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How Market is Benefited through the Tough Competition among Local Manufacturers of Lathe & Imported Lathe Machine Suppliers in India?

DMTG Light Duty LatheBefore the lathe machines were invented metal working was done manually. It was difficult and time consuming. Lathe machines have made things easy, lathes are time saving as the work can be done faster, money saving and energy saving, multiple pieces of the same design can be made

Metal lathes are generally used for cutting, grinding, drilling, reaming etc. hard and heavy materials such as metals. They are also used for cutting materials like wood, plastic and glass.

Lathe machines are used in factories, industries, manufacturing units and ware houses. The object to be cut is rotated around a spindle for giving it the desired shape. Depending upon the type of work, lathes are available in many sizes and types.

Each type of lathe machine has its own unique features and are used for different functions like bending metal, shaping wood, cutting stone, sanding glass etc. Lathes are also used to shape pottery. As these machines are efficient, fast and time saving they have made a huge variation to the industry.

Imported lathe machines and local lathe machines

Now with the imported lathe machines being available in the Indian market, there is tough competition among local manufacturers and suppliers of imported lathe machines. As a result market is benefiting from this competition. The consumer is getting a better and a more advanced variety of lathe machines.

Types of Lathe Machine

Imported lathe machines are fast, easy to operate and easy to maintain as wear and tear is minimum. These are being used in the automobile and railway industry. Latest technology is used to manufacture these CNC lathe machines. Some of the imported lathe machines include;

Light Duty Lathe Machine – Its drive is V-belt and it is often used to form small size objects and bending jobs done at workshops or tool rooms. The work is of high accuracy and the machine is built to work in difficult surroundings. It is very strong, durable and easy to use. It is used in electronic, automobile and electrical manufacturing units.

Medium Duty Lathe Machine – These are very durable and accurate lathe machines. It is appropriate for steel rolling mills, power plants, workshops, paper mills etc.

Heavy Duty Lathe Machine – A very efficient machine used for metal working, spinning and wood turning. Large scale metal and wood work is done using these machines.

Roll Turning Lathe Machine– A strong and powerful machine used in rolling mills to make cylindrical rolls. It is used in power plants, ship building, paper mills etc.

All Geared Lathe Machines – These imported machines are very efficient and the products made are very accurate with zero error.

Flat bed and slant bed CNC lathe machine – Made with latest technology the products made are of high quality and accuracy.

Ornamental lathe machines – These lathes can make very complex three- dimension objects. Some objects that can be made on a lathe are musical instruments, baseball bats, bowls, legs of tables, gun barrels etc.


With the competition among local manufacturers of Lathe machines and the suppliers of imported lathe machine in India becoming tough, local manufacturers are manufacturing lathes with latest technology and of international standards. The market has benefited as better machines at lower cost are available to the consumer.

Technology Integration in Lathe Machine has Raised Vast Opportunities & Challenges for Indian Manufacturers

DMTG Flat Bed CNC LatheA Lathe machine is used in the mechanical industry to cut, thread, sand, make grooves, drill, bore etc. Over a period of time lathe machine has advanced with advancement in technology.

Today we have computer operated lathe machines, or CNC lathe machines (Computerized Numeric Control). Computer operated machine means a better end product, so the products made by CNC machines have better finish and multiple pieces of the similar design can be made easily.

Lathe Machines

A lathe machine has a base which is known as ‘bed’. This is linked with headstock. The metal or wood piece to be worked on is kept on the axis and revolved to perform the required functions. It can be rotated at various speeds and the cutting tool is controlled by power or by hand.

The different types of lathe machines available in the market today have raised vast opportunities and challenges for Indian manufacturers. These machines are powerful but simple to use. You can select a machine that suits your requirements the best.

Opportunities and Challenges for Indian Manufacturers

Technology is integrated in a lathe machine and Indian manufacturers have to overcome a number of challenges in order to keep pace with the growing demand of lathe machines with latest technology.

As technology has advanced so have the designs of lathe machines. Indian manufacturers are making lathe machines of different types and different sizes based on the requirement of the industry. Today lathe machines are made with the latest technology for better products. A range of types of lathe machines are available in the market.

