Various Types of Shearing Machines & Their Industrial Applications

Nowadays, different types of shearing machines are available in the market, as described below.

Hydraulic Shearing Machine

Hydraulic Shearing MachineThe hydraulic swing beam shearing machine has a steel welded construction, hydraulic transmission and accumulator return stroke. This effective, attractive machine is simple to operate. The indicators for adjusting gap between blades help to quickly, conveniently align shadow light. The top blade gap can be adjusted for full stroke, while shorter ones help to safeguard users. It has a digital display which indicates stock position of backgauge and shearing count. The machine also permits spindle allowance, and has a stock counter, internet time relay, inch-mm selector; and the integral factor can be easily programmed. Another type is the hydraulic guillotine shearing machine, which has a robust, stress resistant steel welded structure. The hydraulic driven blade holder can be withdrawn by the cylinder accumulator. Moreover, the rake angle and backgauge travel, can be adjusted using fine knobs to reduce deformation of sheared plate. It has a digital counter that displays cutting time; and a swing away backgauge for cutting long sheets. The indicator helps to easily, rapidly adjust clearance of four edge cutting blade. The full-short stroke of blade holder is also adjustable. It even includes a three guide trolley that moves precisely to provide superior shearing. The front, preloading rail structure forces the blade holder to continuously move along upper and lower rail without any gaps. Further, the blade gap is adjustable for various plates to obtain better shearing.

CNC Shearing Machine

CNC Press BrakeThe CNC swing beam shearing machine has a sturdy, lasting steel welded frame; hydraulic transmission, and swing blade holder. The full-short stroke is adjustable, and return stroke of oil cylinder is fast and steady. It has a hand wheel to adjust gap between upper and lower blades. The closed ring control system includes a numerical control system and position coder; which ensures fast speed, higher precision and better stability. Besides, the CNC guillotine shearing machine is another variety that incorporates the advanced method of hydraulic plate shearing. It has a fully welded, tough steel structure, which eliminates internal stress due to heat treatment and stable construction. The latest hydraulic system offers optimum reliability; and three pairs of hard steel, rail and trolley reduces bearing clearance for improving shearing. It has a swift, simple, precise hand wheel to adjust the blade gap. The rectangular blade has better and durable edges. The adjustable rake angle minimizes distortion and deformation of the plate. While the inclining structure of upper blade holder enables easy blanking and accurate cutting. The top blade can be adjusted to work for full or short stroke. It has a section-wise shearing and lighting alignment, motorized backgauge and digital display. The swing away function of backgauge enables shearing of longer plates. It has an optional pneumatic back support device; and the deep throat helps feeding and shearing of transverse extra long plates. Read More and find best quality shearing machines at Yash Machine Tools.


The shearing machines have several industrial applications like cutting, pressing, punching, bending, and drawing metal sheets in various dimensions.

Shearing machines involve evaluating many factors including the type of shear, required capacity, productivity enhancement options, and safety. A good quality shear manufacturer can save hours on further processes such as bending, welding, and assembly. The shearing machines can make straight-line cuts on flat sheets and provide a straighter edge and torch cutting. The easy-to-use CNC controller automatically adjusts the cutting angle and blade clearance. A shear supplier provides worldwide reliable components while providing low maintenance costs and high-security protection. The cutting beam is designed in an inner inclined structure which makes the plates fall easily and provide accuracy and a world-class product to be exported.