Why should you buy a vertical turret milling machine?

What is vertical Turret?

The need for workshop machineries varies depending on the type of products. Every workshop machinery requirement is generally chosen based on the percentage of precision that can be obtained for a range of operations considering the work load as well. For example, heavy duty and light duty materials require different workshop equipments that can manage respective thickness. Hence, the selection of machinery for several core purposes is highly solicited to receive flawless accuracy in processes such as drilling, milling, shearing, bending, etc. When it comes to milling machine which is applied for reshaping solid materials, a vertical turret milling machine might stay very useful as we can handle a range of operations like cutting, drilling, etc.


Types and features of vertical turret milling appliance

The turret milling machine is of two sorts and the technicians can opt between choosing a vertical turret milling machine or horizontal turret milling machine where the material that has to be reshaped into vertical or horizontal model.  Wherein, the position of the milling accessory and the spindle axis are the main factors to decide on vertical and horizontal designs of turret. Apart from these general uses of turret milling machine, the special features that can benefit workshop requirements are

  • Availability of compact configuration
  • The whole structure of the equipment occupies only small space
  • Can be handled in various directions like moving forward, backward and rotating to 360 degree and hence the operator can easily increase the machine range
  • The machine structure is made of high-grade cast iron and therefore they are highly rigid and reliable for long term usage
  • Above all can be repositioned if and whenever the mechanism of the machine needs to be improved.

Some significant features

One of the main advantages of using vertical milling machine is that the construction of the machinery is made of high-quality cast iron and the sideways is made of anti-friction material that suits perfectly for excellent accuracy and high efficiency. The high precision spindle use is another attractive feature in turret wherein, the spindle speed stays the importance attraction that is equipped in different ways in different models of turret machine. For example, spindle speeds are designed to felicitate a range of operations like cutting, accuracy in locking, stiff load bearing heavy duty machine, and so on. In addition, the vertical turret equipment is designed with a vertically oriented spindle axis with which it is quiet easy to cut different materials. The vertical turret found to be useful in industries like construction, die sinking and contouring. Since, a range of important workshop activities can be made fast and easier in milling machines, vertical turret are opted frequently all over the world. In addition, vertical design in turret milling equipment is relatively less expensive than horizontal design. Read more in detail for turret milling machine.

Tips to buy

There are some important tips that can help while investing in a vertical milling machine, they are

    • Evaluate your production capacity and decide over the budget which you can afford to invest
    • Collect the various models available with accessories provided from a couple of manufacturers
    • Confirm the availability of spare parts from the suppliers
    • Confirm the maintenance assistance availability
    • Make sure of the reputation of the supplier