Not just the challenges, Indian manufacturers are getting more opportunities as well. More manufacturing units mean more workforce which in turn means more employment for people. The manufacturing networks have grown worldwide.

Manufacturers are facing a lot of competition today from local as well as foreign market. Lathe machines imported from other countries are more advanced and these are made with latest technology and advanced features. In order to keep up with the import market, Indian manufacturers are also making superior machines with new and advanced technology.

Lathe Machines with Technology Integration

CNC lathe machines have CAM process installed in them. These machines can be controlled with a computer which can be programmed to do a range of jobs like drilling holes, creating screw threads etc. Symmetrical pieces of work are made with these machines. These lathes are also used for fabrication work. When a number of pieces of the same design and size have to be made CNC lathes are the best choice.

Products using glass, wood and metal are made with lathe machines. Goods like musical instruments, baseball bats, candle stands and many more can be made using these machines.


Every industry needs machines depending on their requirement. New and more advanced machines are being made as there is continuous demand for advanced machines. Indian manufacturers have taken up the challenge and the opportunity to produce new designs of lathe machines with latest technology.

How to select a Lathe Machine for your Requirements?

Lathe is a machine tool used to carve axis symmetrical objects. Shaping hard objects like metals, wood or glass is for what a lathe machine is generally employed in various industries. However apart from shaping and cutting, lathe can also used for several other tasks too which include functionalities like drilling, turning, knurling, grooving, threading etc.

Different forms of lathe machine are available today including turret milling lathe, CNC lathe, light duty, medium duty and heavy duty lathe machine. Selecting a lathe machine according to your requirements is the most important thing to get the best out of it. For example, if your requirements are more and need a fast and efficient machine for bulk applications, then a robust heavy duty lathe machine will be a good choice rather than going for a standard light duty lathe which is comparatively cheaper than the machine specifically designed for the bulk or heavy operations. A heavy duty lathe machine for metal shaping is usually equipped with high speed, automated functionalities and technologically advanced features and therefore can give better performance with faster and efficient work for longer period of time than the machine designed for light or medium duty applications.

A CNC lathe is a computer controlled machine which is good for both small as well as large scale industries. If a completely automated machine for accurate metal or wood shaping tasks is what you require, then go for CNC lathe machine. A CNC lathe machine works with computerized programs and therefore is a good choice for those who want to reduce the labor costs at the workplace. As these are computer controlled machineries one can expect continuous and consistent applications at the work place with this CNC machine.

Today turret lathe machines are quite popular. A turret lathe machine for metalworking can be deployed for multiple cutting operations in a rapid succession without the user having neither to perform setup tasks in between like installation or un-installation of tools nor to control the tool path. The turret lathe machines are available in both semi-automatic as well as fully automatic models. The fully automatic are quite popular among the large-scale industrial manufacturers who want quicker metal forming processes and need to minimize the production costs at the manufacture units.

Further checking out for factors like design and speed of the machine, quality of components used in its make, functionalities and features supported by the machine can help you find a reliable machine suitable to your needs. Visit to know more about a light duty lathe offered by leading machine tools manufacturer in India.


Considering the above things one can easily find a reliable lathe machine for choicest metal forming requirements at the workplace.

This article educates reader about lathe machine and selecting a lathe for specific requirements.

Significance of Heavy Duty Lathe Machine in Industrial Processes

DMTG Heavy Duty LAtheThe lathe is basically a machine that is used for shaping materials like wood or metal, by revolving it quickly along its axis, while pressing a fixed cutting, or grinding tool against it. Lathes help to produce accurate and uniform grooves around the surface of the material. A wide range of lathe machines are available in the market, depending on the job that needs to be accomplished in the workshop.

This includes light, medium, and heavy duty lathe machines. They are used to carry out different metal shaping tasks in various industries. The heavy duty lathe machines are mostly preferred for industrial applications that require bulk metal forming.

A heavy duty lathe is an efficient tool for crafting different objects. The machine is designed to handle the toughest shaping jobs in numerous industries and several workshops. It is primarily a user friendly machine that helps to cast a variety of shapes from wood or metal using easy to use controls. The advanced technology has now enabled to produce models that ensure faster, cleaner, and precise shaping tasks; in order to meet the bulk processing requirements of many industries within the shortest possible time. Simple installation, robust construction, higher durability, and energy saving features are some of the outstanding characteristics of this machine.

