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What is the difference between Milling Machine & Turret Milling Machine?

What is a milling machine and its applications

radial_drillI_ng_machine_images02A milling machine is a tool that is supposed to machine wood, metal and many more solid materials. It basically is made up of an endmill or cutter that rotates around the spindle axis, as well as a movable table on to which the piece being worked on is fixed. Milling machines usually work automatically, either parallel or perpendicular to the materials being machined. Some of the operations that milling machines are used for will depend on how the mill’s spindle is leaning. These applications include planning, rebating, routing and slot cutting. Milling machines also come in different sizes, varying according to the heaviness of the job. Some of the operations that different milling machines can do include making components for toys, plaques, in cutting metals in workshops and also suspending cutting tools above the cutting surface.

What is a turret milling machine and its applications

The turret milling machine is a specific type of milling machine that works vertically, and can be used to create a wide range of objects. It is thus considered the most adaptable type of milling machine out there. For the turret mill, the spindle does not move while the cutting operation is ongoing, it is the table that moves both perpendicularly and parallel to it to do the cutting job. The turret milling machine is best used for small and medium sized jobs, such as making plaques and parts for toys.

Operational pros and cons of milling machine and turret milling machine

The milling machines and turret milling machines have a lot of advantages, when compared to the drawbacks of using them to perform cutting on to solid materials such as metal and wood. For one, if one uses a CNC (Computer Numerical Code) milling machine that is controlled by a computer, smooth, accurate and finished surfaces will be gotten from the work pieces, as compared to using other equipment. Secondly, milling machines come in many shapes and sizes, hence can be used in cutting and machining the smallest of work pieces such as plaques, to bigger jobs in the factory, making key ways, to bore same sized holes in a safe, and other jobs of different conditions. For instance, the turret milling machine is a versatile milling machine that can be used to perform a wide variety of functions in a workplace. Turret milling machines are also advantageous to use because they are very efficient, since the person doing the cutting has a clear view of the process, and can make adjustments. They are also relatively light, beautiful, and can adapt to different kinds of jobs easily. Some of the drawbacks of milling machines are that they are not good at making spherical product, as well as using large amounts of electricity, as well as needing a large space to work in. turret milling machines also have a drawback in that they are not advisable to use in the really large jobs in the industry. Click here to know more about milling machine and turret milling machine from Yash Machine Tools


In conclusion, milling machines, and in particular the turret milling machines are necessary equipment for those who wish to do work on heavy solids such as metals. There are many types of milling machines, operating on different materials and doing different operations. They are necessary and beneficial if one can meet the cost of buying and operating them in their workshop.

How Efficiency & Accuracy in Metal Shaping can be increased with Turret Milling Machine?

The process where rotary cutters are used to remove extra material from a piece of work in order to give it a definite form or shape is known as milling. In a milling machine the metal piece passes through the cutting region of the machine and the blades of the cutter cut away the extra metal and the work piece gets the desired shape.

A turret milling machine is a kind of vertical mill in which the spindle is adjusted vertically and the blades are held in a stationary spindle. The table can move parallel or horizontal to the spindle axis during the cutting process. In this cutting is done in two ways, one by moving the knee, and the other by moving the quill up or down.

Efficiency and Accuracy increases with Turret Milling Machines:

Turret Milling MachineTurret milling machines are very accurate and efficient and these are very versatile also. The operator can see the cutting action and has easy access to it. It was made by Bridgeport in1938 and it is more advanced than the older version. It is smaller in size, lighter in weight, and cheaper in cost so people can easily afford it.These machines are good to look at, they are made well, and are adaptable. Metal shaping is more accurate when the product is made using turret milling machines. Since the head can move in many directions it can reach the work piece from different angles so the product made is accurate.

In a turret machine the quill helps the table to move up and down at different depths, it can make deep cuts as well as shallow cuts, so a number of shapes can be created out of the work pieces. Simple to complicated parts of machines can be made.

