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Cost effectiveness, functionality and durability are what you get from the WM series CNC vertical milling machine.

The rigid structure of the equipment enhances the stability of the machine making it able to handle heavy vibrations and forces associated with milling. The triple axis feeding system is best for all types of vertical machining.

The feed rate affects the evenness of the finished work. To avoid parochial marks from developing, the machine can be adjusted to higher feed rates thus reducing the roughness of the finished work. This equipment has the cutting feed rate from one m/min up to ten thousand meters per minute.

The automatic control of the machine is one of the best innovations that have been introduced in the vertical CNC machine. It allows for automatic calibration of the machine to perform the required job. The design can be easily developed on the control system, which is user friendly while achieving good functionality. The digital control system also allows for storage of data and another design can be programmed as the machine continues with the previous one.

The spindle motor has a power of up to 7.5 Kw making it very effective for machining any type of material. This motor is able to deliver up to 39.4 Nm torque which increases its ability to machine even more harder surfaces. The spindle can achieve a speed rate of up to 8000 rpm hence more production capabilities and better returns.

Main Features of Vertical CNC Milling Machine:-

  • High rigidity and high stability in CNC Milling Machine structure
  • High precision three-axis feeding system
  • High speed precision spindle
  • Fast and reliable tool changing mechanism
  • Cooling system
  • High property electric control system

Technical Data of Vertical CNC Milling Machine

Product Code. Unit WM 09 / XD 30 WM 09/XD 40
Model No. XD- 30A XD- 40A
X- Axis Travel mm 450 600
Y -Axis Travel mm 350 420
Z- Axis Travel mm 380 520
The distance from spindle nose to table upper surface mm 140-520 150-670
The distance from spindle center line to column guide way surface mm 430 511
Table Size (length x width) mm 700×320 800×420
T-Slot (No. x width x distance) mm 3x14x110 3x18x125
Max. table load kg 150 300
Spindle Taper   NO. 40(7:24) NO. 40(7:24)
Spindle Speed rpm 60-8000 60-8000
Cutting Feedrate m/min 1-10000 1-10000
Rapid traverse rate(x,y,z) m/min 30/30/30 24/24/20
x/y/z guideway type   Linear way Linear way
Spindle drive motor kW 5.5/7.5 11/7.5
Torque of spindle motor Nm 26.3/39.4 53.7/35.8
Power of x,y,z servo Motor kW 1.2/1.2/1.8 1.2/1.2/1.8
CNC system   (FANUC Oi-mate MC) (FANUC Oi-mate MC)
Air pressure MPa 0.5 0.5
Machine weight kg 2000 4000
Machine Size (lengthxWidthxHeight) mm 2450x1590x2200 2310x2040x2337

Vdf Series :-

Vdf Series Vdf Series Vdf Series
Vdf Series Vdf Series Vdf Series

Vertical CNC Milling Machine Accessories:-

Standard Accessories Optional Accessories:
ATC Spindle temperature control device
Cooling system Coolant through spindle device
Working lamp CNC rotary table
Alarming lamp Electrical cabinet temperature control device
Spindle blowing device Coolant gun flushing device
Spiral chip removal Open door protection device
Foundation bolt and pads “*” mark can be equipped with optional gear head.
Heat exchanger  
Automatic chip flushing  
Tool kit  
Rigid taping  

The cooling system is vital in CNC milling and the equipment come with a fully functional cooling accessory. It eliminates heat from the work piece, which could lead to unwanted damages. The working lamp and the alarm lamp are also handy accessories for a CNC vertical milling machine. The spindle-blowing device ensures that no accumulation of chips on the spindle, which could lead to a poorly, machined surface. Another important accessory is the chips elimination system that operates continuously, preventing a buildup of cut material, which could interfere with the machine operation.

Other important accessories can be supplied separately depending on the considerations of the user. The temperature control system gives early signal when temperatures are building up to higher than usual levels. It is very important in safety of the operator and preventing damage to the equipment. The door protection system is also a safety installation protecting the user from flying chips during operation. For users requiring a different type of gear head, the equipment can be supplied with another gear head as per their needs.

Yash machine tool offers readily available spare parts for all their equipments. This is in line with the company’s efforts to provide the best customer service to their clients. The company also offers technical support concerning usage and maintenance of their machines. Equipment from Yash machine tools is cost effective, while offering the best functionality and optimal performance.

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