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Tool Room Machines - Milling and Drilling Machine

  • Tool Room Machines - Milling and Drilling Machine

Effective machining and tooling remains one of the most significant requirements of industrial workshops. Starting from simple tool box to larger range of machinery the needs for tooling is extensive that in some point or other equipments become mandatory. Yash Machine Tools has been serving worldwide industries with plethora of devices designed to provide complete machining support for several kinds of production and finishing operations. Our range of machinery starts from lathe, drill to machining centre and many more and we also supply imported equipments which are known for their supreme performance and unmatched quality.


  • Unmatched quality.
  • Stays best investment for decades of production requisites.
  • Makes strong presence among the market competence.
  • Designed according to international industrial standards.
  • Consumers can easily make online orders.
  • We also provide customized specifications as per client preferences.
  • We are one of the leading importers and suppliers automatic equipments therefore our website will serve the best destination to pick from plethora of foreign made devices.
  • When it comes to imported lathes, consumers can find lathe machines based on production requirement in accordance with the machine capacity and performance such as light, heavy, medium and extra heavy duty machines.
  • We provide different models of radial drilling machine with customized drilling capability.
  • You can find industry’s best turret mill at Yash Machine Tools and find consistent accuracy in shaping metals for long period of time.
  • Apart from that we also deal with supplying branded milling cum drilling and bed type mill which too are featured with the best specifications.


Flexibility in machining remains out motto when we plan for machine design. Our Turret Milling component has been created considering the flexibility in usage and accommodation. It is easy to install this equipment in relatively smaller space inside the workshop premises. The cutting tool is the second main attractive feature which is provided with 90 degree of left and right swing and 45 degree if forward and backward swing movement; in addition to that it is possible to obtain 360 degree rotation of the swing to make it more effective in cutting variety of shapes in hard materials.


The rectangular guide way or transit system made of plastic coated material has been fixed in such a way that the equipment gets large contacting surface and tensile strength which again stays an effective feature for the machine to work for long run with less maintenance. The connecting components are made of phosphor bronze material that offers durable resistance to the overall machining process. This compact device can bear load up to 250 to 350 kg of work material weight.


WM series turret milling machine is equipped with variable spindle speed head depending on the shaping requirements. We provide draw bar, electric cabinet and tool box with tools as standard accessories for turret milling device. However, consumers who require improved version of this equipment can opt for optional accessories we provide. Some of the important optional accessories are milling quick change collects, auto-feed device, oil-collection tray, cooling pump, digital readout device, chip-guard, etc.

At Yash Machine Tool, consumers can get customized changes done in machines to fulfill varying machining requirements.

Visit our website and find out the list of equipments we deal with. Yash Machine Tools will certainly remain the best supplier supporting multiple industries.

WM Series Turret Milling Machine

Yash Machine Tools have brought the industry best turret milling machine. This turret milling machine is known for its accurate shaping of metal and other solid materials. The machining components are robust and rigid designed from high grade stress relived cast iron. It is used for high precision metal shaping and machining with power force for cutting.

This imported tool room machine is with compact configuration that is accommodated in small space. The high quality cast iron machine body is treated with artificial aging for high rigidity and good precision milling work for long life.

Among the workshop components, turret mills remain exclusive as they are employed to shape solid work materials. This equipment stays supportive in obtaining wide range of shapes of work materials; in addition to that it is easy to obtain varying cutting dimensions and depths in heavy materials with turret milling machine. Yash Machine Tools, a leading supplier of workshop equipments introduces the best performing turret milling equipment to make shaping of solid materials easier. This tool room component is made from tested and fabricated components which stay resistant to corrosion and work for long term. Our Turret milling device structure is designed with high grade cast iron and our engineers have provided competitive size to the overall machine structure which allows for convenient milling operation over strong metal work pieces.

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TC Series Universal Milling Machine

Universal milling machine from Yash is known for its accuracy in milling and tensile guideways. It is easy to operate as the overall instrument structure is compact. Apart from general operation, this equipment is compatible for boring, slotting, drilling, cutting racks, gears and reamers with the support of additional cutting tool.

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TC Series & WM Series Vertical Milling Machine

Yash Machine Tools, a supreme workshop machine supplier in India offers vertical knee type milling machine. It is capable of grinding multiple sides of the work material and stays compatible for other operations like boring and cutting. This kind of mill is comparatively little expensive but when it comes to machining performance; vertical mills prove to be the best than others.

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TC Series Milling Cum Drilling Machine

Milling cum drilling machine is one of the most adaptable workshop equipments preferred to obtain multiple workshop operations like milling, drilling, tapping, etc. Yash Machine Tools presents versatile models created as per industrial standards.

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TC Series Bed Type Milling Machine

Milling machine plays an important role in automobile and aerospace industries. It is preferred for its adaptability in applying in different working atmospheres. It stays an efficient workshop tool to support some of the most demanding and challenging machining requirements. Considering these factors We have designed bed type mills, which is ideal for continuous milling applications.

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