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Lathe device is applied for cutting metal work and wood work sheets. As innovations introduced in the design, they are transformed into stylish equipments to obtain precise machining. Today, fully automated and geared lathes are easily made to support variety of machining operations in industries. However, the quality of smaller tools and related components decides the durability of the machine.

At Yash Machine Tools, we provide different DMTG variants based on the type of works including light work, medium duty, heavy and extra heavy duty lathe machine for tough performance. Light duty version is quite compact and light in operating the metals and also known for its versatile features with best durability and low maintenance. It is widely used in various industrial applications for best precision work.

This imported instruments are used in sheet metal workshops for machining work to get the accurate finishing result with the required strength and give a unique way of freedom in cutting, drilling with power efficiency. These DMTG all geared machines are applicable in different industrial applications of mining, shipping, paper industries, power plants etc.

Factors for increased demand of all geared lathe machinery

Medium duty geared lathe machines provide precise operations including rotating work pieces on their axis to handle operations like knurling, drilling sanding, and cutting. Suppliers of medium-duty geared lathe machines provide sturdy construction and provide for high returns on investment. They provide durable functional support and consistent performance. They are a requisite as they are suitable for precision machining of hard objects and available in choices in categories of medium and high duty geared lathe machines. The geared lathe machine exporters provide client-centric services and can garner a huge clientele owing to the superior quality of these machines.

WM Series Light Duty Lathe Machine

All geared lathe is improved equipment that works several steps ahead than conventional cutting machines. It is a user friendly model that suits very well to process variety of metals and wood work materials with higher dependency on precision. Yash Machine Tools provides industrial workshop machines with different machining capabilities. This is a suitable option for industries which has higher productivity of light cutting operations. It provides higher accuracy and perfect finishing. It has dynamic machine structure and ground bed sideways; lead screw is secluded with metal guard. This guard keeps the machine free from dust accumulation and provides safety for the operator.

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WM Series Medium Duty Lathe Machine

This medium duty lathe has been designed with the best machine structure codes thus ensuring safe working condition for the operator. The raw materials include solid cast iron that offers strong structure and reliability. It is equipped with stress relieved bed to stabilize the work material until the machining process is completed. This technology keeps up the machine life for long term production. We have installed latest gear box to support excellent machining operation. The accuracy of spindle structure is another added advantage for this device. Above all, industries can choose this model for different threading functions.

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WM Series Heavy Duty Lathe Machine

As the name describes, heavy duty lathe is a suitable option to handle heavy duty work materials. This model is an improved version and specifically designed for heavy engineering industrial workshops. It is a high speed device equipped with high capacity spindle torque. The big spindle bore stays a supportive component to carry on with boring operations in high tensile work metals. Clutch is optional as per the customer demand, hence; depending on the work load consumers can choose mechanical or electromagnetic clutch. We offer with standard as well as optional accessories. Our standard accessories include coolant system, 3-jaw chuck, center sleeve, tools, etc. Optional components available with this tool includes 4-jaw chuck, face plate, drive plate, thread chasing dial, chuck guard, etc.

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WM Series Extra Heavy Duty Lathe

Extra heavy duty lathe offered by Yash is a versatile machine among the different types. It is a perfect machining solution that stays suitable for multiplicity of machining functions. Heavy engineering industries benefit widely through this. For higher range of finishing and excellent surface finish this one is the right option. The high speed spindle supports for robust machine structure. The lead screw is another added advantage to the machine as it is provisioned with metal guard to prevent the equipment from corrosion. All the components are made of tensile raw materials which are also corrosion resistant thus ensuring quality and reliability of the equipment.

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