Heavy Duty Lathes

Heavy duty lathes are built using high quality materials and incorporate state of the art technology. The various models vary in specifications related to the height of center, width of bed, maximum swing, spindle type, travel time, etc. They are highly efficient machines and are especially used for high volume production. It is an ideal machine for metal working, wood turning, and metal spinning applications

in workshops and tool rooms; as well as for metal fabricating tasks in repairing shops, power plants, steel rolling mills, ship building, paper mills; textile, oil and mining industries, etc.

Heavy duty lathe machines are perfectly designed, sturdy machines to assure longer life and optimum performance in large scale metal and wood working tasks. These ultra modern machines are equipped with highly developed technology in order to ensure maximum and superior quality output using relatively less resources. They are primarily constructed for high end lathe machining work. Further this machine is also capable of executing multiple tasks on tough sheet metals, and deliver highly precise output.

The heavy duty lathe machine is mainly utilized in heavy industries and high end operations that involve large scale quantity. They are highly effective and versatile; and can operate at a greater speed. Low noise and less vibration are some of the attractive features of this machine. It can accurately and continuously operate for a longer duration as per the specific requirements. Moreover, they are built from top grade, non corrosive raw materials. They are preferred for their precise dimension machining, premium finishing, and high tensile strength. These zero defect machines are fabricated and also thoroughly tested as per the industry standards. Hence, they are widely used in a several heavy duty industrial processes.

A brief Description about All Geared Lathe Machine

All Geared Lathe MachinesThe all geared lathe machine is mainly used for executing various metal shaping tasks in different industries. They basically have a gear box with lead screw and feed shaft that increases its machining capacity. The wide range of all geared lathe machines includes light duty, medium duty, heavy duty and extra heavy duty. A light duty lathe is used for low volume metal shaping tasks in tool rooms, while the medium and heavy duty lathe machines are mostly preferred for bulk metal forming industrial applications.

A light duty all geared lathe caters to the light operational requirements of a work shop or tool room. They are highly versatile, accurate and durable. These lathes provide economic solutions for various turning needs with higher machining precision and better surface finish. It has a high speed dynamically balanced spindle and is built according to the latest technology. The ground bed of this light lathe is highly precise throughout the entire length of the machine. Further the lead screw is protected with a metal guard to avoid dust and increase the safety of the operator. It also includes a big spindle bore and hardened ground guide way.

All Geared Lathe

The medium duty all geared lathe has a modern design and is built according to the latest engineering standards. It has a tough cast iron structure that ensures the rigidity of the bed, head stock and saddle. The hardened guide ways provide all round firmness and longer life. Moreover, the new type of gear box and highly accurate spindles enable a perfect head stock performance. The fully enclosed feed box offers several types of threading, and makes the operator feel much safer and more comfortable.

The heavy duty all geared lathe is built for high end lathe machining work. This multi-tasking machine can perform highly precise jobs on solid sheet metals. The hard casting lathe bed, head stock gears and head stock spindle; work easily on hard materials due to the smoothly moving shaft. It also includes superior grade automatic gears and an automatic switch control panel.

The extra heavy duty all geared lathe is a suitable for easily executing high end tasks and powerful machining jobs. It provides total freedom for effectively cutting and drilling tough metals. This machine provides top quality results and has applications in various heavy industries. They are most appropriate for mining, shipping, power plant and paper industries that involve bulk quantity.

These lathes can execute turn end faces on cylindrical surfaces, and drill internal holes on different parts, as well as produce metric, inch, module, and pitch threads.

The top slides are powered to function separately for cutting short taper surfaces.

And the long taper surface can be turned automatically via the combined movement of the longitudinal feed and the top slide feed. One more salient feature of this robust equipment is the powerful, high speed spindle. This machine is utilized for drilling, boring, cutting, shaping a variety of ferrous and non-ferrous metals using heavy duty carbon alloy tools.

