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Bordering machine is exclusively used for bordering variety of purpose like bedding, quilts, etc. It is highly applicable in industries especially in the process of trimming edges. It helps to obtain the edge of the bedding material to form into the perfect profile shape in terms of uniform border. Though there might be various machines to carryout bordering or edge bending processes, yet bordering machine has been designed to work in relationship with the determined axis to provide the desired result. We provide 4 different models of bordering machine. Model RM08 and RM-18 are available with optional stand that provides additional support to the operator at the time of machining. These two models are suitable for performing bordering of bedding materials and quilts. Model RM-A and RM-B are compact in design and are mountable on table. These two models are designed for machining operation on smaller range of trimming. Apart from that, we provide set of 5 or 4 standard rollers which vary according to every model.

Bordering device supports in multiple ways for business growth such as flexible to work with, production can be maximized with less expense on man power, helps to rationalize manufacturing process, featured with many technical aspects to meet global standards. Apart from that there are several other advantages of bordering equipment supplied by Yash Machine Tools such as,

  • It has been designed to eradicate the time consuming process of trimming which had been done with manual support.
  • To support bedding industry with top notch technology solutions in the process of bedding.
  • It is also supportive equipment for textile industry to trim multiple layers of fabric rolls in quick time and accuracy.
  • Bordering equipment reduces the cost of production.
  • Applied for creating connecting crimps.

Stande for RM08 (Optional)
  • Complete with five sets of rolls wiring crimping ogee bead, single bead and below edging will perform mumberous operations Clamp-on offset base


With Stand (optional with Bordering Machine):-

  • Complete with six sets standard rollers for large and small turning, burning, wiring, crimping and ogee bead will perfom numerous operations for RM08/RM12/RM18

  • Hardened steel rollers
  • Head rotates 360°
  • Can bench mounted with “EZ Edge Finder”

  • Hardened steel rollers
  • Fade adjustment no tools needed
  • Easy change rollers

Technical Specifications of Bordering Machine

Model RM08 RM12 RM18 RM-A RM-B
Capacity 0.8mm/22Ga 1.2mm/18Ga 1.2mm/18Ga 1.0mm/20Ga 1.0mm/20Ga
Throat Depth 177mm / 7" 305mm / 12" 457mm / 18" 114mm
Packing Size 50 x 45 x 16cm 38 x 45 x 16cm 73 x 27 x 14cm 18 x 28 x 66cm 15 x 26 x 71cm
Net Weight 22kg 19kg 24kg 9kg 9kg
Gross Weight 24kg 21kg 26kg 10kg 10kg


  • Heavy and solid cast iron construction
  • Special steel adjustable bottom spindle
  • Self-braking motor with subframe (E-Type)
  • 4 Sets standard rollers

Bordering Machine Technical Specifications

Model TB-12 ETB-12
Thickness Max. 1.2mm / 18Ga 1.2mm / 18Ga
Cylinder length 140mm 140mm
Throat depth 200mm 200mm
Cylinder speed 32rpm
Motor power 1 HP
Net Weight 48kg 120kg
Packing Size 67 x 32 x 60cm 110 x 48 x 148cm

  • Steel welded construction frame
  • Adjustable idle roller
  • Steel shaft with bronze bushings
  • Reduction motor with brake system
  • Complete with stand
  • 4 sets standard rollers

Technical Specifications of Bordering Machine

Model ETB-25 ETB-40
Thickness Max. 2.5mm / 12Ga 4mm / 8Ga
Cylinder length 120mm 165mm
Throat depth 280mm 300mm
Cylinder speed 20rpm 153.rpm
Motor power 2HP 3 HP
Net Weight 235kg 341kg
Packing Size 147 x 58 x 135cm 165 x 58 x 140cm

Specifications and Unique Features of Bordering Machine

  • Featured with rotatable base that provides excellent adjustment to machining.
  • It provides accurate trimming than that is done through manual bordering.
  • It suits ideal for more production requirement.
  • It works fast and stay reliable to produce
  • Featured with accurate bearings.
  • Made from high quality solid cast iron.
  • Modern in design and easy to assemble.
  • Flexible to work with.
  • Designed by using superior quality of materials which make our trimming equipment suitable for worldwide consumers.

Our device designed for trimming has been created to adapt edging variety of fabrics and bedding material which are of different sizes have been designed to provide easy adaptability to the operator. These equipments can be used to bring out precise trimming which later helps the manufacturer to create uniform pattern of borders. These equipments are sturdy in construction and stay reliable for longer run. Maintenance and usability aspects are also easier with our bordering machines. The compact size makes it versatile equipment for smaller to moderate production requirements and above all, it provides good return on investment. Visit our website to know more about the different models of bordering equipments we offer.

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