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Drill Point Grinder - Chamfer Machine, Drill Bit/End-Mill Grinder

Chamfer Machine

Machining is of different sorts and there are many forms of machining which are found to be complicated. Special devices have been designed to carry out specific forms of machining in intricate positions. It is a faster machining device and provides accurate chamfering. There are varieties of machines designed for specific and general machining purposes; Chamfer machine is useful in significant ways to produce complicated shapes by using different metals. Yash Machine Tools presents five models in this category made from high quality and imported machine parts.

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Drill Bit Grinder

Yash Machine Tools is a complete destination of machine tools and assortment of workshop supportive equipments. We have wide range of equipments to support metal and machine industries in multiple facets of machining operations starting from drilling to tapping, surfacing, shaping, bending, etc. We supply compact machining devices such as drill bit grinder in different models bearing variations in drilling capacities and are suitable for complicated and minute drill bits efficiently.

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End-Mill Grinder

End mill grinder is a versatile grinding device that can be applied for cutting operations which need to be done in different angles. With this extensive types of cuts over different materials are carried out in accordance with the specific industrial usage. It is a good alternative for conventional mills and above all it is cost effective and shows enhanced performance.

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Screw Blade Grinder

Yash Machine tools presents tool blade grinder, a compact yet a legendry tool that helps for creating metal components like saw blades. Grinding metal work piece becomes perfect only if the metal is converted into precise shape as expected. Screw blade grinders are exceptional in mechanism as they can sharpen metal products at both ront and back angles providing edges with sharp end. Our grinders designed to create metal bodies in the desired shape and dimension and to grind the surfaces of the screws.

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Screw Tap Grinder

Tap grinding had not been a possible machining process in earlier days, as the work material has to be fed into different sorts of grinding machines to obtain the final form of tap grinding. Tap grinders or screw tap grinding device is a recently created and most innovative form of grinder especially created for tap grinding purpose. Yash Machine Tools presents 7 different models which have been designed with industry supportive grinding capacities. It is one of the recent developments in grinding mechanism

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Tool Grinder

Grinding is a delicate process among the different types of machining operations. This operation helps to obtaining finishing to the work material. Tool grinders are special grinding equipments that are specially designed to give finishing to different types of tools which are applied for cutting. This device stays very effective for performing complicated grinding. Yash Machine provides 7 different types this instrument with different machining capabilities. These are meant for finishing cutting instruments made of hard materials.

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