Popular Lathe Machines for Industrial Applications

The lathe machine is one of the most essential tool room equipments. Lathes basically revolves the work piece on its axis for executing a wide range of functions which includes cutting, drilling, deforming, facing, knurling, sanding, turning, etc. This versatile machine tool thereby enables the user to produce a symmetrical object using wood, metal, plastic, etc. Over a period of time, developments in technology helped to introduce various types of lathe machines to meet the diverse needs of several industrial segments.

Nowadays lathes are commonly used for wood turning, metal working, metal spinning, thermal spraying, shaping machine components, etc. The metal working lathes are widely utilized for producing a variety of solid metal products. The work piece is usually held tightly in place by either one or two centers that can be moved horizontally to accommodate materials of various dimensions.  Alternatively the work piece can also be fastened about the axis of rotation using a chuck, faceplate, or clamps.

Popular Lathe Machines for Industrial Applications

The work piece can be rotated on the lathe at different speeds, and the cutting tool can be precisely controlled either by hand or power, for longitudinal or cross feed. The size of a lathe machine is determined by the diameter of the work piece it will turn and the length of the bed. Lathes vary in size from small lathes that have a swing of few inches and can shape small items; to medium sized lathes that can turn average sized objects; while large lathes are used for turning work pieces that have a large diameter.

All Geared |Light Duty |Medium Duty |Heavy Duty Lathe Machine

The popular lathe machines for industrial applications include all geared, light duty, medium duty, and heavy duty lathe machines. The light duty lathe machine is particularly used for precisely shaping or deforming small objects. It can continuously and efficiently operate at high speeds. This highly versatile and long lasting equipment is commonly found in work shops and tool rooms. The robust structure and high tolerance capacity enables it to also function in various operating environments. It is simple to install and easy to maintain. Moreover, they can smoothly and easily machine solid metal sheets.

The medium duty lathe machine is typically used for very accurate and superior grade machining. This multipurpose equipment is highly durable and can deliver optimum output using limited resources. It can effectively process high end solid materials in bulk quantities. The unique design of this advanced and automatic machine assists to produce high quality products.  It is extensively used in power plants, steel rolling mills, paper mills, work shops and tool rooms of various industrial units.

The heavy duty lathe machine is ideal for turning objects made from very hard materials. It is built using superior quality, sturdy and rust free materials; and incorporates the most modern technology. These low noise and highly precise lathe machines deliver flawless output. They are mainly utilized for top grade machining work, and large scale metal and wood working tasks in numerous industrial sectors such as mining, paper, power plant, shipping, etc.

This article is to educate readers about popular lathe machines including all geared lathe machines, light duty lathe machine, medium duty lathe machine, heavy duty lathe machine for various industrial applications

Lathe Machine – Different Types of Lathe Machines

All Geared Lathe MachinesA lathe machine or lathe is primarily a machine tool that rapidly revolves the work piece on its axis for carrying out a broad variety of functions that includes shaping, cutting, turning, drilling, sanding, deforming, knurling, boring, polishing, grinding, threading, etc. A fixed cutting or abrading tool is applied on the work piece, which may be made of metal, wood, plastic, etc; and the unwanted material is thereby removed from the work piece in order to produce a symmetrical object. Earlier woodworking lathes were used, however nowadays a variety of metalworking or metal lathes are generally utilized.

A metal lathe mainly comprises of the headstock, tailstock, and bed. They are used for accurately machining and removing relatively hard materials that includes different kinds of metals, from the work piece using a tough cutting tool. This cutting tool is fixed to a solid tool post, and is moved against the work piece using a wheel. It may be manually operated or gear driven, and electrically or electronically controlled. A variety of cutting tools are available in diverse sizes and shapes such as round, square, triangular, diamond, etc.; depending on their application.

Different types of lathe machines are now manufactured and supplied globally that includes the light duty lathe, medium duty lathe, heavy duty lathe, extra heavy duty lathe, all geared lathe, imported lathe, turret lathe, CNC lathe, etc. Each one has special features and performs a specific operation as described further.

