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Heavy metals & engineering industries are highly needed extra heavy duty lathe machine, which is imported and provided by Yash Machine Tools with excellent features. We have two types of DMTG equipment in this category and each type has three and four models respectively.

We provide three different models of imported WM series DMTG lathe. Each model differs in terms of different swing over bed, swing over cross slide and swing in gap capacities.

Extra Heavy Duty Lathe Machine Qualities:-

  • These imported lathes can satisfy the various turning requirements of a very wide range of different
    Industries offering an affordable solution to higher machining accuracy and better surface
  • High Speed dynamically balanced spindle using the latest tools building technology.
  • Precision ground bed sideways and high accuracy along the total length of the machine.
  • The Lead Screw is protected with a metal guard preventing the dust and increasing operator safety.

Extra Heavy Duty Lathe Main Features:-

  • Big Spindle Bore with Dia. 105mm/130mm
  • Swing over bed from 630mm to 1000mm
  • One piece casting lathe bed from C.D.4000mm to 5000mm
  • Hardened and ground guideway

Extra Heavy Duty Lathe's Technical Data

Product Code WM 01/ 63E WM 01 / 80E WM 01/ 100E
Model No – Imported Lathe CW6263E CW6280E CW62100E
Swing over bed 630mm 800mm 1000mm
Swing over cross slide 350mm 520mm 720mm
Swing in gap(CW62**E) 800mm 1000mm 1230mm
Gap Length (from spindle nose) 465mm 465mm 465mm
Distance between Centers 1000/1500/2000/3000/4000/5000mm
Spindle bore 105/130mm 105/130mm 105/130mm
Taper of Spindle bore 120mm(1.20)/140(1.20) 120mm(1.20)/140(1.20) 120mm(1.20)/140(1.20)
Spindle nose C11/D11 C11/D11 C11/D11
No. of Spindle speed 18 18 18
Spindle Speed ranges 7.5-1000rpm 7.5-1000rpm 7.5-1000rpm
Spindle Motor power 11kW(15HP) 11kW(15HP) 11kW(15HP)
Width of bedways 550mm 550mm 550mm
Cross slide travel-X axis 445mm 493mm 493mm
Travel of top Slide 200mm 200mm 200mm
Section of tool shank 30x30mm 30x30mm 30x30mm
Range of Imperial Pitches 1-14TPI 1-14TPI 1-14TPI
Range of Diametral Pitches 1-28DP 1-28DP 1-28DP
Range of Metric Pitches 1-240mm 1-240mm 1-240mm
Range of Module Pitches 0.5-120MOD 0.5-120MOD 0.5-120MOD
Tailstock Quill diameter 100mm 100mm 100mm
Tailstock Quill taper No 6 MT No 6 MT No 6 MT
Tailstock Quill travel 240mm 240mm 240mm
Overall machine length(Distance between Centers) 3180(1000)/3630(1500)/4230(2000)/5130(3000)/6130(4000)/7130 (5000)mm
Overall machine width 1320mm 1360mm 1470mm
Overall machine height 1830mm 1830mm 1830mm
Overall Machine width 3550kg3850kg


















  • WM 01/63E-Model No CW6263E : This model is destined with 630m of swing over bed and 350mm of swing over cross slide and 800mm of swing in Gap.
  • WM01/80E-Model No CW6280E : It is equipped with swing over bed of 800mm and 520mm of swing over cross slide and 1000mm of swing in gap capacities.
  • WM01/100E-Model No CW62100E : This machine model contains the capacity of 1000mm of swing over bed and 720mm of swing over cross slide and 1230mm of swing in gap capacities.

We provide the following standard accessories including 3-jaw chuck, center and center sleeve, oil gun, coolant system, foundation bolt and pads, working lamp and tool kit.

Extra Heavy Duty Lathe Machine Accessories:-

Standard Accessories: Optional Accessories:
3 – Jaw Chuck 4-jaw chuck
Steady rest (not for <3000mm lathe) Face Plate
Follow rest (not for < 3000mm lathe) Drive plate
Center Full length splash Guard
Center sleeve Chuck guard
Oil gun Tool post guard
Foundation bolt & pads Digital readout unite
Coolant system Rolling center
Work light Quick change tool post
Tool kits Thread chasing dial
  Taper copying attachment
  Anti-vibration pad

We have extensive list of optional accessories for extra heavy duty DMTG machines to support for more convenience in performing complicated machining operations. Some of the attractive optional accessories we offer include drive plate, digital readout unit, taper copying attachment, anti-vibration pad, tool post guard, etc. All these optional features will help to enhance the machine performance and provide more safety during operations and emergency situations.



Our CWM series tools are destined to get turn end-face performance in complicated cylindrical surfaces, creation of internal holes in different work materials and to make metric, inch, module as well as pitch threads. The CMW series is featured with high spindle speed and durable structure.

