Advantages of CNC Press Brake over Other Types of Press Brake

These days CNC press brakes are widely used in comparison to the other types of press brakes since they provide lots of advantages as given below.

CNC Press BrakeEasy Operation

The CNC press brake is very easy to operate and is a less labor intensive machine. The operator can therefore handle many machines at a time. These machines can be simply operated via touch, feel, and sound of the operator. Besides this, they are very user friendly and have a highly powerful controlling system.

Modern Design

The CNC press brake incorporates a modern design which enables the operator to easily arrange the sequence of bends. It also assists the operator to quickly manufacture the required product. Moreover the operator no longer has to estimate the required amount of pressure in order to create a specific degree of bend. Even the other factors such as length of flange, kind of material, amount of thickness, and degree of bend can be directly entered into the CNC control unit. The part to be manufactured can also be viewed in either the 2D or 3D finished version. Besides this, after the first part is programmed on the machine or through an offline PC, a less skilled operator can also easily produce the subsequent parts.

Simple Functions

A CNC press brake is a computer numerically controlled machine where all the required parts can be easily programmed and swiftly manufactured by semi skilled operators. This is possible as the control guides the operator through a stage-wise procedure. Actually the simple functions and programming steps of the machine can be learned and practically implemented in the workshop.

Flexible Programming

The flexible programming of the CNC press brake enables the operator to control the machine in simple English or any other suitable language. The various types of operations that can be performed are also available as options on the menu. Once the required operation is chosen, another list of questions appears on the screen regarding the cycle times, materials, pressures, and other elements related to the production process. And after the operator inputs the replies into the machine, the values are displayed on the screen for confirmation before starting the related task. Visit – for more details on CNC Press Brake.

Multi Tasking CNC Press Brake

The CNC press brake is a multi tasking machine which permits one operator to check the first part and also work on the program related to the second part; while the another operator can simultaneously work on programming the other parts.

Cost Saving

The CNC press brake is basically a highly appealing and very sophisticated machine. Moreover it includes top grade components, minimizes wastage and has higher repeatability and traceability. This equipment also helps to save costs in terms of machine setup around 45 percent; material handling around 35 percent; inspection around 35 percent; work in process around 25 percent; and parts cycle time around 50 percent.


Hence many users are now prefer using the CNC press brakes as they are highly beneficial as compared to the other types of press brakes available in the market.

In a nutshell, the CNC press brake has gained more advantages than the other conventional braking systems. Besides being able to produce more bends than other press brakes they are also user-friendly and easier to install. Their ease of operation offered by press brake manufacturers make them run much smoother with fewer breakdown. The current technology helps as there is a thickness detection software that analyses thickness throughout the piece to ensure that the bend is accurate and uniform. The brake press suppliers also promote them as there is less training needed to be imparted to machinists and much of time consumption is saved while offering supreme specialization.