Demand of Different Lathe Machines in Global Industrial Market

With advancement in technology there is more demand for low cost, high production lathe machines of high quality in the global industrial market.

Lathe machines are used to give a form or shape to a piece of work by cutting, drilling, sanding the metal or wood piece. These machines have a number of parts which are all very important and perform complex tasks. The person operating a lathe machine is called a turner and an experienced turner can do a wonderful job.

Different types of lathe machines are used for working with glass, metal, wood, spinning metal, shaping, etc. For every specific work, a particular type of lathe is used. Different industries require different type of lathe machines in the global market. A metal working lathe is used in a steel workshop and a carpentry workshop will need a wood working lathe.

Lathe machines are used

WM Series Dmtg Light Duity Lathefor shaping objects, making bolts out of a round bar, drilling at precise angles, to bore holes inside an object etc. Objects created by these machines are symmetrical. Multiple pieces of the same design can be made in a short time using lathes.


Types of lathe machines and their demand in global industrial market:

Different types of lathe machines, based on the functions and appearance, are available today. These are light in weight and compact, durable and long lasting. Different industries use varied lathe machines depending on their requirement and usage.

Many advanced type of lathes are also available with advanced technology and operated by computers. These CNC lathes are very precise and accurate and the work is done much faster than a normal lathe. These machines are in great demand globally.

In the manufacturing industries it is very vital that the product made is according to the WM series Dmtg Medium Dutyrequirement. Lathes work on different material, using the cutting tools these remove the extra material and give the desired shape, and size to the end product.

In the global industrial market lathes are being used in factories, warehouses, and manufacturing industries for metal and wood. For small job works like watches, jewelry etc. small table unit lathes are used and for big and very big works, large room unit lathes are used. Lathes are either manually operated or are automatic, computer controlled. Know more about Lathe Machines at Yash Machine Tools.

Based on the design and size we have metal working lathe, metal lathe, tool room lathe, turret lathe and some more. There is a growing demand for lathe machines in the global market as these are used for not only industrial products but also household products.

Items like lamp shades, crockery, furniture, and many decorative objects are being made with the help of lathes. Gas cylinders, brass items, pens, key rings, bats, ships, and engine parts, you name an item and it is made with the help of a lathe.

Lathe machines are also being used in fields like art, science, industry etc.


In the engineering sector, lathes play a very important part as these are used in most of the industries. These machines are not new to mankind as these have been used since ancient times. But now with advanced technology these machines are also advanced and are used world over.