These milling machines are more efficient when the size of the machine is not very big. During the cutting procedure the spindle does not move, it remains still and only the table with the work piece moves. As the table moves in both perpendicular and in parallel motion, it is easy for the operator to make cuts in the work piece.

With advanced technology there is a great improvement in the operations of turret mills. These machines are much faster now so more work can be done in less time. They have different speeds for different materials, they can cut 100 inches of material in a minute.

Since turret mills are not very big their place can be easily changed to perk up their functioning. They are used for manufacturing various automobile parts all over the world.

The CNC turret milling machines are computer operated. Large number of identical products of the same design can be manufactured. click here to know more about Turret Milling Machine.

For best results follow some operation rules:Turret Milling Machine

  • For efficient and accurate working of the turret mill make sure there are no chips on the table or the spindle.
  • Select cutters of the diameter needed.
  • The machine must be properly lubricated and should move freely.
  • While the machine is in operation do not change the speed.


With proper care and maintenance, the products made with turret milling machines are excellent. One must make use of fine decision and common sense while planning the work.

Frequently Asked Important Questions About Turret Milling Machine

DMTG Turret Milling MachineA milling machine is used to give a form or shape to a solid material like metals, plastic, wood etc. It is an important machine in any manufacturing unit. It is used for cutting solid materials in a curved, flat or irregular flat surface.


Some of the frequently asked questions about a turret milling machine are:

  • What is a milling machine?

A milling machine is horizontal or vertical milling machine. A vertical machine is of two types, bed milling machine or turret milling machine. The machines are named based on the position of the spindle or the cutting unit. A turret milling machine is used for manufacturing automobile parts.

  • What are the types of turret milling machines?

A turret milling machine is either automatic or manual. In a manual machine the operator has to move the table for precise cuts where as in an automatic machine the formula is fed in the computer and the job is done automatically.

  • How does a turret milling machine work?

In a turret milling machine the spindle is vertical and during the cutting procedure it remains still, only the table moves. Table is the area where the metal is placed. The table can move up and down because of the quill unit. It cuts the metal in a vertical way by elevating or lowering the quill. Cuts of varying depths can be made in the metal.

Usually these machines come in small size as in a large machine it becomes difficult for the operator to reach and move the quill and knee.

  • What is the cutting range of the turret milling machine?

The cutter of the machine can swing 90° to left or right and 45° forward or backward and the ram can rotate 360° above the column.

  • What operations can be done on turret milling machine?

A turret milling machine can shape, drill, cut, contour, die sink etc. a material. It is used for making simple to very complex parts like parts of automobiles, toaster, ball bearing etc. The metal is shaped into a desired shape.

  • Why are large machines difficult to operate?

As the size of the machine increases more effort is required for upward and downward movement and to reach the handle of the quill feed becomes tricky. Big machines are more often used for die sinking work.

  • How are CNC operated turret milling machines more efficient?

The machines with CNC or computer numerical controlled technology can produce large number of goods which are precise and alike. With CNC machines the productivity also increases.

  • What points should be considered while buying a turret milling machine?

A lot depends on your requirement, what type of work you need to do, how complex or simple your work is. Check the power and the speed of the machine at which it operates. Some manufacturers offer a variety of attachments while for others you have to buy at extra cost.


A turret milling machine is a multipurpose and a very adaptable machine. A variety of products can be manufactured with this machine. The position of the machine can be changed easily as these are not very big and these are easy to maintenance.

Features of a Turret Milling Machine

Turret Milling Machine3A milling machine is a highly versatile machine tool which is used for machining solid materials. It can execute a large number of operations that includes cutting, planing, drilling, shaping, contouring, diesinking, etc. Milling machines are basically classified in two forms, such as horizontal and vertical, which actually refers to the orientation of the main spindle. In a horizontal machine, the cutting blade extends horizontally. While in a vertical machine, the cutting edge is held vertically above the work piece.

