpm 45-1800/17rpm
Spindle axis to column surface 350mm 450mm    
Spindle nose to table surface 60-410mm 130-515mm 95-725mm  
Max.swivel of headstock ±45º ±45º ±45º  
X /Y Longitudinal/cross feed x:23.5-1180/18 y:15-786/18 X,Y:23.5-1180/18mm/min X,Y:16-800/17mm/min X,Y:16-800/17mm/min
Z Vertical/step 8-394/18mm/min 8-394/18mm/min 5-250/17mm/min 5-250/17mm/min
X/Y Longitudinal/cross rapid speed 2300/1533mm/min 2300/2300mm/min 3000/3000mm/min 3000/3000mm/min
Z Rapid Traverse vertical 770mm/min 770mm/min 1000mm/min 1000mm/min
Main motor 7.5kw 11kw 15kw 15kw
(X/Y/Z) Feed motor 1.5kw 3kw    
Coolant motor 0.125kw 0.125kw    
Package dimension 2160x1780x2250mm 2400x2200x2250mm    
Overall dimension 2294x1770x1904mm 2556x2159x2298mm 2250x3200x2340mm 2250x3200x2100mm
N/W,G/W 2800kg 4250kg 5200kg 4600kg

Model No-X5032/X5032A : This model contains machining table of size 1320X320mm. It is equipped with 3 nos of T-slot which helps for precise and versatile grinding operation. This model can hold up to 500 kg of load. The table can be moved longitudinally up to 700/680mm and in cross direction of up to 255/240mm. The spindle speed is 30-1500 rotations per minute and the spindle step is 18 rotations per minute. The quill travel distance is 70mm and it can work with 7.5kw main motor power. For X/Y and Z axis feed this model runs with 1.5 kw motor power. Apart from that additional coolant motor with 0.125kw power is required.

Model No-X5040 : It comes with 1600X400mm of work table and 3 nos of T-slot. The maximum load capacity of this model is 800kg. The longitudinal travel distance is 900/880mm and cross travel distance is 315/300mm. Quill travel distance is 85mm and range of spindle speed is 30-1500 rotations per minute.

Model No-X5050 : This model is designed with 2000X500mm of table size and it is provided with 5nos of T-slots. The centre distance is 80mm and the load bearing capacity is 1500kg which is obviously higher than the previous models. The longitudinal travel distance of the table is 1530/1520mm and cross travel distance is 360/345mm. The spindle speed range if 45-1800 rotations per minute and the spindle can make 17 rotations per minute of spindle step.

Model No-X6150 : It can bear load up to 1500 kg and comes with table size similar to that of X5050 model. It is provisioned with 5 nos of T-Slots. The table travel distance towards longitudinal direction is 1530/1520mm and towards cross ways it is 360-345mm. The spindle speed range is 45-1800 rotations per minute and the spindle step is 17 rotations per minute.


Knee-type milling machines have advanced technology capability because the spindle on such machines is positioned vertically. It is designed by knee-type mill manufacturers for precision and productive milling of flat or box section work pieces occurring in batch production. The compact machine design allows for a high level of geometrical accuracy as well as rigidity. Vertical milling tools use smaller cutting tools, have less massive casting and fewer horsepower motors while accomplishing similar results to the horizontal mill. For large production applications, hi-end milling machines are supplied globally or exported and they can perform all operations including tool changing, and provide zero error mechanism.

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