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Yash Machine Tools provides CNC lathes in various models of DMTG flat bed CNC lathe and imported slant bed CNC lathes for completely automated and tough performance in lathe machining. They are quite compact and heavy duty in operating the metals. The equipment is known for its versatile features with best durability, low maintenance and widely used in various industrial applications for best precision work.

These series from Yash are used in sheet metal workshops for machining work to get the symmetrical accurate finishing result with the required strength. These automated devices give a unique way of freedom in cutting, drilling with power efficiency and applicable in different industrial applications of mining, shipping, paper industries, power plants etc.

The inception of imported CNC embedded lathes has made huge difference in production and performance. It is one of the foremost machining components preferred in workshops and is one of the best series of machining equipped with technical advantages. Our computer numeric control series offers space for precision in tooling and stays the best to handle heavy duty metals operation works.

The specialty of Computer embedded tools are that they are made of tested materials and stays effective for long productivity. This machine requires very less time and expense for maintenance aspects. For industries which keenly focus on precise measures, this would remain the perfect choice. Freedom of operating, efficiency in managing multiple work operations including cutting and drilling with relatively low power consumption are some of the operational advantages.

WM Series Flat Bed CNC Lathe

Flat bed with computer numerical control is fully automated and requires less man power support for operational requirements. The bed stock is the key factor that makes the variation in operation. We make sure that every component of the machine is made from solid casting raw material including the bed, headstock, plinth area, etc. This model is designed to offer accuracy in feeding work material and the ball screws and high quality bearings provisioned with this equipment support for accuracy as they are lubricated automatically with the help of centralized oil system.


Two models of DMTG flat bed CNC lathe includes CKE-Z series and CKE-I series. The CKE-Z series will be provided with automatic headstock gear changing option, low noise and high spindle speed capacities. CKE-I series on the other hand is provisioned with independent spindle, frequency converted spindle motor to obtain good spindle speed. Optional features also include hydraulic chuck and tailstock. We offer specific range of brands for computer Control technology including Fanuc, Siemens, Fagor, etc which can be chosen as per the customer preference

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WM Series Slant Bed CNC Lathe

Imported Slant bed device is known for higher range of performance. Our slant bed equipments with computer controll are made of high tensile and higher grade cast iron material. When it comes to precision job, it is relatively more powerful in performance than other types of lathes. Computer control allows for automatic and flawless operation. Similarly, production cost and time are relatively lesser than other models.


Special options includes in selection of spindle and machining capacities. Each spindle nose model supplied by us can be added to this equipment to obtain different turning diameters. In addition, selection of spindle nose can also be made based on its power consumption capacity. As far as optional accessories are concerned, we provide wide range of optional components suitable for slant bed lathes and also offer optimized components as per the customer request.

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