The turret milling machine is one of the sub categories of the vertical milling machine. It primarily operates by moving the table around the cutting blade in all the directions. This milling machine has the ability to cut various types of objects. The turret milling machine consists of a stationary spindle and a table which is moved in the perpendicular as well as parallel direction to the spindle axis, in order to cut the work piece. This type of machine provides various methods of cutting with the help of a quill. The quill enables the milling cutter to be raised and lowered in the vertical direction for cutting the required material.

Turret Milling Machines 

A wide range of turret milling machines are now available in the market. They have a variety of features, functions, dimensions, and specifications. Hence turret milling machines are regarded as the most versatile milling machines. However, the large machines are complicated to operate. This is due to the fact that as the machine size increases, the upward and downward movement requires considerable effort, and it is also difficult to reach the quill feed handle. They are therefore preferred for die sinking operations that involve machining a mold into a block of metal.

Moreover, the turret milling machine can be repositioned anytime for improving the functionality of the machine. This highly resourceful milling machine comprises of several options for aligning the spindle in a number of positions. It has a unique design and a sturdy structure. Besides this it includes various user friendly features and has greater functionality. This highly effective machine is also well known for its low maintenance and high performance. And since it is a multi-purpose machine it has the capability of manufacturing a variety of products. It is particularly suitable for producing a wide range of automobile parts. In fact this vertical milling machine is relatively less expensive than the horizontal milling machines; and hence they are more commonly used throughout the world.

One of the latest features of these turret milling machines is the use of computer numerical controlDMTG Turret Milling Machine technology, which is popularly known as CNC. Using this modern technology, the user can input simple as well as complex instructions for operating the different parts of the machine. The CNC technology also helps to increase the productivity of the user, and also enables them to continuously produce a large quantity of accurate and similar products. Some of the recent models also include a hand held remote control with buttons for machine feeds and spindle movements.

Tips for Buying a Milling Machine

CNC Milling Machine1A milling machine is basically a machine tool that is widely utilized for machining hard materials. They are generally used in the metal working industry to shape solid items by removing the extra material in order to form a finished product. Milling machines are available in two primary forms namely horizontal and vertical, depending on the orientation of the main spindle. They may differ in size from small bench mounted models to large room sized machines.

This milling machine is a versatile tool that can be used for various operations such as keyway cutting, slot cutting, threading, routing, planing, contouring, drilling, and die-sinking. A cutting fluid normally flows over the cutting area for cooling and lubricating the cut and for washing away the residues. The milling machine has the ability to cut a broad variety of metals that includes aluminum and stainless steel. The speed of this machine tool can be adjusted to run slowly or quickly depending on the material to be cut. Usually all soft materials are milled at higher speeds, whereas the hard materials can be milled at a slower speed. Moreover, the harder materials are generally milled in smaller quantities at a time.

Milling Machines

Milling machines are either manually operated, mechanically automated, or digitally controlledCNC Milling Machine2 via computer numerical control. These machines have gained immense popularity amongst many small as well as large enterprises throughout the world. Hence if you have decided to own this equipment for your business, you should consider the following tips for buying a milling machine.  Generally it all depends on your budget limits and specific requirements.

Thus you should first of all plan your budget. Basically it is the amount that you are ready to invest for the milling machine. However you should note that in case the actual cost of the equipment exceeds your budget; then what will be the maximum amount that you will be ready to spend. Hence it is advisable to set an upper limit of your budget. Thereafter you can visit a nearby showroom that sells milling machines and choose the suitable equipment. The dealer will provide details about the various models and guide you to take the right decision.

Besides this lots of people now prefer to purchase equipments through the internet. This is due to the fact that it is very convenient and also saves your time. Moreover there are several websites that offer a variety of milling machines. Hence you have a wide choice to decide and go for the model that meets your exact needs, and is also within your budget.

Turret Milling Machine3Further you can browse multiple websites to compare the price and features of the same model and then pick the required machine. Another significant factor is the credibility of the supplier. Hence you should buy from a reliable manufacturer and also ensure that they offer comprehensive warranty. It is also recommended to confirm the availability of spare parts for the milling machine. And lastly the chosen dealer should also provide prompt after sales service.

