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Drilling is one of the important and careful machining operations followed in majority of engineering and metal industries. Though there are slight variations and radial drilling tool remains smart in boring performance than conventional tools. It works in terms of the machining arm designed exclusive to tackle procedure that cannot be easily done with usual tools. The geared radial arm tool that is provisioned along with the chief equipment is the key component that favors a lot in managing heavy duty machining tricks. Hence, for industrial usability, the quality of geared radial arm is checked reliability and long term usage capability as well.

This is a suitable device option that can be applied for an assortment of machining roles apart from general boring a hole. Our equipment is designed with competitive features and hence; it stays a step ahead from all types of hole making tools available in the market. This instrument is a perfect choice for heavy engineering industries as surfeit of tooling actions can be performed with this. Some of the catchy tooling options are reaming, beating, piercing, counteracts piercing, and many more.

DMTG All Geared Radial Drilling Machine is designed for optimum performance as per the international standards. It is set for high precision hole making with best strength and reliability. The industrial cutting and hole making is most economical with the version of this device. The tool is equipped for reaming, spotting, tapping, boring and counter boring. The components are sturdy and made from high quality metal sheets and materials for long durability.

DMTG Radial Drill is available in various models with varying capacities of drilling diameters. M/C’s auto execution is quite vibration free and noise free for smooth handling and multi-tasking features.

Salient features of the geared radial drilling machine

The geared radial manufacturers bring to the global markets high-quality machinery with customized technical specifications. These offer heavy-duty ribbing ensure low vibration and all enclosed in a heavy-duty structure to withstand stress and distortion. The geared radial suppliers provide a superior quality machine with a hydraulic locking system during operation to achieve the best possible accuracies. The high quality of this machine and its ease of operation while performing utilities like drilling milling and tapping make it highly demanded by heavy-duty industries. Moreover, the speeds can easily be changed and continuous work on improvement makes it have minimum deflection and effortless cantering.

WM Series Radial Drilling Machine

WM series type has been designed by our engineers based on international standards. Each component is made from strong and steadfast raw materials. Our equipments are meant for long term usage hence; industries that generate high productivity can benefit in several ways.

Specifications and Advantages

Spindle assembly provided for this specific model is supported by hydraulic power thus the user can find reliable and precise machining performance.

The headstock of this device is equipped with mechanical and electrical controls which help for fast and flawless procedure.

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TMR-H Series Radial Drilling Machine

The spindle speed is the highlighting factor that supports for efficient machining performance. All the components are made of superior quality raw materials. Mechanical spindle speed change option offers ease of cutting. TMR-H series imported radial drill equipment is comparatively smaller than WM series however; the arm length is compatible to perform variety of industrial machining processes including tapping, piercing, etc. Variation is also provided in the arm length, boring capacity, distance between the spindle and base plate.

Specifications and Advantages of TMR-H and TMR-M Series Imported All Geared Radial Drilling Machine

Consumers can get customized drilling capacity ranging from 32mm to 50mm as per respective industrial machining preferences.

Relative machining options including tapping, boring, etc can also be customized based on varying capacities in respective machining operations.

Improved technology is provided for painting the outer surface of the instrument in order to avoid corrosion and sustain with fresh Mach appearance.

We also offer optional spindle feed for greater performance.

TMR-H and TMR-M Series radial drill is relatively less in weight than WM series.

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