Main Features of Extra Heavy Duty Lathe Machine:-

  • These imported lathes can perform to turn end-faces, cylindrical surfaces and internal holes of various parts as well as metric, inch, module and pitch threads.
  • The top slides can be operated individually by power for cutting short taper surface.
  • Long taper surface can be turned automatically through the compound movement combining longitudinal feed with the top slide feed, moreover, the devices may be used for drilling, boring and trepanning.
  • They are characteristics of power, high spindle speed, high rigidity.
  • The various ferrous and non-ferrous metals parts may be turned through the heavy cutting by carbon alloy tools.

Extra Heavy Duty Lathe Technical Data

Product Name WM 01 /100M WM 01 /125M WM 01 /140M WM 01/ 160M
Model No. CW62100M CW62125M CW62140M CW62160M
Swing Over Bed 1000mm 1250mm 1400mm 1600mm
Swing Over Cross slide 630mm 880mm 1030mm 1230mm
Swing in Gap 1400mm 1650mm 1800mm 2000mm
Gap Length (from spindle nose) 600mm 600mm 600mm 600mm
Distance Between Centers 1500/2000/3000/4000/5000/6000/8000mm
Spindle bore 130mm 130mm 130mm 130mm
Taper of Spindle bore 140mm (1:20) 140mm (1:20) 140mm (1:20) 140mm (1:20)
Spindle nose A-15 A-15 A-15 A-15
No. of Spindle speeds 21 21 21 21
Spindle speed ranges 3.15 – 315 rpm 3.15 – 315 rpm 3.15 – 315 rpm 3.15 – 315 rpm
Maximum spindle motor power 22 kW 22 kW 22 kW 22 kW
Coolant pump motor power 0.125 kW 0.125 kW 0.125 kW 0.125 kW
Width over bedways 755mm 755mm 755mm 755mm
Cross slide travel – X axis 580mm 670mm 725mm 825mm
Travel of top slide 300mm 300mm 300mm 300mm
Max. dimension of tool shank 45x45mm 45x45mm 45x45mm 45x45mm
Cross feed 0.05-6mm/rev 0.05-6mm/rev 0.05-6mm/rev 0.05-6mm/rev
Longitudinalo feed 0.1-12mm/rev 0.1-12mm/rev 0.1-12mm/rev 0.1-12mm/rev
Range of Diametral Pitches 1/2 -56DP 1/2 -56DP 1/2 -56DP 1/2 -56DP
Range of Metric Pitches 1-120mm 1-120mm 1-120mm 1-120mm
Range of Module Pitches 0.5-60 MOD 0.5-60 MOD 0.5-60 MOD 0.5-60 MOD
Tailstock quill diameter 160mm 160mm 160mm 160mm
Tailstock quill taper 80mm / 1:20 80mm / 1:20 80mm / 1:20 80mm / 1:20
Tailstock quill travel 300mm 300mm 300mm 300mm
Weight of the lathe with 3m b. c. 10000kg 10700kg 11000kg 11500kg
Additional weight par 1m b. c. 1000kg 1000kg 1000kg 1000kg
Overall machine length (Distance between centers) 0(1500)/4950(2000)/5950(3000)/6950(4000)/7950(5000)/8950(6000)/10950(8000)mm
Overall machine height 1780mm 1910mm 1980mm 2080mm
Overall machine width 1855mm 1955mm 2010mm 2110mm

Extra Heavy Duty Lathe Accessories:-

Standard Accessories: Optional Accessories:
4– Jaw Chuck Chuck guard
Steady rest Chip Guard
Follow rest Thread chasing dial
Rotating centre Inch leadscrew
Lighting equipment  
Coolant pump  

We offer four different models of CWM series extra heavy duty lathe.

  • WM 01/100M-Model No CW 62125M : Except standard features of spindle bore, spindle nose spindle speed ranges, maximum spindle motor power, each model differs in terms of swing over bed, swing over cross slide, swing in gap. This model has the capacity of 1000mm of swing over bed, 630mm of swing over cross slide and 1650mm of swing in gap.
  • WM01/125M-Model No CW62125M : It is equipped with 1250mm of swing over bed, 880mm of swing over cross slide, and 1650mm of swing in Gap.
  • WM01/140M-Model No CW 62140M : Contains 1400mm of swing over bed capacity and 1030mm of swing over cross slide capacity and 1800mm of swing in Gap.
  • WM01/160M-Model No CW 62160M : It is equipped with 1600mm of swing over bed and 1230mm of swing over cross bed and 2000mm of swing in gap capacities.

We provide special optional accessories like the chuck guard, chip guard, thread chasing dial and Inch leadscrew for safe and precise machining.

Advantages of the heavy-duty lathe

The heavy-duty lathe imparts total ease to end functions as it has special turning spindles different from other machine tools. These do not require frequent updating as they are superior in all characteristics and serves as a sound investment. Heavy-duty CNC lathe manufacturers design highly efficient tools for mass production with special care to their center height, bed width, maximum swing, spindle type, and travel time. In order to carry out the heavy-duty processing, its horizontal structure makes the operation easier. This tool supplied by renowned heavy-duty manufacturers is made by following the highest industry standards after thorough testing and they provide high-quality finishing with tensile strength.

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