Tool Room Machines for Industrial Processes

CNC Milling Machine1A tool room machine is required for various applications in industry where there is regular need to cut, shape and grind rigid materials like metal and wood. Various types of tool room machines are available in the market for use in several industrial processes:

· The Milling Machine is common and performs multiple operations which range from easy tasks like drilling, planning, slot and keyway cutting to the difficult tasks like die sinking and contouring.

· The Grinding Machines or grinders are employed in the task of grinding metal and other materials. These tools are highly useful in metal workshops as they aid in the process of deriving metal chips from sheet metal to be used in several applications.

· The Shaping Machine is useful in the process of shaping metals in industry through removal of unwanted material from the surface of flat metal. The shaping machine is vital when hefty amount of metal is to be removed to form a certain shape.

· The Slotting Machine is used in industry for the making of slots required on screw heads, wood screws, bolts and other essential components. The most frequent application of slotting machines is in the process of manufacturing automobiles, furniture, electrical components etc.

Turret Milling

The Turret Milling Machine is best known for shaping metals and other solid materials with highTurret Milling Machine3 level of accuracy. The Turret Milling Machining components comprise of rigid material, usually high grade cast iron. The application of Turret milling machine in industry is partly favored by its high precision in machining and metal shaping with cutting power force. The Turret milling tool room machines have a compact frame suited for small spaces and the quality cast iron material ensures their durability.

Vertical CNC Milling Machine
The Vertical CNC Milling Machine has significant application in industry for cutting processes. This Machine tool offers high strength and durability qualities of a manually driven vertical knee mill. The Vertical CNC Milling Machine is used in industry to machine the most intricate and highly detailed parts through employing automation technology while also providing the option to switch and manually machine the simple parts through its axis hand wheels.

Gantry Type Machining Center

The Gantry Type Machining Center is applied to the parts of rough and finish machining processes for various sizes and shapes of metal surfaces. This Machining tool from comprises of a base fitted with a rotating chuck which is driven through a gear box for gripping the component. The chuck has the option of being hydraulically or manually operated as necessary. The gantry motion, the RAM Cross and Vertical movement are guided by CNC to cover the whole area of swing available with the chuck acting as the table.


In order for industries to produce high quality products, it is vital for workshop processes to provide properly shaped metals and this is possible through the various important tool room machines in the market. Some of the vital machine tools like the turret milling machine, Vertical CNC Machine and the Gantry type Machining Center are crucial.

Important Machine Tools – Radial Drill Machine and Turret Milling Machine

Workshops must be fully equipped with some of the finest machine tools, to ensure all users of efficiency, accuracy and most important precision within every piece of work. Engineers must be allowed to use the ultimate technology in all their projects, to be able to guarantee the quality of delivered time flawless services. Complex assignments require the usage of heavy workshop tools, thus here are some of the most frequently met workshop tools for industrial applications.

Usage of radial drill machine and milling machine

DMTG Radial Drilling MachineTwo frequently used workshop tools are the radial drill and also the milling machine. Different in various ways, yet both very efficient in similar industrial applications, here is how to divide them and when it is best to use one instead of the other. The radial drilling tool may be mounted on a fixed spot, allowing users to chance its speed, being nowadays equipped with an automatic technology, so that results would come up by their own, in a very precise manner, whether dealing with hole drilling or even angled holes. Some of the often tasks operators take advantage of this tool are sanding, polishing and even honing. On the other hand, the milling machine is ideal for reshaping solid materials, especially including metal. Operators may pick in between the horizontal or the vertical model and another difference from the aforementioned tool would be the necessity of moving the material against the rotating cutter. More information about milling machine and turrent milling, visit –