Turret Lathe: They have a cylindrical tailstock which spins around a vertical axis, in order to move the various tools towards the work piece, as well as the headstock. It looks very similar to the capstan lathe. However, it is not fixed and just lies right on the bed. The turret is basically an indexed tool holder that permits to quickly, easily and simultaneously perform multiple cutting operations, each with a different cutting tool. Here the operator does not have to install and uninstall the tools or control the tool path. This is because the tool path is controlled by the machine, either by a jig-like mechanism or through a servo mechanism. Turret lathes are commonly utilized for repetitive production of similar parts.

CNC LatheCNC Lathe: Computer numerically controlled or CNC lathes are the latest variety of lathes that are unique and very accurate. They are simple to set and operate, and can rapidly perform monotonous jobs. The object to be produced is pre-designed, and the tool path is pre-programmed either by a CAD/CAM process, or manually by a programmer. The work piece is then loaded on the machine, and set as required. The lathe thereafter continues to automatically manufacture the required product, with intermittent supervision of the machine operator.

A CNC lathe is digitally controlled through the computer menu. The program may be altered as required and displayed on the computer screen, together with a computer generated view of the process. These high speed CNC lathes are very useful for cutting curved shapes and complex forms without using any special shaping tools.

Applications and Uses of Different Types of Lathe Machines

Lathe machines come in different types and each one has its own set of utility. The automatic lathe changes its tool automatically and the need for changing tools is eliminated. The components which lathe manufacturers add have high dimensional accuracy and some of them are useful even in laboratory experiments. The flow of production gets better as the lathe are large and complex machines go a long way towards improving the quality and quantity of production. The automatic lathe manufacturers provide lathe with a single or multi-spindle version and fall into the category of high performance, high-speed lathe which is excellent for mass production.

Advantages of Buying an Imported Lathe for a Workshop

All Geared Lathe MachinesLathes basically perform a variety of operations on solid materials like metal and wood that includes cutting, boring, reaming, threading, sanding, deforming, knurling, and drilling. These days imported lathe machines are widely used to fulfill the diverse requirements of several industries. Hence entrepreneurs from many Western as well as Asian nations such as India are now importing lathes from other countries including China.

The broad range of imported lathe machines include all the types of latest and commonly utilized lathes machines such as the vertical turning lathe machine; and all geared lathe machine like light duty lathe machine, medium duty lathe machine, heavy duty lathe machine, extra heavy duty lathe machine; as well as CNC lathe machine like flat bed CNC lathe machine, slant bed CNC lathe machine, and many more.

Imported Lathe Machines

The advantages of buying an imported lathe for a workshop are explained further.

First of all the imported lathes are manufactured using the latest technology and incorporate highly advanced mechanism. These machines are also sturdy and durable and can be operated constantly at a higher speed. They are capable of delivering very precise output and need comparatively less maintenance and have lower downtime.

Basically imported lathe machines are built as per international standards and are also affordable. Moreover the top grade imported spare parts are long lasting. And since they are authentic and guaranteed it minimizes the chances of replacing the machine components frequently. The other features of imported lathes include accurately ground bed sideways, dynamically balanced spindle and highly precise machine parts. Even the machine screws are protected with a metal cover in order to avoid the dust accumulation. This also helps to safeguard the operator from accidents.

These superior quality machines have a modern exterior design and better surface finish. They also have a larger spindle bore, light lathe bed, robust and ground guide path. Besides this imported lathes are engineered to meet the latest safety guidelines and industry codes of practice. Hence the machine operator feels much safer and more comfortable while using them. They are available in numerous designs and different specifications.

It has a tough cast iron structure, bed, head stock and saddle; along with a high spindle torque,DMTG Extra Heavy Duty Lathe automatic lubrication system, mechanical clutch or electromagnetic clutch. The latest type of gear box and high precision spindle structure enables a higher head stock performance. The sturdy bed and hardened guide ways assure uniform operation and higher durability of the lathe machine. It even has a fully enclosed feed box that facilitates a wide range of thread machining.

The imported machinery also includes CNC lathes that have a powerful axis drive, and a feedback control to monitor and maintain the tool position. They can function at a higher speed, and accurately perform repetitive and complex machine tasks. The related process is programmed and loaded on the machine. The operation is automated and can also be reset as required without any manual adjustments. Hence a variety of imported lathe machines are nowadays used worldwide.