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CNC Milling & VMC - Vertical CNC Milling Machine, Gantry Machining Center

  • CNC Milling & VMC - Vertical CNC Milling Machine, Gantry Machining Center

Vertical CNC Milling Machine, Gantry Type Machining Center

Yash Machine Tools offers the best quality vertical CNC milling machine and gantry type machining center. The CNC milling & VMC machines are designed for optimum performance as per the international standards. The machines are set for high precision computerized milling and machining with best strength and reliability. The industrial machining including vertical milling and gantry type machining is most economical. The components are sturdy and made from high quality metal sheets and materials for long durability.

The CNC milling machine & VMC machine are available at Yash Machine Tools in various models with varying capacities. Machine’s auto execution is quite vibration free and noise free for smooth handling and multi-tasking features.


Milling or grinding operation requires precise machining and the inception of CNC embedded milling equipments have brought excellent changes in machining operation, fast, precise and durable production. Yash Machine Tools supplies CNC milling equipments which shows improved and long term performance. Our range of milling equipments are made of high quality and tested materials therefore they are suitable for industries that have greater production requisite. We provide the following types of CMC and VMC Milling equipments.


The specifications which we have provided for this milling machine models are designed to obtain accuracy, durability and continuous milling condition. This gantry type milling centre is compatible with fixed portal frame and moving table which moves on x-axis. The specialty of Z-axis spindle is that it is designed to work out of the table as it can support for widened machining range. We provide standard accessories including Fanuc 18i CNC Control, rigid taping, spindle box with two shifts variable gear box, spindle blowing devices, foot switch for loose and tight tool, X and Y axis guide protection, MPG, cutting fluid circulation systems, etc. Optional accessories like Renishaw tools and work piece measurement, CNC control for Siemens 840D or Rexroth MTX, ATC, Boring and milling head and closed loop rater scale feedback system.

Reasons why the Vertical CNC Milling Machine, Gantry Type Machining Center is proficient

A vertical CNC milling machine is an excellent choice for projects that are worked on a single side and with large metal plates. The vertical CNC milling machine manufacturers well cater to the needs of handling extremely large parts with weights in tonnes and which include heavy cast components and fabricated weldments. The Gantry Type CNC milling machine manufacturers feature a structural box design that is most suitable for limited working space while providing a stable and speedy performance and improving the Z-axis performance. The low table height and closer operating zone provided by CNC milling manufacturers prove as the most convenient designer for the user.

WM Series Vertical CNC Milling machine


It is made of high tensile strength and rigid material. It is highly preferred milling device model that is known for its stability. For precise milling operation and three-axis work material milling operation system WM series vertical CNC remains the best model. This model will also remain a suitable option for high speed milling performance as it is designed with precise spindle. The fast and reliable tool changing mechanism supports for non-stop production requisites. The cooling system also supports for continuous machining operation and CNC control supports for precise milling and monitoring as well.


We offer VDF Series Vertical CNC Milling Equipment Models which includes

VDF-1000, VDL-1000, VDL-600A, VDL-800, VDL-1200, VDL-1400A, VDF-1000, VDF-1200, and VDF-1500.

RYash Machine Tools offers standard as well as optional accessories for WM series vertical CNC milling machine model for improved performance. Our standard accessories includes ATC, cooling system, working lamp and alarming lamp, spindle blowing device, spiral chip removal, foundation bolt and pads, heat exchanger, automatic chip flushing, tool kit and rapid taping. Optional accessories includes Spindle temperature control device, coolant through spindle device, CNC rotary table, electrical cabinet temperature control device, coolant gun flushing device and open door protection device.

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WM Series Gantry Type Machining Center

Yash Machine Tools provides WM Series Gantry type machining center a suitable new generation device for higher milling performance. It is designed with fixed portal and moving table. It is one of the innovative machine designs with changeable worktable and spindle which has 5 face machining capacity. For rough kind of work materials where finishing remains a challenging task WM series gantry type milling equipment would stay a perfect choice. The types of work materials which can be milled with this equipment are large and medium size work piece, mould type work piece, plate or disc shape and chest or curve shape work pieces also can be milled. It is also called as GDM series and it is meant for high performance production requirement.

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