Types, features and benefits of the radial drill

Regarding types of the powerful drill machine, users have the possibility to pick one out of three available models. Plain drills have spindles assembled in a vertical position only and operators are not permitted to move the work while the machine is in function. The half-universal design may be swung in different directions to obtain the desired shape of the work, while the last pattern, the full-universal machine has a spindle a user may move in any place direction, no matter the chosen angle, to the vertical position. A standard radial drill machine comes along with the following features: a hydraulic clamping system, a coolant one, chip guard, a work table and a tool box, a test chart platform and also a high endurance certificate, work light and also the instructions manual. But pro active operators are more than welcomed to ask for additional features for such machine tools, here talking about an electronic DRO, a tapping attachment and also a universal titling table for more precision at work. It became a customary item, due to the variety of functions it has. Users may benefit of a radial drill for counter boring, lapping, spot facing, tapping, screwing and of course drilling and it works marvelously well on both rough and soft materials.

Features and applications of milling machine

CNC Milling Machine1Available in a wide range of versatile models, a milling machine has its own features, some being encountered among the above mentioned ones, for drilling machines. The tools box, cooling pump, a draw bar, an auto feed device, oil collection tray, a digital read out service, combined pad, but also modular clamping kit, are all part of the standard features of such models. Users may also ask for servo-type power feeds if they plan on using the extra features, too. Machinists use the mill machine in metal processing and manufacturing industries, but mostly in constructions. Die sinking, routing and rebating are only a few of the numerous applications such tools have.

To sum up with, both machines can be manually, mechanically or digitally operated, having essential attributes in industrial tasks, being reliable, efficient, fast, redundant and also easy to use necessary tools.

Enhance Your Productivity With The Help Of A Turret Milling Machine

DMTG Turret Milling MachineA milling machine mainly refers to a machine tool which is mainly utilized for machining solid materials. They are basically used for a vast number of simple and complex operations such as slot and keyway cutting, milling, planning, shaping, drilling, carving, threading, contouring, die-sinking etc. Milling machines can be manually operated, mechanically automated, or computer numerically controlled. Many types of milling machines are available, as per as the number of axis present, purpose, orientation of the spindle, size of the tool, method of control, source of power, etc.

The milling machine moves the work piece radially against the revolving cutter for cutting it sideways and also on its tip. The movement of the work piece and cutter is accurately controlled to less than 0.001 inches or 0.025 mm. Each machine has a cutter that can be operated at various speeds in order to form the required shape. A cutting fluid is constantly poured on the work piece for cooling and lubricating it; and to also wash away the remaining material.

A broad variety of milling machines are now available in the market. Each one is capable of handling multiple tasks and has a particular function based on certain standard specifications. Horizontal and vertical, are the two primary forms of milling machines, based on the orientation of the main spindle axis and the position of the milling bit. In a vertical milling machine, the cutting bit is held above the work piece on a rotating spool, and points vertically downwards. While in a horizontal milling machine, the cutting blade extends horizontally outwards. In both these milling machines the cutting bit can move across, as well as, up and down to shape the parts.

Turret Milling Machine

The turret milling machine is a kind of vertical milling machine, as the spindle axis is vertically oriented.  It is capable of cutting a variety of objects, and usually functions by moving the table around the cutting blade in all the directions. The table can be moved in the perpendicular as well as parallel direction, to the spindle axis for cutting the work piece.

Turret milling basically has a pointer which enables the milling cutter to be raised upwards and lowered downwards. It cuts the work piece in a vertical direction by raising or lowering the pointer, and also by moving the table. The milling cutter is held in the spindle and rotated on its axis. The spindle may either be extended, or the table may be lowered or raised, for cutting and drilling the work piece.

Nowadays, turret milling machines are commonly utilized, and are usually regarded as one of the most versatile machine tools. They are highly suitable for die-sinking tasks, such as machining a mold into a block of metal. It also provides several options in order to align the spindle in a number of different positions. This multipurpose and efficient machine makes it possible to manufacture a variety of products. You can hence enhance your productivity with the help of a turret milling machine.